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January 22, 2020


Lotte Culture Works will hold ‘Happy Ending Star Chair’ with Hwang Jung-min on the 31st.

By user Koreannewz.com



Lotte Culture Works (representative director Ki Won-gyu)’s representative social contribution activities, the ninth place of ‘Happy Anding Star Chair’ and the first star chair of 2020 actor Hwang Jung-min fills.


‘Happy Ending Star Chair’ is an event designed to support the dreams and future of children through sharing culture while providing a meeting place between movie actors and audiences.


Starting with actor Lee Byung-hun in February, a total of eight actors have been in the spotlight, including Jung Woo-sung, Kim Hye-ja, Jo In-sung, Seol Kyung-gu, Lee Young-ae, Ju Ji-hoon and Lee Ji-hoon.


Hwang Jung-min’s star chair screening at Lotte Cinema World Tower at 7:30 pm on March 31 was a film that won Hwang Jung-min the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Actor and the so-called “Bob Award” It was selected as ‘My destiny’.


After the screening, through a conversation with the audience (GV), he will have time to learn more about the actor Hwang Jung-min, including the behind-the-scenes story of “You Are My Destiny”.


The entire proceeds from the event will be delivered to the local children’s center.


In addition, Hwang Jung-min’s seat, which was selected as “Star Chair,” is covered with a special seat cover with the name of the actor and the title of the movie screened on the day. The sales of the seat for one year are also used as donations.


In this event, the film company Spring, the production company of ‘You are My Destiny’, helped to provide movie contents and participated in sharing.


Ticket bookings for ‘Happy Ending Star Chair – Nineth Place, Hwang Jung Min’ can be made through Lotte Cinema homepage and mobile app.


= Lotte Culture Works


Photos: 쉼표 @rmflrhdhsmf









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Source: CINE21 NO.1072 2016-09-20 ~ 2016-09-27

https://zapzee.net/2020/07/29/deliver-us-from-evil-hwang-jung-min-says-he-wanted-to-make-a-movie-that-audience-could-enjoy/ ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Hwang Jung Min Says He Wanted to Make a Movie that Au

Actor Lee Jung-jae sent actor Hwang Jung-min a coffee truck to the filming location of drama “HUSH”.    


Hwang Jung Min To Make First Drama Comeback In 8 Years

Feb 19, 2020
by C. Hong


Actor Hwang Jung Min will be starring in his first drama in eight years!


On February 20, KeyEast Entertainment stated, “Hwang Jung Min will be playing the lead role of Han Joon Hyuk in the upcoming JTBC drama ‘Hush’ (working title), which KeyEast is producing.”


“Hush” is an office drama about newspaper reporters and their everyday struggles, problems, and ethical dilemmas. It is based on the novel “Silence Warning” (literal title).


Hwang Jung Min’s character, Han Joon Hyuk, is described as a veteran reporter who chose his job because he wanted to build a more just world. He has cycled through various newspaper departments but still thinks about the gap between justice and reality.


Park Sung Hye, the CEO of KeyEast, said, “This is a project that we’ve been working affectionately on for a long time, so we are honored that Hwang Jung Min, so famous in the film world, has chosen it. We will do our best to make a production worthy of such a great actor.”


Hwang Jung Min, who debuted in 1994, boasts an impressive filmography, including “Ode to My Father,” “Veteran,” “The Himalayas,” “A Violent Prosecutor,” and “The Wailing.” He has starred in over 30 movies, but has only appeared in two dramas: 2009’s “The Accidental Couple” and 2012’s “Korean Peninsula.”


“Hush” is expected to premiere sometime in the second half of 2020. They are still in the process of casting lead and supporting actors.


Previously, Hwang Jung Min was said to be in talks for another drama from the director of the film “The Spy Gone North.” The actor is currently preparing to film the movie “Negotiation” (literal title), from director Im Soon Rye.



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February 27, 2020


Productions stalled, theaters empty due to virus: Shoots abroad have been put on hold as countries ban Koreans from entering


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


The film industry is struggling due to the ongoing spread of the coronavirus. Many people are avoiding theaters and production teams have faced troubles while shooting movies as some countries ban travelers from Korea. [NEWS1]

With more countries blocking the entry of visitors coming from Korea, some movie production companies can’t go overseas to film scenes needed for upcoming movies. Blocked entry to Jordan has been the greatest hurdle for the team that’s making the movie tentatively called “Negotiation,” starring actor Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung-min.


The movie is being directed by Yim Soon-rye and has 10 billion won ($8.2 million) worth of investment.


The day after the Jordan government announced its decision to block entries from Korea to prevent the spread of coronavirus earlier this week, the production team started discussions on what to do next. The movie is about rescuing a Korean who’s kidnapped in the Middle East. Hwang plays a diplomat while Hyun Bin plays a national security agent, and filming was supposed to start in Jordan in March.


An official with the film’s distribution company Megabox Plus M said the announcement came while some members of the production team were checking out locations for filming the movie. The team is now not only going to check if they can reschedule the filming date but also inspect other possible filming sites in different countries.


Jordan first captured the eyes of TV fans in Korea when tvN introduced the country for the first time in a local TV drama with its hit “Misaeng: The Incomplete” in 2014. Its exotic scenes put the country on the map as a location for a number of Korean TV shows and films.


With the hurdles the team has faced, the production team for another movie tentatively called “Kidnap” that takes place in the Middle East is also getting nervous. The movie is scheduled to film in Morocco next month.


