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Guest ddOongDdenGee

haha i ate so much today T__T

i ate :

2 pieces of pizza

1 cheesestick

donkasseu and rice

chicken marsala from olive garden



white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

hohoho, im a beast

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I enjoyed my Salmon Sinigang (stew) in two days in a row. I love to eat any kind of stews, especially if it's spicy and very sour. Yum, yum, yum with rice.      Who wants fruits (g

I feel that so much, sometimes I just ignore the hunger and it goes away but that's so bad lol

i ate pizzas :>

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Guest supaw0man

i'm so hungry right now =[ ... can't wait till dinner

Breakfast: Hot Chocolate & a Ham/Cheese Omlette

Break: Grande White Chocolate Mocha

and THATS IT ! grrr why cant dinner time be sooner

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Guest smellmemory

Some of you guys have like, one meal a day! Which is what i usually go for, one good meal a day ( i know that sounds bad because it supposedly lowers your metabolism if you eat that way ) but i always end up eating two meals.

it is a bummer.

i had 500 calories at lunch

and about 350 at dinner!

fuc king.

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For breakfast I had a rice krispie treat.

Lunch I had a sandwich and caramel apple, and a kiwi and strawberry juice.

Then I got home and I made myself some beef. I put onions in a pan, cook it up, then put the beef in, wait for it to cook, and then add a little salt with lime, and tada, the best beef ever.

For dinner I had this fried top ramen in tomatoe sauce thing..

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Breakfast: some mini tomatoes... i was out of time and there was nothing else :(

Lunch: Fried rice! =D yummyy

snake: chips and sprite (so unhealthy)

Dinner: Egg role and chinese melon haha. :3

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Guest tru__minute

morning - those chinese buns =]

lunch - an apple, and fries

after school - half my sandwhich.. uhh sprite remix, yogurt.. some other junk

dinner - just.. chinese stuff :D

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Guest thelivinlegend21

lol quynh. what kind of noodles were they?

Breakfast: Nothing. I can't eat breakfast or else I'll vomit. Seriously.

In between class periods: Bagel with Cream Cheese and Burrito I stashed from Nutrition.

Lunch: Pizza, PowerBar, Chocolate Milk

After School: Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Large Fries, Sprite

Home: Instant Noodles, beef flavored.

Dinner: Big bowl of rice. Other stuff too.

Now (11:38 P.M.): Dumplings, Caramel Frappuccino.

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