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‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Surpasses 1 Million Viewers In Just 4 Days

by krishkim

Credit: CJ Entertainment



The movie Deliver Us From Evil has surpassed 1 million viewers in just 4 days.

According to the Korea Film Council, Deliver Us From Evil has exceeded 1 million viewers as of 8:00 a.m. on August 8 KST.

The movie has amassed over 1,078,000 moviegoers since its release on August 5, putting it on par with Peninsula and New World (movie starring Hwang Jung Min & Lee Jung Jae).

So far, Peninsula and Deliver Us From Evil has surpassed 1 million viewers in 4 days while Steel Rain 2: Summit attracted 1 million moviegoers in 5 days, showing the “revival” of movie theaters.

Credit: CJ Entertainment

In commemoration, actors Lee Jung Jae and Park Jung Min posed for a celebratory photo with director Hong Won Chan and cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo while holding up placards that read, “To the 1 million moviegoers who watched Deliver Us from Evil, we love you.”


Hwang Jung Min, who is currently filming a new movie in Jordan, also shared a photo of himself with the message, “Thank you for 1 million.”

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Deliver Us from Evil is a hard-boiled chase action that depicts the desperate pursuit and struggle of In Nam (Hwang Jung Min), who gets caught up in a new case because of his final contract killing mission, and Ray (Lee Jung Jae), his ruthless pursuer.


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Source: CINE21 NO.1072 2016-09-20 ~ 2016-09-27

https://zapzee.net/2020/07/29/deliver-us-from-evil-hwang-jung-min-says-he-wanted-to-make-a-movie-that-audience-could-enjoy/ ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Hwang Jung Min Says He Wanted to Make a Movie that Au

Actor Lee Jung-jae sent actor Hwang Jung-min a coffee truck to the filming location of drama “HUSH”.    

DELIVER US FROM EVIL Scores New Opening Record in COVID-19 Era

by Pierce Conran | Aug 10, 2020

Korean Films in Control as Industry Gets Back on Track

This past weekend delivered with it the most promising box office news yet during the COVID-19 Pandemic, as business shot up over 68% week-on-week. Overall, 1.81 million tickets were snatched up during the Friday to Sunday period, which represented a 36% increase over the previous record of the health crisis, set in mid-July during the opening of Peninsula. Local films dominated the charts, claiming a staggering 94% of all sales.


Coming in at a resounding first place with a 78% market share was the latest summer blockbuster, CJ Entertainment’s noir action-thriller DELIVER US FROM EVIL, starring box office magnet HWANG Jung-min and LEE Jung-jae. The film surpassed Peninsula to score the best opening yet during the pandemic, with an impressive 1.39 million seats (USD 10.55 million) filled over the weekend and 2.03 million sales (USD 14.97 million) recorded since its Wednesday debut. Audience ratings are for the moment significantly higher than the season’s previous offerings, which bodes well for the film’s late summer legs.

Less well received was last week’s Steel Rain2: Summit, which crashed a hefty 69% in its sophomore weekend. With another 204,000 entries (USD 1.48 million) counted, the geopolitical action-drama has now accrued 1.54 million admissions (USD 10.7 million).

Still hanging around in its fourth week, though it was down 67%, was the post-apocalyptic action film Peninsula, with added 100,000 viewers (USD 745,000). The TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) sequel has now reached a total of 3.69 million spectators (USD 26.97 million).

Opening in fourth place was the American animation Animal Crackers, which debuted with 53,000 entries (USD 362,000) over the weekend and recorded 67,000 admissions (USD 515,000) over its first five days.

Closing out the top five was the third week of the rerelease of Aladdin, which was down 50%, selling 14,000 tickets (USD 92,000). The Disney hit’s lifetime total in Korea now stands at 12.71 million admissions.

While DELIVER US FROM EVIL is poised to do more strong business in the coming week, it will also have to contend with the new local offering OK! Madam with UHM Jeong-hwa. The first comedy to appear during the health crisis, it may well offer viewers some respite from the barrage of bad news and bad weather this summer.




Images: https://twitter.com/cjenmmovie/



[Box Office - Daily] DELIVER US FROM EVIL

Day / Daily Admission (people) / Total Admission (people) / Daily Rank
Prior to opening: 5,134 [5,134]
Wed 2020-08-05: 344,916 [350,050] (#1)
Thu 2020-08-06: 285,470 [635,520]
Fri 2020-08-07: 318,272 [953,792]
Sat 2020-08-08: 565,757 [1,519,549]
Sun 2020-08-09: 505,491 [2,025,040]
Mon 2020-08-10: 203,367 [2,228,380]
Tue 2020-08-11: 182,009 [2,410,389]

Wed 2020-08-12: 152,499 [2,562,888]

Thu 2020-08-13: 138,804 [2,701,692]
Fri 2020-08-14: 212,996 [2,914,688]

Sat 2020-08-15: 329,653 [3,244,338]
Sun 2020-08-16: 298,794 [3,543,132]
Mon 2020-08-17: 192,942 [3,736,074]
Tue 2020-08-18: 74,858 [3,810,932]
Wed 2020-08-19: 63,898 [3,874,830]
Thu 2020-08-20: 49,718 [3,924,548]
Fri 2020-08-21: 49,518 [3,974,066]
Sat 2020-08-22: 70,149 [4,044,215]

Sun 2020-08-23: 61,866 [4,106,074]
Mon 2020–8-24: 30,408 [4,136,482]
Tue 2020-08-25: 26,421 [4,162,903]
Wed 2020-08-26: 19,486 [4,182,389] (#2)
Thu 2020-08-27: 14,422 [4,196,811]
Fri 2020-08-28: 14,048 [4,210,859]
Sat 2020-08-29: 20,490 [4,231,349]
Sun 2020-08-30: 18,784 [4,250,133]
Mon 2020-08-31: 10,652 [4,260,785]
Tue 2020-09-01: 8,671 [4,269,456]


Source: http://www.kobis.or.kr/


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Behind-the-Scenes Stories of Movie ‘Deliver Us From Evil’

by krishkim | ImagesCredit: CJ Entertainment



Deliver Us From Evil continues to sweep theaters in the second week of its release. Especially, the powerful action scenes in Deliver Us From Evil, which were not seen in Korean films before, are considered to be the reason for its success. The new style that excited the audience was created by adhering to realistic filming methods ranging from location to action. We will look at the hidden efforts of the actors and staff.



100% Location Filming!




Deliver Us From Evil was filmed in various locations, including Korea, Japan, and Thailand, without building a filming site. Even the parts the needed filming Korea were done in actual locations, not filming sites, and the elevator scene featuring Hwang Jung Min’s action sequences was also filmed with the actual place. Cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo said, “It’s usually shot in a spacious filming studio, but for Deliver Us From Evil, I personally held the camera and filmed the scene inside the elevator. It wasn’t easy, but when we break through such limitations, we can convey a realistic feeling to the audience,” explaining why the project was conducted in a narrow space.



Actors’ Passionate Performances




In Deliver Us From Evil, actors digested tough action sequences themselves. In fact, after several safety checks and rehearsals, Hwang Jung Min performed many advanced action scenes, including climbing down the building or throwing his body into a car window. Lee Jung Jae also did various gun action scenes, which the actors themselves requested. Hwang Jung Min also did the car-chasing scenes shown in the second half of the movie personally. Cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo said, “We originally planned on taking close-up shots of the actor then film a moving car and the stunt with a high-speed camera. But Hwang Jung Min said he would do it himself, so he proceeded without the stunt. Though it was a difficult job to film inside a car, he even asked for a re-take for better expressions. Looking at the result, the scene came more alive,” emphasizing the actors’ efforts.



Realistic Filming that Captures the Scene



Deliver Us From Evil minimized the visual effects and captured the scene to maximize the realism of the film that the production team wanted to pursue. The gunfight scene at Lan Yao Village, also considered the highlight of the movie, was full of efforts to make it as realistic as possible. In addition to thorough preparation by local gun experts and staff, the gunfighting scene, which was conducted through proper safety management, was shot by firing actual bullets. Thanks to this, the scene included real guns, real sparks, and real bullets. Also, the scene that shows a magnificent red sky in Korea was filmed after Hong Kyung Pyo successfully captured the scene after a long wait.

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'Deliver Us from Evil' soars at local box office

By Lee Gyu-lee | 2020-08-13

The crime-action film "Deliver Us from Evil" topped the local box office after its release on Aug. 5. Courtesy of CJ ENM



The crime-action film "Deliver Us from Evil" has topped the local box office for a week since it hit theaters on Aug. 5. 

The film, which opened with 2.9 billion won ($2.4 million) in ticket sales, has sold about 2.6 million tickets as of Wednesday, grossing 22.2 billion won ($18.8 million).

A poster for the movie. / Courtesy of CJ ENM


The hard-boiled action thriller, directed by Hong Won-chan, whose work includes the thriller "Office," revolves around hitman In-nam ― played by Hwang Jung-min ― who is about to retire.

But before he can carry out his last hit, he learns that he has a nine-year-old daughter and she has been kidnapped in Thailand. 

Searching for his daughter in Bangkok, he gets pursued by contract killer Ray ― played by Lee Jung-jae ― who is seeking revenge on In-nam for killing his brother. 

The palm-sweating action ― car chases, gunfights and hand-to-hand combat ― develops as the hitman and the contract killer play a cat-and-mouse game. 

This is the second action flick that veteran actors Hwang and Lee have worked in together, after the mafia saga "New World" in 2013.

Noting that Hwang influenced him to take the role, Lee said during a recent interview that they "wanted to top their performance from 'New World' with this film." 

And as he said, the two show incredible chemistry through the edge-of-the-seat action scenes. 



A poster for the comedy-action film "Okay! Madam."/ Courtesy of Planit


Meanwhile, comedy-action film "Okay! Madam" landed in second spot on the box office chart on its opening day, Wednesday. 

The film had over 111,000 ticket sales on the day, collecting 919 million won ($776,000). 

