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Ohh.. not to be alarmed ^^ no no no .. just needs to re-park these pics to ease the traffic on the previous page. :lol: Hwang Jung Min's latest movie PRIVATE EYE.. of course, is now showing and doing really well at the box-office in its fourth week running. rbhcool.gif

March 23 CGV Seoul - 'Private Eye' press screening & conference

More pics & updates at the movie thread ^^


th_h1.jpg th_h3.jpg th_p8.jpg th_h5.jpg th_h7.jpg


Captures from various media sources via daum.net

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Source: CINE21 NO.1072 2016-09-20 ~ 2016-09-27

https://zapzee.net/2020/07/29/deliver-us-from-evil-hwang-jung-min-says-he-wanted-to-make-a-movie-that-audience-could-enjoy/ ‘Deliver Us From Evil’ Hwang Jung Min Says He Wanted to Make a Movie that Au

Actor Lee Jung-jae sent actor Hwang Jung-min a coffee truck to the filming location of drama “HUSH”.    

With 'Private Eye' still going strong at the local circuit, it's really good to see that HJM's debut drama is filming so wonderfully and coming along very nicely too. Lots of great pics and news recaps to indulge in courtesy of everyone. Whatever this silly soul's initial thoughts *rubes always so blurr* my terribly uninformed opinion doesn't matter, of course. :blush: It's really good to see something so positive.. from HJM, no less. :wub:

Whatever the name changes are.. the drama posters are really cool and so eye-catchingly bright & cheerful. :lol: Can't wait!

Just Looking at That Fool

April 21st, 2009 // by javabeans


Just Looking [그저 바라보다가] is the new name for the drama formerly called Six Months, and while I think the title change — especially so late in the game — was unnecessary, the new title has the added bonus of being shortened to “그바보,” which means “That Fool.” And, judging from these new promo posters, that’s no coincidence.

fool2.th.jpg fool3.th.jpg fool4.th.jpg fool5.th.jpg

What looks promising is not only Hwang Jung-min as that fool — he has a great range of goofy comic expressions — but that Kim Ah-joong is a pretty good comic actress as well, and it’s my hope that she plays her movie-star character with a fun, quirky vibe — rather than, say, Choi Ji-woo’s glamour queen in A Star’s Lover, which was appropriate for Choi there, but not all that funny. And this drama is obviously going for the funny.

The drama is written by sitcom writer Jung Jin-young and Kim Eui-chan and directed by Goodbye Solo’s PD Kim Min-soo. KBS will premiere the new drama next Wednesday, April 29, which will also see the premiere of SBS’s City Hall.

With MBC’s just-aired Cinderella Man boring me and City Hall never quite doing it for me in the first place, I have the most hopes that Just Looking will pull out a winner.

Via Chosun.com, credits to dramabeans.com

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PRIVATE EYE still in the TOP 5! rbhcool.gif

z_FILMSTRI.gifWeekly Box Office 2009.04.24 ~ 2009.04.26 3-day Gross/Total Gross (won)

1. My Girlfriend is An Agent / Secret Couple (South Korea) 3,160,591,000 / 4,197,955,000

2. Knowing (U.S.) 1,245,484,000 / 5,150,302,000

3. Monsters Vs. Aliens (U.S.) 1,201,721,500 / 1,275,251,000

4. Private Eye / Shadow Kill (South Korea) 854,619,500 / 11,623,381,500

5. Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum (France) 787,608,000 / 2,745,139,175

6. Fast & Furious (U.S.) 2 189,494,000 / 4,427,353,675

7. Breathless (South Korea) 182,373,000 / 477,177,500

8. Slumdog Millionaire (U.S.) 152,558,500 / 7,260,611,000

9. The Legend Of Ip Man (Hong Kong) 126,206,000 / 636,080,500

10. The Admiral (Russia) 121,450,500 / 167,591,500

Source: KOFIC

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April 28, 2009

Hwang Jung-min Gears Up for Late TV Soap Debut


Hwang Jung-min (left) and Kim Ah-jung

Hwang Jung-min is to make his TV soap opera debut as a humble post office clerk in the new drama "The Accidental Couple," which will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS 2TV.

