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Guest rainVSxiah

Seung Ki yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~`---->hahaha I jast have to do it :P

hi everyone

a die hard Seungi's fan here

just love him to bits

he is the cutest thing ever and he is not even trying to, its sooo netural

i will stop by here often

bye for now

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Ha ha ha dear @Lawyerh chingu, it's more like only we two are active in this thread! But never mind! This guy is definitely not feminine so I am hoping to dropping by here more often!!!!  And Oh gosh.

More hotness for you, dear @Lawyerh chingu...     Gosh!! We need more fans here! Looks like only you & me lurking around here... And this time he looks a bit like Rain to me in the last

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Guest moniiica

I am trying to resuscitate this thread since it's kinda dead, yet he's doing well as an actor in Brilliant Legacy with high ratings reaching almost 40% with 8 episodes left... :)

Lee Seung Gi on Acting as Hwan in Brilliant Legacy

Translation: eloise, DuGi (THANKS & LOTS OF LOVE!!! <3)

Taken from Lee Seung Gi's Official Soompi thread in Music.


“I want to show myself as an actor” : Lee Seung Gi, male lead of the drama “Brilliant Legacy” which broke through viewers’ rating of 35%

“When rating hit over 30%, I was elated. However, now that rating has broken through 35%, the feeling is a bit different. There is pressure from a sense of burden, responsibility. I feel that I have to forget about ratings and just try my best till the end.”

To Lee Seung Gi, the 21st may look like the best Sunday, isn’t it? At 7pm KBS 2TV Happy Sunday – 1N2D hit viewers rating of over 30%. And 3 hours later, SBS drama Brilliant Legacy’s rating went over 35%.

In actual fact, at the beginning of the drama, there were criticisms on LSG’s acting, with comments like he got casted simply because of his popularity in 1n2d; he was just like the heo-dang in 1n2d etc. However, it took LSG just 3 – 4 episodes to overcome this adversity. To viewers he is no longer heo-dang: Seon Woo Hwan has risen prominently.

In the afternoon of 24th, I met with Lee Seung Gi at the Production Centre of KBS at Tan-hyeon. He is the very image of a beloved, energetic, bright and cheerful and physically fit young man.

“Romance is really powerful. The elasticity of the love triangle between Hwan. Eun Seong & Junse seems to be pulling in more viewers. These days, when I receive the script, I can’t help but feel nervous automatically. Guess I’m really immersed in the drama.”

“Romantic scenes are really difficult. There are so many subtleties that need to be expressed. Each hand movement, eye expression can translate into very different feelings. That’s why, by comparison with other scenes, there’s a need for more preparation. However, the problem is that it’s not exactly something that you can do rehearsals on. It’s not as if you can just grab anyone and practise a kissing scene (laughter). Moreover, I’m not really familiar with all those love talk the way they are scripted. The point is how to deliver these lines naturally without sounding cheesy. Down to the smallest details, they gave me a lot of headaches while acting out the scenes.”

LSG described Hwan as a young man who wants for nothing and does not understand how to be thankful or apologetic. He is oblivious to things around him to the point that he is not even aware of the special feelings his high school junior, Seung Mi has for him.

“Actually, in real life, this would be untenable. What man would treat Seung Mi so innocently just as a little sister? (laughter). However, it’s all a drama. If a man like Hwan exists, to him, love or marriage is unlikely to be important. After witnessing his father’s death, he would likely lead an insipid life, with his heart closed.”

Such a Hwan is currently falling for candy girl Eun Seong. Without knowing it, he is drawn to her, and he’s now in a state of intense confusion.

“These days, Hwan is stuck in a awkward position, steeped in anguish and conflict. However, in the coming episode, opportunities will arise during the Dong Hae cruise, and Hwan is going to actively approach Eun Seong. He’s going to do it in style. But as to whether I was able to execute that well, I don’t really know” (laughter)

It seems that LSG came well prepared for any question, as he was quick and eloquent in his answers. Heo-dang, he was not. Nor was he a brat. He was actually “a smart boy”. Especially when it came to the subjects of singing or acting, he showed a lot of intelligence.

"Actually, at the beginning, it was difficult to find appeal in Hwan’s character. A single dimensional character who would flare up at the slightest provocation. However, it was said that an actor’s role is to add flavor to the character, and so I started to do it, a small step at a time. Because of this, at points in the drama, I tried to show that the character has a certain cuteness, a certain tenderness and this seems to have brought life to the character."

On the subject of his smaller part relative to that of the female lead, Go Eun Seong’s (Han Hyu Joo), he commented objectively, “Irrespective of who is in what role, the character has to have a certain appeal. Even though my part was smaller, I spent a lot of efforts studying the character and finally found out where Hwan’s appeal lies”.

After discovering that, for the first time, LSG became more comfortable with the role of Seon Woo Hwan. “From the time Hwan’s more humane appeal and cuteness/charm surfaced, I have a better grasp over the execution of the character. In a series of Hwan’s behaviors, I'tried to show that 'The kid really don’t have an idea and that’s why' to lend more credibility to the character.”