The film tells the story of a diplomat being kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1986, and it stars actors Ha Jung-woo and Ju Ji-hoon. Morocco has yet to ban anyone from coming into the country, yet the team is nervous because the situation can change at any time if more cases of coronavirus are reported. The film’s distribution company Showbox said it is carefully checking the situation as shooting is supposed to begin at the end of next month.


An official with the Korea Film Council said the banning of entering the country due to the reason of quarantine is unheard of when the purpose of visiting is to film.


Filming sites throughout Korea are also taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Studios have set up machines that check the body temperature outside of their entrances to check everyone in and out, and staff have been instructed to wear masks to keep anyone from getting sick.


“If an actor or staff contracts the virus, the site will come to a stop and production costs will go up dramatically, so everyone is very sensitive,” said an official with the Busan Film Commission.


According to the Korea Film Council, the number of theatergoers dropped more than 50 percent last weekend from the weekend before. About 470,000 people visited cinemas last weekend, while about 1.2 million people did so in the weekend before. Many movies have delayed their openings, and screenings have been canceled.


The opening of “Time to Hunt,” which was scheduled to open yesterday, has been delayed, and the premiere date of animated movie “Onward” has been pushed to April. Many screenings and press conferences have been moved online or gotten canceled. Many art movie theaters have closed, and an independent movie expert said there is no outlet for independent movies to be seen at the moment, even if there are movies ready to be screened.


BY KANG HYE-RAN [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]

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Filming suspended indefinitely as COVID-19 spreads

By Choi Ji-won | Apr 1, 2020



Actors Lee Byung-hun (left) and Ha Jung-woo attend a press conference for the film “Ashfall” in Seoul on Nov. 19, 2019. Lee and Ha have been cast for upcoming films “Emergency Declaration” and “Kidnapped,” respectively. (Yonhap)

The impact of the novel coronavirus on the film industry may continue into early next year, as films not only postpone imminent releases, but suspend shootings and push back entire production schedules.


Filming of blockbuster aviation disaster flick “Emergency Declaration,” originally scheduled to start last month, has been postponed, according to the film’s distributor and investor Showbox.


“As the film is set inside a plane, it’s a big project in itself and requires more preparations compared to other films. With the coronavirus outbreak continuing, we have decided to take things more slowly,” a Showbox official told The Korea Herald on Wednesday, adding it is undecided when the shooting would start.


Helmed by director Han Je-rim of “The King” (2017) and “The Face Reader” (2013) and featuring a star-studded cast of Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yon and Kim Nam-gil, the film was a highly anticipated action-disaster flick.


Films with overseas sets have been hit hard by the COVID-19 spread, as travel has become restricted. 


Last week, the crew and cast of “Bogota,” including lead actor Song Joong-ki, returned from Colombia as filming was suspended. The crime flick about a Korean man who moves to the South American country was expected to be shot mostly in Colombia.


“The entire ‘Bogota’ team is returning as of now. Their safety is of the utmost priority and we will decide on how to proceed with the shootings while monitoring the situation,” the film’s distributor Megabox Plus M said last week.


“Kidnapped,” starring Ha Jung-woo and Ju Ji-hoon, also put an early hold on the film's production in Morocco. Filming was scheduled to have started in March, but no new schedule has been decided on for now, the film’s distributor Showbox said. 


Producers of the blockbuster “Negotiations,” featuring Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung-min, have tentatively called off filming in Jordan, proceeding with scenes in Korea first.


Actors Hwang Jung-min (left) and Hyun Bin are expected to star in an upcoming film "Negotiation." (Yonhap)


Yet even films being shot in Korea are finding it difficult to continue. A studio complex operated by the Korea Creative Content Agency in Daejeon -- Studio Cube -- reports seeing cancellations since the outbreak of the virus early this year.


“The six studios in the complex were reserved for nearly 1,600 days (total between them) last year, but we’re expecting less than 1,000 days for this year. Even that might be difficult,” an official from Studio Cube told The Korea Herald.


“Although we’re supported by the government, regarding the operations of the studios, the impact (from COVID-19) is huge even for us, and probably even worse for private studios,” the official said.


According to the official, two of the four big productions that had planned to use the studio this year had canceled reservations.


As the public is told to stay away from mass gatherings, locations often used for film shoots -- schools, hospitals and government properties -- are increasingly refusing to allow filming on site as it typically involves around 100 people gathering.


Meanwhile, Korean cinemas are seeing the lowest audience numbers in decades.


According to Korea Film Council data, around 1.83 million people visited the cinema last month. This is the lowest figure in KOFIC’s data since 2004, and nearly one-eighth of the number of people who went to the movies in the same period last year. 


By Choi Ji-won (jwc@heraldcorp.com)

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Delayed film productions mess up top actors' schedules


April 08, 2020

By Kim Boram


SEOUL, April 8 (Yonhap) -- As the South Korean film industry has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic for months, top actors' upcoming projects have been affected by delayed productions and release schedules.


More than 50 domestic and foreign films have put off or canceled their premieres slated for the first half of this year since the number of COVID-19 cases started to rise sharply in mid-February.  The number of daily moviegoers plunged to a record low of 15,000 this week, compared with some 320,000 admissions on weekdays in January and 200,000 in February.


South Korean filmmakers and studios have postponed their shooting plans, including overseas schedules, due to fears over the novel coronavirus and worldwide travel bans.  As a result, cast members have had to rearrange their schedules for upcoming movies and dramas.


