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Guest sunshineo

My Awesome, Sexy, Handsome, Wonderful KangChi.. >_<

credit: haesong225

his stare, his breath, his scream, his glare, his grin, and than his smile.. :x :x
SeungGi really make me love KangChi!! :x
Well, I love all SG character, but Kangchi has some special place in my heart (but sorry KangChi-ah.. I've DaeGu DaeGu now.. )
I often use this fanvid to promote GFB to my friend.. And it never fail to make them excited to watch GFB after it.. I really should thanks Haesong225 to make this fanvid..

another version, Love all haesong225 works.. And now she also working for DaeGu fanvid.. love2 it all.. >_<

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Ha ha ha dear @Lawyerh chingu, it's more like only we two are active in this thread! But never mind! This guy is definitely not feminine so I am hoping to dropping by here more often!!!!  And Oh gosh.

More hotness for you, dear @Lawyerh chingu...     Gosh!! We need more fans here! Looks like only you & me lurking around here... And this time he looks a bit like Rain to me in the last

Seung Gi latest drama You're All Surrounded :x
Preview for Episode 9 which will only be airred tomorrow 5th June 

source:http://tryp96.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/youre-all-surrounded-ep-9-preview-lee-seung-gi/credit: racena
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Wow, new home, so nice, congratulation =D>

@sunshineo you make me want to watch gfb again for the .(?).. times ;;)

(Untuk mengurangi stress menunggu daegu daegu, he he)

Thanks to @Lovesg and all who helped upgrade this thread. I'm so excited :-bd

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Guest finagi

@lovesg you did an awesome job here.. I'm sure our Uri seunggi will proud of you guys..@lovesg, @celyw, @star+roll and the rest of the airens... :x

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The work has just started :) I did not do much.... really.... @Laziale4ever did so much more than me..... or even @star+roll @sunshineo plus all the people who comb through the threads to collect the links...
If I did not mention the ones who need to be thanked... let me say thanks to ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER TO MAKE THE UPDATES A SUCCESS!!!


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Happy 10th Anniversary our prince charming! 

May all your wishes come true. Stay healthy, and Keep Smiling!

To my dear follow Airens. It's such a bless to have you along with knowing LSG. We had a mission, and in true LSG spirit each of us did her best to help the team. There is no "x did more". I believe that each with what she can afford (time, knowledge, skill) did her best as a way to give something back to LSG and this community. 

God Bless you all!

To our new fans and visitors: Welcome to the world of Lee Seung gi. Please take your time to read the information posted in the first post of this thread and our original thread. Don't be shy to join us in the discussions and fangirling! 

*Hugs and Kisses*

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  • Guest changed the title to Lee Seung Gi ❤❤❤ 이승기 - Current Drama 2021: Mouse ❤

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