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Merry Christmas Seung Gi fans/ AIRENS! :) Fighting for Seung Gi. I just found out that SG is working for the holidays? :( awww so sad, he really is hardworking and very respectable. he's so responsible. fighting seung gi oppa :D Anyway, merry christmas everyone :D



rapport, can i have my LSG christmas gift? :D

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Ha ha ha dear @Lawyerh chingu, it's more like only we two are active in this thread! But never mind! This guy is definitely not feminine so I am hoping to dropping by here more often!!!!  And Oh gosh.

More hotness for you, dear @Lawyerh chingu...     Gosh!! We need more fans here! Looks like only you & me lurking around here... And this time he looks a bit like Rain to me in the last

Lee Seung Gi will not be leaving “1 Night 2 Days”, agency shares official statement

With rumors flying high about Lee Seung Gi’s supposed withdrawal from KBS’s “1 Night 2 Days“, the singer finally spoke up on the issue and made an official statement through his agency, Hook Entertainment, on February 15th.

The press report stated,

“This is Lee Seung Gi’s agency, Hook Entertainment.

Our agency would like to make an official statement regarding the rumors surrounding Lee Seung Gi dropping out of KBS’s weekend variety show, ‘1 Night 2 Days’.

Lee Seung Gi first joined the cast on November of 2007, and for three years and four months, has done his absolute best for the program he loves. Even at the height of his fame (where he earned the nickname ‘70% viewer ratings’ through his drama, “Shining Inheritance“), Lee Seung Gi continued making impressive improvements as the maknae of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and is now being much loved as one of the best entertainers thanks to his talents in a variety of areas.

Despite having to stay up all night for his two drama filmings, he made sure that his performance did not get in the way for both ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and ‘Strong Heart.’ As he is a singer, a drama actor, and a variety star, there were times when schedules inevitably overlapped, and (we admit) when his stamina and condition wasn’t up for the task.

Others may say that it was out of his own greed that such a situation occurred, but since all three were areas that he worked especially hard in ever since his debut, he did not want to treat any one less important than the other. He knew that it was his work ethic which allowed him to earn the public’s love, and that is what made him work that much harder.

Our agency no longer wanted Lee Seung Gi to handle such a strict and excessive schedule and so we went into discussions with the producers of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ over his future activities, as well as his schedule. All of us came together for his growth and future, and with the understanding that it was now time for him to embark on a new challenge.

During these discussions, Kim C and MC Mong left the program, which led to another difficult time for the castmates and the producers. The five members came together to overcome the hardships and ensure that the program maintained its position as the #1 variety show.

Once the program regained its footing and another member was added, we intended to pick up plans for Lee Seung Gi’s departure. Unfortunately, reports were made that Lee Seung Gi would be leaving the program immediately; that is not the truth.

There was one thing that the producers and our agency failed to notice, and that was Lee Seung Gi’s own thoughts on his three year long career as a member of ‘1 Night 2 Days.’

Lee Seung Gi has declared that until he reaches the day when he can no longer appear on broadcast because of his military duties, he would like to remain with his ‘1 Night 2 Days’ brothers, producers, and viewers.

We have realized that Lee Seung Gi’s thoughts and the delivery of those thoughts are of the utmost importance, so we agree with Lee Seung Gi’s position on ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and respect his opinion.

There have been many distorted reports falsifying Lee Seung Gi’s thoughts, and our agency was not able to make an official statement because we ourselves were suspicious over whether we truly knew what Lee Seung Gi wanted and thought. We would like to apologize for this.

We would like to also apologize for worrying and causing the public concern because of these various rumors, and for being unable to properly converge the thoughts of the celebrities under our agency.

Our agency will work harder for Lee Seung Gi’s growth and future, and he, too, will repay the public by working his absolute best as the maknae member of “1 Night 2 Days.”

Thank you to all of the producers and viewers who believed and supported in Lee Seung Gi as a member of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ until the end.”

Regarding his participation in “Strong Heart,” producers of the show revealed, “Lee Seung Gi will be taking part in the scheduled recordings for February 17th and 24th. The recording for the first week of March was rescheduled under his discretion.”

