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[drama 2007] Surgeon Bong Dal Hee 외과의사 봉달희

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[sBS] Lee Bum Soo, Lee Yo Won, Oh Yoon Ah, Kim Min Joon, Choi Yu Jin

Amanda/liquidfir will be compiling and updating all useful information from this thread on this post.

Please check this link often. You can also go to page 8 of this thread. Thank you.

Thank you so much to the amazing Amanda/liquidfir for compiling and updating this first post. :wub:

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee 외과의사 봉달희

Official Website: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/doctorbong

Airing Time : 9.55pm Korean time. Wednesdays & Thursdays

Episodes : 16





Actress 이요원 (Lee Yo Won) as 봉달희 (Bong Dal Hee)

Heart Surgeon - 1st Year Intern.

Her health hasnt been good since young and so she is determine to become a doctor. As difficult as it was, she managed to become an intern. However, 3 months into the internship, her heart problems suffered a relapse and she underwent another major heart operation. Because of that, she was kicked out of the internship.

She wanted to take up the internship again but her mother was against the idea and she only did medical checkups in her hometown, helping her mum in the fields in her free time. She managed to get into Seoul hospital with the "just a try" attitude, and got in via the last place of the intake. Finally, she managed to take the first step into being an intern at Seoul University. [P.S Seoul Uni is one of the most prestigious university in seoul.] She is naive, simple, righteous and have a passion for her work. She only knows how to persevere and persevere, work harder and harder. Slightly on the "not using the brain" side.


Actor 이범수 (Lee Bum Soo) as 안중근 (Ahn Joong Geun)

Cardiac specialist, specializing in illness of the cardiac, respiratory and digestive systems. An extremely talented surgeon, despite being specializing in cardiac diseases, he is an all rounder. Supervisor for the Cardiactric department. He feels that it is a sin for a surgeon to make any forms of mistakes; a perfectionist in terms of being a surgeon. He is very strict towards the year 1 interns and therefore he is always angry with Dal Hee who makes mistakes all the time. He grew up in an ophanage and was adopted, however in the end he was abandoned again. During his intern years, he often compete with Lee Gun Wook and now they happened to work in the same hospital again. As Dr Ahn was an ophan, he dislikes Lee Gun Wook for the fact Lee Gun Wook "abandoned" his child (read Lee Gun Wook's profile). Therefore, Dal Hee who was close to Lee Gun Wook was also disliked by him. However, as time goes by, Dal Hee began grabbing more of his attention........


Actor 김민준 (Kim Min Joon) as 이건욱 (Lee Gun Wook)

A surgeon specialist. Specializing in the disease of the liver, gut. He is able to use both his left hand and right hand. He is a friendly and compassionate surgeon, and with his good looks, alot of girls are mesmerized by him. He grew up in a well-do family and he is the nephew of the well respected Professor Lee in the hospital. He is confident and he has a strong sense of pride. A year ago, he divorced his wife upon discovering the fact that their son wasnt his son afterall. Doesn't get along very well with Dr Ahn. The fact that Dalhee was the first to accidentally discover the secret regarding his son, he became very close to Dalhee.


Actress 오윤아 (Oh Yoon Ah) as 조문경 (Jo Moon Kyung)

Lee Gun Wook's ex wife. A paditrian. Divorced from Lee Gun Wook a year ago. She kept avoiding the fact that her son wasn't Lee Gun Wook's son after all and upon being discovered, she didn't put up much of a fight when Lee Gun Wook wanted a divorce. She is smart, passionate and has a strong sense of pride.

Her character is totally similar to Lee Gun Wook. Things changed when her son got ill and she became dependent on Lee Gun Wook for comfort and Lee Gun Wook in return was not as cold as before. She slowly realized that she was still in love with Lee Gun Wook


Actor 정욱 (Jung Wook) as 장지혁 (Jang Ji Hyuk)

Surgeon - Supervisor of Block 114, leading surgeon

He gets ruffled up very easily and will often blows up, however he doesn't bear any hatred for anyone. He just gets angry and then forget about it.

