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List of Xanga Music Codes

Guest falling U P

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Guest delightful123

Eu La Cha Cha (?) it's like remade by a korean artist (a female) but it's actually an old song.. (mp3 or wma please)

^ 럼블피쉬: 으라차차

Kim Jong Gook- Sarang Seu Ruh Woh (mp3 or wma please)

anddd.. this one's random

As One- Wun Hah Goh Wun Mahn Hah Joh

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do i just add that link into the music url in look and feel?

you could do that, althoug i'm not sure if it works with ram files... maybe you could use either these codes:

<bgsound src="MUSIC URL HERE" loop="INFINITE" > or

<embed src="MUSIC URL HERE" height=200px width=200px hidden=false autostart=true loop=true>

and insert the code into either custom header or webstats..

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