The flight-hijacking comedy, directed by Lee Cheol-ha, follows a married couple ― played by Uhm Jung-hwa and Park Sung-woong ― on a free trip to Hawaii. 

A supposed to be a refreshing getaway becomes a nightmare when a terrorist group hijacks the aircraft and holds the passengers hostage. The couple then take up the fight against the terrorists to save fellow passengers. 

As "Okay! Madam" took second place at the box office, action blockbuster "Steel Rain 2: Summit" slipped to third with about 18,000 ticket sales on Wednesday. 

The film, which topped the chart for a week after premiering on July 29, has sold about 1.6 million tickets, grossing 13.3 billion won ($11.2 million).

The standalone sequel to the 2017 action film "Steel Rain" is about the leaders of North Korea, South Korea and the U.S. being kidnapped amid a three-way summit to sign a peace treaty of the Koreas.

Directed by the series' filmmaker Yang Woo-suk, the movie stars Jung Woo-sung as the South Korean leader, Yoo Yeon-seok as the North Korean leader and Angus MacFadyen as the U.S. president.

The 15.4 billion won-budget film was highly anticipated before its release because of its unique concept of kidnapped leaders in a coup and undersea thriller in a submarine. However, it seems that the film has fallen short of meeting the success many expected.


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S. Korean crime thriller sold to 56 overseas markets

SEOUL, Aug. 14 (Yonhap) -- The South Korean crime thriller "Deliver Us From Evil" has been sold to more than 50 overseas markets, according to its distributor on Friday.

The film, which has topped the local box office since its release on Aug. 5, was sold to 56 countries and territories, including the United States, Germany, Taiwan and Hong Kong, according to CJ Entertainment.

With the movie hitting Taiwanese screens this Wednesday, the distributor said it is in talks with its counterparts to fix the release date in each country.

Starring Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae, the crime action film has attracted 2.7 million moviegoers in South Korea as of Thursday, with a total revenue of 23.4 billion won (US$19.7 million).


Directed by Hong Won-chan, the film follows the story of an assassin, played by Hwang, who becomes embroiled in unexpected incidents as a mysterious killer, played by Lee, pursues him to avenge his dead brother.

A poster of "Deliver Us From Evil" by CJ Entertainment (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


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On 8/9/2020 at 3:18 PM, Helena said:

[Box Office - Daily] DELIVER US FROM EVIL
Day / Daily Admission (people) / Total Admission (people) / Daily Rank
Sat 2020-08-15: 329,653 [3,244,343]
Source: http://www.kobis.or.kr/

‘Delivered Us from Evil’ surpassed 3 million viewers on the 11th day.










Hwang Jung-min’s Movies (Ranked by Admissions)
Opening Date / Title / Role / Total Admissions (people) [Source: Kobis]
2014-12-17 ‘Ode to My Father 국제시장’ as Yoon Duk-soo 윤덕수 [14,257,115] // Yoon Jae-kyun
2015-08-05 ‘The Veteran 베테랑’ as Seo Do-cheol 서도철 [13,414,009] // Ryoo Seung-wan
2016-02-03 ‘A Violent Prosecutor 검사외전’ as Byun Jae-wook 변재욱 [9,707,158] // Lee Il-hyung
2015-12-16 ‘The Himalayas 히말라야’ as Um Hong-gil 엄홍길 [7,759,473] // Lee Seok-hoon 
2016-05-12 ‘The Wailing 곡성’ as Il-gwang 일광 [6,879,908] // Na Hong-jin 
2017-07-26 ‘The Battleship Island 군함도’ as Lee Kang-ok 이강옥 [6,592,151] // Ryoo Seung-wan
1999-02-13 ‘Swiri 쉬리’ [5,820,000] // Kang Je-kyu
2018-08-08 ‘The Spy Gone North 공작’ as Black Venus 흑금성 / Park Seok-young 박석영 [4,974,512] // Yoon Jong-bin 
2013-02-21 ‘New World 신세계’ as Jung Chung 정청 [4,682,492] // Park Hoon-jung

2020-08-05 ‘Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서’ as In-nam 인남 [4,269,456] // Hong Won-chan
2012-01-18 ‘Dancing Queen 댄싱퀸’ as Hwang Jung-min 황정민 [4,057,546] // Lee Seok-hoon
2019-03-20 ‘Money 돈’ (voice cameo) [3,389,035]
2005-09-23 ‘You’re My Sunshine! 너는 내 운명’ as Kim Seok-joong 김석중 [3,051,134] // Park Jin-pyo
2010-10-28 ‘The Unjust 부당거래’ as Choi Chul-gi 최철기 [2,766,436] // Ryoo Seung-wan
2016-09-28 ‘Asura : The City of Madness 아수라’ as Park Sung-bae 박성배 [2,594,028] // Kim Sung-soo 
2005-10-07 ‘All for Love 내 생애 가장 아름다운 일주일’ as Na Doo-chul 나두철 [2,533,103] // Min Kyu-dong
2006-04-27 ‘Bloody Tie 사생결단’ as Corporal Do [2,104,716]
2014-01-22 ‘Man in Love 남자가 사랑할 때’ as Han Tae-il 한태일 [1,979,311] // Han Dong-wook
2009-04-02 ‘Private Eye 그림자 살인’ as Hong Jin-ho 홍진호 [1,914,779] // Park Dae-min
2003-08-14 ‘A Good Lawyer’s Wife 바람난 가족’ as Joo Young-jak 주영작 [1,748,258] // Im Sang-soo 
2013-04-10 ‘Fists of Legend 전설의 주먹’ as Im Deok-kyu 임덕규 [1,744,585] // Kang Woo-suk
2011-01-27 ‘Battlefield Heroes 평양성‘ as King Munmu 문무왕 (cameo) [1,717,566] // Lee Joon-ik
2007-06-21 ‘Black House 검은집’ as Jeon Joon-oh 전준오 [1,408,882]
2010-04-28 ‘Blades of Blood 구르믈 버서난 달처럼’ as Hwang Jung-hak 황정학 [1,407,681] // Lee Joon-ik
2005-04-01 ‘A Bittersweet Life 달콤한 인생’ as President Baek (special appearance) [1,271,595] // Kim Jee-woon 
2007-10-03 ‘Happiness 행복’ as Young-soon 영수 [1,239,789] // Hur Jin-ho
2005-07-15 ‘Heaven’s Soldiers 천군’ as Park Jung-woo 박정우 [1,232,992]
2002-10-02 ‘YMCA Baseball Team | YMCA 야구단’ as Ryu Kwang-tae 류광태 [560,000 (Seoul)]
2008-01-31 ‘A Man Who was Superman 슈퍼맨이었던 사나이’ as Superman [559,705]
2009-07-09 ‘Five Senses of Eros 오감도: In My End is My Beginning’ as Min Jae-in 민재인 (omnibus feature) [443,462] 
2011-06-09 ‘Moby D 모비딕‘ as Lee Bang-woo 이방우 [430,936]
2007-11-29 ‘My 11th Mother 열한번째’ as Baek-jung 백중 (supporting) [337,700]
2004-04-01 ‘The Wolf Returns 마지막 늑대’ as Go Jung-shik 고정식 [158,727]
2001-10-26 ‘Waikiki Brothers 와이키키 브라더스’ as Kang Soo 강수 [88,214 (Seoul)] // Yim Soon-rye 
2005-03-10 ‘This Charming Girl | 여자, 정혜’ as Writer [43,457] // Lee Yoon-ki 

2013-04-04 ‘In My End is My Beginning 끝과 시작’ as Min Jae-in 민재인 (omnibus Five Senses of Eros) [38,809] // Min Kyu-dong
2002-10-17 ‘Road Movie 로드무비’ as Dae-shik 대식 [16,039 (Seoul)]
2005-03-11 ‘Twentidentity 이공’ (Digital Short Film Omnibus Project)
2001 ‘The She 그녀’ (short)
1990-06-09 ‘General's Son 장군의 아들’ (minor appearance) // Im Kwon-taek


Lee Jung-jae’s Movies (Ranked by Admissions)
Opening Date / Title / Role / Total Admissions (people) [Source: Kobis]
2017-12-20: ‘Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds | 신과함께-죄와 벌’ as 단역-염라대왕 [14,410,754] // Kim Yong-hwa 
2012-07-25: ‘The Thieves 도둑들’ as 뽀빠이 [12,983,330] // Choi Dong-hoon 
2015-07-22: ‘Assassination 암살’ as 염석진 [12,705,700] // Choi Dong-hoon 
2018-08-01: ‘Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days 신과함께-인과 연’ [12,274,996] // Kim Yong-hwa 
2013-09-11: ‘The Face Reader 관상’ as 수양대군 [9,134,586] // Han Jae-rim
2016-07-27: ‘Operation Chromite 인천상륙작전’ as 장학수 [7,049,643] // John H Lee
2016: ‘Operation Chromite: Extended Edition 인천상륙작전 : 익스텐디드 에디션(확장판)’ [27,070]
2013-02-21’: New World 신세계’ as 이자성 [4,682,492] // Park Hoon-jung

2020-08-05: ‘Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서’ as Ray 레이 [4,269,456] 

