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Guest ghatreh

I hate spoiler tags :| They are worse than kim BongGu :|
TK2H - episode 5

cute SeungGi :x
you don't know what is expecting you! I know! sorry ShiKyung, but I can't stop smiling :D
my naughty 10 year old boy :D The way that he explained his mistakes is so funny :))pic3_zps254b144b.jpg
2_zpsb02ec850.gif 3_zps700ce8f0.gif
Handsome prince
so hot in a rainy day ;;)
cute angry boy :x
JaeHa, you are so over confident :| I guess JaeKang is agree with me /:)pic5_zpsf006fae5.jpg
he can't believe it :D my cute baby :x
sooo cute
bad boy  [-(pic8_zps7578b7d7.jpg

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Ha ha ha dear @Lawyerh chingu, it's more like only we two are active in this thread! But never mind! This guy is definitely not feminine so I am hoping to dropping by here more often!!!!  And Oh gosh.

More hotness for you, dear @Lawyerh chingu...     Gosh!! We need more fans here! Looks like only you & me lurking around here... And this time he looks a bit like Rain to me in the last

Guest ghatreh

TK2H - episode 6

I love when he is angry :P
his hands 8->
jealous kid ;))
what a wonderful view ;)
Mean guy [-X
his hands again :x
my lovely couple forever...
I love you JaeHa, but how could you do that to her? :-<
good job pretty girl! he has to learn some manner 8-|
my cute playful kid is back :))
naughty boy ;))
and finally! our refrigerator kiss :D12_zps602c18e0.jpg
who can deny that he definitely is a good kisser :x


The most handsome guy in the world :x


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Good Evening Airens!! :D

class="entry-title"Lee Seung Gi, Ideal Son-in-law Chosen by Singles Posted on Sep 4, 2014 by tryp96


A matchmaking company conducted a survey on ‘ideal daughter-in-law/son-in-law’ among single adults.

The singles were asked which unmarried stars would seem to be the best daughter-in-law or son-in-law to their parents.

Male stars chosen by single females:

#1 Lee Seung Gi (26%)
#2 Lee Sang Yoon (24%)
#3 Lee Jung Jin (16%)
#4 Park Hae Jin (15%)
#5 Lee Jin Wook (11%)
#6 Jo In Sung (5%)

Female stars chosen by single males:

#1 Nam Sang Mi (28%)
#2 Park Ha Sun (20%)
#3 Gong Hyo Jin (16%)
#4 Oh Yeon Seo (15%)
#5 Sistar Soyou (13%)
#6 Han Groo (5%)

source: reviewstar via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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@ghatreh‌ I'm sorry chingu if I didn't post already my review to the acting of our seunggi in TK2H, didn't have a chance coz of the exam.. Mianhe.. :\">

And as expected all your reviews is totally awesome.. :-bd :-bd :-bd

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Guest ghatreh

finagi said: @ghatreh‌ I'm sorry chingu if I didn't post already my review to the acting of our seunggi in TK2H, didn't have a chance coz of the exam.. Mianhe.. :\"> And as expected all your reviews is totally awesome.. :-bd :-bd :-bd

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Thanks my dear chingu @ghatreh‌ ... Yes your right...and you know our seunggi like a good student.. ;)

P.S. The pictures in ep 5 .. I see all of it now..you've done a good job. :-bd

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Guest sunshineo

Good Afternoon Airen!!^^

Hwaaa....!! @kimia_spr @ghatreh @finagi, mianhae.. I haven't finish watch k2h ep.6 T_T and still have a lot of thing to do even in weekend  T_T
Plan to do it tonight.
JaeHa-yaaa... wait for me!! |^0^| :P

class="entry-title"Is Lee Seung Gi here or not? You’ll know if you visit ‘SeungGi Love Branch’ Posted on Sep 4, 2014 by tryp96


Is Lee Seung Gi in Incheon?