After debuting as a singer in 2004, LSG participated in MBC’s then sitcom “Non-stop” Then, in 2006, he took part in KBS 2TV “Famous Seven Princesses”, paving the way for his becoming the male lead in “Brilliant Legacy”.

"I didn’t entertain any thoughts about acting. Nor did I want to become involved in acting. Didn’t think I have the right disposition, nor the talent to do it. Not that I have the talent now. However, my boss in my management company had, since my debut, incessantly told me that some day I should branch out into acting and that I should be prepared for that. So, it’s not like I suddenly decide to go into acting. I have actually been steadily preparing for it. Was at my worst during the days in sitcom as I didn’t have the ability to interpret the scripts then. However, as time passes, despite being still inadequate, as I began to have a better grasp, and as I could see a bit of results, I began to appreciate the appeal of acting. I began to understand why people want to act in drama.” He revealed that in future he’s going to continue with a career in both singing and acting.

“If, as a singer on stage, one shows his/her own image with explosive power, then as an actor in a drama, there is a lot of room for the imagination. Although I still don’t really understand what makes an actor, I definitely find acting very interesting.”

"Being able to overcome the criticisms received in the early days of the drama is very fulfilling. By this drama I wanted to show myself more of an actor until people thinks "That guy`s still gonna do acting! isn`t he?”, he said emphatically.

Source: pretty@yna.co.kr

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Guest moniiica

here's a youtube playlist of chinese subbed cuts of LSG in his first real acting gig as a momma's boy/young husband in infamous chil princesses/seven princesses

http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=DEBE49BCBAF3565E (youtube: ldb7)

i watched a lot of these cuts.. happily surprised that he is quite natural with acting.. i also watched these before i fully immersed myself watching Brilliant Legacy.. it's good to compare his acting.. and it's interesting to see that his roles are completely different.. he's pretty much a legit actor now hehe..

i will probably post pictures or something in here later when i have time :)

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Guest Prinxess58

OMG I love Lee Seung Gi especially in brilliant legacy i think he acted very awesomely in the drama!!

here are some of the pictures i found...





enjoy looking at them.. :P

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Source : K-Bites

Lee Seung Gi is the man with 70% of TV viewership in 1 day

Lee Seung Gi has been chosen as the star with the best TV viewership recently.

He is said to have attracted over 70% of TV viewership on Sunday with his appearance on KBS 2D1N and also in drama ‘Brilliant Inheritance’. On 28th June, he appeared on KBS 2D1N which took up 33.9% of viewership and in the drama ‘Brilliant Inheritance’ with 39.9%, which were two of the top dramas and variety show of the weekend.

Lee Seung Gi has started off by being casted for KBS 2D1N which took him through the transition from just a singer to also an entertainer. And early this year he was involved in the filming of drama ‘Brilliant Inheritance’ which also stars Han Hyo Joo, giving him larger exposure.

Through KBS 2D1N he was also taken up to the MC position together with other artistes like Kang Ho Dong, MC Mong, Kim C and MC Mong.

Many are curious how far Lee Seung Gi can go as a singer, entertainer and actor.

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Guest moniiica

The Lee Seung Gi Effect

Credit: coolsmurf


The Lee Seung Gi effect is firmly in place, claims the Korean media, after his variety show 1N2D and weekend drama Shining Inheritance (leading role) both went over the 40% mark, easily topping the weekend ratings chart .

According to TNS Media Korea, KBS2TV 1N2D achieved a peak rating of 43.3% on the 28th while SBS Shining Inheritance's peak rating was 40.6% on the same day. The average rating of 1N2D was 33.9% while Shining Inheritance got a 39.9% average, meaning that nearly 1/2 of Korea's population were tuned in to watching Lee Seung Gi's shows on their television sets.

Lee Seung Gi has had a decent singing career with his ballads although that is now clearly taking a backseat while he is involved with drama and variety. Lee Seung Gi had already won the hearts of many with his secondary role in Famous Princesses back in 2006, especially ahjumma fans, who recognized him even now when he is on the streets with 1N2D. It seems like whatever Lee Seung Gi does, it's bound to be a sure winner and that rubs off on everyone who are involved in the same production with him.



Of course, we can't directly imply that Lee Seung Gi should be the only one credited with the high ratings, since it's a team effort, but it's also not wrong to say that Lee Seung Gi has had an impact in one way or another. Seung Gi's the only 1 involved in both 1N2D and Shining Inheritance, and his wholesome image has most likely endeared him to fans of all ages, from young children to high school students and the ahjummas in Korea. I mean more than 40% of the entire Korean population have seen Lee Seung Gi on tv over the weekend, surely his stock has risen even further after this.

Advertisers will definitely take note of this.