2005-12-14: ‘Typhoon 태풍’ [4,094,395] // Kwak Kyung-taek

2003-09-04: ‘Oh! Brothers | 오! 브라더스’’ [3,148,748] // Kim Yong-hwa
2019-02-20: ‘SVAHA : THE SIXTH FINGER 사바하’ [2,398,519] // Jang Jae-hyun
2010-05-13: ‘The Housemaid 하녀’ as 주인남자, 훈 [2,304,487] // Im Sang-soo 
2014-11-27: ‘Big Match 빅매치’ as 최익호 [1,177,438] // Choi Ho 
2017-05-31: ‘WARRIORS OF THE DAWN 대립군’ [837,500] // Chung Yoon-chul 
2001-03-24: ‘Last Present 선물’ as 용기 [479,679 (Seoul)] // Oh Ki-hwan
2001-11-15: ‘The Last Witness 흑수선’ [409,399 (Seoul)]
1999-01-01: ‘City of The Rising Sun 태양은 없다’ as 홍기 [329,778 (Seoul)] // Kim Sung-soo 
1998-10-03: ‘An Affair 정사’ as 우인 [304,666 (Seoul)] // E J-yong
2008-12-03: ‘The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan | 1724 기방난동사건’ [286,657]
2000-09-09: ‘Il Mare 시월애’ as 성현 [248,597 (Seoul)] // Lee Hyeon-seung
2002-05-16: ‘Over The Rainbow 오버 더 레인보우’ [240,110 (Seoul)]
2000-04-01: ‘Interview 인터뷰’ as 은석 [157,431 (Seoul)] // Byun Daniel H
2019-02-27: ‘Trade Your Love 어쩌다, 결혼’ as 변호사 (cameo) [76,746]
1994-12-17: ‘The Young Man 젊은 남자’ [72,347 (Seoul)]
1999-06-26: ‘The Uprising 이재수의 난’ as 이재수 [56,913 (Seoul)]
2000-12-09: ‘Asako In Ruby Shoes 순애보’ as 우인 [46,148 (Seoul)] // E J-yong
1997-02-01: ‘Fire Bird 불새’ [22,970 (Seoul)]
1997-04-26: ‘Father Vs. Son 박대박’ [21,741 (Seoul)]
1996-07-13: ‘Albatross 알바트로스’ [9,714 (Seoul)]
2016: ‘Tik Tok 대역전 | 惊天大逆转’ as 강승준 {CN}
2000: ‘MOB 2025 | MOB 2025 1편 : 전운’ (short)


NOTE: only Seoul admissions were available for older movies.

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DELIVER US FROM EVIL Stays in 1st as OK! MADAM Opens Well


by Pierce Conran | Aug 18, 2020


Box Office Grows but May Reverse Course amid New COVID-19 Fears


With another major local release finding favor with audiences, the Korean box office remained relatively strong in mid-August, with 1.68 million tickets, down just 7% from last week’s COVID-19 Era high. With the top four slots all occupied by local releases, the Korean market share remained overwhelmingly dominant, standing at 92.5%. However, that figure may change dramatically over the coming two weeks, if the current release calendar holds. 


After its impressive debut, the action hit DELIVER US FROM EVIL recorded the lowest sophomore drop for a major release since the beginning of the crisis, slowing just 39%. This gave the HWANG Jung-min and LEE Jung-jae vehicle 842,000 viewers (USD 6.75 million) over the weekend, pushing its total to a sterling 3.54 million admissions (USD 26.5 million) to date, which puts the film over its breakeven point.


No slouch during its opening was OK! Madam with UHM Jeong-hwa, the first comedy of the season which recorded 574,000 entries (USD 4.57 million) during the weekend, with 779,000 sales (USD 5.95 million) clinched since its Wednesday bow. With a decent reaction from audiences, the picture may have a life in its tank, provided the recent surge in COVID-19 cases doesn’t incite a downturn in theatrical attendance once again.


In its third week, the action-drama Steel Rain2: Summit was down 57%, with another 88,000 spectators (USD 619,000) counted, pushing its total to 1.72 million admissions (USD 11.92 million).


Peninsula took fourth place during its fifth weekend on the charts, during which it too was down 57%. The TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) filled another 43,000 seats (USD 332,000), raising its total to 3.78 million entries (USD 27.65 million).


Claiming fifth place was the Ukrainian animation The Stolen Princess, which sold 30,000 over the weekend (USD 214,000), with a total of 40,000 sales (USD 279,000) recorded over its first five days.


Korean theaters were due to welcome another action-comedy this week in the form of The Golden Holiday led by KWAK Do-won, but on Sunday, distributor Showbox announced that it was indefinitely delaying the film, just three days ahead of its opening, owing to the rise in COVID-19 cases.


As a result, it is unclear how distributors for other imminent releases will respond, but as things stand, DELIVER US FROM EVIL and OK! Madam will be vying for the top spot once more, while Christopher NOLAN’s highly anticipated Tenet, the first major Hollywood release since earlier this year, is due to have preview screenings this coming Saturday and Sunday.




'Deliver Us From Evil' breaks even after 12 days

SEOUL, Aug. 17 (Yonhap) -- The South Korean thriller "Deliver Us From Evil" has reached its break-even point in 12 days despite the new coronavirus pandemic that has hampered local cinemas.

Some 841,000 people watched the film between Aug. 14 and 16 alone, raising the total number of viewers to 3.54 million, according to the data by the Korean Film Council. The film's break-even point is 3.5 million.

In addition to reaching its break-even point, the crime action film is set to outpace summer blockbusters that hit theaters earlier, such as zombie blockbuster "Peninsula" that has attracted 3.78 million since its release on July 15.

Starring Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae and directed by Hong Won-chan, the film follows the story of an assassin, played by Hwang, who finds himself mired in unexpected incidents as a mysterious killer, played by Lee, pursues him to avenge his dead brother.

This image, provided by CJ Entertainment, shows a scene from the crime thriller "Deliver Us From Evil." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

This image, provided by CJ Entertainment, shows a promotional poster for the crime thriller "Deliver Us From Evil." (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


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THE SCREEN 2019-12-31

2009-2019 K-Movie Actor Box Office Power Top 50

Source:  Calculation | 1 | 2-10 | 11-20 | 41-50


1. “Korean Movie Actor Box-Office Power 50” special feature:  data from 2009 to 2019 in <The Screen>
2. Box-office performance (nationwide audience admission) of 50 most popular Korean films by year among films released (in Korean theaters) from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2019. 

3. Box-office Score: Based on percentage & weight (not sum of audience numbers)

- main vs supporting roles: supporting actors (multiplied by a weight of 0.5)
- “ensemble movie” (multiplied by a weight of 0.5 on lead actor)


1.  Ha Jung-woo - 112.312
Works: <Madeleine>(2002) <She's on Duty>(2005) <The Unforgiven>(2005) <TIME>(2006) <The Fox Family>(2006) <Breath>(2007) <Never Forever>(2007) <The Chaser>(2008) <The Moonlight of Seoul>(2008) <My Dear Enemy>(2008) <Like You Know It All>(2009) <Boat>(2009) <Take Off>(2009) <The Yellow Sea>(2010) <The Client>(2011) <Nameless Gangster : Rules of Time>(2012) <Love Fiction>(2012) <Project 577>(2012) <The Berlin File>(2013) <The Terror Live>(2013) <KUNDO: Age of the Rampant>(2014) <Chronicle of a Blood Merchant>(2015) <Assassination>(2015) <The Handmaiden>(2016), <Tunnel>(2016), <Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds>(2017) <1987: When the Day Comes>(2017) <Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days>(2018), <Take Point>(2018) <Ashfall>(2019)
2. Hwang Jung-min - 96.440
Works: <Waikiki Brothers>(2001) <Road Movie>(2002) <A Good Lawyer's Wife>(2003) <This Charming Girl>(2004) <You’re My Sunshine!>(2005) <Bloody Tie>(2006) <Black House>(2007) <Private Eye>(2009) <The Unjust>(2010) <New World>(2012) <Man in Love>(2013) <Ode to My Father>(2014) <Veteran>(2015) <A Violent Prosecutor>(2015) <THE WAILING>(2016) <Asura : The City of Madness>(2016) <The Battleship Island>(2017) <The Spy Gone North>(2018)



3. Song Kang-ho - 87.937
Works:  <The day a pig fell into the well>(1996) <Green Fish>(1997) <No. 3>(1997) <The Quiet Family>(1998) <Shiri>(1999) <The Foul King>(2000) <JSA>(2000) <Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance>(2002) <YMCA Baseball Team>(2002) <Memories of Murder>(2003) <The President’s Barber>(2004) <ANTARCTIC JOURNAL>(2005) <The Host>(2006) <The Show Must Go On>(2007) <Secret Sunshine>(2007) <The Good, The Bad, The Weird>(2008) <Thirst>(2009), <Secret Reunion>(2010) <Hindsight>(2011) <HOWLING>(2012) <Snowpiercer>(2013) <The Face Reader>(2013) <The Attorney>(2013) <The Throne>(2014) <The Age of Shadows>(2016) <A Taxi Driver>(2017) <THE DRUG KING>(2018) <PARASITE>(2019) <THE KING’S LETTERS>(2019)

4. Ryu Seung-ryong- 76.863

Works: <Righteous Ties>(2006), <Possessed>(2009), <Secret>(2009) <The Quiz Show Scandal>(2010) <The Recipe>(2010) <Battlefield Heroes>(2011) <Children...>(2011) <The Front Line>(2011) <War of the Arrows>(2011) <All About My Wife>(2012) <Masquerade>(2012) <Miracle in Cell No.7>(2013) <The Target>(2014) <Roaring Currents>(2014> <The Piper>(2015) <The Sound of a Flower>(2015) <Psychokinesis>(2018) <Seven Years Night>(2018) <Extreme Job>(2019)

5. Yoo Hae-jin - 72.096

Works: <Kick the Moon>(2001) <Musa>(2001) <Public Enemy>(2002) <Break Out>(2002) <Jail Breakers>(2002) <The Coast Guard>(2002) <Ice Rain>(2003) <Hi, Dharma 2 : Showdown in Seoul>(2004) <Blood Rain>(2005) <The King and the Clown>(2005) <South of the Border> (2006) <Tazza>(2006) <Small Town Rivals>(2007) <Mission Possible: Kidnapping Granny K>(2007) <Truck>(2007) <Public Enemy Returns>(2008) <Woochi>(2009) <Moss>(2010) <Desire to Kill>(2010) <The Unjust>(2010) <In Love And the War>(2011) <Mama>(2011) <Miss Conspirator>(2012) <The Spies>(2012) <The Flu>(2013) <Minority Opinion>(2013) <Obsessed>(2014) <The Pirates>(2014) <Tazza-The Hidden Card>(2014) <The Classified File>(2015) <Veteran>(2015) <FATAL INTUITION>(2015) <LUCK-KEY>(2016) <Confidential Assignment>(2017> <A Taxi Driver>(2017) <1987: When the Day Comes>(2017) <LOVE+SLING>(2018) <Intimate Strangers>(2018) <MAL·MO·E: The Secret Mission>(2019) <The Battle: Roar to Victory>(2019)