They continued, “There were some rumors about his leave, but he will be taking part as the ‘Strong Heart’ MC until any final decisions are made.”

Representatives of Lee Seung Gi further revealed, “We have not made a 100% final decision on his leave from the show, please wait a bit more.”

Source: Star News #1, #2, #3 via Nate, E Daily via Daum

credit: allkpop

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Guest adikkeluangman

Lee Seung Gi, Gong Hyo Jin speculated as lead cast for drama, ‘Discovery of Affection’

It was recently reported that actress Gong Hyo Jin will partner up with multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi for the upcoming MBC drama, “Discovery of Affection (애정의발견).”

Nothing has been confirmed yet, as both sides stated, “We are currently discussing, but nothing’s been confirmed.”

“Discovery of Affection” was written by the Hong Sisters, known for their past works including “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox“. It will be directed by Park Hong Gyun PD, who in the past has worked on the drama, “Queen Seonduk.”

The drama is scheduled to air its first episode in the Wed-Thurs slot sometime in June, after “Royal Family.”


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Lee Seung Gi for ‘Pizza Hut’

Lee Seung Gi revealed his variety of expressions through his latest CF.

The multi-entertainer is catching many everyone’s eyes with his engaging personality on “1N2D” and “Strong Heart“. This CF especially is gaining attention for showing off the star’s humorous side.

For this ‘Pizza Hut‘ ad, Lee Seung Gi comically expressed his puzzlement when the employee stopped filling his tank at a gas station, and the hairdresser only cut half of his bangs, expressing situations where services are limited to 6000 won (around $5).

Meanwhile, at Pizza Hut, Lee Seung Gi is treated like a king with that same 6,000 won. Suspiciously, he asks, “Why are you treating me so well?“. He then accepts the situation and goes on to eat the delicious pizza while exclaiming with delight.

After viewing the CF, netizens commented, “Lee Seung Gi has so many expressions!“, “His puzzled expression is rather funny“, “He looks so lovable when he eats the pizza happily“.

Check out the CF below:

Lee Seunggi-Smart Lunch CF2 20S 110302

credit: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/03/lee-seung-gi-for-pizza-hut

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Guest sol-star

Hello everyone! Finally got around to watching MGIAG and finished it about a week ago, now craving everything SEUNG GI!! I've seen him on strongheart and am really excited about the rumors that he'll be on board for another Hong sisters drama! MGIAG wouldn't have been the same without him :D

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Guest sol-star

Hello everyone! Finally got around to watching MGIAG and finished it about a week ago, now craving everything SEUNG GI!! I've seen him on strongheart and am really excited about the rumors that he'll be on board for another Hong sisters drama! MGIAG wouldn't have been the same without him :D

tears.gif He's not working w the Hong sisters anymore.... gaaaaaah my heart sunk when I read about it on Dramabeans!! oh well... i'm sure he will have many more projects coming his way soon blush.gif

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Guest vesica

Thanks for share article sol-stars :) :)

and finally have been answered already.. he´s not play in Hong sisters drama. Whatever decision is the best for him. He has considered very well. I just read an article in Dramabeans.. What a surprise!! I read there´s Cha Seung Won name there :D :D

hmm .. we just keep wait the latest drama SG ..hwaiting oppa!!

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[09.04] Y-Star unveils Korea’s Top 50 Most Handsome Men of 2011

Recently, a TV programme which aired on channel Y-Star, unveiled Korea’s Top 50 Most Handsome Men of 2011 where participants were able to vote for the favourite men. Surprising as the results arrived, the most noticible thing about the charts is that male actors outshined male idols.