Lee Byung-hun, one of the most acclaimed actors in the South Korean entertainment scene, has a tight schedule this year, as he is poised to star in a film and a TV drama.  He was cast for a lead role in the disaster action move "Emergency Declaration," along with Song Kang-ho and Jeon Do-yeon. Directed by Han Jae-rim, the all-star cast film is in pre-production, but its shooting has been delayed for about a month.  It will likely affect his upcoming TV drama "Here," written by star screenwriter Noh Hee-kyung, slated for later this year. The drama, set to air on cable channel JTBC, marks Lee's return to the small screen since "Mr. Sunshine" (2018).


Hwang Jung-min, one of the highest-grossing actors in South Korea with many box office hits, including "Ode to My Father" (2014), was to appear in the film "Negotiations" with Hyun Bin and the movie "Kidnapping" with Ha Jung-woo before continuing with dramas, including "Suriname" and "Hush" in the latter half of the year.  But the producers of "Negotiations" decided to put off the film's overseas schedule in Jordan and to go on shooting in South Korea instead. The filming of "Kidnapping" has also been put on hold indefinitely.  Unless the production of these films finishes as scheduled within the first half of the year, Hwang's drama appearances may be affected.


Actor Song Joong-ki is also in a quandary over his next project.  He returned to South Korea from Columbia in late March after wrapping up the filming of the movie "Bogota" earlier than scheduled due to the spread of the coronavirus in the South American region.  The delayed schedule of "Bogota" will likely have an impact on Song's decision on whether to take on the biographical movie "The Season of Us."





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On 4/7/2020 at 10:50 PM, Helena said:

Hwang Jung-min, one of the highest-grossing actors in South Korea with many box office hits, including "Ode to My Father" (2014), was to appear in the film "Negotiations" with Hyun Bin ...But the producers of "Negotiations" decided to put off the film's overseas schedule in Jordan and to go on shooting in South Korea instead.


Movie: 교섭 Gyoseob / Negotations (literal)

Genre: Drama

Director: Yim Soon-rye 

Writer: Min Young-soo


Hwang Jung-min (Jae-ho)

Hyun Bin (Dae-sik)

Kang Ki-young (Kasim)

Production: Watermelon Pictures

Distributor: Megabox Plus M

Filming: April 17, 2020 ~ 2020 (about 4 months)

Filming starts on April 17 in Chuncheon, South Korea. 






[AsianWiki] In 2001, Hwang Jung-min landed his first acting role in a feature film after sucessfully auditioning for the role of Kang-su in "Waikiki Brothers." In that film, he played a drummer for a fading dancehall/wedding band. He practiced playing the drums for 2 months prior to working on that film and recorded music for the film.

Director Yim Soon-rye’s 2001 film Waikiki Brothers with Lee Eol, Hwang Jung-min, Park Won-sang, Oh Kwang-rok, Ryoo Seung-bum, Park Hae-il, ...





[KOFIC Profile] YIM Soon-rye 
Executive Producer, Director, Actress, Screenwriter, Script Editor

Little Forest (2018.02.28)

The Whistleblower (2014.10.02)

South Bound (2013.02.06)

Sorry, Thank You (2011.05.26)

Rolling Home with a Bull (2010.11.03)

Fly, Penguin (2009.09.24)

Forever the Moment (2008.01.10)

If You Were Me (2003.11.14)

Waikiki Brothers (2001.10.27)

‘Three Friends (1996.11.02)


YIM Soon-rye tells of women’s lives and marginalized lives in a plain format and calm narrative. She recently took a leadership position at an animal protection group, which shows she practices what she believes in. Her short film <Promenade in the Rain> received critical acclaim before her feature debut with <Three Friends>(1996). Her sympathy for those who are marginalized to the fringe of society continued to show in her films with <The Waikiki Brothers>(2001), a drama about a third-rate nightclub band that travels from one small town to another for a gig. <Forever the Moment>(2008), based on the true story of the 2004 Korean women’s national handball team that won the silver medal at the Athens Olympics, was a box office success that sold four million tickets in Korea. The movie’s cast of popular actors, comic script, and tear-inducing moments so seem like a transition from old YIM Soon-rye movies, but the fact that <Forever the Moment> also depicts Korean women who suffer from men’s discriminatory treatment puts the movie on the same line as YIM’s past works. Her latest film is a melodrama with Buddhist overtones, titled, <Rolling Home with a Bull>(2010). YIM served as executive producer on 2011’s Romance Joe and also contributed a short to the omnibus Sorry, Thank You that same year, before returning to the director’s chair. Her next film was the family comedy South Bound, starring KIM Yun-seok, which was released in theaters in early 2013. Towards the end of the following year, she released <The Whistleblower>, a more accomplished (and successful) return to politically conscious filmmaking. Though fictionalized, the film largely takes after the story of the fraudulent stem cell scientist HWANG Woo-suk. Featuring PARK Hae-il, YOO Yeon-seok and LEE Gyoung-young, the film was a solid earner in theaters.

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Cannes 2020: what was in the running (and still might be)


16 APRIL 2020



The Cannes Film Festival was due to unveil the Official Selection for its 73rd edition in Paris today (April 16) until the Covid-19 pandemic forced it to cancel its scheduled May 12-23 dates and subsequently abandon plans for a new slot beginning end-June. 

As of today, no new dates had been announced although the festival has said it is exploring other options to keep its work alive. Delegate general Thierry Frémaux has said that he and his selection team will continue to watch and assess submissions until early June.

But what then? Will the festival set a new date in the autumn or hook up with other events? If that’s not an option, will Frémaux announce his Official Selection regardless of whether it can be shown on the big screen? Or will he let go of the films that he and his selection committee have spent the year scouting, watching and reeling in? The latter course of action would be a deeply painful outcome for Frémaux.


Yesterday, parallel sidebars Cannes Critics’ Week, Directors’ Fortnight and ACID confirmed that they were cancelling their 2020 editions.


