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Ha ha ha dear @Lawyerh chingu, it's more like only we two are active in this thread! But never mind! This guy is definitely not feminine so I am hoping to dropping by here more often!!!!  And Oh gosh.

More hotness for you, dear @Lawyerh chingu...     Gosh!! We need more fans here! Looks like only you & me lurking around here... And this time he looks a bit like Rain to me in the last

I'm one of 1n2d fanatic as well  ;))   I ate ramen while watching 1n2d members eating ramen. Hahaha..  Really miss the time when I live-streamed 1n2d every Sundays although I barely understood anything they said. 
Thank you for the invitation @sunshineo.... I'm very busy atm, but I can join you guys to watch TK2H. It's my favorite Seunggi's drama to date... 
Everytime I watch this awesome FMV, I want to watch this drama again. 

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And  that wc scene!!!DAEBAK!! I never thought that I will love a wc senec this much!!!

he is sooooo cute even when someone is hiting him!!!


episode 1 really shock me!!seunggi act really good!im not saying seunggi didn't act good in mgig and bl!!from my view he even act really good in famous princess!but in tk2h he show people (ouri airen know it from the beginning) he is not just the singer that become actor he really has acting talent and can be one of the best best actor in korea!

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episode 2

You're completely.... Get out of here

Is that what they call dark comedy? At the moment that it become really serious suddenly BANG…funny moment!!! Who ever thought that jae ha say that line at that situation!!! :))


And finally ouri crazy villain bonggo…. He is the best seunggi’s drama villain!!!i don’t think there was even a scene that I pity him!!

Oh we did really good thing that agree to watch all the scenes! It was my first time after the tk2h airing time that I was watching bonggo asis killing his dad!!! The part that bonggo keep open and close that pen and it show hangah,jaekang,jae ha! It feels like that pen is sward and bonggo is killing them one by one with that!!!

Ouri puppy is scared!!!And no one believes him!!Poor him!!But jaeha really explain hangah and shikyung well…unbelievable kids!!!kekeke ;))


That fake attack was really interesting!!And seunggi!!!When he went under the table I thought he will lift that or do something but he was just like an scared puppy!!and the part that he was trying to escape I was like really?do u want to escape without them or u are trying to escape to call others to come and help??? /:)


During the time that they was discussing about that situation when seunggi said u forget the most important thing, I was like, oh so ouri jaeha finally come to his sense!! But then…. He gives that answer!! Hilarious!!!seunggi face expression was hilarious too ,he was like that it’s an obvious fact !


I think he was the most scared at the bus that was going to NK !! we should name this ep sacred jaeha! He was scared every 5 minute!!


I didn’t know seunggi has this side too!!! The man that love sexy glamour, love the way he pick that pics and saying ahhh ohhh!!! It was so funny!! And another scared jae ha!!

 UQpjH88.gif   EIHbzNE.gif

and another scared jaeha!!!why seunggi is so cute???

 30rxHWn.gif  bLnSuMi.gif

Really shikyung is soooo innocent how can he don’t understand jaeha?isnt it strange that he want to do training ,and not alone but with hangah!!!He is really frustrating .But thanks to shikyung I could see my jaeha and hang ah together more!


funny seunggi!!!love jaeha leg!!!

why is he looking at hangah when she wasspeaking with her firend like that?is he in love? ;))


I really want to kill that hangah friend how can he do this to hangah!!but I don’t know jae ha is worst or him? I become teary eye looking at her crying!!!bad men!!!

seunggi oppaaaa

XhekaeM.gif  SeIAwyx.gif

But did jaeha care for hangah at first or he was planning to use what she said to become free from training from the beginning ?and how can hang ah say all this thing to a person like jaeha!!!!


seunggi is really handsome isn’t he?!!Love him in every second of drama!and his voice!!!love his voice!

Bad jaeha bad jaeha bad jaeha…. Why do you do this to hangah!!!

king02-00624.jpg r8O65Lb.jpg

But…..HOT seunggi!!!if I was hangah I kissed u that night for sure!! =P~


Really bad jaeha !!


But why I am laughing???

Nauthy jaeha….


Why there isn’t any copy of seunggi to pat my back?

