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[Variety] Sponge 스펀지


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Please don't ask for subs. There are no subbers for this show at this moment

Stay on topic with the show. This show does feature artists, but it is rarely centered on them.

So don't talking about some scandal about an artist that came on the show.

Keep it friendly in the thread. No fighting with other members and no bashing the guests on the show.


The MCs

이혁재 (Lee Hyuk Jae)

이휘재 (Lee Hwe Jae)

김경란 (Kim Kyung Rahn)


Every week, there are about three to five fill the blanks statements that celebrity guests try to guess. The "man in charge" is Lee Hyk Jae. He is the one that shows the statements to the guests and tells the answers. The statements are submitted by viewers via the internet; the statements are usually interesting tidbits like "If you put an electric current in water, the water ___________" or "With water color paints and wax, you can make _______________" The answers for those two questions are "makes sounds" and "a secret message," respectively. After the guests try filling in the blank, Lee Hyuk Jae (or Mr. Lee as he's sometimes called on the show
) tells the answer. Then, there is a segments where the Sponge crew proves the statement by doing test, marveling all the guests and audience. Upon everybody watching the segment, there are a panel of fifty judges. The judges are from various places. One week, it's fifty workers from the Seoul Power Plant; the next week, it's fifty professors from Seoul University - the judges always change. These judges votes on how "appealing" or "marvelous" the statement/tidbit was. They rank out of five stars; most of the time, it ends up with three stars or four stars, maybe even four and a half. However, if the judges vote makes five stars, the viewer who submitted the tidbit gets a check from Sponge. (Not sure how much though. I think 1,000,000 WON - about $1,000 or maybe 100,000 WON - about $100)

Sorry for the confusing overview. Will revise if this thread grows.


I believe that Sponge recently put added this to the show. In Self-sponge, viewers send videos where they do there own "Sponge Experiment." Some people do like "You can make a balloon stay up on the ceiling with helium" or as crazy as "After you eating something spicy, if you run with your tongue sticking out, the spiciness will go away." I'm not sure if they receive anything, but they do get air time.


I've Only Seen One Clubbox Upload Sponge Episodes


Click above to go to her Clubbox

Hope you enjoy the thread. I saw no Sponge thread so I decided to make one. If there is one, MOD please feel free to delete this. :)

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I love this show...I get to learn many things from their experiments like there is one episode that shows us that there is a certain sound frequency that can be heard by teens but can't be heard by adults..and I love the spongemen with their suits...a very informative show indeed

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This show certainly sounds interesting. I know DongBang Members were guests not so long ago and SuJu came on recently correct? It sounds like fun, but what part do celebrity guests have on it?

the celebrity guests are there to help answer the secret message or they help fill in the blanks in every Sponge question

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Guest packet85

hi, i recently saw the episode on the korean soccer game where a team did not play defense for some reason.

i got the part where a guy from the blue team injured his leg and so a guy from the white team kicked the ball out of the game out of sportsmanship. but i did not understand the next explanation where another team was not playing defense to let the opponent score freely.

has anyone else seen this episode? please xplain? THANKS.

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this is a very exciting & informative programme.

the experiments that they carry out are amazing.

now i know how a small bear got to be stuffed inside a balloon. ;)

its also funny how the guests try to fill in the blanks with a logic answer...

and the best part is that..since its showing at KBS world, Eng sub is provided! :)

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Guest himang34

yah i think this show is interesting too!!

haha i saw one ep where yunho jj changmin went...

haha tt ep got teach how to stuff toys inside a balloon~~

haha.. am goin to try it soon!!

and act at one go one person can really eat away 100 eggssss!! haha~~

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i catch this sometimes in kbsworld, the experiments/ tests were amazing, that's why i watch it :)

thanks for making this thread, i hope you could also have the guest list, or topics of episodes on the first post..


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Guest robyntulips

I watch this every Saturday night at KBS... That is channel 75 @ Sky Cable, Philippines. The last episode I saw was with 2 SS501 members. Hyung Joon and I think it was Kyu Jong, experimented with air [force of air] with HwiJae. That episode was really funny. Hyung Joon ran the field with bare feet.

And I was so surprise to learn that peptic medicine and detergent can fuel a rocket. The different experiments they showed were really amazing. If I had known them, I might have aced my Science subject during elementary school. Hahaha!!!

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Guest joyia

Sponge.E184.KOR.070512.SDTV.XviD-Seattle.avi [Jo HyungGi, Jun SooKyung Jung SungWoon, SolBi, Kim JunHo] (701.1 MB)


Excuse me...

What about the e183, 070505's Sponge?

I just saw one still being uploaded in the clubbox

Will there be whole version?

Thank you very much for your help~!

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