In this unprecedented chapter in the festival’s history, Screen has decided to go ahead with its annual ’Cannes: Who’s In The Running’ list. It is an opportunity to take stock of the productions that were hoping to get a shot at premiering in Official Selection or the sidebars and still need support to connect them to audiences around the world.


Given the ongoing global production hiatus, these are a selection of the prestige films that will now most likely be available to festivals for the rest of 2020 and, perhaps, even later on into 2021. 



Riding high on the success of Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar-winning, Palme d’Or winner Parasite, Korean cinema could have expected to be in the spotlight at Cannes this year.


Buzzy titles being lined up out of the territory for a Cannes splash included Yeon Sang-ho’s Peninsula. The film is set in the same universe as his zombie thriller hit Train To Busan, which premiered as a Midnight Screening in 2016, but is not an official sequel according to the director. Yeon was also previously in Cannes with animation The King Of Pigs, which premiered in Directors’ Fortnight in 2012.


It was among a number of Korean titles with Midnight Screening potential including Byun Sung-hyun political drama Kingmaker, reuniting him with Seol Gyeong-gu (aka Sul Kyung-gu), the star of his crime thriller The Merciless, which premiered as a Midnight Screening in 2017. The cast also features Parasite star Lee Sun-kyun.


Hong Won-chan’s crime action drama Deliver Us From Evil, starring Hwang Jung-min (Veteran) and Lee Jung-jae (Assassination), was also in post. His film Office debuted in the midnight slot in 2015.


Im Sang-soo’s new film Haengbok-eui Nararo (aka Knocking On Heaven’s Door but no official English title has been set yet) was also in post. Choi Min-sik (Old Boy) and Park Hae-il (The Host) co-star as two men who set off on a journey in search of happiness. The director previously competed in Cannes with The Housemaid and The Taste Of Money in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Other Korean titles nearing completion included Lee Joon-ik’s historical drama A Book Of Fish, also starring Seol and Byun Yo-han (Socialphobia), although it was not clear if it would have been to Cannes’ tastes.


Ryoo Seung-wan’s highly-anticipated action drama Mogadishu, about North and South Korean embassy diplomats forced to cooperate when civil war breaks out in Somalia, was not expected to be ready in time for a Cannes splash.




There had been hopes that Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui’s Love After Love would be submitted but it got stuck in post-production after the Covid-19 pandemic struck. It is an adaptation of Eileen Chang’s 1943 novella Aloeswood Incense about a young woman from Shanghai who heads to Hong Kong to continue her studies, but ends up working for her aunt, seducing rich and powerful men. Hui was last in Cannes with Boat People in 1983.


Septet: The Story Of Hong Kong – a omnibus of seven films by renowned Hong Kong directors Johnnie To, Hark Tsui, Hui, Patrick Tam, Sammo Hung, Wo Ping Yuen and the late Ringo Lam – had also been submitted.


Chinese titles with parallel section potential also originally included Wu Hai, the second feature from Inner Mongolia director Zhou after award-winning debut Old Beast. Set in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia in Northern China, the crime drama revolves around a heavily indebted young entrepreneur, married to a woman from a wealthy background, who turns to desperate measures. The production would not now have been ready in time. 


There was also strong buzz around Chinese-Austrian director and Michael Haneke protégé CB Yi’s debut feature Moneyboys, starring Taiwanese star Kai Ko as a young Chinese rent boy who sells his body to support his family.


From Japan, Cannes habitué Naomi Kawase’s adoption drama Three Mothers was also expected to be ready in time.  Seven of her films have premiered in Cannes to date. She was there most recently with Radiance, which debuted in Competition in 2017.


Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s World War Two epic Wife Of A Spy was also nearing completion as the pandemic hit. Kurosawa, also a Cannes regular, was last in Official Selection with Before We Vanish, which played in Un Certain Regard in 2017.


From elsewhere in Asia, Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul, who won the Palme d’Or in 2010 for Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, was also believed to be close to completing post-production on his Colombia-shot, Mexico-backed English-language debut Memoria, starring Tilda Swinton.


There was also strong buzz around Vietnamese director Le Bao’s debut feature Taste, about an out-of-work Nigerian footballer who enters into an intense ménage-à-cinq with female middle-aged acquaintances for three days of communal living. Le Bao’s work has been described as being in the vein of Bi Gan and Weerasethakul.


Indian submissions included Prithvi Konanur’s urban thriller Where Is Pinki about a middle-class couple on a desperate search across the city of Bangalore for their eight-month baby after she is seemingly abducted by their housekeeper. It is Konanur’s third film after Waves, which premiered in Toronto in 2012, and Railway Children.



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On 4/17/2020 at 4:36 PM, Helena said:

Hong Won-chan’s crime action drama Deliver Us From Evil, starring Hwang Jung-min (Veteran) and Lee Jung-jae (Assassination), was also in post. His film Office debuted in the midnight slot in 2015.



It’s planned to release in early July 




Looks like he’ll be doing both dramas ‘Hush’ (later this year) and ‘Suriname’.  
‘Suriname‘ (10 episodes) is a 40 billion won production from director Yoon Jong-bin, it co-stars Ha Jung-woo (1st drama in 13 years).





Film and TV Productions Make Hesitant Restart in Korea

By Sonia Kil | May 21, 2020

In a world still largely struggling with COVID-19 most film and TV productions remain halted. South Korea is one of the few places where filming has restarted – albeit hesitantly.


