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Can Someone Explain Girlsholic To Me?

Guest darling

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Guest darling

is it just a store that the ulzzang mikki started?

because i went to the site (knowing absolutely no korean)

and it seems like all the clothes are modeled by mikki, and are taken in normal settings (like nonprofessional, unlike zipia.net)

if it is her "store" i guess you can say, can you guys tell me if she's just selling her own clothes (only one per item)?

or does she/the site sell clothes she wears herself, but also has the same items to be sold on the site?

just kinda curious haha

also the price is so high o-o i see the survey thread doing it for $40 for a tote ahhhh.

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Guest azn_angel

the store actually doesn't belong to mikki , it's her friend's store and she just models the clothes since she's an uljjang etc .

and they have a stock of the clothes and accessories its not just one per item .

but i think the store only ships its things out in korea .

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Guest Sekai no Hikari

I think their distributor has a limited amount (20-50) of each item because it's such a small chain.

I dig Mikki as a style icon but I know firsthand that the quality of some of the clothes sold is just..........

Shotty stitching, prevalent nylon materials... designs are never embroidered, always painted on... =/

Were you interested in any particular item?

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