He paid a visit to the new KB branch that’s partly named after him. :P


In a mini interview, the branch manager says there seems to be a 30% increase in customers compared to before at its old location. A good portion of the customers visiting this new branch are Lee Seung Gi fans. There are fans from other Korean cities, and even all over Asia. :P


source: kbrockstar via dclsg
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

Can't wait to see SeungGi at KB Rock Start Talk Concert!! ><

Btw, wondering why KB didn't use SeungGi's recent picture. All their banner, print add, etc looks like from 2011 rite? (from hair style) Are they didn't take any photoshoot again after that.. :-? And why they didn't made any new CF? I even forget which one is SeungGi's KB last CF :-? I just remember last year they made video promotion for KB Golf competition..

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Good Afternoon Airens! :x

Good afternoon @sunshineo‌ unnie >:D<

Unnie no need to be sorry..we know that you have work to do.. And in fact even me didn't post a single review yet..so I'm the one who needs to apologize.. [-O< :\"> mianhe..

Have a happy, meaningful and safe weekend to all! >:D< :x

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class="entry-title"KB Bank ‘SeungGi Love’ Branch, Part 5 Posted on Sep 5, 2014 by tryp96

Someone went to a bank in her neighborhood to open a savings account, and it happened to be the ‘SeungGi Love’ branch of KB Bank. She was quite amazed by what she saw there, asking, “Is this a bank or a fan club?” :lol: She posted these pictures at Bestiz, and it was quite a hit. Literally. Her post already got 57000 hits, the maximum number that can be tracked by Bestiz. :P



source: bestiz via dclsg

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class="entry-title"Happy Chuseok 2014! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Posted on Sep 5, 2014 by tryp96

Chuseok/Mid-Autumn Festival is on September 8 this year, but the long holiday weekend has already started. The movie filming schedule doesn’t seem to be too tight, so I hope SeungGi gets to spend some time with his family on this important holiday. Happy Chuseok & Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone who celebrates it!



credit: Jaeng Eya

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Guest sunshineo

Good luck for your axam too :) Fighting!! ^^/

Wow.. it's already chuseok.. time sure flies.. I think SeungGi did some comunity Service with KB in last year Chuseok.. (corect me if I'm wrong) it's feel just yesterday... and one year already passed 8->
Hope he (and all of you) have a great time in Chuseok (but I don't get holiday for it here T_T ).. want to taste SeungGi's Omma homemade chuseok cuisine too.. :x


“Is this a bank or a fan club?” ;))

keke.. I think it's both, or maybe you can say it's bank of SeungGi's fan club.. :P
I think almost korean Airen must be have an account in KB, and KB bank president himself consider himself as SeungGi's fan ;)) (there's an article about it rite? should find it again maybe)

Youno.. everytime talk about KB, It's always remind me about SeungGi's parent (and then Kim Yuna, and than SeungGi knowledge in financial :D)

I'm wondering what SeungGi's Omma and Appa felt about this branch that named after their son name.. 8->

Well, it's not the first time a product/place named with his name (and SeungGi's Effect will strike it), but to think their co-worker will talking about it.. if I'm become his parents I would boasting about it because I'm so proud :))

but this is SeungGi's parent we talking about.. they not event leting anyone in KB know that they're parent of their CF model for two years long.. If I become them I'll boasting right from the start.. :P

Somehow I want to read/watch again SeungGi's related story with KB and his parent :D

This man just too loyal and very trustworthy.. :x :x That's why people willing to buy anything he endorse.. because they trust what he choose.. :)

his mom and dad must be a great parent to have a son like this.. 8->I want to meet them and ask their secrets (somehow this made me sound like an ajumma.. :P isn't I supposedly want to meet them to ask what kind of dauhter in law they wanna have? I sound pathetic T_T )

Btw, Seung Gi name means "Rising from a firm foundation" rite? (or something like that :-? should find the post about it to make it sure).. There're some controversy (or maybe missunderstand) because korean media sometimes write his hanja name with character that means "victory", but then Hook made a confirmation how his Hanja name is. I thought his parent really give him a meaningful name.. :x