6. Lee Jung-jae - 68.869
Works: <An Affair>(1998) <City of the Rising Sun>(1999) <Il Mare>(2000) <Last Present>(2001) <The Last Witness>(2001) <Oh! Brothers>(2003) <Typhoon>(2005) <The Housemaid>(2010) <The Thieves>(2012) <New World>(2013) <The Face Reader>(2013) <Big Match>(2014) <Assassination>(2015) <Operation Chromite>(2016) <WARRIORS OF THE DAWN>(2017) <Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds>(2017) <Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days>(2018) <Svaha: The Sixth Finger>(2019)
7. Oh Dal-soo - 62.542 
Works: <Old Boy>(2003) <The Wolf Returns>(2004) <The President’s Barber>(2004) <Sympathy for Lady Vengeance>(2005) <Forbidden Quest>(2006) <A Bloody Aria>(2006) <Three Fellas>(2006) <Once in a Summer>(2006) <The Show Must Go On>(2007) <The Good, The Bad, The Weird>(2008) <Private Eye>(2009) <Thirst>(2009) <The Servant>(2010) <Troubleshooter>(2010) <Foxy Festival>(2010) <Detective K : Secret of Virtuous Widow>(2011) <Hindsight>(2011) <The Thieves>(2012) <Miracle in Cell No.7>(2012) <My Paparotti>(2012) <The Attorney>(2013) <Ode to My Father>(2014) <Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island>(2014) <Assassination>(2015) <Veteran>(2015) <Tunnel>(2016) <RUN OFF>(2016) <Master>(2016) <MEMOIR OF A MURDERER>(2016) <Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds>(2017) <Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead>(2017)
8. Kim Yoon-seok - 62.532

Works: <The Big Swindle>(2004) <Tazza>(2007) <The Chaser>(2008) <Running Turtle>(2009) <Woochi>(2009) <The Yellow Sea>(2010) <Punch>(2011) <The Thieves>(2012) <Tazza-The Hidden Card>(2014) <The Classified File>(2015) <The Priests>(2015) <1987: When the Day Comes>(2017) <Dark Figure of Crime>(2018)
9. Kang Dong-won - 58.922

Works: <Don't Believe Her>(2004) <Romance of Their Own>(2004) <Duelist>(2005) <Maundy Thursday>(2006) <M>(2007) <Woochi>(2009) <Secret Reunion>(2010) <Haunters>(2010) <KUNDO: Age of the Rampant>(2014) <My Brilliant Life>(2014) <The Priests>(2015) <A Violent Prosecutor>(2016) <Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned>(2016) <Master>(2016) <1987: When the Day Comes>(2017) <Golden Slumber>(2018) <ILLANG : THE WOLF BRIGADE>(2018)

10. Ma Dong-seok - 52.028
Works: <The Moonlight of Seoul>(2007) <The Good, The Bad, The Weird>(2008) <The Unjust>(2010) <Quick>(2011) <Nameless Gangster : Rules of the Time>(2011) <The Neighbor>(2012) <KUNDO: Age of the Rampant>(2014) <GOODBYE SINGLE>(2016) <THE OUTLAWS>(2017) <Champion>(2018) <Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days>(2018) <The Villagers>(2018) <Unstoppable>(2018) <The Gangster, The Cop, The Devi>(2019) <THE BAD GUYS: REIGN OF CHAOS>(2019) <START-UP>(2019) <Ashfall>(2019)

11. Lee Byung-hun - 50.437
Works: <The Harmonium in My Memory>(1999) <JSA>(2000) <Bungee Jumping of Their Own>(2001) <Addicted>(2002) <Everybody has Secrets>(2004) <Three, Monster>(2004) <A Bittersweet Life>(2005) <Once in a Summer>(2006) <The Good, The Bad, The Weird>(2008) <I Saw the Devil>(2010) <Masquerade>(2012) <Memories of the Sword>(2015) <Inside Men>(2015) <Master>(2016) <A Single Rider>(2017) <The Fortress>(2017) <Keys to the Heart>(2018) <Ashfall>(2019)

12. Seol Kyung-gu - 45.328
Works: <Peppermint Candy>(2000) <Public Enemy>(2002) <Oasis>(2002) <Jail Breaker>(2002) <Silmido>(2003) <Cruel Winter Blues>(2006) <Voice of a Murderer>(2007) <Public Enemy Returns>(2008) <Haeundae>(2009) <Troubleshooter>(2010) <Cold Eyes>(2013) <The Spy>(2013) <Hope>(2013) <The Merciless>(2017) <MEMOIR OF A MURDERER>(2017) <Idol>(2019) <Birthday>(2019) <Man of Men>(2019)
13. Joo Ji-hoon - 43.538
Works: <Antique>(2008) <Kitchen>(2009) <I am the King>(2012) <A Night Before the Wedding>(2013) <Confession>(2014) <The Treacherous>(2015) <Asura : The City of Madness>(2016) <Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds>(2017) <Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days>(2018) <The Spy Gone North>(2018) <Dark Figure of Crime>(2018)
14. Choi Min-shik - 38.089
Works: <No. 3>(1997) <The Quiet Family>(1998) <Shiri>(1999) <Happy End>(1999) <Failan>(2001) <Chihwaseon>(2002) <Old Boy>(2003) <Crying Fist>(2005) <Sympathy for Lady Vengeance>(2005) <I Saw the Devil>(2010) <Nameless Gangster : Rules of the Time>(2012) <New World>(2013) <Roaring Currents>(2014) <The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale:>(2015) <The Mayor>(2017) <Heart Blackened>(2017) <Forbidden Dream>(2019)
15. Jo Jin-woong - 35.936
Works: <GLOVE>(2011), <The Front Line>(2011), <Perfect Game>(2011), <Nameless Gangster : Rules of Time>(2012), <My Paparotti>(2013), <Hwayi: A Monster Boy>(2013), <A Hard Day>(2014), <KUNDO: Age of the Rampant>(2014), <Roaring Currents>(2014), <We are Brothers>(2014), <Salut D’Amour>(2015), <Assassination>(2015), <Handmaiden>(2016), <The Hunt>(2016), <The Sheriff in Town>(2017), <Bluebeard>(2017), <MAN OF WILL>(2017), <Believer>(2018), <The Spy Gone North>(2018), <Intimate Strangers>(2018), <Man of Men>(2019), <Jesters: The Game Changers>(2019), <BLACK MONEY>(2019)
16. Yoo Ah-in - 35.735
Works: <Boys of Tomorrow>(2007) <Skeletons in the Closet>(2007) <Punch>(2011) <Tough as Iron>(2013) <Thread of Lies>(2014) <Veteran>(2015) <The Throne>(2015) <Burning>(2018) <Default>(2018)
17. Gong Yoo - 35.418

Works: <A Spy Girl>(2004) <S Diary>(2004) <She's on Duty>(2005) <Finding Mr.Destiny>(2010) <Silenced>(2011) <The Suspect>(2013) <A Man and A Woman>(2016) <Train to Busan>(2016) <The Age of Shadows>(2016) <KIM JI-YOUNG, BORN 1982>(2019)

18. Kim Hyang-gi - 34.879
Works: <Heart is…>(2006) <Private Eye>(2009) <Wedding Dress>(2010) <The Grand Heist>(2012) <A Werewolf Boy>(2012) <Thread of Lies>(2014) <Snowy Road>(2015) <Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds>(2017) <Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days>(2018) <Young-ju>(2018) <Innocent Witness>(2019)
19. Son Ye-jin - 33.867
Works: <Lover’s Concerto>(2002) <Classic>(2003) <Crazy First Love>(2003) <A Moment to Remember>(2004) <April Snow>(2005) <The Art of Seduction>(2005) <Open City>(2008) <My Wife Got Married>(2008) <White Night>(2009) <Spellbound>(2011) <Tower>(2012) <Blood and Ties>(2103) <The Pirates>(2014) <The Truth Beneath>(2016) <The Last Princess>(2016) <Be with You>(2018) <The Negotiation>(2018)
20. Cha Tae-hyun- 33.645
Works: <My Sassy Girl>(2001) <Lover’s Concerto>(2002) <Crazy First Love>(2003) <Sad Movie>(2005) <Highway Star>(2007)<Babo>(2008) <Scandal Makers>(2008) <Hello Ghost>(2010) <The Grand Heist>(2012) <Slow Video>(2014) <Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds>(2017)

21. Park Hae-il 
22. Jeon Ji-hyun
23. Kim Myung-min
24. Jo Jung-suk
25. Uhm Jung-hwa
26. Kim Hye-soo
27. Jung Woo-sung
28. Ryu Jun-yeol
29. Shim Eun-kyung
30. Lee Ha-nee 
31. Kwak Do-won
32. Lee Sun-kyun 
33. Ha Ji-won
34. Kim Yunjin 
35. Ryu Seung-bum
36. Han Hyo-joo 
37. Hyun Bin
38. Sung Dong-il 
39. Lee Dong-hwi 
40. Park Bo-young 
41. Kim Dong-wook - 20.060
42. Choi Woo-shik - 20.030
43. Cho Yeo-jung - 19.592
44. Jin Seon-kyu - 19.166
45. Kim Nam-gil - 19.107
46. Kim Mu-yeol - 18.904
47. Gong Myung - 18.706
48. Jung Jae-young - 18.530
49. Jung Yu-mi - 18.285
50. Kang Ha-neul- 17.434




THE SCREEN 2009-2019 K-Movie Actor Box Office Power TOP 10



1. Ha Jung-woo - 109,904,121
2. Hwang Jung-min - 96,440,132
3. Song Kang-ho - 87,937,537
4. Ryu Seung-ryong- 76,863,026
5. Yoo Hae-jin - 72,096,870
6. Lee Jung-jae - 68,869,381
7. Oh Dal-soo - 62,542,095
8. Kim Yoon-seok - 62,532,565
9. Kang Dong-won - 58,922,506
10. Ma Dong-seok - 49,890,963