Go under the post to see who were the Top 50…

1. Won Bin

2. Kang Dong Won

3. Hyun Bin

4. Jo In Sung

5. Gong Yoo

6. Go Soo

7. So Ji Sub

8. Nichkhun (2PM)

9. Song Joong Ki

10. Jung Woo Sung

11. Jang Dong Gun

12. Lee Seung Gi

13. Yoo Seung Ho

14. Kim Hyun Joong

15. Lee Sun Gyun

16. Song Seung Hun

17. Chun Jung Myung

18. Park Hae Il

19. TOP

20. Yoo Ah In

21. Jung Yong Hwa

22. Cha Seung Won

23. Lee Min Ho

24. Kim Nam Gil

25. Kim Bum

26. Rain

27. Lee Jung Jin

28. Park Yoochun (JYJ)

29. Jang Geun Suk

30. Lee Ki Kwang (Beast)

31. Choi Si Won (Suju)

32. Kim Jae Wook

33. Lee Byung Hun

34. Ji Hyun Woo

35. Jang Hyuk

36. Yoon Sang Hyun

37. Minho (SHINee)

38. Eric

39. Kwon Sang Woo

40. Cha Tae Hyun

41. Jo Kwon

42. Oh Ji Ho

43. Shin Ha Gyun

44. Yoo Ji Tae

45. Jung Jun Ho

46. Bae Yong Joon

47. Lee Jun Ki

48. Cha In Pyo

49. Kim Hee Chul

50. Choi Min Soo

Source: Daum Cafe & Naver

via kpopanda

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Lady Luck is Always with Lee Seunggi

There are two types of people in the world. One is where anything that the person does goes well, while the other type is where nothing goes right. Singer, MC, and actor Lee Seungi belongs to the first group.

The show 1N2D is experiencing the Um Tae Woong Syndrome. Ever since the news of him joining the show got out, the interest in the topic exploded out of control.

With all this attention focused on one person, it is obvious that the amount of attention towards other members decreased. Even Kim Jong Min, who was on the rise, lost most of the attention, and it seemed that Um Tae Woong would be stealing the spotlight for a while. However, Lee Seungi still managed to hold out. He gave Um Tae Woong the nickname of psychic and even got a question from the lawyer license exam correct.

Not only that, he was known to be expanding his career further east, towards Japan but he chose to stick with 1N2D and Strong Heart. His management company said that discussion about going into Japan was in its early stages.

This proved to be a very wise decision. Since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, lots of Korean Wave Stars temporarily lost their homeground in Japan. If he expanded earlier, he could have been in a very difficult position since it would have meant that he give up Strong Heart and 1N2D,

Lady Fortune was with Lee Seungi and he has gotten even more popular. Sure, Japan seems even further away but he has shown that he knows how to repay the shows that helped him grow so big by staying on their side for as long as possible.

Now, the only thing remaining is the army. Lee Seungi has expressed that he wants to be a part of 1N2D until he has to join the army but if his luck continues, Miss Fortune may have something planned for him even after he returns from service.

Source: via Newsen

credit: askactor

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Lee Seung-gi "Celebs are also office workers, I am section chief"


Lee Seung-gi showed signs of a want for promotion.

Lee Seung-gi became the sweetest chef on the recent MBC TV program "Section TV".

Living up to his name, the blue chip of advertisements, transformed chef Lee Seung-gi showed various expressions of acting received compliments from the staff. Along with him was "Secret Garden"s 'Lee Byeong-joon. He also complimented, "Lee Seung-gi is someone to learn from".

Lee Seung-gi said, "I think celebrities are like office workers. Like becoming the head of department with age, I wish there was a promotion. I think I'm like the sections chief?" being modest (?) about his position and created a laugh.

Source : http://news.nate.com/view/20110416n04884 ( Korean )

credit: HanCinema

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Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah Perfect for Korean Version of “A Chinese Ghost Story"

A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) is probably one of the highlights of Hong Kong cinema in the 1980s. With the upcoming Korean theatrical release of the 2010 remake, a fun poll asking which Korean actors would be perfect for the roles of Ning Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian, the two leads in A Chinese Ghost Story, was conducted.

Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah took first by a landslide with 67% of the votes. The two actors received much love for their characters in last year’s trendy drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox and have shown their ability to act in a fantasy genre. Mate’s couple Chun Jung Myung and Han Ji Hye and Thorn Bird’s couple Joo Sang Wook and Han Hye JIn tied for second with 13%. Jo Hyun Jae and Lee Yeo Won of 49 Days ranked fourth with 8% of the votes.