Starring….. =P~ 8->


Seunggia why are u so cute?

mCmgFiO.gif TZ2AYTn.gif 

The next morning was hilarious and seunggi…..love him!!!the way he was talking . his voice his expression, he and his donat…. I love all about him!!and he was so cute!


But jae ha, I want to hit him for exactly 2 hours nonstop!!! Bad boy! Don’t you have a heart? HOW CAN U DO THIS WITH HANGAH!!!did u do this just because a little running??? X(


Seunggi acting was daebak!!! he act that good that I really want to kill lee jae ha!!! The part that he said you are not a woman….awesome.

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episode 3

Be prepared... I will kill you all today!

Really jaeha ya didn’t you know that you said the thing that u should never say to a woman??you date more that 100 time but still you don’t know woman????seunggi know woman better than u!!!please think a little before you do something!

king03-00003.jpg  o4a9f7C.gif

Its good to see he feel sorry an try to make hangah feel better.at least he is not really a jerk! But did you see that treadmill in the back ground? I should suspicious to it but I was busy looking at my handsome jaeha!!!

8zCYZza.jpg  DPxwatR.jpg

In the trainng room it was so funny how seunggi explain to them what is hangah talking about that she joined the team on the promise of her general that he’d find her a man. why I love his voice a lot?


And when he say with a serious tone that the best thing for hangah is to send him home to find a man!!! =))

And when all of them agreed to let hangah stay…seunggi face was hilarious I’m sure he was saying ah stress to himself!!!


I love hangah….she get her ravage love the part that hangah make jaeha to say what kind of woman he like and then suddenly she said but did that kind of women like u!!!poor ouri jaeha !!!now I want to hit hangah. how can u say that to my lovely jaeha that he has no spirit, no temper, not even any pride!u hurt his pride and make him remember his first love!!!


And seunggi was so cute and funny explaining to her what kind of girl he likes!!!And after hangha ravage!!!Angry jaeha….chego!!! :-bd



Why I can’t stop starring at angry jaeha!!!He is so hot!when he say come out and take of his jaket……seunggi jang!!!is there any hotter person that him in the world? 8->

Wow angry jaeha is more angry that angry daego!!!i thought he want to eat hangah!!!.....or was angry daego more angry?not really important because both of them are seunggi!!! ;))

jgZvRNf.jpg UAXL6nA.jpg

Love the teredmill part it was not just an interesting scene it has so meaning in it!!!


And love shikyung. He is a real soldier the way he is worry for his country prince and do all thing for his safty!!!ouri king jaeha is really lucky to have him by his side!!

In this situation too, ouri jaeha is funny .when he didn’t let go of that bulletproof vests and said did you want that me killed? Why is he so funny?

And the drama is decbak at a moment it’s so serious then it became funny and a second later it become more serious and then funny again!!!

But why ri kang seuk just encourage hangah!!no one like my jaeha!!! :(

mQligwg.jpg h6Iz2TM.gif

Ouri seunggi’s foot!!!


Jaeha ya do you like hangah already? ;))


But really me and jaeha thought jaeha and hangah finally become firend but ouri hangah dosent think like that!should I hit her?why did you said jaeha placed that bomb there when u know he didn’t!!! [-(

Another Hilarius part!!!it was so funny they blaming each other for that attract and their reason was crazy!!!i fell sorry for their generals  that have this 2 on their .And when seunggi said she herself is a bomb!!! Im agree with him!!!

sE6Rc96.gif WPyRpPO.gif

Really jaeha is so cute and indifferent. how can he drags her gun on the ground?


I love seunggilish!!!and I love serious seunggi!!he know where he should be serious!!!

And I really want to hit that men why they don’t let hangah explain!!when u ask a question u should let she answer them!!!thank god ouri jaeha was there and make them pay for their behavior!! Chal heso seunggia chal heso!

And finally this episode highlight!!!


Who said ouri jaeha is a jerk?he is jentelman!hove him. He is so kind and sweet toward his woman and so seriuse and rough toward powerfull man that hurt her!!!he is a MAN!!!

 0IwYs3b.gif OnJb7ax.gif

And love the way he open the door!love the way he talk to them love the way he took them out and leave there with hangah!!!me , shikyung ,king jaekang and hangah  are really proud of him!! You did a good job jaeha. That is what you should do!!!