Among the most prominent are two Netflix original series. “We worked quickly to develop safety protocols so that series such as our new drama ‘Move to Heaven,’ and the popular romantic series ‘Love Alarm’ could continue filming,” Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos wrote in the LA Times.


“Testing there is only available for people with symptoms. So all cast and crew have their temperatures checked regularly, and if anyone were to show signs of infection they would be tested immediately and production paused.” Both productions started filming in April.

Other TV series that had temporarily stopped filming, and which have now resumed production include tvN’s “Hospital Playlist,” and “Hi Bye, Mama!” and KBS’ “Soul Mechanic.”


Circumstances are worse for big budget feature films that are set overseas. After the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic in March, Megabox’s “Negotiations” and “Bogota,” Showbox’s “Kidnapping,” and CJ Entertainment’s “The Outlaws 2” all had to cancel or delay filming, due to travel bans.


Some 90% of “Bogota” had been planned to shoot in Colombia. Starring Song Joong-ki and Lee Hui-joon, it started filming in South America before the coronavirus outbreak. But cast and crew wrapped the Colombian section earlier than scheduled, and returned home to Korea in late March.


The film’s lead actor Song is scheduled to star in “The Season of Us” which aims to start production in Korea, in late August. That may cause a delay of unknown duration to “Bogota.” The film’s production house Watermelon Pictures maintains that it is still aiming to restart filming in summer.


Hwang Jung-min and Hyun Bin-starring “Negotiations” was supposed to have shot in Jordan but had to completely reschedule after Jordan closed its borders to travelers from Korea. It has now begun shooting the Korean elements and may relocate the overseas part. “We could no longer delay filming, considering the budget and the stars’ schedules,” a “Negotiations” production source told Variety.


Films that are back in studios are being extra careful, complying with new protocols. Sets are equipped with disposable masks and hand sanitizers, and all staff, including cast, check their temperatures regularly.


Earlier this month, the Korean Film Council set up a special committee for safety management on film sets and cinemas that includes health and medical experts. The committee is planning to dispatch safety management crew to film sets, as well as to provide personal health checklists.


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Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Jae’s Upcoming Film ‘DELIVER US FROM EVIL’ to Be Released in July

by krishkim 


Credit: CJ Entertainment


The new film DELIVER US FROM EVIL has confirmed its release in July.


The film is a hard-boiled chase action that depicts the desperate pursuit and struggle of In Nam (Hwang Jung Min), who gets caught up in a new case because of the final contract killing mission, and Ray (Lee Jung Jae), the ruthless pursuer.


Director Hong Won Chan, who was invited to the Midnight Screening at the Cannes International Film Festival for Office (2015), was in charge of screenplay and production.


Cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo, who captivated filmmakers’ eyes around the world with Parasite (2019) and THE WAILING (2016), will challenge a new, attractive mise-en-scéne and stylish action-filming.


Actor Hwang Jung Min, Lee Jung Jae and Park Jung Min played the leading roles. Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Jae, who met again after seven years following the movie New World (2012), will show their charming ensemble.


More than 80 percent of the movie was filmed in overseas filming locations, including Thailand and Japan, with local staff.


DELIVER US FROM EVIL will release its first trailer at 6:00 p.m on May 27 KST.



Source (1)

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Big-name actors coming to big screen in June


By Choi Ji-won | June 1, 2020



“Deliver Us From Evil” (CJ Entertainment)


With a series of films confirming summer release dates amid the prolonged novel coronavirus pandemic, some big-name actors are set to return to big screen in the coming month.

Film distributor Next Entertainment World on Monday confirmed that highly-anticipated zombie flick “Peninsula” would hit local theaters in June, featuring veteran actors Gang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun.

A sequel to the 2016 smash-hit thriller “Train to Busan” by director Yeon Sang-ho, the film takes place on the Korean Peninsula, which has been left in ruins following the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse four years back.

In the film, Gang takes up the role of Jung-seok, a survivor who escapes the worst but is sent back to the peninsula on a mission to bring out an unidentified truck. Jung-seok and his team are faced by not only zombies, but the survivors in the Army Unit 631 who have dehumanized amid the madness and confusion. Actress Lee stars as another survivor, Min-jung, who saves the lives of Jung-suk and his team from a deadly attack by zombies.


“Peninsula” (NEW)


Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae will be teaming up in hardboiled action flick “Deliver Us From Evil.” The two actors are reuniting seven years after appearing together in the crime noir “New World” in 2013. 

Also set for release in June, the film follows around the chase between Hwang and Lee, who respectively take up the roles of hitman In-nam and his chaser Ray, nicknamed “butcher” for his ruthlessness. Ray tracks down In-nam to take revenge for his brother’s death, who he believes was murdered by In-nam.

Aspiring actor Park Jung-min, who featured in 2019 horror film “Savaha: The Sixth Finger” with Lee, is also among the lead cast of “Deliver Us From Evil.”

The film is helmed by writer-director Hong Won-chan, who was officially invited to the Cannes Film Festival’s “Midnight Screenings” section in 2015 with mystery-thriller “Office.”


By Choi Ji-won (jwc@heraldcorp.com)

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Film ‘DELIVER US FROM EVIL’ Unveiled Captivating 10 Still Photos Ahead of Its Release


by krishkim | imagesCredit: CJ Entertainment



The upcoming film DELIVER US FROM EVIL released 10 still photos on June 5. Hwang Jung Min plays the assassin, whereas Lee Jung Jae plays the chaser.


DELIVER US FROM EVIL is a hard-boiled chase action that depicts the desperate pursuit and struggle of In Nam (Hwang Jung Min), who gets caught up in a new case because of his final contract killing mission, and Ray (Lee Jung Jae), the ruthless pursuer.