It is his first TV soap opera appearance in a career spanning over 14 years. Hwang says he feels a special attachment to "The Accidental Couple" because he is so attracted to the character. He has moved audiences with his impassioned performances on the big screen, and news that he is making his TV drama debut is exciting for his fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Ah-jung is also returning to TV drama with "The Accidental Couple" after three years of absence. The show is a romantic comedy focusing on the relationship between a post office clerk and an actress after they agree to a six-month contract marriage. The first episode airs on Wednesday.

Credits: englishnews@chosun.com

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April 28, 2009

Kim and Hwang Team up as 'Accidental Couple'

By Han Sang-hee

Staff Reporter


Actor Hwang Jung-min, left, and actress Kim A-joong pose at a press conference

for “The Accidental Couple” last week in southern Seoul. / Yonhap

The new drama "The Accidental Couple" may seem cliched or predictable, but with its stars each having blockbusters under their belts, things may turn out differently.

The drama, which screens for the first time today, features movie icon Kim A-joong ("200 Pounds Beauty," 2006) as top actress Han Ji-sun and musical star Hwang Jung-min ("You're My Sunshine," 2005) as post office employee Gu Dong-baek.

When Han gets into a car accident, she's not worried about Gu, who was almost hit, but only herself and her secret boyfriend who was driving the car. Desperate to cover up their relationship, she drags Gu in front of the wheel, letting her boyfriend escape, and lets the paparazzi take their photos. This incident instantly brings Gu to public attention, but things take a turn as Han asks Gu to continue acting as her boyfriend.

"Our drama also has F4," Jung Jin-young, the writer, said, referring to the four pretty boy characters in the hit drama "Boys Over Flowers," at a press conference held last week in southern Seoul.

"The relationship between a plain employee and a movie star is a 'fantasy,' while the character's 'fathers' bring the concept of existence and possession. 'Fun' will also be an important element in the drama and viewers will be able to learn more about the love of 'families," she said.

With high expectations granted to each actor, "The Accidental Couple" will offer fans the classic love story, hopefully with a fresher approach.

For Hwang, this drama is particularly special as it's his first time starring in a television drama in his 14-year acting career. "Gu is a plain and somewhat boring fellow, a bit like the character I played in the movie ` You're My Sunshine.' It's my first time to star in a drama, but the fact that I play the part with all my heart remains the same, regardless of what I'm working on. I'm just worried viewers might think there's something wrong with their television sets because my face is a bit ruddy," Hwang said, laughing.

The actor has been busy, with his recent movie "Private Eye" still in theaters, and immediately jumped into the drama after the film's release. But he smiled and said he wasn't tired at all. "I'm an actor and so I feel alive only when I act," he said.

Playing his counterpart and a movie star with a sad past is Kim, who appeared in an elegant black dress with a sparkling necklace. "It's been a long time since I starred in a television series. But it wasn't intentional. I spent my time growing as an actor and also as a person for the past three years. I was given various offers, but I needed time to see clearly," Kim said.

When asked about how she felt working with Hwang, Kim said that they spent a lot of time talking about the drama and acting. "He's very open and I was somewhat surprised at how open-minded he is. But I think you have to be like that as an actor, so I'm grateful for the opportunity to be working with him," she said.

The time slots on Wednesdays and Thursdays will be competitive, with fellow actors Cha Seung-won and Kim Sun-ah appearing in "City Hall" on SBS and hallyu stars Kwon Sang-woo and Yoo-na in MBC's "Cinderella Man."

"Of course we want our drama to be a little more popular than the others!," Kim said, smiling.

"The Accidental Couple" will air tonight at 10 p.m. on KBS.

Credits: sanghee@koreatimes.co.kr

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April 28, 2009

More romantic comedy for prime time


Starting tonight, viewers will be hard-pressed to settle on a program. Joining MBC's effervescent "Cinderella Man," SBS' "City Hall" and KBS' "While I Was Looking" are bringing their own blend of romance and comedy to Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The bubbly trio of dramas puts reality on hold, spinning improbable tales of twins swapping lives, of a romance between a post office worker and a top star, and of an inexperienced rookie politician who inadvertently becomes town mayor.

So which channel will audiences settle on?

Though it is still early in the game, SBS' "City Hall" is a strong contender. Helmed by the blockbuster-making duo, producer Shin Woo-chul and TV scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook, this tale of an elite deputy mayor with aspirations for presidential candidacy and of an unwitting female government employee who becomes town mayor may sound a bit dull on paper, but the previews that have been airing on SBS are downright funny.

