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Guest Elle.

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I've been listening to a lot of French music lately. Anyone have any artists they'd recommend? - Alizee - K'Maro - Corneille - Leslie ....... any more? Post 'em. What are some hot songs over in France right now? (If there's already a topic for this, I apologize in advance... :ph34r: )
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Guest sunshine4ever

does anyone have mp3s and would like to share? i have friends who like to listen to French music!! i'd love to hear new music..hehe..

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Guest nayameie

I like a few of Assia's songs. I think she's Iranian or something but she has a couple of French CDs.

There's also Lorie, Jenifer, Priscilla, Chimene Badi, L5.

*edit: she's Algerian, not Iranian. Sorry, got her confused w/ an Iranian French teacher I had a few years ago.

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Debut de Soire or something?

It's a funny song XD

I don't know what the lyrics mean but it's a pretty fun song to comic dance to xD

I'm not entirely sure if it's French either - but I've learnt french for two years a long time ago, and it sounded pretty French? ><

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Guest rokky123

gage ( he sings nice )

amel bent ( she sings so good )

nadiya ( not much of a fan but ok music)

leslie ( love this girl)

Amine ( love this boy :P )

tragedie (awesome)

willey denzey ( awesome)

Kmaro ( good ! )

pape ap - tu entre y o ...its a awesome song,its french /spanish or something dont know i only understand the french part

M pokora ( currently pretty popular , i love him too ,so sexy haha ,awesome dancer too ,he used to be in a band cant remember the name but i like them)

Ze Pequeno - they have this song called ' le centre du monde ' , its quite good,very danceable

rohff ( very good rapper)

Laam - i dont liek her , but her song is quit popular i think

lorie - she's kinda like french britney spears..her music is good , she dances well but nothing special about her

thats a few

i know more but cant think of it right now.

i LOVE french music :D

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Guest mangchilo

-Willy Denzey (isn't he like ethnically Lao or something?)

-MC Solaar (rapper)


-i don't remember the name in French but they're an older rap group from Marseille and the name in English would be Silver Microphone Club or something like that

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Guest kittenmasks

My ex-roommate is half French and I managed to steal some Carla Bruni who has the most awesome voice ever. It's deep and raspy and feminine at the same time. Falls under what I call "guitar music" simply because she's accompanied by the guitar most of the time. Really great stuff.

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