The still photos capture the moments of the movie, including In Nam heading to Thailand after hearing the shocking news, and the final showdown between In Nam and Ray. Ray is also seen traveling from Japan to Thailand to chase the man who killed his brother.


Lee Jung Jae drew attention with his striking visuals. He perfectly fulls off the colorful clothes such as Hawaiian shirts and leopard print tops. Also, he drew much attention with a tattoo that covers his entire neck.










Lee Jung Jae and Hwang Jung Min’s passionate performances are also delivered with the photos. Lee Jung Jae glares at Hwang Jung Min, whereas Hwang Jung Min is running with blood on his face.


Meanwhile, the two actors were reunited for the first time in seven years with DELIVER US FROM EVIL. They previously worked together in the noir film New World.


Director Hong Won Chan, who was invited to the Cannes International Film Festival with his film Office, joined hands with cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo of THE WAILING to deliver a dynamic experience for the viewers.


DELIVER US FROM EVIL is scheduled to be released in July.




Source (1)

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Crime thriller 'Evil,' work of Korean film industry veterans



Actors Hwang Jung-min (L) and Lee Jung-jae participate in an online press conference for the action film "Deliver Us From Evil" on June 5, 2020, in this photo provided by CJ Entertainment. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


SEOUL, June 5 (Yonhap) -- The upcoming action film "Deliver Us From Evil" is set to catch the attention of South Korean film buffs for its collaboration between Cannes-invited director Hong Won-chan and "Parasite" cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo.


It is also in the media spotlight for being the first collaboration between star actors Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae after their 2013 hit crime opera "New World." Hwang played the kingpin of a corporate crime syndicate, and Lee was a deep-cover cop and his right-hand man.


The new film revolves around a professional killer, played by Hwang, who plans to retire after carrying out his last mission. But he is embroiled in unexpected incidents as an unidentified pursuer, played by Lee, tries to kill him.


"I've created fresh characters that are hardly found in Korea movies," the director, whose debut feature "Office" (2015) was invited to the Midnight Screenings of the Cannes Film Festival that year, said in an online press conference Friday.


"It was risky for me to direct a movie starring two silver screen stars," he said. "But I largely depended on the two veterans and they made me feel easy as well."

The two actors said they were attracted by fresh characters and unprecedentedly large-scale action scenes in "Evil," compared to "New World," which is a crime movie with mystery and suspense. 


Unlike "New World," intensive and immersive action scenes, contributed by creative minds, including the "Parasite" cinematographer Hong, will keep people riveted, they noted.


"I've focused on action scenes. I've prepared to get ready for intensive fight scenes," said Hwang. "It was hard to get familiar with ideas from our martial director and cinematographer. I'd never experienced such action sequences."

Lee said he had to practice action arrangements and sequences for a whole week to film a full-scale scene, but he was satisfied with it.


"Our action director and cinematographer did their best to create creative action scenes and sequences," Lee said. "Their ideas made me feel strange and confused in the beginning, but the outcomes were so good."

Director Hong asked movie fans to visit theaters and enjoy the action-packed adventure on a big screen under the safe quarantine guidelines to prevent COVID-19 infection.


"Deliver Us From Evil" will hit local theaters in July.



A poster of "Deliver Us From Evil" by CJ Entertainment (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)




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Hwang Jung-min, Lee Jung-jae team up for 'Deliver Us From Evil' 

By Kwak Yeon-soo | 2020-06-07



Actor Hwang Jung-min, left, speaks during an online press conference for the film "Deliver Us From Evil" held in Seoul, Friday. / Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

Actors Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae are reuniting for a hardboiled action film "Deliver Us From Evil," seven years after the two starred in 2013 hit crime drama "New World."

"Deliver Us From Evil" follows a story of hitman In-nam, played by Hwang, who plans to retire after carrying out one last hit. However, he gets embroiled in unexpected incidents as ruthless villain Ray, played by Lee, chases after him. 

Both lead actors said they were drawn to the large-scale action scenes in the film, compared with "New World," which was a crime drama filled with mystery and suspense. 

"Deliver Us From Evil" was filmed in several different locations ― Thailand, Korea and Japan, according to director Hong Won-chan. His debut feature "Office" was invited to the Midnight Screenings of the Cannes Film Festival in 2015.

The filmmaker explained that about 80 percent of the film was shot in Thailand.


"Since In-nam is an unusual character, we needed to find some exotic locations that reveal his character. I also wanted to capture the uniqueness of the city of Bangkok," Hong said during an online press conference for the film in Seoul, Friday. 

Hwang added that each country sets a different tone for the character. "When the movie is initially set in Japan, it features an overall gray tone. It becomes darker when In-nam is in Korea, but suddenly turns red when he arrives in Thailand to carry out his last mission. The red color best represents his true personality," he said. 


Lee, who plays a despicable villain in "Deliver Us From Evil," shared that the film is full of pulpy violence and pulse-pounding action scenes.





A poster for the film "Deliver Us From Evil" / Courtesy of CJ Entertainment



"There are a lot of fight scenes and wild action scenes in our movie," Lee said. "The action sequences in Thailand were more spectacular than I expected, so I had to familiarize myself with a seamless sequence of moves and practice with our martial arts team for weeks."

"I remember the most challenging scene was the one filmed at a shabby hotel in Thailand. Its narrow hallway made staging action scenes very difficult. The warm weather made the work much more exhausting," Hwang said. "But we exchanged ideas with the martial arts director and cinematographer and rehearsed the actions several times to prevent injury."


Hwang also praised cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo, who previously filmed "Parasite" and "Wailing," for his remarkable work ethic and talent. 