—————Another survey—————

BEST TICKET POWER (Annual Survey conducted by MaxMovie + MyDaily)



2018 (Actor | Actress)


Rank / Actor / Percentage of Respondents 
1 Song Kang-ho - 18.10% (2,333 people)
2 Ha Jung-woo - 16.10% (2,075 people)
3 Ryu Jun-yeol - 11.80% (1,521 people)
4 Lee Byung-hun - 7.80% (1,005 people)
5 Ma Dong-seok - 7.10% (915 people)
6 Kang Dong-won - 6.70% (863 people)
7 Hwang Jung-min - 6.10% (786 people)
8  Yoo Hae-jin - 5.10% (657 people)
9 Jo Jin-woong - 5.00% (644 people)
10 Kim Yoon-seok - 4.70% (605 people)
11 Jo In-sung - 2.6%
12 Joo Ji-hoon - 2.5%
13 Choi Min-shik - 2.4% 


Rank / Actress / Percentage of Respondents 
1 Kim Hye-soo - 24.40% (3,143 people)
2 Kim Tae-ri - 18.90% (2,434)
3 Son Ye-jin - 15.40% (1,983)
4 Jeon Ji-hyun - 8.80% (1,132)
5 Jeon Do-yeon - 6.30% (810)
6 Gong Hyo-jin - 5.40% (595)
7 Ra Mi-ran - 5.40% (694)
8 Han Hyo-joo - 4.00% (514)
9 Chun Woo-hee - 4.00% (513)
10 Moon So-ri - 3.80% (488)
11 Kim Da-mi - 1.90% (242)
11 Kim Hyang-gi - 1.90% (242)


2017 (Actor | Actress)

Rank / Actor / Percentage of Respondents 
1. Song Kang-ho  - 25.4%
2. Seol Kyung-gu - 10.8%
3. Ma Dong-seok - 5.6%
4. Ha Jung-woo - 5.4%
4. Hwang Jung-min - 5.4%
6. Kang Dong-won - 5.2%
7. Lee Byung-hun - 4.0%
8. Choi Min-shik - 3.5%
9. Ryu Jun-yeol - 2.3%
10. Lee Je-hoon - 1.9%


Rank / Actress / Percentage of Respondents 
1. Kim Hye-soo - 22.7%
2. Son Ye-jin - 10.4%
3. Moon So-ri - 5.6%
4. Jeon Do-yeon - 5.2%
5. Chun Woo-hee - 3.1% 
6. Ra Mi-ran - 2.9%
7. Gong Hyo-jin -2.5%
8. Kim Tae-ri - 2.1%
9. Jeon Ji-hyun - 1.9%
10. Han Hyo-joo - 1.7%


2016 (Actor | Actress)


Rank / Actor / Percentage of Respondents 
1. Song Kang-ho  - 17.0%
2. Ha Jung-woo - 13.9%
3. Hwang Jung-min - 9.4%
4. Lee Byung-hun - 6.6%
5. Kang Dong-won - 5.9%
6. Yoo Hae-jin - 4.4%
7. Gong Yoo - 3.1%
8. Choi Min-shik - 2.8%
9. Yoo Ah-in - 2.4%
10. Jung Woo-sung - 2.1%


Rank / Actress / Percentage of Respondents 
1. Kim Hye-soo - 19.2%
2. Jeon Ji-hyun - 9.8%
3. Son Ye-jin - 8.6%
4. Ha Ji-won - 7.3% 
5. Jeon Do-yeon - 5.9%
6. Han Ye-ri - 4.5%
7. Kim Min-hee - 4.4%
8. Han Hyo-joo - 3.5%
9. Kim Ha-neul - 2.0% 
10. Park Shin-hye - 1.1%


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'Evil' beats 'Peninsula' to become most watched summer film of 2020

SEOUL, Aug. 20 (Yonhap) -- The South Korean action thriller "Deliver Us From Evil" has emerged as the most-watched film at the country's box office this summer, outpacing the performance of homegrown zombie apocalypse movie "Peninsula," data showed Thursday.

The number of combined viewers for "Evil," starring Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae, reached 3.87 million as of early Wednesday, surpassing the 3.79 million aggregate tally for "Peninsula," according to the data by the Korean Film Council.

For the entire year to-date, "The Man Standing Next," starring Lee Byung-hun, remains the top grossing movie, with 4.75 million combined viewers from its theatrical release in January.

This still image provided by CJ Entertainment shows a scene from South Korean action thriller "Deliver Us From Evil," starring Hwang Jung-min (R) and Lee Jung-jae. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)




The U.S. poster for South Korean zombie action film "Peninsula," provided by NEW (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap) 

Whether "Evil" can sustain its momentum throughout the rest of the summer, however, remains unclear, as the government has place toughened social distancing guidelines in the greater Seoul area amid a rapid growth in the number of COVID-19 transmissions.

The cinema industry is also adjusting to the new government guidelines, with multiplex chain CGV having lowered the maximum audience capacity at screenings to 50 percent.

Meanwhile, "Peninsula" is set to open in the United States on Friday (local time) in a limited release in 126 theaters across the country, including on 59 IMAX screens. The film will open under the title "Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula" in the U.S.

According to its South Korean distributor NEW, "Peninsula," the sequel to director Yeon Sang-ho's 2016 smash hit "Train To Busan," has grossed over US$50 million at the global box office since its first release in Korea in mid-July.





CGV stops ticket sales to cut seating capacity on tightened social distancing

SEOUL, Aug. 19 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's multiplex chain GGV said Wednesday that it has suspended its ticket booking service to reduce seating capacities at screenings as part of precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19.

From Tuesday, CGV, a movie theater operating unit of entertainment giant CJ Group, started to sell tickets for the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster film "Tenet," set to be released next Wednesday.

Nearly all available tickets for IMAX theaters had been sold out as of early Wednesday, according to CGV. The company has put about 70 percent of the seats on sale.

But following tightened social distancing guidelines placed on the greater Seoul region, CGV decided to lower seating capacities down to 50 percent, suspending its ticket booking service.

As a result, pre-sold tickets of "Tenet" for IMAX theaters were canceled and refunded, with CGV asking customers to reserve tickets again under the new seating arrangements.

Customers who have bought tickets for other movies of which booked seating capacities remain below 50 percent will be assigned new seating numbers, CGV said. 

In this file photo, taken on May 24, 2020, a movie theater in Seoul is seen nearly empty. (Yonhap)


The move came as Seoul and the surrounding regions have reported hundreds of new daily COVID-19 cases for days, leading quarantine authorities to strengthen social distancing.

The recent spike in cases of the highly infectious virus has stoked a sense of foreboding within the film industry, which was hit hard by the new coronavirus this past spring.

The number of moviegoers hit rock bottom in April with an all-time low of 970,000, while dozens of homegrown and foreign movies delayed their release schedules.

Thanks to summer blockbusters, such as the zombie action adventure "Peninsula," however, total admissions rose for three straight months to reach 5.62 million in July.

But with the number of new virus cases growing fast, the recent upward momentum may end up short-lived. On Tuesday, theaters across the country drew some 140,000 moviegoers, down sharply from the 400,000 figure for Monday, according to box office data.




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On 8/9/2020 at 3:18 PM, Helena said:

[Box Office - Daily] DELIVER US FROM EVIL
Day / Daily Admission (people) / Total Admission (people) / Daily Rank
Wed 2020-08-05: 344,916 [350,050] (#1)
Fri 2020-08-21: 49,477 [3,974,029]

Sat 2020-08-22: 69,764 [4,043,832]
Source: http://www.kobis.or.kr/


‘Delivered Us from Evil’ surpassed 4 million viewers on the 18th day.  ‘New World’ took 26 days. 




Hardboiled Action Flick Draws over 4 Million Moviegoers


August 24, 2020

"Deliver Us from Evil" drew over 4 million viewers in less than a month since its release early this month. The feat is considered remarkable amid the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the Korean Film Council, the action flick has become the first film to attract more than 4 million moviegoers so far this year since "The Man Standing Next," which was released in January.

The film, packed with hardboiled action and relentless chase scenes, has drawn much attention as it reunites actors Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae for the first time since their 2013 hit "New World." Hwang plays a hit man, and Lee chases him all the way to Thailand to avenge his brother's death.

But it remains to be seen whether the film will continue to attract viewers due to a recent resurgence of coronavirus.




“Deliver Us From Evil” Is The 1st Korean Film Since February To Surpass 4 Million Moviegoers


by C. Hong | Aug 22, 2020

According to the Korean Film Commission’s records, “Deliver Us From Evil” surpassed 4 million moviegoers on August 22 at 1:30 p.m. KST. This is the first time in 2020 since the film “The Man Standing Next” (which was released in January and reached the milestone in February) that a film has surpassed 4 million moviegoers at the box office.


The cast thanked moviegoers for helping their film achieve the milestone. Hwang Jung Min, who is filming a new movie in Jordan, said, “I really wanted to say that I am sincerely grateful.” Lee Jung Jae said, “4 million people came to see our movie. Thank you very much.” Park Jung Min said, “It is thanks to the moviegoers that our film could receive so much love and that theaters can continue to show films. It is an honor and I am deeply grateful. I hope that everyone stays healthy and that Korean films continue to receive a lot of love.”


Despite movie theaters being impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, “Deliver Us From Evil” reached 1 million moviegoers in just four days, became the fastest Korean film this summer to reach 2 million moviegoers, and surpassed the 3 million milestone faster than previous hit action films “The Outlaws” and “Believer.”

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NOTE: this article’s about movies released in the summer only, therefore, director Bong Joon-ho’s ‘The Host’ (July 27, 2006) was mentioned as the 1st movie to attract 10 million moviegoers.  Overall, the 1st movie to sell more than 10 million tickets in South Korea was director Kang Woo-suk’s ‘Silmido’ (led by Seol Kyung-gu; released on December 24, 2003), followed by director Kang Je-gyu’s ‘Taegukgi’ (Jang Dong-gun, Won Bin; Feb 6, 2004), director Lee Joon-ik’s ‘The King and the Clown’ (Gam Woo-sung, Jung Jin-young, Lee Joon-gi; Dec 29, 2005).