During his internship, he makes alot of mistakes and he swears to get rid of his faults but still.... Mercilessly pointing out mistakes of his new batch of interns, especially new intern Bong Dalhee


Actor 백승현 (Baek Seung Hyun) as 김현빈 (Kim Hyun Bin)

Heart Surgeon - Supervisor of Block 114, leading surgeon. Serious, petty and slighty tense about everything. Very sarcastic. He is not a straightforward person and is abit annoying. The interns rather suffer a beating than his sarcastic treatments. However, his principles of wanting to be a respectable, good leading surgeon still stands.


Actor 김인권 (Kim In Kwon) as 박재범 (Park Jae Bum)

Surgeon - 1st Year Intern.

He wants to open his own clinic handling obese patients and then living a simple troubled free life. However, during his internship, he realized that he doesn't seem to feel tired after hours of surgery and he begin to know himself better. Deep in his heart, sparks the hope of being a good surgeon.


Actress 최여진 (Choi Yeo Jin) as 조아라 (Jo Ara)

Surgeon - 1st Year Intern. Straight forward, She ignores Dalhee's efforts to get close to her. Cool and arrogant. She does not have passion for her job. She doesn't believe in love and men, she believes that the only person she can trust is herself and money is the other that she can depend on. The rewards of being a doctor is what she believes in and she takes it for granted. Spending 10 years of her life striving to be a doctor, she also thinks she deserve the rewards for what she has been doing.


Actor 송종호 (Song Jong Ho) as 이민우 (Lee Min Woo)

Heart Surgeon - 1st Year Intern. He went into army after university and later on he got into medical school. He is one of those wants to become a doc due to the trend. Being successful is his goal and he is kind and friendly to everyone around him. Especially the girls. He appears to be a flirt but actually he is actually a good elder brother.


Actress 김해숙 (Kim Hae Sook) as 양은자 (Yang Eun Jah)

Dal Hee's mother. She disapproves of Dalhee becoming a surgeon due to Dal Hee's weak heart.


Actress 김정민 (Kim Jung Min) as 봉미희 (Bong Mi Hee)

Dal Hee's younger sister.



LQ - iisoojii

HQ - WITHS2CB - Subbing Team Clubbox

HQ & LQ - Creidesca Clubbox

MQ with Chinese subtiles - xiaomao123



Direct Downloads - Interviews

Set interview with cast credits to Luv

Arirang Interview credits to Luv

Direct Downloads - Episodes Downloads

Drama Opening 2 mins - Credits to cutiepie

Episode 2 - With chinese subs - Credits to shirley

Episode 5 LQ - Credits to J.lee

Episode 6 LQ - Credits to liquidfir

Watch Episodes Online

Naver - jun165571

Watch Interviews Online - Youtube

CR-Wed_Thursday Dramas: 3-way Contest_Part 1/2 (YTN_1-25-07)

CR-Wed_Thursday Dramas: 3-way Contest_Part 2/2 (YTN_1-25-07)

CR-New Report Dal Ja's Spring vs. Surgeon Bong (YTN_1-26-07)


Ratings- Credits to ay_link

Episode 1: Nationwide #10. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 13.0 ; Seoul #9. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 13.7

Episode 2: Nationwide #7. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 16.4 ; Seoul #5. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 17.3

Episode 3: Nationwide #6. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 16.2 ; Seoul #5. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 17.3

Episode 4: Nationwide #5. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 19.5 ; Seoul #5. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 21.0

Episode 5: Nationwide #4. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 18.5 ; Seoul #4. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 19.0

Episode 6: Nationwide #5. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 21.3 ; Seoul #4. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 22.6

Episode 7: Nationwide #2. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 21.7 ; Seoul #2. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 22.0

Episode 8: Nationwide #2. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 23.8 ; Seoul #1. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 24.1

Episode 9: Nationwide #2. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 22.6 ; Seoul #2. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 23.3

Episode 10: Nationwide #2. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 24.1 ; Seoul #4. 드라마스페셜<외과의사봉달희> SBS 24.6

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Episode 13:

Episode 14:

Episode 15:

Episode 16:


How to watch online? - Credits to Luv

OSTs & Lyrics

1. 박기영 Park Gi Yong - 약속 yak sok (promise) - Mediafire Sendspace - Credits to liquidfir

2. Eric clapton - Let it grow

Mediafire Sendspace - Credits to liquidfir

3. 죽을만큼 - 시내 Duet With 솔트

Mediafire Sendspace - Credits to liquidfir

Lyrics for the above 3 songs

Lyrics for The main theme. But the song is not out yet. - Credits to liquidfir

그렇게 널 사랑할수 없어

기억해 널 보내려 하는데

떠나는 마지막 뒷모습이

나를 아프게 하는데...

이제는 가슴시린 사랑을

다시는 하지마 이바보야

그렇게 착한 널 잊지 못할거 같아...


[liquidfir will do a brief summary every week after each episode. However liquidfir is not korean and there maybe some mistakes made here and there]

Spoilers for Episode 5 & 6 ,10 mins preview - Credits to liquidfir

Full Episode 5 summary - Credits to liquidfir

Full Episode 6 summary - Credits to liquidfir

Episode 6 - Spot translation [Dialogue between Dalhee & her mother] - Credits to purpletiger86

Interviews & Reports

Dr Ahn Jong Guk aka 이범수 Lee Bum Soo

Oh Man Sok 오만석 Cameo Apperance

Report on Popularity of Medical Dramas


Set interview with cast - Credits to Luv

Press conference - Credits to Luv

2 Wallpapers - Credits to Cutiepie

Kim Min Jun aka Lee Gun Wook - Credits to shirley

Episode 6 - Fanmade caps - Credits to angel2nyt

3 Wallpaper - Credits to liquidfir

LGW with his "son" Cute - Credits to shirley

Screen caps

Drama Opening

Episode 1 - Credits to Luv

Episode 2 - part 1 - Credits to Luv

Episode 2 - part 2 - Credits to Luv

Episode 3 - Credits to Luv

Episode 4 - Credits to Luv

Episode 5 10 mins Preview - Credits to Cutiepie

Episode 6 10 mins preview - Credits to shirley

Episode 5 - part 1 - Credits to Luv

Episode 5 - part 2 - Credits to Luv

Episode 6 - part 1 - Credits to Luv

Episode 6 - part 2 - Credits to Luv

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New pictures...

There are some more but those look scary with injured people so I didn't want to post them :)


















My first post moved down here...hehe...

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (외과의사 봉달희)

Official Website: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/doctorbong



Wednesday & Thursday Drama on SBS

Casting : Lee Bum Soo , Lee Yo Won

Schedule to be broadcast: 17th January 2007 ( replacing Lovers )

Amanda/liquidfir will be compiling and updating all useful information from this thread on this post.

Please check this link often. You can also go to page 8 of this thread. Thank you.

11/27/06 – Movie star Lee Bum Soo (이범수) will lead the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (외과의사 봉달희)” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 1/17/2007. This medical drama is similar to the drama “Medical Center (메디컬 센터)” aired by SBS in 2000 portraying various situations in a hospital as well as problems among doctors and patients. LBS plays the role Ahn Jong Geun (안중근) who is a surgeon specialist. Jong Geun gives lots of helps to the heroine Bong Dal Hee who is a surgeon resident. The lead actress is undecided yet.

LBS states, “I’ve always wanted to try such a role since my debut. So far, I haven’t encountered a role like Ahn Jong Geun in my movie career.” LBS just won the best supporting actor award for his movie “The City of Violence” in the 5th Korea Film Awards sponsored by MBC.


12/8/06 – Lee Yo Won (이요원) will costar with movie star Lee Bum Soo (이범수) in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee (외과의사 봉달희)” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 1/17/07. She plays the heroine Bong Dal Hee (봉달희). This medical drama is similar to the drama “Medical Center (메디컬 센터)” aired by SBS in 2000 portraying various situations in a hospital as well as problems among doctors and patients. LBS plays the role Ahn Jong Geun (안중근) who is a surgeon specialist. Jong Geun gives lots of helps to the heroine Bong Dal Hee who is a surgeon resident.