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Guest sunshineo

found it.. :D

class="asset-name page-header2"A sharing on how Seung Gi's name came about ~ 15th September 2013

  • Sep. 15th, 2013 at 11:11 PM

    An Airen on twitter and I were curious how Seung Gi's name came about during the fan meeting in Taiwan last night, as in his Hangul and Hanja name. We really wanted to learn about this. Hence, I asked my friend who had the knowledge about this and both of us wish to share this with all Airens. Here you go Airens ^^ ~

    Source: @elisem1902

    Since Seung Gi has just finished his fan meeting in Taiwan, I thought I'd share with fellow Airens his Korean name in hanja, which is Korean for Chinese characters. All Koreans have Chinese characters behind their Korean name. Parents usually bestow a name that they hope their child will embody. Lee Seung Gi's name in hanja is: 李昇基 The first character on your left stands for Lee or in Hangul, 이. It means plum tree in Chinese characters. It is also a common family surname in Korea. Lees have many clans in Korea so if two Koreans with the same Lee meet, they ask each other which clan they come from. If memory serves me right, I believe Seung Gi said on 1Night2Days that he came from the Cheonju Lee clan. Admiral Yi Soon Shin who was a character in the Gu Family Book was from the Deoksu Lee Clan. ...

    The second character in the middle is Seung or in Hangul, 승. Seung Gi's hanja for this part of his name means rising, or elevating. The upper character represents the sun, and one of the meanings of this character is "the sun rising".

    The third character on your right is Gi or in Hangul, 기. Seung Gi's hanja for this part of his name stands for foundation.

    Seung Gi's first name would then mean "rising from a firm foundation."

    In Chinese, Lee Seung Gi's name is pronounced lǐ shēng jī

    In Korean, 이승기 is his name spelled in Hangul, which is based on phoentics, not meaning like Chinese characters. It would be pronounced phoentically as Yi Seung Gi. There is no L in the Korean alphabet, but it is common to see 이 spelled in English with an L as in Lee or a Y, which has a more accurate pronunciation in Korean. The L in his last name is silent.Many people who are new Airens do not know the correct Chinese spelling of his Korean name. Sometimes, they use a different hanja for the Seung part of his name, 勝 , which means victory. The media in many Asian countries including Korea also spell his name incorrectly 李勝基 when it should be 李昇基. Hook entertainment released a statement regarding the correct Chinese version of his name a while ago after Seung Gi started to become more active in Asia

    People say that name is a prayer, a hope.. his parent really name him with a meaning full name
    I think the meaning of "rising" can be also similar with "victory", but it MORE meaningful than victory..  If not wrong, I read that character "Seung" in his name also can mean "better" or "geting higher".. and his name meaning really can we see in him "Rising from a Firm Foundation"..
    He have firm foundation.. well menered, smart, good looking, talented and man who grip his prinsip.. but his aim not just victory.. he keep rising.. to getting higher and become better each time.. that is Lee Seung Gi that I saw, The Lee Seung Gi that I respect and adore.. :x :x

    hehe.. why I talk ike this..  that's just my thought.. correct me if I talk in wrong direction.. :P

    I think he said that he's from Cheonju Lee Clan in 1n2d when he meet a grandma on streat at night.. no? :-? what episode it is?  it's a really a heartwarming encounter.. :\">

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Guest sunshineo

Reread and collect some article/interview about SeungGi, KB and his parent.. :D

class="entry-title"Lee Seung Gi’s surprising comments about his parents Posted on Nov 29, 2011 by tryp96


What actor/singer Lee Seung Gi said about his parents has attracted a lot of attention.

While participating in the ‘Warm Winter Sharing Event’ held at KB Bank’s head office in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on November 29, Lee Seung Gi told a special story related to KB Group’s KB Bank which he serves as a PR ambassador for.

Lee Seung Gi attracted attention when he said, “I have special affections for KB Bank.” It was a story related to KB Bank’s predecessor, Housing Bank, to be exact.

