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[graphic] Untitled Manipulation?


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Soooo I was thinking of using this for the art competition I was going to join at school with. :S...It's supposed to portray the pollution and stuff. I guess you could say the random chair represents how people just see it go by and stuff. Don't know what the flower really represents. And..chyea.


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Guest danceplaylove

Hey that's cool. I like the overall theme and mood. The blending is real nice. Yeah, I think the flower is out of place...but maybe you can make the flower all dead since pollution...yeah. lol

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Guest satisfaction!

Ooo really nice concept and blending.

I love the pics you chose to portray the theme.

Mmm, the flower does seem a bit random but jst like Sammy said,

it can maybe be dead due to the pollution?

Or you can say that the flower is there for hope?

Hahaha I dont know x_o


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I like the concept of it.

The sharpness&blending is great. Nice usage of brushes (?)

^ Agreed with Jessica&Sammy, the flower seems a bit out of place ^^;;

Great work =)

__ Kath`

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