"Hong is the most passionate and hard-working person I've met in the film industry. The production team also did their best to create an unprecedented large-scale action film," Hwang said. 

"Deliver Us From Evil" is set to hit local theaters in July. 



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Does anyone know if he is filming Hush later this month or when he is suppose to film that? Apparently there was some talks about how he is going to get busy later in June. However, now I see from above, maybe he has to promote his new movie Deliver Us From Evil then? Just wondering how Bargaining film schedule is like now having to start filming a month later and still probably can't film in Jordan due to covid.

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^ I read that ‘Hush’ will premiere on November 13. He started shooting Bargaining on April 17.

I can’t remember if there were other details reported. 




Hwang Jung-min, Lee Jung-jae promise great chemistry in ‘Deliver Us From Evil’


By Choi Ji-won | Jun 8, 2020



Leading men Hwang Jung-min (left) and Lee Jung-jae attend a press conference Friday to promote “Deliver Us From Evil.” (CJ Entertainment)

Top actors Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae, who showed great chemistry in the noir film “New World” seven years ago, are teaming up again for a new action flick. Their synergy in “Deliver Us From Evil” is unlike anything viewers have seen before, they say.


The two actors and the director, Hong Won-chan, held a promotional press conference Friday ahead of the film’s release in July.


While the 2013 film was notable for the bromance between the two actors, this time around the pair takes on an action-packed killer vs. killer chase. 


Hit man In-nam, played by Hwang, completes what he believes to be his last mission only to find himself being chased by “butcher” Ray, played by Lee. Upon learning of a kidnapping case in Thailand, In-nam heads to Bangkok. Ray, who believes In-nam is behind his brother’s death, follows.


“The story is about a character who has sinned being redeemed by another character,” director Hong said.


“While a lot of people are excited to see the two actors team up again, it was in some ways a burden for me as a producer. I felt the pressure to portray the two actors differently.


“The two characters are very different from each other and also from the actors’ previous roles.” 


Hwang said, “It was fun. Just like the audience, I also felt great excitement when I faced Lee as Ray in the film. We talked a lot before the action scenes.”



"Deliver Us From Evil" poster (CJ Entertainment)


The film was shot in three locations -- South Korea, Bangkok and Tokyo -- with around 80 percent of the filming taking place in Bangkok.


“The characters aren’t ordinary, so the locations also had to be far from mundane. Bangkok is a very special city. While it’s metropolitan for the most part, there are some chaotic and sacred aspects to the city as well, and we tried to express those qualities … in the film,” Hong said.


Hong Kyung-pyo, in charge of cinematography, has worked with several acclaimed directors before. They include Bong Joon-ho on “Snowpiercer” (2015) and “Parasite” (2019), Na Hong-jin on “Wailing” (2016) and Lee Chang-dong on “Burning” (2018). 


While actor Park Jung-min plays one of the main roles, Park does not appear in any promotional images. Explaining Park’s absence, Lee said the rising star was a “surprise gift” for the audience, hinting at the actor’s transformation in the film.


Park, 33, made his name in 2011 with the award-winning film “Bleak Night” and rose to stardom with the 2016 film “Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet,” for which he won several awards for best new actor.


“Our film is not based on any true story or historical incident and we focused wholly on expanding the cinematic elements of the action genre,” director Hong said. “We hope the audience can come to the cinema and indulge in it on a large screen,” the director said.



By Choi Ji-won (jwc@heraldcorp.com)

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^ thanks for the clips.  

14 hours ago, ElectricHearts said:

I didn't realize Hush was going to premiere that early in the year. Good to know ^_^

Read that Yoona is cast in ‘be with you’ director Lee Jang-hoon’s upcoming movie Miracle, filming is planned for August to October.




Weekend moviegoers double thanks to discount event

SEOUL, June 9 (Yonhap) -- The number of weekend moviegoers in South Korea more than doubled from a week earlier thanks to a government-led discount event, raising hopes for a turnaround for the film industry hit hard by the novel coronavirus pandemic, data showed Tuesday.


The number of moviegoers from Saturday to Sunday reached 316,929, up sharply from the 152,284 tallied a week ago, according to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC). 

It marked the highest weekend figure since the tally of 506,000 on Feb. 22-23, amidst the mass COVID-19 outbreak in Daegu.


The sharp on-week increase was attributed to the discount coupon event by KOFIC, as part of the South Korean government's 17 billion won (US$13.8 million) fund to support the coronavirus-hit film industry.

Starting Thursday, the coupons offer a 6,000-won discount for an average 12,000-won movie ticket.

Still, the figure for last week represented a meager one-seventh of the tally of 2.35 million from the second week of June 2020.


As people were told to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus, local movie theaters, including industry leader CJ CGV, have undergone difficult times, while dozens of domestic and foreign films have postponed premieres. The monthly number of moviegoers plunged to a record low in April.

While the country is seeing outbreaks emerge in and around the greater Seoul metropolitan area, the film industry is preparing for the summer peak season, with major films slated to open this summer despite the unfavorable conditions.

Director Yeon Sang-ho's "Peninsula," which was invited to this year's Cannes Film Festival, will be shown in early July. Starring Gang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun, the sequel to the smash hit zombie thriller "Train to Busan" (2016) is one of the most anticipated tent poles for the summer.

The upcoming action film "Deliver Us From Evil," by Cannes-invited director Hong Won-chan, will also premiere next month, while the high-budget space opera "Space Sweepers," starring Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri, is also set to be released this summer.



