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Guest MisaPWNs

Lee Jung Hyun 이정현

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Guest MisaPWNs


( I didn't see a thread for her yet, lets all gather info & pics for this thread )




* Name: 이정현 / Lee Jung-hyun (Lee Jeong-hyeon)

* Profession: Actress, Singer, Model

* Date of birth: February 7, 1980

* Birthplace: Taegu, South Korea

* Height: 163cm

* Weight: 43kg

* Blood type: O

* Family: Parents, 4 Sisters

* Nick Name: JangGu


* Rondo (TBS, 2006)

* Beautiful Days (SBS, 2001)


* Harpy (2000)

* Scent of Love (2000)

* Route 7 (1999)

* Maria and the Inn (1997)

* Push! Push! (1997)

* A Petal (1996)


* LJH is a popular Rave, Techno and Trance singer in Korea and most of Asia with many music CDs.

* She's known as Korea's Björk, due to the surreal nature of her music videos and movies.

* LJH sings two songs on the Beautiful Days OST.

* LJH is the youngest of triplet sisters. She also has two older stepsisters, whom are twins as well.

Profile Source: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Lee_Jung_Hyun



Lee Jung Hyun - Michyeo:

Lee Jung Hyun - Dala Dala:

Lee jung Hyun - Wah:


From MisaPWNs:

I first saw Lee Jung Hyun in the K-Drama, Beautiful Days. I really enjoyed her acting as the role of Kim Sena.

Even though her character was meant to be annoying, I found her a lot more interesting than Kim Yon-Soo (Cho Ji Woo).

I didn't know she was a K-Pop star until I did research online.

I highly recommend her music and MVs. She has a really cool voice that stands out.

Lee Jung Hyun is pretty, cute and talented.



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Guest s3rene

I like her voice, it's very unique. My little niece really likes Lee Jung Hyun out of all female singers. :) Although I didn't like her role in Beautiful Days.

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Guest tenshiii0ox

Oh yeah. I remember her in that drama. I disliked her character, but she acted well, which is a compliment coming from me, since I rarely praise the acting of singers. :]

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Guest el dia

yeah.. finally a thread for her..

She casted in Rando also with Choi Ji Woo. If i am not wrong, she casted in one chinese drama. I forget the title.


A Petal - 꽃잎 (1996)

Maria and the Inn - 마리아와 여인숙 (1997)

침향 (1999)

harpy - 하피 (2000)

Pics from A Petal



Pics from Maria and the Inn


Pics from 침향



Pics from Harpy




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Guest bubblieri

she looks seriously sooo young in beautiful days!!! can you believe she was 21 then??? she didn't look a day over 18!!! i thought she was 17 maybe....but apparently she was supposed to be 22!!!!

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Guest colon

i wonder what she has been up to? she was really convincing in beautiful days.

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April 23, 2009

Lee Jung-hyun Ready to Come Back


Dynamic singer Lee Jung-hyun is ready to come back to the Korean music scene by releasing a mini album in mid-May. This is the first album to be rolled out in Korea in two years and seven months. The last of Lee’s album was her sixth one released in October 2006.

Meanwhile, Lee has established a new management agency named Ava Entertainment after leaving her previous management company, Yedang Entertainment. The name “Ava” comes from Lee’s English name, which is used abroad since her Korean name is hard for foreigners to pronounce. A representative of Ava Entertainment says that Lee’s new album will feature sophisticated pop music like that of Britney Spears and other young pop stars.

Having debuted as an actress in 1996, Lee started her singing career in 1999 with one of her biggest hits, “Wa (Come).” Since then she has expanded her career to China, where she’s regarded as a superstar.

Source: KBS World

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I can't wait for her comeback. <333 She's gonna be so crazzyy! I'm going crazy just thinking about it!


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Guest gd_is_great

not a fan of her but like her voice

wish her comeback successful

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Guest xrM

Wow, there's really no one here.. Her new albums rocks!!

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Guest squeaky

dude i love crazy so much. i've been listening to lee jung hyun since i was a frikken baby XD aaah love her song!

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Guest rainbowseason

I find her really amazing <3! I'm loving her new mini album ^o^!! *jumps in joy*

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June 3, 2009

Lee Jung-hyun Roars Back to Music Scene


Singing dynamo Lee Jung-hyun has come back with vengeance to the Korean music scene after a long hiatus.

She has been concentrating on her career in China during the long absence from Korea. Although she fretted about being forgotten by the Korean audience, her new album “Avaholic” showed that she’s not an easy presence to forget. Introducing dual title songs, “Crazy” and “Vogue Girl,” Lee demonstrated her versatility through two very different types of songs. In “Crazy” she transforms herself into a fearless warrior, while in “Vogue Girl” she is as adorable as a Cutie doll.

Often compared to Madonna, Lee humbly says that she’s honored to be just mentioned in the same sentence with the ever innovative artist. Marking her 10th year in the music business, she says she’s now more relaxed and mature enough to enjoy her work. Her fans are hoping that this time she’ll stay in Korea long enough to satisfy those who missed her for the last two years ! and seven months.

