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‘Prince’ Seung Ki Lee, Can he be a King by being a solo MC of ‘Strong Heart’?


Ho Dong Kang left ‘Strong Heart’ silently and ‘Prince of Ho Dong Kang’ Seung Ki Lee received his baton. In SBS ‘Strong Heart’ broadcast on 27, Ho Dong Kang led the program for the last time. ‘Everyone is a singer 2nd special’ which Si Kyung Sung, Jo Han Kim, Yoon Ah Kim and Ye Rin Lee appeared was the last episode with Ho Dong Kang. He left the program silently without saying anything special like a person who will come back soon again. And in the following preview, it described Seung Ki Lee leading the program without Ho Dong Kang. Seung Ki Lee who was nervous smiled a bright smile when encouraged by Teuk Lee and Eun Hyuk and he went into the recording scene while settling himself down. Seung Ki Lee who underwent the solo MC hazing with Jin Young Hyun’s song ‘You in the cloudy smile’ filled the MC seat with a bright and cheerful appearance by taking a cute pose with a funny glasses. Ho Dong Kang always used to be next to Seung Ki Lee who’s being called as ‘Prince of Entertainment’. Now Ho Dong Kang left the entertainment field and it’s the time for Seung Ki Lee to fly away like a baby bird leaving a mother bird. Much attention is being focused on whether Seung Ki Lee can be a real support for ‘Strong Heart’ or not.

Photograph = SBS Screen Capture

copyright ⓒ innolife <禁止無故轉載及散佈>

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Ha ha ha dear @Lawyerh chingu, it's more like only we two are active in this thread! But never mind! This guy is definitely not feminine so I am hoping to dropping by here more often!!!!  And Oh gosh.

More hotness for you, dear @Lawyerh chingu...     Gosh!! We need more fans here! Looks like only you & me lurking around here... And this time he looks a bit like Rain to me in the last

‘Strong Heart’ makes minor changes for Lee Seung Gi


Lee Seung Gi has been displaying his true potential for SBS‘s popular variety show, ‘Strong Heart‘.

After successfully filming as a solo MC for the show back on September 22nd, the idol continued to impress with the second filming session that took place on the 29th.

Lee Seung Gi has been impressing the members in production for his newly established MC skills, and he continues to improve episode to episode.

A member of the production staff revealed to Osen, “Lee Seung Gi has continually been impressing us, leaving where he left off from last week. He could have been much more nervous compared to last week’s show, however it turns out that he’s more experienced at it, and can calmly pull through as a solo MC. Lee Seung Gi has done another spectacular job for the next episode, much better than last week and last week’s episode was already top notch.”

The staff member continued, “We also changed the show’s format in order to better fit Lee Seung Gi’s solo style. You may notice some changes on ‘Strong Heart’ compared to episodes with Kang Ho Dong. It’s exciting that the show has much potential to grow and evolve into something bigger.”

Lee Seung Gi’s first solo as an MC on ‘Strong Heart’ will air on October 4th, so stay tuned!

Source: Osen

by Kingpolo @ allkpop

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Lee Seung Gi emcees ‘Strong Heart’ without Kang Ho Dong


Lee Seung Gi emceed SBS’s Strong Heart by himself for the first time. The show will air on the 4th.

On the 3rd, according to SBS, Lee emceed the show without Kang Ho Dong, the MC who left the program because of his tax scandal.

Lee looked nervous but as soon as the shooting started, he pleasantly surprised the audience by leading twenty guests very well.

Many entertainers, including, Hyun Jin Young, Leessang’s Garry, Choi Lan, Yoo Hye Ri, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, and Miryo, Lee Jae Yoon, and more appeared on the show as well.

Source: Starnews

by dkrogers/Korea.com

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Lee Seung Gi visits the set for ‘Gyebaek’

Singer and actor Lee Seung Ki recently visited the set for TV series Gyebaek.

Lee visited the set for MBC’s Monday-Tuesday series Gyebaek on the 2nd and gave over one hundred people food.

A spokesperson for the series said, “Thanks to Lee, the entire crew could work happily even at night.”

The series is getting more enjoyable with Gyebaek (played by Lee Su Jin), Eun Go (played by Song Ji Hyo), and Eui Ja (Jo Jae Hyun)’s love triangle.

Source: TV Report

by dkrogers / Korea.com


Hi shy_hyo, your welcome :) Yes, let's pray that someday Seunggi and Hyojoo will have drama or movie project together again in the future ;)

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Lee Seung Gi emcees ‘Strong Heart’ alone: “Fresh vs Distracted”

Lee Seung Gi shot SBS’s Strong Heart by himself for the first time.