A Chinese Ghost Story tells a love story between an average man and a ghost. Director Wilson Yip aims to put his own touch to the famous Chinese story and make a brand new story. Actors Liu Yifei, Louis Koo, and Yu Shaoqun participated in the 2010 remake. A Chinese Ghost Story premieres May 12th in Korea.

By: hotshotlover30


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Guest yatmun21

FORBES KOREA Power Celebrity List

This year’s FORBES KOREA Power Celebrity List ranks Korea’s top 40 stars using the following factors: the most-searched names on South Korea’s Internet portals; the celebs’ annual income and donations to charity; number of endorsements; mentions in Korean and international media; and the number of magazine cover appearances. We list the Top 20 below.

1. Girls Generation SINGERS

The 9-member girl group managed by SM Entertainment dominated offline, online music charts, while taking over the silver screen. In 2010 Girls Generation sold over 27,000 albums and appeared in 25 commercials, as well as making appearances on the variety shows of every major network in Korea.


Manchester United player and recently retired captain of the Korean National Football Team, Park was applauded for his top performance in 2010 South Africa World Cup and the Asian Cup. With Man U Park had a record 6 goals last season.


There is no doubt that Yuna Kim was the brightest star in last year’s Winter Olympics. After winning the gold she went on to gain 28 endorsement deals, but her break from longtime coach Brian Orser set her back in the rankings for the most sought-after endorsement model.

4. Lee Seung-Gi SINGER

The actor, singer and variety show host raked in trophies from all major networks in 2010. His hit TV drama, My Gumiho, earned bragging rights after hitting average ratings of 21.3%.


The 6-member boy band from JYP Entertainment is famous not only for its performance and catchy tunes but also for the band members’ chiseled bodies. Recently members have been receiving much-wanted attention for their acting roles and reality show appearances.


Korea’s King of Talk is arguably the most popular man on prime-time TV, but last year the management agency that represented him–and many of the Top 20 celebs–filed for bankruptcy, causing scandal.


Ranked No. 83 in the European Premier League, Lee is currently the midfielder for the Bolton Wanderers. He had 4 goals and 6 assists in last year’s Asian Cup and earned approximately 3 billion won.


The 4-member boy band may not have bodies as chiseled as those of their 2PM boy band counterparts, but their harmonious melodies are as good at warming the hearts of fans across Asia. Leader Jo Kwon has been dominating the variety shows, showing fans that his wit matches his voice.


A member of the Korean national team and Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians in the U.S., Choo and his teammates won the gold at Guangzhou in 2010, allowing him to be excused from military service.


The wrestler turned TV talk-show host gets high ratings for his prime-time variety shows on all the major networks. Like Yu, he was ensnared in the bankruptcy of the company that previously managed.

11. Lee Hyo-Ri SINGER

Last year was not the best for K-Pop’s sexy queen. After taking time off from variety television to concentrate on her fourth album, a major scandal erupted when it was revealed that her composer had plagiarized all 6 songs on the album.

12. Yoon Si-Yoon ACTOR

On the other hand, it was a great year for Yoon, who–after starring in a hit sitcom–went on to more serious material in the prime-time hit drama Kim Takku. He also made his debut on the silver screen in Death Bell 2.

13. Rain SINGER

The world star was busy in 2010. He starred in the TV drama Plan B and also liquidated the assets of his own management company, J Tune Entertainment.

14. Park Chu-Young FOOTBALL PLAYER

The AS Monaco player has recently taken over the position as captain of the national football team. He recently made his seventh goal for AS Monaco.

15. Mina Shin ACTRESS

The leading lady received special accolades for her performance in My Gumiho, and the former fashion model’s good looks and talent have led her to be Korea’s top celebrity endorser.

16. Super Junior SINGER

Last year the 10-member boy band from SM Entertainment received the Golden Disc Award for their fourth album, which sold over 130,000 copies. Members have been having busy solo careers as well, appearing on variety programs and dramas.

17. Won Bin ACTOR

Leading man in last year’s Ajussi, which sold over 600,000 tickets at the box office. The movie heartthrob started a canned-coffee frenzy after appearing in a series of commercials with Mina Shin (No. 15).