Source: KBS World

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Guest buidung

Does anyone buy lee jung hyun cd? Can you show the booklet and cd plzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! I love to see that

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Janaury 18, 2011

Park Chan-wook's iPhone Film Going to Berlin Shorts Section

by Park Soo-mee hollywoodreporter.com

'Night Fishing' debuted at Korea's iPhone 4 Film Festival in October.

SEOUL -- Director Park Chan-wook’s latest short film Paranmanjang (Night Fishing), shot entirely on an iPhone, was invited to the Berlin International Film Festival's shorts section.

Park (Thirst) and his artist brother Park Chan-kyong made the fantasy flick starring singer-turned-actress Lee Jung-hyun that “finds images and rituals to tell of the transitions between life and death,” according to the festival’s press release.

A growing number of Korean directors shot experimental shorts in iPhone including Jeong Yun-cheol (A Man who Was Superman) and Bong Man-dae (Cinderella). Among the films screened during the country’s first iPhone 4 Film Festival held in October were Blue Jean by Hong Gyeong-pyo, the director of photography for Bong Joon-ho's Mother.

Paranmanjang will be released in Korea on Jan. 27.

January 19, 2011

Nine Korean films invited to Berlin International Film Festival

By Claire Lee (clairelee@heraldm.com) koreaherald.com

A total of nine Korean films, including “Night Fishing,” a short film by director Park Chan-wook shot entirely with an iPhone, and “Love, or Not,” a feature-length film starring Hyun-Bin and Im Soo-jeong, have been invited to next month’s Berlin International Film Festival.

Of the nine, three films have been invited to the competition section: “Night Fishing,” “Love, or Not,” and “Broken Night.”

“Night Fishing,” co-directed by Park and his media artist brother Chan-kyong, tells the story of a middle-age man (Oh Gwang-rok), who accidentally catches the body of a female shaman (Lee Jung-hyun) while fishing at night.

The film has been in the spotlight for having been shot entirely using Apple’s iPhone 4.

Directed by Lee Yoon-ki, “Love, or Not” tells the story of a young couple who have been married five years facing a split.

“Broken Night,” a short film directed by Yang Hyo-joo, last year won the Sunje Fund Award at Pusan International Film Festival. It tells the story of a young man who constantly fakes car accidents to recieve insurance money.

In the non-competition section, Director Park Gyeong-guen’s documentary, “Cheonggyecheon Medley,” Kim Seon’s “Self-Referential Traverse,” and director Kim Tae-yong’s “Late Autumn” have been invited.

The film festival opens on Feb. 10.

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February 7, 2011

Singer Speaks of Her Audacious Love for Hanbok

Writer: Honorary reporter Seong Hyeon-mi KBS Global

World renowned Hanbok (traditional Korean attire) designer Lee Young-hee appeared on KBS-2TV's "Morning Live" last Monday.

Singer Lee Jeong-hyeon also joined this episode and talked about a hanbok incident she had in Japan.

The singer, mesmerized by Lee's beautiful hanbok, says she wears her hanbok often to award ceremonies as well as overseas concerts.

As her singing style focuses on stage performances, she says the fancy hanbok is the best fit. She said her first red carpet experience abroad was at the Asia Pacific Film Festival to which she wore a hanbok outfit designed by Lee. She said there, thanks to the hanbok, she was the most popular among foreign reporters.


The singer also confessed that hanbok nearly got her banned from a Japanese TV show once. She said, "The program was a singing gala held on the night of Dec. 31 every year. I had a chance to appear on the show but I was asked to wear a Japanese kimono. But I secretly showed up in hanbok during that live broadcast."

She said she had risked her entire career in Japan but her courageous move ended up promoting hanbok in Japan and made headline news. Even a hanbok special program was produced and aired.

The singer took pride in her close ties with the famous designer, and on Morning Live, she showed off a catwalk in one of Lee's hanbok on this episode.

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February 20, 2011

Park's iPhone film wins Golden Bear at Berlin Festival

Source: koreatimes.co.kr

Co-directed by South Korean director Park Chan-wook and his brother Chan-kyong, "Night Fishing (Paranmanjang)" won the Golden Bear Award for best short film at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, organizers said Sunday.

The movie, starring Oh Kwang-rok and Lee Jung-hyun, is about a man who transcends his current and former lives after catching a woman while fishing in a river in the middle of the night. The film was shot completely on an iPhone.

"The film we chose is nothing but a small miracle. Throughout the multi-layered original story of a simple man who is forced to confront his life and death through his shape-shifting, we experienced transformation, judgment and deep forgiveness," wrote the jury of the festival's Shorts Section on its Web site.

"This is the great imagination of an intimate cooperation between the Korean brothers Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong."

Another South Korean director, Yang Hyo-joo, won the Jury Prize, or Silver Bear, with her short "Pu-Seo-Jin Bam (Broken Night)."

In the competition section, meanwhile, the Golden Bear Award for best film went to the Iranian film "Jodaeiye Nader az Simin (Nader And Simin, A Separation)" directed by Asghar Farhadi.

South Korea's "Come Rain, Come Shine" was invited into the competition section but failed to win a prize. (Yonhap)

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