In the episode, which aired on the 4th, Lee emceed the show smoothly and led the cast well.

Many people who saw the show supported Lee. They responded: “He looked like a veteran MC.” “I can’t wait until the next episode because of Lee.” “I didn’t have to worry about him emceeing the show alone, because it was fresh.”

On the other hand, some people responded: “Lee did a good job but I could feel Kang Ho Dong’s vacancy.” “The show was little unorganized. I hope Lee will emcee the show more calmly.” “Lee emceed the show the same way Kang did. He should find his own way.”

Lee started emceeing the show by himself after Kang announced his temporary retirement.

Source: TV Report

by dkrogers / Korea.com

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Lee Seung Gi voted as the #1 idol netizens want as a tutor

On the latest episode of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, entertainer Lee Seung Gi topped a poll asking netizens which celebrity they’d most want to be their tutor.

Lee Seung Gi seems to have made quite an impression on netizens through ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, which earned him the nickname ‘brain-dol‘. SISTAR‘s Hyorin confirmed that he is “already well-known for being a brain-dol“, and that he shows intelligent qualities even off-screen.

Other idols who ranked on the poll included SNSD‘s resident bookworm Seohyun, former class president Rainbow‘s Jaekyung, genius idol MBLAQ‘s G.O (who’s said to have an IQ of 142), and 2PM‘s Taecyeon who ranked in the top 5% at his school in America.

CHI CHI member Ji Yoo, who’s currently enrolled at Ehwa Women’s University as a Traditional Music major, also ranked and made a personal appearance on the special.

Source & Photo: Money Today via Nate

by KS / allkpop

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LEE SEUNG GI of One Day Two Nights became Chef SEUNG

Finally, LEE SEUNG GI overcame his humiliating memory of cooking.

LEE SEUNG GI cooked as a weakness conquest project at One Day Two Nights on 9th. LEE SEUNG GI was badly treated by other members because of his unidentifiable cooking.

LEE SEUNG GI cooked Chinamul rice and dubu jeon. PD Nah Young Seok who lost a bet helped him cook as a slave for one day.

LEE SEUNG GI’s cooking was successful despite of everyone’s doubts. Everyone praised his cooking and LEE SEUNG GI was happy.

He confessed that “The recipe was only for four servings so I made for four servings.” Although it was small in quantity, LEE SEUNG GI made great strides.

Kang Ho Dong appeared again on One Day Two Nights.

Source: TV Report

by dolmetscherin7

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Seung Ki Lee “I can’t fill the vacancy of Ho Dong Kang and I will not fill it.”

Seung Ki Lee talked about his honest opinions on Ho Dong Kang’s retirement. Seung Ki Lee talked about it at Mini Showcase to celebrate his 5th album ‘Toight’ opened in a studio in Sungsoo-dong, Seoul on 26. Seung Ki Lee expressed his gratitude saying “I cannot fill the vacancy of Ho Dong Kang and I will not be able to fill it. I’ve learnt a lot of things from him. He told me a lot about entertaining though he didn’t instruct me every single detail.” He also showed his modest attitude saying “I don’t think I will fill the vacancy just because he’s not there. I’m just doing my best. Thanks for giving me good comments. Good entertainment programs do not require a single talented entertainer but a good team play. It is the same with ‘1 Night 2 Days as well as ‘Strong Heart’. Kyung Sil Lee and Hye Ryun Cho helped me a lot so I could learn a lot from them.” He also expressed his determination saying “I will always try to do my best than to fill Ho Dong’s vacancy with an attitude that I’m still learning.” Meanwhile, Seung Ki Lee’s 5th official album ‘Tonight’ is due to release on 27, online and offline at the same time.

Photograph = Hook Entertainment

News source: innolife.co.kr

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hihihi am new in this thread!!

I have a question.........and found this.....can someone clear my doubts......LOL

I found a album named "Tonight" @ Vol.5 with 10 songs (from yesasia)

here is the link

Link from Yesasia ~ Tonight

Is it a new album released?

thanks in advance!!!

hi singapore0950! how are you? yes Tonight is seung gi's latest album. Buy Buy Buy...i got mine yesterday!