Supporting cast includes Oh Yoon Ah, Kim Min Joon, and Choi Yu Jin (오윤아, 김민준, 최여진). CYJ plays a medical resident who likes to directly snap people and dislikes Bong Dal Hee. The filming of this drama is scheduled to begin on 12/8.

Translated by CindyW88


Thank you snoopy for the name of all these characters below.

이요원 (Lee Yo Won) - 봉달희 (Bong Dal Hee)


이범수 (Lee Bum Soo) - 안중근 (Ahn Joong Geun)


김민준 (Kim Ming Joon) - 이건욱 (Lee Gun Wook)


오윤아 (Oh Yoon Ah) - 조문경 (Jo Moon Kyung)


최여진 (Choi Yeo Jin) - 조아라 (Jo Ara)


김인권 (Kim In Kwon) - 박재범 (Park Jae Bum)


송종호 (Song Jong Ho) - 이민우 (Lee Min Woo)


백승현 (Baek Seung Hyun) - 김현빈 (Kim Hyun Bin)


정욱 (Jung Wook) - 장지혁 (Jang Ji Hyuk)


김해숙 (Kim Hae Sook) - 양은자 (Yang Eun Jah) -- Dal Hee's mother


김정민 (Kim Jung Min) - 봉미희 (Bong Mi Hee) -- Dal Hee's younger sister


the names highlighted in blue are their character's name (fake name).

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I like these type of dramas. :w00t: I'm definitely watching this... if it's going to be subbed, :lol: It's been easier for me to see this kind of stuff in real life than in movies/dramas, coz it seems more 'bloody' on screen than in real life. I dunno why but that's how it is for me. :sweatingbullets:

Thanks Luv for the pics. :)

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Video clip of the open set & interviews of the cast.


Pictures from the news...



Link To Article.

Dr. Drama

JANUARY 04, 2007

"Does my hair style look a bit strange? I wanted to look like a doctor."

Lee Yo-won, 27, had her hair short and permed and was wearing a medical gown. I interviewed her at an examining room furnished with nothing but one bed. Lee is going to play the main character of an SBS drama titled “Surgeon Bong Dal-hee” to be aired at 9:55 p.m. on every Wednesday and Thursday starting from January 17. On January 2, I “examined” her at the set decorated like an emergency room in a studio located in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi.

Lee came into the examining room with her hands deep in pockets. She said that the realistic set with hospital equipment such as bloody sheets and Ringer’s solution makes her feel like a doctor tired from night duty.

“It’s like I’ve been hospitalized since we started shooting. I have headache. A hospital is not a place to stay long,” said she with a smile.

In this drama, Bong Dal-hee is a resident physician who keeps her heart disease a secret and desires to be a specialist in children’s hearts. Like the sound of her name, she is an interesting character who makes mistakes and is called “trouble-maker” by her colleagues.

“I’m so excited to take this role. My previous melodramatic characters were always depressed and crying, so I wanted to be different this time.”

Producer Kim Hyeong-sik said, “I chose to go against people’s expectations based on Lee’s stereotyped images. After starting shooting, I found my choice was right. Lee is the very Dal-hee character who is strong and friendly.” Lee took crying-baby type characters in another SBS drama, “Fashion 70s,” and movies such as “Africa” and “When Romance Meets Destiny.”

The new drama shows Dal-hee hesitating in a three-cornered relationship with Ahn Jung-geun (Lee Beom-soo) and Lee Geon-wook (Kim Min-joon) as she becomes mature as a doctor. Lee said that teamwork is very good as the two male actors encourage each other unlike the drama’s story.

“Lee Beom-soo, a movie star, feels strange acting for a TV drama. He kept saying, ‘It’s so different from making a movie.’”

Lee learned how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation at Seoul National University Hospital. She now knows a few simple medical facts such as “double-line stethoscopes are better than single-line ones.” However, she is also worried about NGing using professional terminologies.

“I watched the U.S. medical drama, ‘Gray’s Anatomy.’ I’m only acting but it’s still hard to be a doctor.”