[PICK] Summer Box Office Issues Over the Years


by krishkim | Edited by Hwang Hong Sun | Translated by Kim Hoyeun

2006 – First Movie to Attract 10 Million Moviegoers



The Host | Credit: SHOWBOX

The first movie to draw 10 million moviegoers came out. It’s The Host, in which director Bong Joon Ho and actor Song Kang Ho joined hands again after Memories of Murder. As it received positive reviews at the Cannes Film Festival, it successfully attracted audiences as expected and topped the box office in the summer and became the number one box office hit in 2016.


2007 – Debate over ‘D-War’



D-War | Credit: SHOWBOX

The summer of 2007 was hot with controversy. Director Shim Hyung Rae’s D-War sparked controversy over patriotism marketing and its disappointing level of completion. Despite negative issues, the movie topped the summer box office and the 2008 box office.


2009 – Double Box Office Hits



Haeundae | Credit: CJ Entertainment

Haeundae (director: Yoon Je-kyun; cast: Seol Kyung-gu, Ha Ji-won, Park Joong-hoon, Uhm Jung-hwa) and Take Off (director: Kim Yong-hwa; cast: Ha Jung-woo, Kim Dong-wook, Kim Ji-seok), which caused concerns at first, turned the game around and became box office hits. Even before its release, Haeundae has been rumored to be pretty bad, but it became the second movie to attract 10 million moviegoers during the summer season since The Host. Take Off, which started a bit rocky, eventually drew 8.48 moviegoers, drawing attention.


2011 – Unexpected Failure and Success



War of the Arrows | Credit: Lotte Entertainment

In the summer of 2011, the box office failure of Sector 7 (director: Kim Ji-hoon; cast: Ha Ji-won) and the surprising success of War of the Arrows (director: Kim Han-min; cast: Park Hae-il) stood out. Though it was expected to receive great results, Sector 7 became a box-office flop with its mediocre results. Rather, relatively less-interested War of the Arrows received favorable reviews, becoming a box office hit that summer.


2012 – ‘The Thieves’ Beat Out Superheroes



The Thieves | Credit: SHOWBOX

The Thieves (director: Choi Dong-hoon; cast: Kim Yoon-seok, Kim Hye-soo, Lee Jung-jae, Jeon Ji-hyun), which boasts its luxurious cast, beat out The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises and became the number one box office hit that summer. In addition, Cha Tae Hyun’s comedy film The Grand Heist and Korean-style disaster film Deranged received solid results.


2013 – Win-Win for Both David and Goliath



The Terror Live | Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Director Bong Joon Ho’s global project Snowpiercer, which had a budget of 40 billion KRW (about 33,564,228 USD), and Ha Jung Woo’s The Terror Live (director: Kim Byung-woo), which only had a budget of 4 billion KRW (about 3,356,422 USD), were released with just one day apart, and drew 9.34 million and 5.58 million moviegoers, respectively. No one would have expected that The Terror Live would perform so well against Snowpiercer.


2014 – All-Time Box Office Hit



Roaring Currents | Credit: CJ Entertainment

The battle over the 2014 summer box office was fierce. From SHOWBOX’s KUNDO: Age of the Rampant (Yoon Jong-bin), to CJ’s Roaring Currents (Kim Han-min), Lotte’s The Pirates (Lee Seok-hoon), and NEW’s Haemoo (Shim Sung-bo), the top four Korean film distributors released their best works side by side. The final winner was Roaring Currents, which became the new number one Korean box office hit movie. Even till now, it maintains its top spot of 17.61 moviegoers.


2015 – Triple 10 Million Movies


Veteran | Credit: CJ Entertainment

In the summer of 2015 alone, not one but three movies attracted 10 million moviegoers. Assassination (director: Choi Dong-hoon; cast: Jeon Ji-hyun, Lee Jung-jae, Ha Jung-woo) and Veteran (director: Ryu Seung-wan; Hwang Jung-min, Yoo ah-in), which was released with a week interval, both attracted 10 million moviegoers. In particular, Assassination director Choi Dong Hoon drew much attention as he made back-to-back hits following The Thieves. Meanwhile, Avengers: Age of Ultron became the first foreign film to garner 10 million moviegoers in the summer season.


2016 – Big Four Show Great Results



Train to Busan | Credit: NEW

In the summer of 2016, all four major distributors unveiled their movies side by side once again. Each of NEW’s Train to Busan (director: Yeon Sang-ho; admission: 11,567,341), CJ’s Operation Chromite (director: John H. Lee; cast: Lee Jung-Jae; admission: 7,050,475), SHOWBOX’s Tunnel (director: Kim Sung-hoon; cast: Ha Jung-woo; admission: 7,120,508), and Lotte’s The Last Princess (director: Hur Jin-ho; admission: 5,599,655) presented their unique subjects and genre, receiving excellent reviews.


2017 – Controversy over Monopolistic Structure



A Taxi Driver | Credit: SHOWBOX

Director Ryu Seung Wan’s The Battleship Island, which drew much attention from the production stage, failed to break the break-even point (6.6 million moviegoers) due to the spread of negative issues, including patriotism marketing, poor historical research, and controversy over its monopolistic system. On the other hand, A Taxi Driver (director: Jang Hoon; cast: Song Kang-ho), based on a touching true story, steadily gained popularity and became a 10 million movie, while Midnight Runners, starring Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul, received solid results.


2018 – First Movie Series to Attract 10 Million Moviegoers



Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days | Credit: Lotte Entertainment

In the summer of 2018, Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days, the sequel to Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds, was released in about eight months since the prequel was released, and attracted 12.27 million moviegoers. With this, Along with the Gods series (Kim Yong-hwa) became the first Korean movie series to draw 10 million moviegoers with both its movies. On the other hand, Illang: The Wolf Brigade (Kim Jee-woon), a live-action Japanese animation of the same name, failed to exceed 1 million moviegoers amid harsh reviews.

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Hwang Jung-min, who took 4 million shots, next attacked the home

'But from evil... 'Ticket power to prove
now Jordan standing' negotiations 'during shooting
in September drama "Hershey' standing reporter makeover
0000849078_001_20200824065729787.jpg?type=w430Original view
Hwang Jung-min of the movie'But Save From Evil', which attracted 4 million viewers even in the midst of Corona 19. Photo courtesy of CJ Entertainment
Actor Hwang Jung-min continues the achievement of mobilizing 4 million viewers to the home theater. At the end of this month, after finishing the Jordan Loquet in the movie ``Negotiation,'' he returned to Korea and rushes to a return to the drama after 8 years.

Hwang Jung-min is the only Korean movie to attract 4 million viewers this summer through'Just Save It from Evil' (Director Won-chan Hong, Production Hive Media). It has been 18 days since its release on the 5th of this month. The new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) is the record for a theater release since the end of February, when it spread rapidly. On the 23rd, an official from CJ Entertainment, an investment distribution company, said, “Since 204 days after'Namsan's managers', the year's top box office hit with 4.75 million viewers, it surpassed 4 million audiences on the 22nd. It is faster than mobilizing 4 million people in 26 days.”

Through this, Hwang Jung-min once again showed off his ticket power, following'Prosecutor's side' (9.7 million people) in 2015,'Gokseong' (6.87 million people) in 2016, and'Duke' (4.97 million people) in 2018. In the meantime, there are movies that did not reach the break-even point, such as'Asura' (2.59 million people) in 2016 and'Battleship Island' (65 million people) in 2017, but they received positive reviews for their acting transformation that took a bold challenge.

Hwang Jung-min, who leaves for Jordan on July 13th and is in the middle of shooting'Bargaining' amid the heat that soars up to 46 degrees Celsius every day, returns home with fellow actors such as Hyun Bin at the end of this month. Following the quarantine guidelines, he was tested for a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), self-quarantined for two weeks, and joined the filming of the drama'Hirsch' in September.

Hwang Jung-min, who is also attracting attention for his return to the home theater after 8 years, plays a veteran newspaper reporter. 'Hirshey' is a drama depicting the survival and conscience of reporters against the background of a newspaper. Hwang Jung-min is a reporter and also depicts both husband and father.

The film'Hostage', which has finished shooting, is also ahead of the release. It depicts the struggle of a famous actor who was kidnapped by gangsters. It was produced by Ryu Seung-wan, who worked with him on'Unfair Deal','Veteran' and'Battleship Island'.
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[KOREA Box Office] Which Summer Korean Movies of 2020 Became the Box Office Hit?

by krishkim | Edited by Yang Young Jun | Translated by Kim Hoyeun



After brave rookie directors re-opened the theaters in June, Korean blockbuster and comedy movies began to attract moviegoers in July and August. What results did the four new movies – Peninsula, Steel Rain 2: Summit, Deliver Us From Evil, and Okay! Madam – get (as of August 23)?



Peninsula (release date: 07.15.2020)



Credit: NEW

First weekend audience/Box Office: 1,225,472/KRW 11.063 Billion (about 9,330,282 USD)

Accumulated audience/Box Office: 3,803,946/KRW 33.019 Billion (about 27,847,472 USD)

Director Yeon Sang Ho’s new blockbuster Peninsula opened the summer theater. As a sequel to Train to Busan, which marked the start of “K-Zombie,” Peninsula became a hot topic when it was officially invited to the Cannes Film Festival and drew 350,000 moviegoers on the first day of its release, the highest record this year. The original break-even point of Peninsula was 5.7 million viewers (budget of 19 billion KRW/16,018,356 USD), but it was lowered to 2.5 million viewers by a calculation method that deducts overseas sales and expected VOD earnings in advance.