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Seung Ki Lee showed off his excellent cook in the fan meeting. ‘Seung Ki Lee’s ‘Kim Chi Ssam’


Singer and actor Seung Ki Lee showed off his excellent cook in his recent fan meeting. Seung Ki Lee was greeted with acclamation by about 600 fans in the ‘Seung Ki’s Talk with Samsung Zipel’ held in the Samsung Electronics Delight Hall, Seocho-gu, Seoul by showing off his good cook. On this day, Seung Ki Lee talked about taste of life, taste of love and taste of lost dream comparing the taste of Kimchi under the theme of ‘Recipe of Life Happiness’ with MC Eun Ee Song. Seung Ki Lee showed his good cook, which could be seen only through the TV, in the fan meeting stage as one of his own recipes for happiness. He made the Kimchi wrapped rice with cheese and gave them to his fans. In the second corner ‘Second Taste of Life in Happiness Recipe’, he made the fans surprised by wittily expressing the taste of life with sweet taste of love, spicy taste of difficulties, salty taste of tears. He also enjoyed the time by playing a game ‘Random’, the game to find out a person who ate the spicy Kimchi with Wasabi. Seung Ki Lee who talked with witty words said “It was a very meaningful meeting that I could look back the meanings of love and Happiness with about 600 fans. I think I cannot forget this event as I was deeply touched by each story of fans.”

Photograph = Samsung Electronics.

credit: innolife

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Guest laissezze

only 13 pages? this guy is rocking my world right now! he's just so good in THE KING 2 HEARTS! This the first drama that I watched (with him in it of course) and I am amazed at how good he is as an actor - versatility and wit! DAEBAK! 

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Guest TonboTomoe

I love this guy! He is one of the most hilarious, versatile actors in his generation!  I kinda have this weird dream recently that he would be in a drama similar to "Sabrina".  I would like to see him in the role of the older brother!  So random but I don't know, I'm just like this sometimes....sweatingbullets.gifsweatingbullets.gifsweatingbullets.gif

Edit: wow I didn't know he was the same age as Jung Il Woo! He's like, what, 25? He is so young and already pairing up with great actresses in extremely popular dramas.

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Lee Seung Gi Held Down and Tickled on Set of ‘The King 2Hearts’

2012-05-02 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Stewart Ho

The members of the North and South Korean United Team from The King 2Hearts have returned, and it looks like the members have overpowered the king!

It was revealed the old members of the North and South Korean United Team from the drama’s World Officers Championship plotline will return in the upcoming May 2 episode. Lee Seung Gi, Jung Man Shik, Kwon Hyun Sang and Choi Kwon came together on April 24 to film their reunited scene. The scene called for the trio to goof around with Lee Seung Gi upon meeting him and after contemplating what action they should take, the trio decided to surprise ‘attack’ him, pin him down and tickle him.


The real-life close friendship between the three was also validated by many of the staff members who recalled seeing the four joking around on set, chatting and sharing laughs. The drama production added that the four’s active and humorous antics were helping lead the atmosphere of the set.

The scene will unfold during the upcoming 13th episode of the drama, set to air on May 2.

Photo credit: Kim Jong Hak Production

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Guest rebecca55
WILL THEY GET MARRIED?!  Pre-released photo of Jae Ha and Hang Ah have them getting married!!  Is that what is really going to happen?  There is a live debate going on right now about what will happen in tonight's episode?  COME and comment on what you think will happen!
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Guest peanut0526

LIVE Recap with screenshots of Episode 15 will start in 15 minutes (9:55KT) (just something quick to look at until other sites put up their great and in-depth recaps) ^-^ http://goo.gl/aB4m6 . Please enjoy!!

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Guest shinhdeplol

Lee Seung Gi looks like a king no matter what he does


Actor + Singer Lee Seung Gi impresses the netizens with his dignified presence.

Recently on an online community board several photos of Lee Seung Gi were posted under the title, ‘Lee Seung Gi looks like a king no matter what he does now’.

The photos show Lee Seung Gi at the ’2012 KBS Good Job Outstanding Enterprise Job Fair’ opening ceremony event. Lee Seung Gi drew the attention of hundreds of fans on this day with his noble smile and handsome face.

Netizens commented on Lee Seung Gi’s photos, “It’s strange to call him an entertainer now”, “He really looks like a king no matter what he does”, “Where’s Kim Hang Ah?”, “They should write ‘King Lee Seung Gi’ on his name tag”, “I miss Lee Jae Ha already”, “I want to see Lee Seung Gi make a comeback to another drama soon”, and so on.

Lee Seung Gi has recently wrapped up the drama ‘The King 2hearts’, in which he played the King of South Korea.




Image: NewsEN, Star N, Yohap News, Sports Korea, Gyunjae Today via Nate

Source: NewsEN via Nate

Translated by: JJ @ KPOPfever

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  • Guest changed the title to Lee Seung Gi ❤❤❤ 이승기 - Current Drama 2021: Mouse ❤

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