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Chinese Paladin

Guest Mademoisella

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Guest meilin

uhh...the game didn't talk about how ling er's mom died, she was just kinda a baby in the game, showed up for 1 or 2 times. the game is about ling er's grandma, who fell in love with a mortal too. i think she reincarnated like 3 times so she can be with him or w/e. like her grandma is a bit selfish, so she used some kinda of spell to abort the growth of the baby/linger's mom, so she wouldn't die and still have powers. but her lover is kinda selfish too b/c he wanna b a 仙, like...under a god, but more than a mortal. the story is a lot more complicated than this. remember the tower in the series, 锁妖塔, i think it was called. well, it's kinda shaken up b/c the evil guy is trying to release the demons locked within. so the grandma sacrificed herself to save the tower, and to save humanity from turmoil, and to help her lover to become a 仙。so yea...after she died, i guess her daughter returned to normal, married some dude, had ling er, then died. and yes, it's prolly b/c of the snake/strange bloodline thing.

Thanks for telling me. I haven't seen the whole series yet and i hope that it isn't complicated as Chinese Ghost Story!

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Guest sunshine4ever

I'm currently downloading the episodes @ D-addicts, but it's taking forever. Like 56 hours or something right now lol so I decided to watch parts of it in youtube. Will give comments when I finish watching episode 1.

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Guest hazeleyes0115

one of my favourite Eddie Peng series. :blush:

Tang Yu and Xiao Yao



Tang Yu with Ah Nu



i like Xiao Yao with Yue Ru



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Guest supergeek;3

i'm in china right now, and luckily for me, this show has been airing on TV everyday.

i love it to pieces<333

it';s currently up to episode 12--

i don't really like Yue Ru, her bickering with Xiao Yao gets really annoying.

i mean, who fights demons and argue at the same time?

...at first, their bickering is cute and funny then it got really argh! D;

A Nu's really cute. LOL. the things she does are very childish and funny.

Ling Er's seems to be the only character that has a very mature and serious personality,

the other characters all are funny and jokes around alot.

i missed the first 6 episodes, so it gets confusing at times, cause i don't knwo what happened, like why Ling Er

is a snake (?) or whatever it is that she is.

netherless, love this show<333

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