Lee married young and has a daughter unlike other actors. She said, “I want to be an actor who can move the audience with truth. My New Year’s wish is to succeed in my work.”

She added, “I hope that the drama makes number one among dramas aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays and that the movie ‘Splendid Holiday’ makes a hit. I wish to be blessed in my work.”

Source: The Dong-A Ilbo

Article posted by rubie at the news thread.

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they were saying for this year .. characters in the new dramas are either all detective or doctors .~ but i love medicial dramas. the good ones are soooo addictive . . .. but never seem one for kdrama ....till this year .i got two to watch for ..white tower and this Surgeon Bong Dal Hee .~ the main cast seem good .Lee Bum Soo ^ , Lee Yo Won and with Oh Yoon Ah is also in this .that cool ..and Kim Min Joon i think he improve his acting in Someday and hope it continue here .lol for a moment i thought i was actually seeing him in his doctor robe from Someday ..

here the official site ~


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Thank you shirley for the link to the official website.

You should start this thread instead of me...hehe...

I'm afraid I won't last long in here...hehe...

I'm always afraid of hospitals...and the most important thing is...the language they used in medical drama...

I can hardly understand what they're saying... :blush:

I was so disappointed when I don't see LYW at the press conference.

She's the main actress...and the whole drama is about her...she shouldn't be missing at the press conference...

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look like it will be similar to grey's anatomy.. even naming the drama the same as the lead's name.. :) but this drama does look interesting! i love medical setting dramas :)

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Prescription for Melodramatized TV

By Kim Tae-jong

Staff Reporter


Lee Yo-won plays Bong Dal-hui hoping to become a surgeon in the new medical drama “Oegwauisa (surgeon) Bong Dal-hui.”

If you suffer from an ``imbalance’’ because of watching the same-old soaps with same-old love triangles and affairs, dramas about medical doctors may be just the prescription you need.

This year, four new medical dramas will air, attracting viewers who want to see something new and unconventional.

They are ``Hayan Kotab’’ (White Big Tower), ``Oegwauisa (Surgeon) Bong Dang-hui,’’ ``Ibalsadul’’ (Barbers) and ``Chonghappyongwon 2’’ (General Hospital 2).

These dramas are not the first to center on lives of doctors at hospitals. In the mid-1990s, ``Chonghappyongwon’’ (General Hospital), ``Haebaragi’’ (Sunflower) and ``Uigahyongje’’ (Doctor Brothers) were huge successes.

Although they were set in hospitals, their main stories dealt with romance between doctors. But the emphasis of these new dramas is on portraying the work and the lives of doctors as realistically as possible.

These dramas have whopping production budgets, an average of 3 billion won, and special sets that were exclusively created for the show and feature operation rooms, emergency rooms and expensive medical equipment.

``Hayan Kotab’’ has been on air on MBC since Jan. 6. It started with a viewer rating of 11 percent on its first weekend and increased to 17 percent last weekend.

The Saturday-Sunday mini series is a remake version of a popular Japanese drama of the same title. Set in a general hospital, the drama deals with the hierarchy in the doctors’ world and doctors’ struggle for success.

Program director Ahn Pan-seok introduced his drama as a ``political drama set in a hospital.’’

``It’s not just about doctors taking care of patients, but rather about a big hospital as a place where people fight for promotion and compete for hegemony,’’ Ahn said during a news conference early this month.

Another medical drama ``Surgeon Bong Dal-hui,’’ which will air on SBS from Jan. 17 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, is a story about how novices go through tough trials to become real surgeons.

To appeal to broader audiences, the drama is less serious than ``Hayan Kotab’’ and includes romance between doctors.

But it also aims for a realistic depiction of the lives of doctors complete with scenes of operations and emergency situations at hospital. One series is expected to carry at least three or four operation scenes.


Another new medical drama "Hayan Kotab" (white big tower) includes many scenes of operations to portray the lives of doctors as realistically as possible.

``Ibalsadul’’ and ``Chonghappyongwon 2’’ are now in pre-production.