Lee Seung Gi then took everyone by surprise saying, “Both of my parents worked at Housing Bank, the predecessor of KB Bank, and became a couple at work.” He also added, “I owe my existence to that,” and expressed his happiness.

source: fnnews via nate
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

class="entry-title"The reason why Little Lee Seung Gi frequented banks like his home Posted on Jul 20, 2011 by tryp96

Lee Seung Gi “I also use (KB) Good Day Card”


Little SeungGi went to banks when it was summer. It was because of the air conditioners running at full strength and the unforgettable taste of the ice cream the bank-teller aunties, who worked with Dad, bought with coins.

This is a story of all-around entertainer Lee Seung Gi who now goes around the country as the nation’s younger brother and as a 1N2D member.

The connection between Lee Seung Gi and KB Bank spanning 2 generations is a hot topic.

First of all, both of his parents worked at KB Bank (which used to be Housing Bank). Through his image as a model student who was the student body president, one can somehow get a slight sense of the strict upbringing by his banker parents.

Currently, he’s also the main CF model for both KB Financial Group (KBFG) and KB Card. “I mainly use KB Good Day Card.” This is what Lee Seung Gi said when he was asked, on the set of a CF filming, which (credit) card he used.

Under the influence of his parents, Lee Seung Gi himself has been a longtime/loyal customer of KB Bank since he was young. This explains why he is such a fan of KB Financial Group that the main credit card he uses is from KB’s growing affiliate, KB Card.

And because of this, Lee Seung Gi has long dreamed of becoming KBFG’s CF model. According to KBFG, Lee Seung Gi said, “I’ve fulfilled my long-time dream” while working as the CF model for KBFG.

KB Financial Group’s officials have also fallen for Lee Seung Gi’s smart charms. There’s no end to their praise (for SeungGi). KB Financial Group considers him to be a very suitable CF model especially on account of his extensive knowledge of finance and economics.

Lee Seung Gi is currently studying international commerce at Dongguk Graduate School. Financiers who have talked with Lee Seung Gi all say that he really has considerable knowledge of finance.

An official in charge of advertising at KB Financial Group said, “Lee Seung Gi is famous for using products he endorses no matter where he is, and he’s very much desired by advertisers as their CF model.”

Source: mt
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

class="entry-title"KB Financial Group = ‘Military Academy for CF Models’?
Posted on Oct 6, 2012
(KB Advertising leader joined Airen fan cafe and was active there for 3 months, before choose Lee Seung Gi as their CF model)

Mr. Kim Jin Young, the Advertising Team leader of KB Financial Group supposedly has the ‘Midas Touch’ in the advertising industry. The CF models he’s picked usually turn out very successful, and they also end up as CF models for other big companies after their CFs for KB are broadcast. In his recent interview, he shared the secret to selecting a CF model, and of course mentioned SeungGi:


He said he would read all the news very meticulously every day, and before making his final selection, he would conduct a thorough investigation.

Before using singer Lee Seung Gi as a model in 2009, he joined the Airen fan cafe and was active there for 3 months. He said it was because he could find out about the entertainer’s past, character, and even love life by reading the fans’ posts and comments.

So far, the only 2 entertainers who have passed his tests are Moon Geun Young and Lee Seung Gi. He said, “As for Lee Seung Gi in particular, he has special affection for KB where his parents worked.”

source: hankooki via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

class="entry-title"KB Bank President Min Byeong Deok sees himself as ‘Lee Seung Gi Fan’ Posted on Oct 25, 2011

by tryp96


KB Bank President Min Byeong Deok drew attention at the ‘Savings’ Day’ ceremony by considering himself as singer/actor Lee Seung Gi’s fan. He couldn’t hide his joy upon KB Financial Group’s CF model Lee Seung Gi receiving the President’s Citation as the ‘Savings King’.

That is because Lee Seung Gi, currently the main CF model for KB Card, receiving the award for living an exemplary and simple life helps boost KB Financial Group’s image.