Steel Rain 2: Summit (release date: 07.29.2020)



Credit: Lotte Entertainment

First weekend audience/Box Office: 662,686/KRW 5.874 Billion (about 4,954,290 USD)

Accumulated audience/Box Office: 1,772,991/KRW 14.565 Billion (about 12,284,514 USD)

It is the sequel to director Yang Woo Suk’s 2017 film Steel Rain. On the first day of its release, it attracted 220,000 viewers, a similar number to the prequel. But VOD was released without achieving 3.95 million moviegoers, due to unfavorable factors such as COVID-19, heavy rain, worsening inter-Korean relations at the time of its release, and unfavorable reviews.



Deliver Us From Evil (release date: 08.05.2020)


Credit: CJ Entertainment

First weekend audience/Box Office: 1,389,498/KRW 12.545 Billion (about 10,579,266 USD)

Accumulated audience/Box Office: 4,105,610/KRW 36.461 Billion (about 30,747,758 USD)

The first release in August, Deliver Us From Evil, began with about 340,000 viewers on the first day of its release, which is similar to Peninsula, and the number of moviegoers began to multiply amid rave reviews. On August 22, the 18th day of its release, the movie surpassed 4 million viewers, achieving the break-even point (3.5 million viewers) and winning the title of “4 million movies” for the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19.



Okay! Madam (release date: 08.12.2020)



Credit: Megabox Plus M

First weekend audience/Box Office: 574,137/KRW 5.425 Billion (about 4,573,813 USD)

Accumulated audience/Box Office: 1,135,328/KRW 10.209 Billion (about 8,607,490 USD)

It is an action comedy movie about an “airplane hijacking incident” and seemed to have a solid box office success when it attracted a total of 780,000 moviegoers until the first weekend of its release. However, the red light came on to its journey to break-even point when the number of viewers plunged in the second week due to the unexpected re-surge of COVID-19. The break-even point is 2 million moviegoers.

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DELIVER US FROM EVIL Tops Charts for 3rd Week

by Pierce Conran | Aug 24, 2020

Box Office Slows Down owing to New COVID-19 Fears

The Korean box office’s steady march to normality took a hit this past weekend as a sharp rise in new COVID-19 cases led to the government tightening social distancing measures. With viewers worried about a second wave, many avoided theaters. Admissions reached 476,000 over the weekend, which was a 72% decline from the previous week, with two thirds of those sold for local titles. Also contributing to the drop was the sudden delay of the local crime-comedy The Golden Holiday, which was originally scheduled for an August 19 launch.

Coming in at first for the third straight week, though this time with a 79% drop, was the action-thriller hit DELIVER US FROM EVIL. Adding 181,000 viewers (USD 1.4 million), the film has now scored an impressive 4.11 million entries (USD 30.59 million).

Last week’s new entry, the action-comedy OK! MADAM, remained in second place but also experienced a hefty decline. Slowing 81%, the film sold 115,000 tickets (USD 811,000), pushing its total to 1.14 million admissions (USD 8.56 million).

Claiming third place on the charts ahead of its August 26 release was Christopher NOLAN’s Tenet, which staged limited previews on Saturday and Sunday. During this period, the film filled 85,000 seats (USD 714,000).

Debuting in fourth place was the Japanese animation Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane ~The Lost Hirochi~ with 50,000 sales (USD 347,000) over the weekend and 63,000 tickets (USD 430,000) sold since its Thursday bow.

Closing out the top five was the local action-drama Steel Rain2: Summit. The film welcomed another 11,000 viewers (USD 87,000) as it begins to make its way out of theaters. To date, the film has brought in 1.77 million spectators (USD 12.22 million).

This week’s major release will be Warner Bros’ Tenet, which has been topping the reservations charts for around a week, yet while it will have no trouble topping the charts, it is only expected to bring in a fraction of the business it might have under better circumstances.



'Deliver Us From Evil' tops box office for 20 days

By Dong Sun-hwa | 2020-08-25

“Deliver Us From Evil." Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

Crime-action movie "Deliver Us From Evil" has topped the local box office for 20 days as of Monday, according to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC). 

The council said the movie attracted 30,408 filmgoers on Monday, outdoing the comedy-action film "Okay! Madam" (15,368) and the Japanese anime movie "Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane ― The Lost Hiroshi ―" (5,780).

But daily box office sales were only 63,788, largely due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) flare-up in Korea. 

Since Deliver Us From Evil hit local theaters on Aug. 5, it has sold more than 4.13 million tickets as of Monday. It is the year's second movie to draw an audience of more than 4 million after "The Man Standing Next" reached the milestone on Feb. 1. 

The film follows the story of hitman In-nam ― played by Hwang Jung-min ― who is chased by villain Ray ― played by Lee Jung-jae. The pair co-starred in the 2013 hit crime drama "New World."

Hong Won-chan, who was behind the success of the thriller "Office" (2014), directed the movie. 

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Today is Chilseok / Qixi (7th day of the 7th month of lunar calendar) - Valentine’s Day


[Box Office] Romance Movies Top 10

1. A Werewolf Boy (7,068,920 people)

Release: October 31, 2012
Director: Jo Sung-hee
Cast: Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-young




2. All About My Wife (4,598,583 people)

Release: May 17, 2012
Director: Min Kyu-dong
Cast: Im Soo-jung, Lee Sun-kyun, Ryu Seung-ryong




3. Architecture 101 (4,110,645 people)

Release: March 22, 2012
Director: Lee Yong-ju
Cast: Uhm Tae-woong, Han Ga-in, Lee Je-hoon, Suzy



4. My Little Bride (3,149,500 people)

Release: April 2, 2004
Director: Kim Ho-joon 
Cast: Kim Rae-won, Moon Geun-young



5. Maundy Thursday (3,132,320 people)

Release: September 14, 2006
Director: Song Hae-sung
Cast: Kang Dong-won, Lee Na-young




6. You are My Sunshine (3,051,134 people)

Release: September 23, 2005
Director: Park Jin-pyo 
Cast: Jeon Do-yeon, Hwang Jung-min



7. Spellbound (3,009,356 people)

Release: December 1, 2011
Director: Hwang In-ho
Cast: Son Ye-jin, Lee Min-ki




8. Crazy Romance (2,924,563 people)

Release: October 2, 2019
Director: Kim Han-gyul
Cast: Kim Rae-won, Gong Hyo-jin 




9. On Your Wedding Day (2,820,969 people)
Release: August 22, 2018
Director: Lee Seok-geun
Cast: Park Bo-young, Kim Young-kwang




10. Cyrano Agency (2,731,828 people)

Release: September 16, 2010
Director: Kim Hyun-seok
Cast: Uhm Tae-woong, Lee Min-jung, Choi Daniel, Park Shin-hye 




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The 29th Buil Film Awards [Nominations]



* Best Film 최우수작품상
The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들
House of Hummingbird 벌새
Tune in for Love 유열의 음악앨범
Moonlit Winter 윤희에게
Lucky Chan-sil 찬실이는 복도 많지


* Best Director 최우수감독상
Kim Do-young 김도영 (Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 82년생 김지영)
Woo Min-ho 우민호 (The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들)
Kim Bora 김보라 (House of Hummingbird 벌새)
Jung Ji-woo 정지우 (Tune in for Love 유열의 음악앨범)
Lim Dae-hyung 임대형 (Moonlit Winter 윤희에게)


* Best Leading Actor 남우주연상
Lee Byung-hun 이병헌 (The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들)
Lee Jung-jae 이정재 (Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서)
Hwang Jung-min 황정민 (Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서)
Jung Woo-sung 정우성 (Beasts Clawing at Straws 지푸라기라도 잡고 싶은 짐승들)
Han Seok-gyu 한석규 (Forbidden Dream 천문: 하늘에 묻는다)


* Best Leading Actress 여우주연상
Jung Yu-mi 정유미 (Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 82년생 김지영)
Lee Young-ae 이영애 (Bring Me Home 나를 찾아줘)
Lee Joo-young 이주영 (Baseball Girl 야구소녀)
Kim Hee-ae 김희애 (Moonlit Winter 윤희에게)
Jeon Do-yeon 전도연 (Beasts Clawing at Straws 지푸라기라도 잡고 싶은 짐승들)


* Best Supporting Actor 남우조연상
Shin Jung-geun 신정근 (Steel Rain 2: Summit 강철비2: 정상회담)
Lee Hee-joon 이희준 (The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들)
Park Jung-min 박정민 (Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서)
Koo Kyo-hwan 구교환 (Peninsula 반도)
Kim Young-min 김영민 (Lucky Chan-sil 찬실이는 복도 많지)


* Best Supporting Actress 여우조연상
Kim So-jin 김소진 (The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들)
Lee Re 이레 (Peninsula 반도)
Jeon So-nee 전소니 (Ghost Walk 밤의 문이 열린다)
Kim Sae-byuk 김새벽 (House of Hummingbird 벌새)
Yoon Yeo-jung 윤여정 (Lucky Chan-sil 찬실이는 복도 많지)

* Best New Director 신인 감독상
Yi Ok-seop 이옥섭 (Maggie 메기)
Kim Bora 김보라 (House of Hummingbird 벌새)
Jung Jin-young 정진영 (Me and Me 사라진 시간)
Jo Min-jae 조민재 (Tiny Light 작은 빛)
Kim Kyoung-hee 김초희 (Lucky Chan-sil 찬실이는 복도 많지)


* Best New Actor 신인남자연기상
Hong Kyung 홍경 (Innocence 결백)
Park Hae-soo 박해수 (By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture 양자물리학)
Jung Hae-in 정해인 (Tune in for Love 유열의 음악앨범)
Kwak Jin-moo 곽진무 (Tiny Light 작은 빛)
Kim Dae-Gun 김대건 (Clean Up 호흡)
* Best New Actress 신인여자연기상
Kim Ah-song 김아송 (Bori 나는보리)
Park Ji-hoo 박지후 (House of Hummingbird 벌새)
Choi Sung-eun 최성은 (Start-Up 시동)
Kim So-hye 김소혜 (Moonlit Winter 윤희에게)
Kang Mal-geum 강말금 (Lucky Chan-sil 찬실이는 복도 많지)


