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Hwang Jung-Min 황정민


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April 18, 2011

KBS programs win awards at Houston International Film Festival

Reporter: Lucia Hong luciahong @ Editor: Jessica Kim jesskim @ <Ⓒ 10Asia All rights reserved>

Four programs from major public network KBS have scored prizes at the 44th annual Houston International Film Festival, according to its broadcaster on Monday.

"Son of Man" and "Don't Cry For Me Sudan" both took home the platinum award under their respective categories of TV movie / drama and best documentary at the international film festival held at the Marriot Westchase Houston Hotel on April 16.

"The Slave Hunters" and "The Accidental Couple" scored wins as well, bringing home gold and silver, respectively, under the segment for best drama.

"The Slave Hunters," a 24-part mini-series which aired in the early half of last year, tells about slave hunter Dae-gil who makes a living by tracking down runaway slaves. The drama was named the best drama series at the 2010 Asian TV Awards last year.

"The Accidental Couple," starring Hwang Jung-min and Kim Ah-joong, is about a postman and a top actress who begins their relationship with a marriage contract that lasts for six months.

"Don't Cry For Me Sudan," starring Lee Tae-suk, tells the life story of Father John Lee who worked in the small village of Tonj in Sudan.

"Son of Man" is a story about love and redemption of a man who begins working as a police and faces the realities of life.

Founded in 1961, the Houston International Film Festival is one of the three original film fests in North America after San Francisco and New York. It is the only film fest that does not accept movies from major studios.

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The Informers 모비딕 Mobidik 2011

Source: asianmediawiki.com


Movie: The Informers (International English title) / Moby D.i.c.k (literal title)

Revised romanization: Mobidik

Hangul: 모비딕

Director: Park In-Je

Release Date: June 9, 2011

Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex


Hwang Jung-Min - Lee Bang-Woo // Jin Goo - Yoon-Hyuk // Kim Min-Hee - Sung Hyo-Kwan // Kim Sang-Ho - Son Jin-Ki


A mysterious explosion occurs at the Balam Bridge in Seoul on November 20th, 1994.

In front of hot-blooded local news reporter Lee Bang-Woo (Hwang Jung-Min), Yoon-Hyuk (Jin Goo) appears. Yoon-Hyuk is from the same hometown as Lee Bang-Woo, but they haven't seen each other in a long time. Yoon-Hyuk hands over documents to Lee Bang-Woo and hints that the case of the Balam Bridge was fabricated. In order to uncover the truth behind the case, Lee Bang-Woo teams up with fellow reporters Son Jin-Ki (Kim Sang-Ho) and Sung Hyo-Kwan (Kim Min-Hee).

While they dig further for the truth, they come within the cross hairs of men intent on covering up the case. Their office is broken into and they are threatened. Meanwhile, Yoon-Hyuk holds the key to case ...

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I almost missed this update and today is actress Yoo Sun's wedding!

April 25, 2011

Actor Hwang Jung Min to sing at Yoo Sun's wedding

Actress Yoo Seon reveals 'romantic wedding pictures'

Source: news.nate.com via hancinema.net


Actress Yoo Seon revealed her romantic wedding pictures. She will be ringing the bells this 4th of May with lover of 10 years.

She had pictures taken of her focused on the bride and groom with a simple and lovely background in a studio.

Yoo Seon said, "I feel like a bride now".

I Wedding in charge of her wedding said, "Her fellow stars and members of a compassion band made up a number of 15 people and the photo shoot was lively and enjoyable. Yoo Seon and her husband both have outstanding appearances so there was no need for anything else special. They were skilled in their poses and were able to create various concepts unlike other couples".

Yoo Seon is currently in the middle of filming the movie "Russian Coffee" and the wedding will take place in the Sheraton Grand Walker Hill Hotel.

With no other host it will be carried out like a service and actor Hwang Jeong-min will sing at the wedding with 'Hamimo'. A compassion band will also bless their wedding this day.

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May 5, 2011

Hwang Jung-min returns as reporter

By Lee Hyo-won chungay@koreatimes.co.kr


Hwang Jung-min will display more of his knack for criminal investigation in the upcoming film “Moby Dik.”

After tackling the roles of a detective (“Private Eye”) and cop (“The Unjust), he will investigate cases as a news reporter.

Set in 1994, the story revolves around a mysterious explosion that occurs in the vicinity of Seoul. “This is my first time playing a reporter... It was difficult because investigative reporters seem to have a lot in common with detectives,” Hwang told the press in Jeong-dong, Tuesday.

In order to prepare for the part, he met national desk reporters and observed how they handle cases. “In the ’90s people used pagers, so I spoke to reporters that worked on the national desk at the time. I paid attention to details such as what type of pen and paper they used and even how often they changed clothes each week.”

The actor said he was immediately drawn to the intriguing script. “It’s fascinating how everything gets tangled up in a knot but unravels it step by step.”

The film marks the feature debut of director Park In-je, grand prizewinner of the 2003 Mise-en-Scene Genre Film Festival. The director said that the title was inspired by the Hemingway novel ― meaning here that some things are so large, like a whale, that it cannot be discerned when viewed from a close distance.

Other cast members include Kim Min-hee, Kim Sang-ho and Jin Gu.

“Moby Dik,” distributed by Showbox/Mediaplex, is slated for release on June 9.

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May 14, 2011

DVD Releases: May 15-21



One of the more successful films from 2010, THE UNJUST is directed by Ryu Seung-won and stars Hwang Jeong-min and Ryu Seung-beom. Number of discs: 2/ Subtitles: Korean & English/ Rating: 18+/ Format: 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen/ Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1/ Running Time: 119 minutes (disc 1), 120 minutes (second disc)/ Recommended Price: 27,500 KRW/ Available: May 19

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