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/full_stor...eung_gi_effect/

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Guest antinh85

4 pages? i thought he would have more fans in here... hopefully he will be more recognized after BL... He's such a talented guy, so smart, so cute...aaaaaaah....when will i ever see my idol...sighhhhhhhh

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Way back years I really don't know LSG but I saw his MV I forgot the song she was with the girl (SWEET SPY)

on that moment I like LSG I fined him cute and but the problem I don't know his name....after I saw this

Brilliant Inheritance’...OMG! :) This is the man I'm like it now, I know his name I also watch CHIL PRINCESS

Coz it was now showing here in the Philippines. I really love this guy much after watching Brilliant Inheritance

and he was a good actor. I love his voice…very talented and smart guy. :D

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Guest Evol Ecallaw

Before I thought "What is so great about him? now, I'm totally smitten by him. I love watching him on 1N2D, he's just naturally cute without trying and his role in Brilliant Legacy is so different from his real self. He's a wonderful actor that I want to see more in dramas. Not to mention he's also a great singer. I love his music, his voice is so good to listen to.

I'm now kinda crazy over him, searching shows, varieties (x-man) , anything that he's in. What a sweetie pie.

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Guest melo.breeze

i didn't notice there was a lee seung gi thread here in the kdrama/movies section.

if i knew, i'd be posting here so much sooner as compared to now.

i just have to say, i'm completely in love with his character in brilliant legacy.

i find it rather funny that since he backed out of iljimae who he was supposed to act

opposite of hyo-joo, he has found himself another opportunity to work with her.

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Guest moniiica

Lee Seung Gi for EDWIN FALL/WINTER 2008


The lighting & colour is nice in this.




I love this one. ^ They look very comfortable together here.


LSG looks dashing here.






Dragging her off.. cute picture! Cute shoes :)

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Guest moniiica

i find it rather funny that since he backed out of iljimae who he was supposed to act

opposite of hyo-joo, he has found himself another opportunity to work with her.

he was actually supposed to act in RETURN OF ILJIMAE.. which starred jung il woo insead of lee seung gi.. you are confusing it with the other ILJIMAE which starred lee junki/park shi hoo/han hyo joo

what's kinda funny is that han hyo joo costarred with park hae jin in AS MUCH AS HEAVEN AND EARTH aka BY LAND AND SKY and lee seung gi did his first drama role also starring alongside park hae jin in INFAMOUS CHIL SISTERS aka SEVEN PRINCESSES, etc. it's a small drama world afterall! teehee.. plus they were in nonstop5 together i believe???..

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Guest reddynamitez

i'm also surprised that there's only 4 pages for him also!

he's doing really well in Brilliant Legacy right now.

and i love him in 1n2d.

he's so adorable... such a multi-talented guy at such a young age.

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Guest moniiica

Lee Seung Gi is a Graduate!

Smartypants.. since always! Hopefully an inspiration for you kiddies to finish school and ambitiously pursue your aspirations!


Lee Seung Gi is the perfect role model. He has proven that if you set out to do something, you can accomplish it with hard work. The entertainer received his diploma from Korea's Dongguk University in the morning at 11 a.m. on February 20th, 2009 after completing his program in four years and was even awarded with a special President's award. He managed to pass all of his courses while promoting his albums and keeping up appearances on popular variety show 1N2D. He has always been an avid student since high school where he was even school president and kept up stellar marks, not to mention he is a popular/likable guy. Even if his star fades in the next following years (which does not seem likely), he will have a degree in International Trade and Commerce to fall back on (I remember him mentioning somewhere.. I think on 1N2D or an interview or maybe I read it.. that he used to carry one of his Commerce textbooks so that he wouldn't cover the English cover title so everyone could see LOL).




Courteous until the end. Shake and bow? Bow and shake? And then receive.


Forget your parents having to attend your graduation.. look at the swarm of media and fans!

At his graduation ceremony he stated to the media that he would soon appear in a drama, which we all have come to know and love as Brilliant Legacy alongside Han Hyo Joo, Bae Soo Bin, Moon Chae Won and Kim Mi Sook. His scholarly ambitions do not stop there as he is said to be pursuing a Master's degree most likely after he finishes filming the drama this July or after/while releasing another album.


Source: Various, I wrote this in my own words.


"See those red robes in the background.. my gown, square top hat and fancy blue tie?" This is totally legit!


What a cute smile!


"Clap! Clap! Hoooray!!"


His doofy smile.


That's a BIT intense!


That's a HUGE YELLOW PEN/backscrubber? STILL signing things for fans.. that lovely Seung gi-AAAAAAH!

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Guest flowermumsusan

I'm a silent reader on this thread ! has been a fan of Lee Seung Gi since the day i got to known his music .Love his character in BL.This thread of LSG has 235 pages but i don't know what happen !!!!

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Guest moniiica

I'm a silent reader on this thread ! has been a fan of Lee Seung Gi since the day i got to known his music .Love his character in BL.This thread of LSG has 235 pages but i don't know what happen !!!!

it still exists! i just wanted to update this thread with some of his actor/tv stuff since his drama is doing well.. but there's lots of goodies at the main official lee seung gi music thread here: http://soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=33937

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  • Guest changed the title to Lee Seung Gi ❤❤❤ 이승기 - Current Drama 2021: Mouse ❤

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