* Best Screenplay 각본상
Woo Min-ho 우민호 & Lee Ji-min 이지민 (The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들)
Kim Bora 김보라 (House of Hummingbird 벌새)
Choi Yoon-tae 최윤태 (Baseball Girl 야구소녀)
Kim Kyoung-hee 김초희 (Lucky Chan-sil 찬실이는 복도 많지)
Ha Yoon-jae 하윤재 (Nailed 카센타)


* Best Cinematography 촬영상
Go Nak-seon 고락선 (The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들)
Hong Kyung-pyo 홍경표 (Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서)
Lee Hyung-deok 이형덕, Jung Ki-won 정기원 (Peninsula 반도)
Kim Ji-yong 김지용 (Ashfall 백두산)
Kang kook-hyun 강국현 (House of Hummingbird 벌새)


* Best Music 음악상
Cho Young-wook 조영욱 (The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들)
Mowg 모그 (Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서)
Bang Jun-seok 방준석 (Ashfall 백두산)
Yeon Ri-mok 연리목 (Tune in for Love 유열의 음악앨범)
Jo Sung-woo 조성우 (Forbidden Dream 천문: 하늘에 묻는다)


* Best Art Direction & Technical 미술/기술상
Art Direction | Yang Hong-sam 양홍삼 (Steel Rain 2: Summit | 강철비2: 정상회담)
Art Direction | Cho Hwa-sung 조화성, Park Gyu-bin 박규빈 (The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들)
Martial Art | Lee Geon-mun 이건문 (Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서)
VFX | Lee Jeon-hyung 이전형, Choi Jae-cheon 최재천 (Peninsula 반도)
Costume Design | Jo Sang-gyung 조상경 (Forbidden Dream 천문: 하늘에 묻는다)


* Popular Actor 남자 인기스타상


* Popular Actress 여자 인기스타상




* Best Leading Actor 남우주연상
Lee Byung-hun 이병헌 (The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들)
Lee Jung-jae 이정재 (Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서)
Hwang Jung-min 황정민 (Deliver Us from Evil 다만 악에서 구하소서)
Jung Woo-sung 정우성 (Beasts Clawing at Straws 지푸라기라도 잡고 싶은 짐승들)
Han Seok-gyu 한석규 (Forbidden Dream 천문: 하늘에 묻는다)


Previous Buil Film Awards Best Actor winners:
2016: Lee Byung-hun 이병헌 (Inside Men 내부자들)



2015: Lee Jung-jae 이정재 (Assassination 암살)



2013: Hwang Jung-min 황정민 (New World 신세계)





* Best Leading Actress 여우주연상
Jung Yu-mi 정유미 (Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 82년생 김지영)
Lee Young-ae 이영애 (Bring Me Home 나를 찾아줘)
Lee Joo-young 이주영 (Baseball Girl 야구소녀)
Kim Hee-ae 김희애 (Moonlit Winter 윤희에게)
Jeon Do-yeon 전도연 (Beasts Clawing at Straws 지푸라기라도 잡고 싶은 짐승들)


Previous Buil Film Awards Best Actress winners:
2019: Jeon Do-yeon 전도연 (Birthday 생일)



2018: Kim Hee-ae  김희애 (Herstory 허스토리)



2015: Jeon Do-yeon 전도연 (The Shameless 무뢰한)



2011: Jung Yu-mi 정유미 (Oki’s Movie 옥희의 영화)




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TENET Almost Reverses Box Office Decline in Debut

by Pierce Conran | Aug 31, 2020

Viewers Wary Once More as Korea Jumps to Social Distancing Level 2.5

Despite growing concerns from spectators amid a steady rise in local COVID-19 transmissions, as well as the government’s decision on Friday evening to raise the country’s social distancing level to 2.5, which includes restrictions on the operations of restaurants and cafes and the outright closure of several spaces likes fitness centers, business was almost flat this past weekend, thanks to the opening of the first major Hollywood release of the pandemic era. 470,000 tickets were sold over the frame, slowing just over 1% from last weekend, with the local market share falling down to 19%.

Christopher NOLAN’s hotly anticipated time-bending new thriller Tenet saved the box office from crashing completely as it launched with 353,000 sales (USD 2.9 million) over the weekend. Including last weekend’s previews, the film has now filled 660,000 seats (USD 5.06 million). While this is a far cry from what might normally be expected from such a tentpole, the film’s performance proved that some viewers are willing to brave theaters for the right film, even in the midst of a new COVID-19 surge. As is typical for NOLAN films in Korea, audience reactions are on the strong side and with little in its way over the coming weeks, the film may develop long legs, particularly in specially formats like IMAX.

After lording over the charts for three weeks, the local action-thriller DELIVER US FROM EVIL relinquished its throne as it shot down 71%. In second place, the film added 53,000 viewers (USD 412,000), boosting its total to an impressive 4.25 million admissions (USD 31.92 million) to date, the highest total of any film during the COVID-19 era.

Down 79% in its third weekend was OK! MADAM, which filled another 22,000 seats (USD 168,000). The local comedy has now amassed a decent 1.2 million entries (USD 9.12 million).

In fourth place was the Japanese animation Crayon Shin-chan: Honeymoon Hurricane ~The Lost Hirochi~ which was down 71% as it accrued 14,000 admissions (USD 103,000) in its sophomore frame, with 94,000 tickets (USD 650,000) sold to date.

Closing out the top five was Peninsula, which was down only 46% and up one spot. With 3,000 additional sales (USD 15,000), the zombie blockbuster boosted its total to 3.81 million admissions (USD 28 million).

Tenet is unlikely to be pushed off the top spot just yet, but the local comedy Oh! My Gran will be opening this week and may pull in some decent crowds as counterprogramming.

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 Deliver Us from Evil will be available via VOD on September 9.


Best Selling Films of 2020 [Updated: September 4]
Rank / Film / Release Date / Admission (people)
1. The Man Standing Next | 2020-01-22 | 4,750,208
2. Deliver Us from Evil | 2020-08-05 | 4,288,598
3. Peninsula | 2020-07-15 | 3,810,587
4. Hitman: Agent Jun | 2020-01-22 | 2,406,232
5. #Alive | 2020-06-24 | 1,903,704
6. Steel Rain 2: Summit | 2020-07-29 | 1,780,900
7. Dolittle | 2020-01-08 | 1,607,082
8. Honest Candidate | 2020-02-12 | 1,536,732
9. The Closet | 2020-02-05 | 1,270,835
10. OK! MADAM | 2020-08-12 | 1,213,642


Source: http://www.kobis.or.kr/


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Hwang Jung Min’s Agency Gives Update About Actor’s Health After It Was Reported that He Was Taken to the ER

by krishkim


Credit: CJ Entertainment

Hwang Jung Min’s agency gave an update about the actor’s health after a media outlet reported his emergency room visit earlier today.

On Oct. 8, a media outlet reported, “Hwang Jung Min visited the emergency room earlier today due to his poor condition and returned home after getting an IV drip.”

In response, an official from the actor’s agency Sam Company said, “Hwang Jung Min did receive an IV drip at the hospital due to his poor condition. But there is nothing out of the ordinary. Neither his schedule nor his filming will be affected.”

After returning from filming the movie Bargaining (literal title) in Jordan last month, Hwang Jung Min went under self-isolation for two weeks. He is currently filming the JTBC drama Hush with YoonA. Hush is an office drama about newspaper reporters and their everyday struggles, problems, and ethical dilemmas.

Source (1)

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Megabox launches int’l sales arm; unveils initial slate


South Korean investor-distributor Megabox Plus M is launching an international sales arm and has unveiled an initial slate led by The Devil’s Deal, directed by Lee Won-tae.  

Lee’s last film was the 2019 Cannes midnight screenings title The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil starring Don Lee (aka Ma Dong-seok from Train To Busan). Sylvester Stallone’s Balboa Productions picked up the crime action film for English-language remake last year before its world premiere.  The Devil’s Deal is a political drama starring Cho Jin-woong (The Handmaiden, The Spy Gone North), Lee Sung-min (The Man Standing Next) and Kim Moo-yul (The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil).  When a candidate for the national assembly (Cho) is taken out of the running after becoming a thorn in the side of a local bigwig (Lee), he gets hounded by loan sharks for defaulting on a campaign loan. So he decides to steal government information about an urban development plan with the help of a local gang leader (Kim), get back in the race, and take revenge.

The second film in the slate, The Point Men, is a drama based on the true events of the Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan. Directed by Yim Soon-rye (Little Forest), the film stars Hwang Jung-min (The Spy Gone North) as one of South Korea’s most skilled diplomats dispatched to free a group of Korean tourists taken hostage by the Taliban. After all else fails, he is forced to team up with a special agent (Hyun) who is a Middle East expert just as the first hostage is killed.

Comedy drama Dream (working title) is directed by Lee Byeong-heon, whose 2019 fried chicken joint undercover detective comedy Extreme Job is South Korea’s second biggest all-time hit with more than 16 million admissions. It was also announced for English-language remake starring Kevin Hart.  Dream (working title) stars Park Seo-jun (The Divine Fury) as a disgraced football player forced to coach a special national team for the ‘Homeless World Cup’. Lee Ji-eun (TV’s Hotel Del Luna) plays a documentary producer shooting their story as the footballer struggles to coach the homeless players with his misconceptions about them - although it is when they actually start playing that things get out of control.

All three films are in production with plans for release in 2021.

Ahead of the Busan film festival and Asian Contents & Film Market, former Showbox exec Dana Kim is launching sales for Studio M, the international business and ancillary rights department at Megabox Plus M.

Local exhibitor Megabox in 2014 founded Megabox Plus M, which encompasses development, production, financing, distribution and now international sales of films, TV and short form series. Megabox is an affiliate of JoongAng Group, which includes major Korean daily newspaper JoongAng Ilbo and cable broadcaster JTBC.

Megabox Plus M’s earlier theatrical slate - handled by M-Line Distribution for international sales - included films such as The Outlaws, Beasts Clawing At Straws, Dongju; The Portrait Of A Poet and Little Forest.

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