And all the airen are really proud of seunggi!!his acting is awesome!and I think it was a first time I saw seunggi swear!!!he is an awesome actor!!

And jaekang laughing thinking about what jaeha said to them was so interesting to watch!!!


And then seunggi and ri kang suk in that position!!!love these two!!


Watching  jaeha talking happily about UN outburst even in training ,I think it was the first time that jaeha did a great job in his life!!!

And seunggi was so cute when hangah kill him and put him in that bag. Cute seunggi!and cute jaeha!all the was scene was so cute and funny.when ri kang suk say u died the way seunggi said I know….. I love seunggi!the way he speak.and his voice!

 jE4T4QP.gif hVqIQE8.jpg

And that snsd part!!all the jaeha-kangseok part is awesome and hilarious!


That video call was hilarious too. But why I just looking at his lips?it was really funny that he writhe his IQ wrong so they wont let him be the king!and that he is smart. Capable and handsome. And he look like a king more than his hyung!!!he was like a 6 years old kid here!!


And it was so funny that jaeha tought that his hyung want to get marry agin!and Im glad that he didn’t like that idea!!!

the way he explaining what will happen if he marry hang ah!!!awesome!!! I was laughing like crazy in the hole video conversation!!!

YwdlMAQ.gif qsT5c3q.gif

And really hangah do you prefer shikyung over jaeha??!!!!OPEN YOUR EYES PLEASE! Don’t you can see ouri handsome ,cute,sweet,funny,seriuse,angry and lovely prince jaeha???????


And jaeluse seunggi is the best!!!!but why hang ah win all the time?


I really love seeing hangah and jaeha love hate relationship!! And seunggi use body language and facial expressions very good!love it!!!

The best part of this episode was seunggi swearing!!

why the spoiler dont work!!! it just dont work here ~X(

crazy spoiler tag.now it work but dont work properly!! X(

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but why it take so much time to post about just 3 episode? @-)
it took me about 12 hour to watch k2h.write my tought make that gif and upload them!!!but it worth doing it! it was really interesting doing these things!!! :x
and i was trying to make an spoiler tag about 1 hour!!! this spoiler tag make me crazy!!! ~X(
i hate spoiler tag more than kim bong go X(

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simple spoiler tag fix. When it doesn't work:while editing, view your post HTML code by clicking the last button in the toolbar that has a < > check the html tags before, between, and after the spoilers tags.The first tag opened must be the last tag closed. These will not work: < div>[spoiler ] < /div> [ /spoiler]
[spoiler ]  < div>[ /spoiler]< /div> 
You can fix them like this:  [spoiler ]< div> < /div> [ /spoiler]or< div>[spoiler ]  [ /spoiler]< /div> 

both will work. 

PS. I love this MV

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@Laziale4ever thank u unni for the info. :x  but i cant understand what should i do!!!i think my brain is dead!!! :o3
 i dont see any < div> before spoiler. its like:  mily: Arial;">[s poiler]</span><br></span></p .
so im sorry that my spoiler still dont work!!

naughty seunggi?


polite seunggi!


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Guest ghatreh

I watched the first 3 episodes and I realized how much I missed our cute prince JaeHa :x sorry if I use wrong words. blame google translate please:D

TK2H - episode 1

first scene with our cute SeungGi. nice try Jaeha :))1_zps2d39ab9d.gif

@kimia_spr,  I think he wants a cigarette for Neutralize the tear gas :-?1_zps27a74a76.jpg
He is so happy, he has no idea what is the consequences of signing without reading [-X
He is so handsome with this uniform. I want to pinch his cheeks so badly ;))
a lovely hand and a lovely handwriting:x

He is angry but I can't stop laughing :)poor JaeHa Don't be mad :-*3_zps63918936.gifHe is soooo lovely. I want to hug him tightly :x4_zpsb71265b9.gif
They look so funny after seeing Ri KangSuk exercising. JaeHa and the soldier in back :))
He is cute but he can be so mean at the same time :|

This is my first time using spoiler, I hope it works! [-O<

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Guest ghatreh

spoiler tag worked. thankyou @kimia_spr ^:)^
TK2H - episode 2

I think he prefers Ri KangSuk now :))
mischievous boy ;))
he is sooo cute :)3_zps305ece15.gif
they look so serious and waiting for his opinion and then "Stop them. Without me." ;))
scared baby. why do I want to hug him in every scene? :x
his cute smile. fainting 8->
his eyes, his hand... =P~ but how can you do this with a girl? :|8_zps8ff4ea67.jpg