18. Hwang Jung-Eum ACTRESS

Like many others, Hwang started off in sitcoms before delving into more serious acting last year in the epic, 60- episode TV drama Giant. Her performance won her an award and several TV endorsements.

19. Kim Hye-Su ACTRESS

The sexy actress and fashion icon made a comeback in the movie 2 Story House. Toward the end of the year she did it again in the TV drama My Happy House. She surprised audiences when her third triumph, a documentary series on network TV, was also a major hit.

20. Ko Hyeon-Jeong ACTRESS

The actress received TV’s highest acting award in 2010 for her performance as the first female president in Dae-Mool. She went on to take on several TV commercial deals for everything from coffee to household appliances.

Source: http://www.forbes.co...elebrities.html / korea.com

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Lee Seung Gi’s Most Unforgettable Fan?!

Multi-talented Actor, Musician, and MC Lee Seung Gi unveiled his most unforgettable fan on MBC’s “Come to Play” last night.

When asked about his most memorable fan, Lee Seung Gi replied “There was a fan who brought every product that I endorsed, even replacing her refrigerator which was working fine.” He added, "She even took home the life-sized figure of me from the cosmetic brand store that I endorse."

At that moment, fellow guest member Hong Kyoung Min playfully asked Lee Seung Gi “You didn’t endorse an apartment yet, did you?”, making everyone at the studio burst into laughter.

Lee Seung Gi continued to tell a story about meeting a plane captain who confessed that he’s a huge fan of him. “Only after I received a letter from the flight attendant did I realize the meaning of the in-flight announcement. The plane captain announced a three-line poetry using his name and my name,” the actor reminisced.

In this episode, Lee Seung Gi also revealed how he ended up debuting after giving a performance back in his school days at a theater that was managed by Lee Sun Hee.

by cherryspirit


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Lee Seung-gi was student body president... "Eomchina"

Singer and actor Lee Seung-gi proved he was an 'eomchina' (mommy's friend's son) once again.

On the SBS TV "Kang Heart" on the 26th, Son Eun-seo said, "Lee Seung-gi and I have something in common. We were both presidents of the student body". Then she explained she was one in middle school and Lee Seung-gi in high school.

Then Lee Seung-gi corrected her, "I was president twice". He was shy but eager to 'show off' himself and MC Kang Ho-dong looked at him with a displeased look and aroused laughter. Lee Seung-gi wasn't beat and continued his 'showing off' causing the laughter to increase.

About the time he ran for student body president, he said, "I wanted to become vice president but a female student came up to me and offered to run together. So I said, "Do you really need me? Is it impossible without me?" and wittily explained the situation of the time".

"I made a plan to distribute free textbooks so I was lucky enough to get chosen" he continued, being 'modest'. "The free textbook lending idea was because I usually didn't carry around my books and got scolded a lot" he said, proving he was an 'eomchina' and careless at the same time.

Meanwhile in this days episode were Joo Yeong-hoon, CN Blue Jeong Yong-hwa, Lee Jeong-sin, Lee Jenny, Hyeon Yeong, Son Eun-seo, Lee Byeong-jin and more.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110427n03306

Credit: HanCinema

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Lee Seung Gi complains, “I am an easy person!”

Recently Lee Seung Gi appeared on the MBC’s Come and Play and complained about his situation. He said, “I don’t think I am charming enough.”

“Female celebrities somehow think I do not own a cell phone and won’t ask for my number.” And he added, “I even had to seriously ponder if I am a man with no charm.” And declared, “I am an easy guy!” which made the studio turn into laugher.

When the MCs asked his ideal type of women, after some time, he listed a few female idols.

Meanwhile, he confessed his drinking habits that no one would have guessed that Lee would act so.

By Kwon Sue Bin (ppbn@newsen.com)

Source: Newsen (Original article in Korean)

Translated by Ye Sul Kwak / en.korea

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Lee Seung-gi surprise appearance at wedding


Lee Seung-gi made a surprise appearance at a wedding and presented a song.

He showed up at a wedding in the Seoul Sejong Cultural Center on the 30th of April and sang the sweetest wedding song, receiving tremendous reaction from the guests. The wedding couple were winners of Samsung Zipel Grande Style 840 'Lee Seung-gi's Sweet Wedding Song' event and he was there to present them with a real song.