``Ibalsadul’’ is slated for a May airing on SBS, and its director Lee Jae-gyu is famous for popular soap operas such as ``Tamo’’ and ``Fashion ‘70s.’’

The drama takes its cue from medical doctors’ and barbers’ similar white gowns, and it tells a story about doctors who are alienated but show superb skills.

``Chonghappyongwon 2,’’ is written by Choi Wan-gyu, who wrote the script for ``Chumong,’’ a popular epic drama that currently airs on MBC.

It is a sequel to ``Chonghappyongwon,’’ which starred top actor Jang Dong-gun when he was an emerging star. It was a huge success, dealing with friendship and love between resident and intern doctors.

Critics attribute the boom in the production of medical dramas to the influence of popular blockbuster American medical dramas such as ``Grey’s Anatomy,’’ ``E.R.’’ and ``House’’ which air on cable channels, along with the thirst for a new genre.

``It’s an valuable effort to try a new genre,’’ pop culture critic Kim Heoun-sic, said. ``But it is questionable whether the four new dramas can appeal to local viewers who have enjoyed such well-made American medical dramas through cable channels.’’

``The key to success may lie in how the Korean dramas can differentiate themselves with unique Korean touches in the relationship between doctors and doctors and patients.’’


01-15-2007 18:44

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Thanks for starting this thread, Kristy! :)

I didn't know Oh Yoon Ah and that guy from "My Love" (SBS Friday Drama--the one who died in the accident; appeared only in episode 1 lol) are in this drama too...

and of course, Kim Min Joon is playing as 2nd lead again >__< sigh.

dunno why he always plays as 2nd.... :\

but after "Someday" ended, he's working with OYA again in this drama.. haha.. XD

Not really fond of Lee Yo Won though... but it looks interesting, compared to White Tower...

This drama will start this wednesday rite? taking the slot of LOVERS :]

I'll check it out also ^^

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More News [?]

오만석이 SBS '외과의사 봉달희'에 카메오로 출연한다.

당초 극중 주요배역 중 하나로 캐스팅 요청을 받았던 오만석은 스케줄 때문에 이 드라마에 출연하지 못하게 되자 카메오 출연 요청을 받아들였다.

오만석이 맡게 된 역은 극중 소아과의사 문경(오윤아 분)의 아들의 생부인 유명 뮤지컬 스타.

문 경은 한 연극배우와 만나 짧고 뜨럽게 연애하다가 헤어진 직후 외과 전문의 건욱(김민준 분)을 만난 후 임신을 알게 되고 건욱과 결혼한다.그러나 아이가 탈장 수술을 받게 되며 혈액형이 밝혀져 건욱의 아이가 아님이 밝혀져 결국 이혼에 이른다.

그러던 어느날 이제는 유명 스타가 된 친부가 이들이 근무하는 병원에 입원을 하면서 문경과 건욱의 관계는 더욱 복잡해진다.

오만석은 현재 영화 '우리동네'(가제)의 촬영을 앞두고 있으며, 오는 6월 첫방송되는 SBS '왕과 나'의 주인공 환관 김처선 역에도 캐스팅됐다.

OhManSeok!! will make an cameo appearance as the father of MoonKyung's baby [Oh YoonAh].

OMS will play as a famous musical star, who had a hot and short affair with MoonKyung [Oh YoonAh].

Shortly after she meets GunOok [Kim MinJoon] and gets married after finding out she's pregnant.

But when the child needs surgery the blood type is revealed to show that GunOok can't be the father.

Eventually MoonKyung + GunOok divorcing.

OMS makes things complicated between the two when he comes into the hospital as a patient

OhManSeok --> http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=84529

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OhManSeok!! will make an cameo appearance as the father of MoonKyung's baby [Oh YoonAh].

OMS will play as a famous musical star in this drama, coming into the hospital to make things complicated when MoonKyung's child finds out that GunOok [Kim MinJoon] isn't the father. Eventually MoonKyung + GunOok divorcing.

Thank you so much chicade :wub:

Wow...more birth secrets...hehe...

This drama seems to have a little more romance...hehe...maybe it'll be easier to understand than White Tower.

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