During the ceremony, Mr. Min couldn’t stop bragging to the people around him that “Lee Seung Gi sshi is KB Financial Group’s CF model.” It became known that KB Bank had recommended Lee Seung Gi as the ‘Savings King’.

Lee Seung Gi has been active as the leader of the Lottery Commission’s Happiness Sharing Service Corps for 2 years in a row. He lives a sincere and simple life, and puts a majority of his earnings into savings. So he’s recognized for his great contribution in promoting and encouraging people to save money.

KB Financial Group and Lee Seung Gi’s relationship dates back to 2 years ago.

In 2009, KB Financial Group chose Lee Seung Gi as its CF model and attracted attention as as unprecedented case in the banking industry. That is because financial institutions really value a stable image and usually prefer public figures from sports or culture & arts community as models.

However, considering the public recognition factor, KB Financial Group chose Lee Seung Gi as the most suitable model for KB which is patronized by the entire country. A KB Financial Group official said, “Lee Seung Gi’s sincere and trustworthy image fits very well with financial institutions. On a case-by-case basis, we sign a contract every time there’s a CF.”

The official remarked, “I don’t know if there will be more CF contracts with Lee Seung Gi, but we’ve been praised for the fine CF model selection.”

In addition, the connection of Lee Seung Gi’s parents who had both worked for KB Bank also attracted attention.

A KB Bank official said, “It’s expected that Lee Seung Gi, who has a lot of ties with KB Financial Group, receiving commendation for lots of savings will help boost KB Bank’s image.”

[i think that means KB should try their best to renew their CF contract with SeungGi!!!]

Source: naver news
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
Please do not plagiarize or repost without a link back to my original post.

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Guest sunshineo

This is the latest SeungGi KB CF that I can found

2012 KB Financial Group CF

are they really didn't make CF in 2013? I think I saw some BTS photo that said it from KB CF filming, but never really saw the CF after that.. is that not for TV CF? maybe that's why my memory become blur and forget about his last KB CF. :P

I think I should stop thining about it and start watching K2H instead.. :D have finished my homework (than get hungry), will see my JaeHa after have supper.. :P

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Guest sunshineo

this is legit rite? if so..  Edit: Seems legit :D
cool.. chukae SeungGi-ah.. hope you win this..:D DaeGu Dae Gu fighting!

2014 KOREA DRAMA FESTIVAL : The Best Actor nominated #LeeSeungGi (YAAS) http://m.blog.naver.com/kdf2006/220115709157  borrow the press pic^^ pic.twitter.com/cC5TbLMP1L

AWARD : 2014.10.01 18:00-20:30[KST] Red Carpet : 17:00 > http://blog.naver.com/kdf2006/220113309425  Gyeongnam Culture & Art Center http://www.gncac.com/NewHome/index.aspx 
cr: ChristinaWSGL

Lis of nominees:

KDA2014 nominees bc1 Korea Drama Awards 2014   Nominees List

Best Actor (Top Excellence Actor)

- Ji Chang Wook (Empress Ki)

- Lee Seung Gi (You’re All Surrounded)

- Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger)

- Kim Jae Joong (Triangle)

- Yoo Ah In (Secret Love Affair)

for another nominees here: http://beatuscorner.com/korea-drama-awards-2014-nominees-list/

Korean Drama Festifal FB : https://www.facebook.com/KoreaDramaFestival

DaeGu DaeGu.. ^^


너희들은 포위됐다 '은대구' 이승기 


Wondering if SeungGi will attend or not.. :-?
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sorry, i did not reply soon for your invitation of watching K2H. Seung Gi's acting is good in that drama, but as the whole, the drama isnt my taste. Call me when you plan to rewatch MGIGMH,  i will def join the party.

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Abt Seunggi's chinese name, Singapore media also spells it as 李胜基。。。that makes me angry and tried to correct them but to no avail X(

@star2010‌ I think Seunggi's acting became much better after TK2H just that the villain totally creeped me out :P so I dare not watch that show...

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  • Guest changed the title to Lee Seung Gi ❤❤❤ 이승기 - Current Drama 2021: Mouse ❤

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