Lee Seung-gi chose his song "Give it to you all" for the bride and sang live. He said it was his first wedding song ever in his life and sang with all his might, making the wedding look like a concert.

Lee Seung-gi said, "I have never sung at a wedding before so I think I might be more nervous and tingly than you who are getting married. Like the song, I hope you love and cherish each other and I wish you happiness".

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110502n04845

via HanCinema

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TOP 20 richest idols are….

MNet Idol Chart Show has selected the 20 richest KPOP idols,check out the list here,which idol surprised you with his/her income?

1. Big Bang’s G-Dragon

2. Lee Seung Gi

3. IU

4. Jang Geun Suk

5. SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong

6. C.N. Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa

7. Hwang Jung Eum

8. Super Junior’s Leeteuk

9. After School’s UEE

10. Big Bang’s T.O.P

11. 2PM’s Taecyeon

12. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

13. 2AM’s Jo Kwon

14. 2NE1′s Dara

15. KARA’s Hara

16. Super Junior’s Shindong

17. G.NA

18. BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung

19. T-ara’s Eun Jung

20. 2PM’s Nichkhun

Source: Daily K Pop News

credit: en.korea

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Lee Seung Gi presents a joint dance with Koo Ha Ra, but falls hard


Lee Seung Gi, a Korean actor, and Kara’s Koo Ha Ra held a dance competition.

On the May 24 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, Koo Ha Ra confessed the event regarding her first visit to a club.

That day, Koo said, “I went to a nightclub for the first time as part of the shooting of the new drama series City Hunt. But it was disappointing that I failed to fully feel the typical mood of the place.”

Koo also added, “So I decided to visit the club again with friends. Without any coverings to hide my identity, I held my head up and entered. But I recognized that the dances at the place were totally different from what I’ve danced for my songs, so I had to learn basic steps from the beginning. Then, I got completely lost in dancing until 5 a.m. next day.”

When asked to show off the dances she had learned, Koo came out on the stage and delivered how to dance in clubs to Lee Seung Gi, one of the two emcees of the show. Lee, right after learning a little from Koo, approached to her to perform a joint club dance as if he can dance like an experienced dancer. But when he tried advanced-level dance moves, he lost his balance and fell hard, making the guests burst out laughing.

Besides Kara’s five members, the guests of the episode also included Jang Woo-hyeok, Kim Ji-suk, Lee Jeong-seob and Baek Ji-young.

By Lee Gyeong-nam (kn0402@tvreport.co.kr)

Source: TVreport (Original article in Korean)

Photo from TVreport

Translated by Geum Jae / en.korea

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Lee Seung-gi to cameo on Best Love


Puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! With a… puppy? Seriously, who decided that this should be a picture? Because it’s kind of my new favorite thing. In the Universe.

The story? Oh yeah. Lee Seung-gi is set to cameo on Best Love Episode 9, following the long line of Hong Sisters drama stars to show their support by popping up in their later works. Seung-gi was not only the star of their last drama, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, but was also rumored to possibly star in Best Love himself, before the script skewed the hero older. And despite my love for Seung-gi, I would cry if I never got to see Cha Seung-won’s current incarnation of Dokko Jin, who makes crazy seem normal and sane seem boring.

The only disappointing part is that Seung-gi will be playing himself, only because I’m a fan of the Hong Sisters dramaverses being intertwined. They’re not always consistent with it, but Park Shin-hye and Lee Hong-ki cameo’d in Gumiho as their You’re Beautiful characters, which was fun. And Woong-ah is a stuntman/action star, so why not have him play Dokko Jin’s stuntman on Fighter, brought out to prove to Ae-jung that he really is all weak and frail, like he insisted?

Oh well. I’m sure they’ll do something fun with Seung-gi as himself. I just hope he DOES something other than stand there, because Park Shi-yeon’s cameo was wasted. Don’t waste my puppy!

Episode 9 airs Wednesday, June 1.

Via Osen

credit: dramabeans

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  • Guest changed the title to Lee Seung Gi ❤❤❤ 이승기 - Current Drama 2021: Mouse ❤

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