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’DELIVER US FROM EVIL’ Postpones Release Date from July to Early August


by krishkim@zapzee.net



Credit: CJ Entertainment


The movie DELIVER US FROM EVIL has decided to postpone the release date to early August.


“Considering various factors such as summer vacation, expectations for the movie, the market conditions, we decided that early August, the peak season, is better than July,” said an official from the movie.


Starring Lee Jung Jae and Hwang Jung Min, DELIVER US FROM EVIL is emerging as the movie that will save the slump movie industry. DELIVER US FROM EVIL is a hard-boiled chase action that depicts the desperate pursuit and struggle of In Nam (Hwang Jung Min), who gets caught up in a new case because of his final contract killing mission, and Ray (Lee Jung Jae), the ruthless pursuer.


People’s anticipations are already at the peak just from the fact that two actors, Lee Jung Jae and Hwang Jung Min, have reunited.

Director Hong Won Chan, who was invited to the Cannes International Film Festival with his film Office, joined hands with cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo of THE WAILING and Parasite to deliver a dynamic experience for the viewers.


Source (1)



Will Film ‘New World’ Be Made Into Drama Series?


by krishkim@zapzee.net



Credit: NEW

We might be able to see the prequel of the film New World on the small screen.


Director Park Hoon Jung is reportedly pushing to dramatize the prequel of his film New World.


NEW, the investment distribution company of New World, said cautiously, “We are only in the process of sharing ideas of making the prequel of ‘New World’ into a drama.”


Director Park Hoon Jung, who recently finished the post-production of his new film The Night in Paradise (literal translation), is also preparing for the sequel of The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion with the goal of releasing it in 2021.


Meanwhile, director Park Hoon Jung’s best film New World portrays a power struggle between “Gold Moon,” the largest criminal organization in Korea, and the police in a world of conspiracy, betrayal, and loyalty. It was released in 2013 and attracted about 4.7 million viewers, despite being rated R.



Source (1)

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Summer tent-pole films set new release dates despite increase in movie attendance


By Kwak Yeon-soon | June 14, 2020



Actor Hwang Jung-min in a scene from the film "Deliver Us From Evil" / Courtesy of CJ Entertainment

Amid the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, several big name film studios announced changes to their summer releases of "tent-pole" films. 

Delayed movies include "Deliver Us From Evil," "Hero," "Space Sweepers" and "Mogadishu" ― the only film that appears unaffected is "Peninsula," which is still set for theatrical release in July.

On June 11, CJ Entertainment announced changes to its release calendar. Hardboiled action film "Deliver Us From Evil," starring Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae, will be released in August instead of July.

"Considering various factors such as the summer vacation and market conditions, we concluded that August would be more appropriate than July," a company official said.

This change set off a domino effect, pushing its highly-anticipated film "Hero" into the fall or beyond. 

"Hero," a film version of the hit musical about Korean independence activist Ahn Jung-geun starring Jung Sung-hwa, was originally slated for August. 


This is a biopic of Ahn, who assassinated Ito Hirobumi, Japan's prime minister and the first resident governor general of Korea, in 1909. In March the following year, Ahn was executed in a Japanese prison in China. Director Yoon Je-kyoon, best known for his previous works "Ode to My Father" and "Haeundae," produced the film.



Actor Song Joong-ki in a scene from the film "Space Sweepers" / Courtesy of Merry Christmas


Sci-fi blockbuster "Space Sweepers," which was originally planned for Aug. 12, has had its theatrical release postponed to late September or early October.

It is poised to hit local theaters ahead of the Chuseok holidays because of pandemic-related post-production delays, according to its distributor, Merry Christmas.

The film, set in 2092, follows the crew of a space junk sweeper. As they look for lucrative space debris, they discover the humanoid "Dorothy" ― a weapon of mass destruction ― and get embroiled in a "risky deal."

Director Jo Sung-hee, who previously produced hit fantasy film "Werewolf Boy," produced the film. This marks Jo's second collaboration with actor Song Joong-ki, along with the star-studded cast of Kim Tae-ri, Yoo Hae-jin and Jin Seon-kyu.


Director Yang Woo-seok, right, poses with the cast of the film "Steel Rain 2: Summit" in this photo provided by Lotte Entertainment / Courtesy of Lotte Entertainment


Lotte Entertainment also made changes to its release calendar. It plans to release the high-budget action film "Mogadishu," featuring Kim Yoon-seok and Jo In-sung, in the fall. 

Directed by Ryoo Seung-wan, the film depicts the life-or-death escape of South Korean and North Korean embassy workers stranded in the midst of the Somali Civil War that took place in the 1990s.

As a result of this change, "Steel Rain 2: Summit," starring Jung Woo-sung and Kwak Do-won, will be moved forward with a summer release.

Director Yang Woo-seok of "The Attorney" and "Steel Rain" produced the film. "Steel Rain 2: Summit" is based on the webtoon "Steel Rain 3: Summit," written by Yang. 

The flick centers on a hypothetical diplomatic situation in which leaders of three countries ― the U.S., North and South Korea ― are gathered for a summit at which they are kidnapped by the commander of a North Korean nuclear submarine. 

In the film, Jung will play the president of South Korea while Kwak will play an elite North Korean seaman and leader of the kidnapping.

Movie theaters are cautiously bringing back moviegoers thanks to discounted cinema tickets and the new film releases. 

KOFIC began issuing special discount coupons that allow moviegoers to purchase tickets for 6,000 won for three weeks, starting June 4. The discounted prices on 1.3 million tickets apply only on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

As a result, the number of moviegoers on June 6 and 7 reached 316,929, more than double the 152,284 a week earlier, according to KOFIC.

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