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Guest ghatreh

It was very fun to watch the complete episode and I enjoyed it so much :)>-
TK2H - episode 3

He is like a 10 year old boy :x you realy don't know why she is crying?
I love him when he wants to use his medicine man's hand and humidifier. Feel Guilty cute boy?:x
I want to hug him again. HangAh how can you make our baby angry? he is just a playful kid, don't you like to hug him too?! ;;)1_zps610f1f7d.gif
maybe you like him when he is angry? ;))
seriously how can he be so attractive all the time? 8->
this scene:D when he asked her "does your ankle hurt?" I thought he starts worrying about her then he saied "if you fall, I'll be done too." :))
6_zps3f9e2d67.jpgsweet boy :x
I love when he speaks english :xand this is one of my top favorite scenes. I want a man like him [ tbh i want a man like SeungGi oppa but no one is like him so JaeHa is fine too;) ]
cute boy:P
and finally handsome jealous kid :D :x10_zps239f9b01.jpg

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what I explained was an example. the tags can be anything between these brackets < > eg. < span>, < p>, < font> etc.. span tags are annoying because they are too long without any real benefit so you can just delete them. you can delete the < span style="blah blah blah"> and it's closing tag < /span>. just keep the text in between. Then arrange the rest of tags using the rule first opened last closed. If your post is too long and it is hard for you to work on the forum editor you can just copy it all to notepad. Fix it there and paste it again over your original post.

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thank u a lot unni! :-* :-* :x :x i still didn't completely get it. but i deleted span parts before and after spoiler tags and it work!
sorry that im bird brain. hope there wont be any problem in future that it causes by the part that i didn't understand!! :\">
love u unni >:D<

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Guest sunshineo

Hello.. Everyone!! ^0^/

I just finish watch K2H ep1-3. Have a lot of to do yesterday even though in weekend.. T_T (but I've made Creamy Pasta with SeungGi recipe, will post it later :D )
Watching K2H again really helf to recharge your spirit after a stresful day.. laughing a lot and swooned a lot by Seung Gi.. :x :x

Just 2 hours left untill the day change in my time (and we will go to next episode, rite?). With my finate vocabulary and slo mo internet conection I don't think I can do an awesome review with full pics like @kimia_spr and @ghatreh.. T_T (you gals really awesome)
I think I'll just talk along with @kimia_spr and @ghatreh review...
Let see... :-?

First seunggi scene:
you know.. when little JaeHa scene with BoongGu in that classroom window, I'm all about serious and tense.. well, when little JaeHa
put in his head to window trellis, I think something funny may be happened but more worry "hope nothing bad happened" . Wen they suddenly show the windows glass
being smashed I were a bit stratled, but after I saw SeungGi's face.. Gwahaaha.. :)) I couldn't stop laughing after that.. his first appearence so hialarious ( but cute). His out of breath face looks like a little boy with cute fish mouth.. :)). I feel my eyes smarting too looking at his expression.. it's realy look reall.. but I can't stop laughing too.. =))
Signing "WOC" approval scene
When the first time I see this can.. "Omo.. he's so cool!!" I know people always say that man in uniform looks hot, but.. Ommo.. he was supper- super hot with that hat :x :x
I'm second you @kimia_spr , really love how he speak and his smile.. and expression :x :x somehow he made me want to hit him but I keep grinning while see it..  And how he wipe his hat before take the gift.. Really Love it!!

I've already got the feeling there's must be something fishy with that papper.. when he sign it without rading it carefully, but I've more focused to another thing when he sign that papper "would he use his own signature?" :P It will be a real worthy if he use own signature (And I'll want to have that papper :D ). But even tho I can't really read hangul.. I'm sure he write lee jae ha, and make sure to remember how he write it :D As @ghatreh said, his handwriting beautiful and i really love how he write 'Jae" :x :x Love how he trow the pencil and take the pen to sign it :D
JaeHa inaugurate scene, meet again with his king hyung
Really love this scene!! These brothers really lovely together.. Agree with @kimia_spr really love how JaeHa act cute too his hyung.. and hyung can't do anyting else but to love it.. Can feel how they really close.
Also Love how JaeHa did Caplin dance step when walk in to the room. How can uri stiff SeungGi can do that :x :x :P (should find a gif of it :x )


