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GSD aka Gundam Seed Destiny

Guest SeEdFrEeDoM

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Guest Golden Zeta Gundam

^ im thinking they'll probably have EAF raging another war for pride again...

after they lost to ZAFT countless times etc , maybe they'll probably steal ZAFTs or ORBs new gundams or somethin..

or make their own..

im just wondering.. what MS/Gundam Shinn will get in the new series?

a new Destiny Gundam? wouldnt mind it again , just paint the blue parts of Destiny Black and call it Phanton Destiny :P

but since Shinn is like Kamille Bidan in Zeta Gundam , i say Shinn should get like a transforming MS/Gundam , like a Zeta Gundam :P , or Andrew Waldfields Marasume

ahh das all from me

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Guest firelogic

lol, I have no doubt that if they have a new show, Shin will be piloting a repaired Destiny, SF for Kira, and IJ for Athrun. Then they'll have to think of a way for all three to get their gundams destroyed. If Shin is part of the team, I doubt they'd give him a brand spankin new Gundam while the other two title characters are left with yesterday's news (even though they're still pretty new...and undamaged:P).

As for the "villain," I'm going with Lacus Clyne who's been orchestrating her ascension in this manner from the very beginning, Kira is betrayed and it's gonna be Yzak screaming, "Freeeeeeeeddooooom!!!!" part deux!

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Guest Golden Zeta Gundam

lolz , well , there could be some ZAFT soldiers wishing to do what Dullindal wanted.. like in Destiny , some Hi-Ginn Maneuvers 2 Pilots said Patrick Zala was the right path to take

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Guest SeEdFrEeDoM

Do they have any news on Eternal series?

there no news on it yet but that a rumor on it:

Source: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34612


GUNDAM SEED DESTINY ETERNITY (Estimated launch Oct 2006)

Director: Mitsuo FUKUDA!!!

Script: Chiaki Morosawa

Character design: Hisashi Hirai


Kei Minato (the star); voice actor not confirmed

Asuran Zala; Akira Ishida

Aishia Selinu; voice actor not confirmed

Leon Vizunado; voice actor not confirmed

Cagari Yura Asuha; Naomi Shindoh

Mwu La Fllaga; Takehito Koyasu

Maryu Ramiasu; Kotono Mitsuishi

Izak Jule; Tomokazu Seki

Deakka Elthman; Akira Sasanuma

Miriaria Hau; Megumi Toyoguchi

Lunamaria Hawk; Maaya Sakamoto

Meyrin Hawk; Fumiko Orikasa

Asutea Rainhato; Souichiro Hoshi

Geren Mageniasu; Kenichi Suzumura

Viru Ryumieru; voice actor not confirmed

Sakura Erusenu; voice actor not confirmed

Orin Girufato; voice actor not confirmed


C.E. 77. 4 years have past unknowingly after Kira Yamato and his companions defeated the ambitions of Gilbert Dullindal. Representative Athuran Zala of the international coalition, [ETERNITY]- an organisation bridging the Naturals and Coordinators and even to various countries in the world - busy fighting against rebel terrorists groups attempting to overthrow the new world order, together with his friend Kira, who fought in the last great war, pasts each and every day working effortlessly for the peace of the world. At that time, a rebel figure, Asutea Rainhato lead a mysterious yet powerful group to annihilate the Naturals, known as [EBIRU MEA] (EVIl MEA?).

To counter this threat, Athrun sent Mwu, Yzak and Deakka to lead the army of Eternity. However, there is a traitor under the control of Asutea Rainhato - Geren Mageniasu, and his subordinates: Viru Ryumieru, Sakura Erusenu, and Orin Girufato. The battle came under control because of the 4 gundams piloted by them.

Amidst these, the ace of Eternity, Kei Minato, piloting [sPLASHER GUNDAM], Aishia Selinu, piloting [GARNET GUNDAM], and Leon Vizunado, piloting [CELSIUS GUNDAM] obstructed his way. The new sword shall begin it's descent.

P.S. it may be true or not, but we could wait for it =D

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^ they should make his Custom Bucue again :P

it's not actually a Bucue, it's a seperate different mobile suit series, similar but more advanced, kinda like Goufs and Zakus. Beside, it required 2 pilots, and considering how Waltfeld only has one real working hand, it's not like he could pilot it. Plus it's a Desert-only mobile suit, useless in outer space, I don't think the rebels and residents back down in the desert would like to see it xP

He's better off with his custom Gaia, at least it can turn into its animal mobile armor form AND back to a Gundam :P

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Guest Golden Zeta Gundam

^ lolz yeah i guess so :P

but damn it looked COol , they should of atleast made a High Grade kit of it..

oh well

Shinn should get Andrews Murasame :P

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Guest SeEdFrEeDoM

what do you guys think of the Final Plus in Destiny?

well i think the anime was pretty awesome and good, i get too see more fighting and more other stuff lol, but anyway what do you guys think of it, bad or good!! =D


just in case anybody hasn't see Final Plus or how it look like? here is the link to it:

Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus (SUB)

p.s. it in a torrent, so just left click on it and dl it =D

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Guest SeEdFrEeDoM

here is another rumor on Gundam Seed 3


on a different forum i don't know where this person got the story for the first three episodes but i don't like how it starts off if it's true...

(init spoiler tags)

Gundam Seed Eternity

Gundam Seed Eternity-Episode 1


Two years have passed ever since the war in Gundam Seed Destiny. Peace have restored till Lacus Clyne the chairwoman of PLANT was assassinated. Chaos then began as it created unrest in the people of PLANT. Kira Yamato was very agitated when he found out that Lacus is dead. He swore to find the murder. And that’s how the war began again with an unknown force planning to take over PLANT. While in Orb, the new main character could be seen learning how to use mobile suits.

Gundam Seed Eternity-Episode 2


Two years have passed ever since the war in Gundam Seed Destiny. Peace has restored. Until Cagalli, the Orb’s representative disappeared into nowhere. Someone mysterious then took over her role and started to wage war with the other countries. What has happened to Cagalli and now that this person took over the role, what’ll happen to Orb?

Gundam Seed Eternity-Episode 3


The Earth Alliance has returned with main character, Kei Minato and starts to attack the other countries. Both Orb and PLANT tries to stop it from invading but fails too. Kira Yamato had no choice but to go to war once again but this time, with Shinn Asuka and Athrun Zala. They finally defeat the Earth Alliance but as an unknown force approaches them, what’ll happen to Kei Minato who is part of it?

(tags off)

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Lacus and Cagalli both disappear at the intro?

Probably not going to be that popular due to that (as if it were that popular to start with due to GSD. Reviews on GSD were bad -_-).

Would totally turn-off a few people if they added in the assassination scene.

Haha, kind of strange though, the 1st episode you see the new main character learning how to pilot, but later on he becomes pro :lol:

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Guest Golden Zeta Gundam

sounds like my idea for my Gundam SeeD Series

take away the 2 largest leaders of the Universe and make em rage war...

ahhh lololol

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Guest SeEdFrEeDoM

Rumor on GS3

Purported to belong to SEED-III.

In reality, fanart. Just check the name under the titles.



It already appeared way long before the end of Destiny and it was mentioned at some forum with the rumor that it'd be featured in SEED-III. On top of that, 'Freedom Burst' is the name of the early ZGMF-X10A Freedom concept, which freedomburst9up.jpg can be seen here The pics above seems like a bad rip of ZZ, Zeta and Sentinel (Ex-S and other Zeta Gundams rip-offs), although the transforming Freedom was a nice touch.

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