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Guest lilgzl

Lee SeungGi coming back to the living room TVs as an actor

Posted on March 15, 2010 by nulsaranghae

The actor and singer, Lee SeungGi, will be coming back on to the living room TVs after 1 year, since his drama project for ‘Shining Inheritance’.

It has been known that Lee SeungGi has been casted for the new drama ‘My Girlfriend is GuMiHo’. This drama is the most recent production from the Hong Sisters that scripted ‘HongGilDong’ and ‘You’re Beautiful’.

One person who is related in the production for the drama stated, “Lee SeungGi, himself show strong determination because he was interested in the works of the Hong Sisters and the Hong Sisters also thought that Lee SeungGi will match the male role very well.”

In the drama, Lee SeungGi will be playing the male role who is scared that his liver will be stolen by the GuMiHo, the ghost, but ends up falling in love with her. With goal of having the drama out during the summer, once the female lead to play GuMiHo is casted, the drama will start filming on May.

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Ha ha ha dear @Lawyerh chingu, it's more like only we two are active in this thread! But never mind! This guy is definitely not feminine so I am hoping to dropping by here more often!!!!  And Oh gosh.

More hotness for you, dear @Lawyerh chingu...     Gosh!! We need more fans here! Looks like only you & me lurking around here... And this time he looks a bit like Rain to me in the last


I become one of Seunggi's fans after watching him in 'My Girlfriend is Gumiho'

I really love him in that drama..He could play Cha Dae Woong character so well..

So romantic and lovable..Wooooongaaa~~ Noona really really really like you :wub:

I wish him all the best for his next production ;)

Seunggi, FIGHTING!!

Lovely couple that i envy so much: Seunggi-Mina aka Daewoong-Miho ^_^


from yahoo korea

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Guest samgirl

wow i didnt know that we have this thread here. i frequent the other one. those who are going to the concert LUCKY GALS! please please give us updates when you can, we really love to go but we just cant, hope they release a DVD this time, im from the philippines, so I dont think it will sell here but im sure alot of airens will be happy to help then. :)

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welcome to the club of LOVING LSG! :wub:

anyway, if you really love him you can watch his other shows

namely Shining Inheritance, 1n2d, and strong heart too :)

ah, he also appeared before in non-stop :):w00t:

Hi otchosais~~

Thanks for the warm welcome..

Yay! Looks like i'm in the club of LOVING LSG now ^_^

Actually, i have watched "Shining Inheritance"..And sometimes i watch "1N2D" on KBS World..

But i really love Seunggi after watching MGIG..He totally blew me away with his charisma as Daewoong :wub:

But it's so sad that this thread doesn't move fast like the others :tears:

So why don't we try to post often and make this thread keep moving?

@samgirl: maybe many Seunggi's fans prefer to post in Seunggi's music thread because we all know Seunggi is well known as singer before his debut as an actor..And looks like he has a lot of activities to do as a singer..No wonder if his music thread is moving faster than this one..

But anyways, i really love Seunggi as an actor ;)

Adding Pizza Hut CF pics..



from yahoo korea

^^ hehehe, look at his cute expression..I want to pinch his cheeks..Aigoo, Ddoong Ja Seunggi :D

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Hello everyone!

me..another Lee Seung Gi Fan ...

To let this thread moving

here some picture to share..

FUBU wallpaper




credit: tryp96.wp, FUBU,fiey@soompi

Lee Seung Gi, Double Breasted Man – 2010.12 Ceci Magazine












credit: tryp96,lsgfan@wordpress,dclsg

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I'm also a new Seung gi fan, after MGIG. TheN i started watching Shining Inheritance, Strong heart and of course 1n2d( a MUST). Im totally obsessed with him now...:wub: .

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Annyeong! i first noticed Seung Gi in Shining Inheritance but I liked him more with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, I never knew that he could be so cute, funny, charming and really dramatic (ALL AT THE SAME TIME) I really cried a bucket of tears (literally!) in MGIAG because whenever Woong cried, I also cant help but cry, he's such a great actor and singer, so well rounded! He is also funny in the first part of the drama and whenever he imitates and makes cute faces in front of Miho. So happy that his the hope concert was a huge success (and also his miho came to visit aiiish <3) so cute! I am positive that Seung Gi will have a bigger career ahead of him! I love love him! :)

Also, nice to meet fellow Airens here in soompi. Hwaiting.

P.s. In love with the hoi hoi couple <3 Hope seung gi oppa will visit Min ah in her fan meet!

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@samgirl: maybe many Seunggi's fans prefer to post in Seunggi's music thread because we all know Seunggi is well known as singer before his debut as an actor..And looks like he has a lot of activities to do as a singer..No wonder if his music thread is moving faster than this one..

But anyways, i really love Seunggi as an actor ;)

hi ilwoo_aein! thanks for all the updates & goodies. i'm also a seunggi's fan ^^ i knew him from Brilliant Legacy and started to search about him after that. i fall in love with him even more after i watched him on 1n2d because he's sooo cute, after watching & listening to his music performances, love his voice & songs, and his great work ethic, humbleness n model-student image never stop to amaze me. while being busy with his entertainment stuffs, he can still finish his degree in 4yrs like normal people and now even doing a master studies in Trade Theory and Finance. superhuman guy he is. and i definitely love MGIG! my fav drama of the year! :D

btw, sorry to cut your post. if you notice, at lsg music thread, fans also talk/post about his acting activities, including his variety show & mc-ing activities. i think some fans prefer to talk & spazz at one place and since that thread existed first maybe everyone just continue to post there. if you see, even that thread is not moving that fast and fans dont chat that much/that frequent. everyone is so busy so its kinda hard to move multiple threads. i'm happy to see you so actively posting here. i was sad too at first when i noticed this thread was not that active. but i prefer to talk at one place too. and now there's also leeseunggi international forum just recently created.

anyway, i welcome you to post there too! we can spazz together about anything seunggi-related :) i love everything about seunggi, his acting, his dramas, his music & singing, his mc-ing and he in 1n2d is just cuteness overload. its hard to find 1n2d videos at youtube or anywhere now because of copyright issues but in case you/anyone wants to know where to watch the show subbed online, i can pm you :)

since its the end of the year now, award time! i hope Hoi couple will win the best couple award!! and i also look forward to sbs & kbs entertainment award for seunggi's variety show Strong Heart & 1n2d.