When he heard the news about WOC plan, love his half asleep and confushed exspression

"Who does  he mean with 'King's brother'? me?" :)) and then his outbrust to his hyung was really hilarious :)) He really try to change his hyung mind with all of reason.  I got teary when he said that King family just like puppets T_T
I was starting understand what's JaeHa's problem and his complex.
let's hug @kimia_spr , his acting really daebak here.. how can I want to cry when I laughing so hard just seconds before head..

Jae ha first meet with ShiKyung
Love his confused face when Shi kyung order him to go insede, his body lenguage was daebak!! and how he looks like a scared cat when they leave him alone with "unknown man" really hilarious. he made me laughing hard again when he asking shi kyung to made a strach in his finger for knife... and than a gun?! :)) JaeHa-ya... I understand you still try to avoid go for WOC, but sincha.. did you think Shikyung can do something like in "the matrix" ?! :))

JaeHa looks so shocked after shooting the gun, he doesn't believe SK really pointing a real gun to him before, but when SK claim that he's the one who fire the gun, JaeHa said they just joking around. Somehow my thought similar with in this scene.. That JaeHa was not as bad as how he show he was, not like the rumor said. JaeHa always act like he will use his prince status to ditch people and problem he hate, but he didn't do that. Maybe it's because he want to take revenge like what he said, :P but he did it as man to man revenge.. :D And when he all serious like that.. so cool.. :x :x and i can't wait to see what revenge he's gonna do.. :D


Roomate arrangement scene
It's like run from one to another problem for him. He still can't believe how can there's SK soldier dare pointing a gun toward him, till he saw his roomate... a full assasin with a huge body from NK. :)) @ghetreh I always replaying this scene just to see his exspression.. his adorable plain exspression, flickering his eyes in disbelieve, slowly close the door, throw his hat , and.. Ruuuuuun!! :)) And how he protest for all room arrangement system.. so hilarious.. untill he heard that there's a female soldier.. his expression completely change when hear "yoja' :)) JaeHa-ya.. just wait and see what kind of yoja she is, and you'll be more shocked :))
Jaeha-HangAh and SK-NK team first meeting
Jae-Ha become a full jerk here.. I want to hit him so badly (Somehow I sound like a sadist ), but he crack me up in this whole scene, from the fisrt time he walk in to the room, his expression when hang-ah said that she know his "secret", how he kick ShiKyug chair, and how he made the conversation to point out that "we're not friend at all" with the SK-NK controversy.. till he made that serious face and said to not call him comrade. Ommo.. I love how they staring to each other .. SeungGi-Jiwon Chemistry really Daebak!!

The bathroom scene more and more hilarious..
As a woman I was shouting.. "Go girl!! hit that Jerk Guy hard!!" :)) but in another side I hope Jiwon noona didn't do it too hard.. that pinch with mop looks really hurt.. :P And of course everytime I see this scene, always remember Seunggi interview that Jiwon noona said that he's the best for being hited partner.. and I laughing more :)) he always have something to say :))

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@sunshineo  my net conection is slow too thats why it take 12 hour to write those review and upload the gifs!!if u dont have time, i dont suggest writing review like that! but i had so much fun writing it. hope u had fun reading it too! :x
i though it still one day remind from 3 days for first 3 episode!! now i have manage my time so i wont write the next 3 episode for 12 hour nonstop again! @-)

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class="entry-title"Lee Seung Gi is ‘Best CF Model of August’ Chosen by Netizens Posted on Sep 1, 2014 by tryp96

The Korean fans are amazing! :P


Korea Federation of Advertising Associations (KFAA) announced on September 2 that singer/actor Lee Seung Gi was chosen by netizens as the best advertising model of August.

In the “Monthly Best Advertising Model” poll conducted on http://www.ad.co.kr, Lee Seung Gi received 101,280 votes and took first place in August…

Just for reference, the actor who came in second received 55,654 votes.

source: yonhap via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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  • Guest changed the title to Lee Seung Gi ❤❤❤ 이승기 - Current Drama 2021: Mouse ❤

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