Hoi-hoi everyone!! =)

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hello to all seung gi fans...

im a newbie here.. basically im a silent reader but now i want to shouttttttt that i love LEE SEUNG GI!!!!

he has a big heart ( i just read about his charitable doings), he's funny too...

i admit he's not that handsome the first time i saw him but when you stare him too long you will notice he's CUTE and LOVABLE....

more power Lee Seung Gi!!!

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Hi fiey ^^

We meet here :) I think Lee Seunggi is a nice and humble person..

And what makes me proud of him is he can finish his degree in 4 years despite his busy schedule..Wahh, amazing!

Anyways, what you said is true..Maybe fans prefer to talk at one place at Seunggi's music thread since it existed first..Anyways, it's okay..But i think we can try to make this thread move faster right? Let's post anything related to Seunggi's activities..But can we exclude Seunggi's singing activities? We can post his CF activities, variety show activities, social activities and of course his drama activities..I think this is the best way to make this thread different from the other one :)

I will try to join all Seunggi's fans in his international forum..I'm afraid i don't have time to post there since i have many hubbies to take care of :P:lol:

Hello hy1612 + graceyco + yujien ^^

Welcome to Seunggi's thread :)

Adding pics from Lottery Commission-Happy Sympathy Volunteers event


Let's support Seunggi to win awards in KBS Entertainment Awards and SBS Drama Awards..

Lee Seunggi FIGHTING!

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I'm also a new Seung gi fan, after MGIG. TheN i started watching Shining Inheritance, Strong heart and of course 1n2d( a MUST). Im totally obsessed with him now...:wub: .

OMO!!! I'm the same as yours also.. but first I've got to know LSG due to 1n2d at KBSW,, then new his drama MGIG, then so on :)

naega nomu nomu nomu nomu LIKE LSG! :) :wub:

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Annyeong! How's everyone, I really miss Seung Gi. But one big

CONGRATULATIONS first! For winning the 25th Golden disk award- Best Digital Bonsang for Love taught me to drink.

Seung Gi was so cute when he fell of his chair :) hahaha Anyway guys can i ask for your help? Seung Gi, Min Ah, Thehoihoi couple, MGIAG, the kiss in mgiag are nominated in a fanpoll, DRAMABEANS ♥ I am sure you know dramabeans. It's a famous blogspot for korean drama's. I know it's just fanmade but currently MGIAG and their categories are leading, so let's all vote for the fun of it. --> share the link to everyone http://tinyurl.com/voteforhoihoi

Hope seung gi and min ah will win at the sbs awards as best couple, best actor, actress and drama ♥ Btw guysssss hope seung gi will appear in min ah's fanmeet today!

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oh found LSG thread will he push me to visit here..I'm not fully love him in brilliant legacy until this MGIG he perfectly give justice to the role an so min ah as well...

Good luck for the KBS award..I know they will win best couple my instinct will not fail..hehehehe..

I'm voting for Yooh ah in for popularity award.

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Lee Seung-gi nominated for SBS MC Daesang

Looks like puppy’s having a good year. Triple threat singer/actor/MC Lee Seung-gi (My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, Brilliant Legacy) is playing with the big boys now—he’s been nominated for SBS’ MC Daesang, up against veteran heavyweights Kang Ho-dong, Yoo Jae-suk, and Lee Gyung-gyu. There’s not so much a chance in hell that he’ll win, but that’s not the point, as being nominated with these guys is pretty much the highlight for such a relative newbie like him.

I say relative, of course, because compared to these comedians (all three come from the gagman-to-MC camp), 23-year old Lee Seung-gi is just a kid. Lee Gyung-gyu debuted before Seung-gi was even born; Kang Ho-dong debuted in 1988, Yoo Jae-suk shortly after in 1991. But despite his greenness, there’s something about Seung-gi that almost everyone universally acknowledges: what Koreans would call MC-chaejil, meaning he was born to do this.

He has this disarming way of making everybody love him, which isn’t so hard to believe since he’s everything from the Nation’s Little Brother to Korean moms’ number one pick for a son-in-law. He and Kang Ho-dong have fantastic chemistry as an odd couple, on both Strong Heart and KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days, and frankly, theirs is my favorite tv bromance, because it’s real, and completely adorkable.

I think what makes him good is that he’s natural in front of the camera and doesn’t shy away from being himself, which is dorky and funny and naive. But his success as an MC has everything to do with Kang Ho-dong, who isn’t afraid to look bad while making Seung-gi look good. Together they have this great comic timing that makes them click.

I have no doubt that the real battle for the award will be between Kang Ho-dong and Yoo Jae-suk, as they are both at the top of their game and always neck-and-neck for the year-end MC awards. But it’s nice to see Seung-gi coming up in the world.

Lee Seung-gi and Kang Ho-dong (bottom right) are both nominated for Strong Heart (and Kang Ho-dong also for Star King); Yoo Jae-suk (top right) for Running Man; and Lee Gyung-gyu (top left) for Star Junior. The SBS Awards will air December 30.

Via Newsis

Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/12/lee-seung-gi-nominated-for-sbs-mc-daesang/

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