"My Lovely Samsoon" star Kim Sun-ah and co-star Cha Seung-won roll out the punches, with Kim playing a clumsy Lucille Ball-type to Cha's cynical and sour politician. Both Kim, who proved her comedic prowess in the hit MBC drama "My Lovely Samsoon" (2005) and in the flick "She's On Duty" (2005), and Cha, who drew laughs in movies "Ghost House" (2004) and "Kick the Moon" (2001), possess impeccable comedic timing and a knack for playing lovable buffoons.

"Mi-rae is the cutest and most lovable character that I have seen as of yet," said Kim of her role as a clueless public servant. "My character could come across as cute or give off an entirely different vibe, depending on how I play her. So, in order to fully absorb the character, I tried hard to look cute on a regular basis."

Co-star Cha plays an ambitious town deputy mayor who meets his match in Mi-rae. "Through this opportunity, Jo Gook goes through a series of somewhat outrageous and diverse situations that make him gradually change his political values," said Cha of his character.

"At first, because I was playing a politician, I was worried about not being familiar with political terms, but while there are politics, the focus is on the situations and happenings between people," Cha added.

Based on what Cha said, viewers are unlikely to get bogged down by political jargon or bureaucratic details. Add to that producer Shin Woo-chul and scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook's winning streak -- from their most recent "On Air" (2008) to "Lovers in Paris" (2004) -- and chances are that "City Hall" has what it takes to hit a homerun.

KBS, however, promises to give "City Hall" a run for its money with their latest Wednesday and Thursday night series, "While I Was Looking."

Veteran actor Hwang Jung-min plays an average guy who has never had a proper date in his 30-something year old life. That is, until top star Han Ji-soo comes crashing into his world. Hwang's Goo Dong-baek, a post office worker, helps actress Han out of a tough situation only to find himself agreeing to pretend to be her significant other for six months.

At a press conference last week, Hwang, who played a kind and simple farmer in the flick "You're My Sunshine" (2005), admitted to certain similarities between Kim Seok-joong of "You're My Sunshine" and Goo Dong-baek. Hwang explained his decision to play the simple-hearted Goo: "I thought, 'Won't a different character emerge?'" "200 Pound Beauty" star Kim Ah-joong will star opposite Hwang as actress Han.

When asked why she chose "While I Was Looking," she answered: "Well, because, first of all, the script was really fun."

Both actress Kim and co-star Hwang have a gift for comedy. In the preview screening, a Chaplin-esque Hwang drew laughs as his star struck character fumbled and stuttered around Kim's Han Ji-soo.

"City Hall" starts airing on SBS and "While I Was Looking" on KBS 2 TV at 10 p.m. tonight.

By Jean Oh (oh_jean@heraldm.com) via koreaherald.co.kr

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Just saw THAT FOOL first episode last night :lol:

Comical HJM is such a delight to watch.. the stuck-in-elevator scene is just hilarious. Seeing him as the starstruck fan at the red carpet.. so ridiculously funny.. even captured on tv, sitting there in the fans' corner. Is he the only guy amongst all the fangirls?! :D

The stuck in elevator scene laughing.gif

2h2fpli.gifThanks to White Star

Capture credits to semi-fly ^^


HJM as Dong Baek is siuch a simple man.. but he knows how to keep himself busy/happy in situations.. particularly in that elevator scene. Absolutely hilarious HJM! :P And all he asks for helping Jisoo, were the 9 or was it 10 signed autographs of the actress to be given to his friends. A very thoughtful guy, indeed. ^^

I like HJM-Lee Chung Ah's sibling chemistry.. the actor is 39 but he's playing a lovable 33. :lol:

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Accidental Couple / That Fool / Just Looking / Six Months

April 30th, 2009 // by javabeans



Captures from breaknews.com

First off, let me get this out of the way: Yes, I caught the first episode of City Hall, which premiered this week in the same time slot as this show (which has gone through so many titles I think I’m just going to pick one and stick with it). I’ll probably write about City Hall after I’ve seen the second episode, but I can tell you that I thought the first episode was terribly boring. Like, eyes-glazed-over boring. I found it rather cold and indifferent, despite having a really solid cast, both lead and supporting. But it’s Kim Sun-ah and Cha Seung-won, so I’m going to hope for better with the next episode.

As for this drama, in a nutshell: Accidental Couple is a sweet, pleasant show that is a little predictable so far (we all know the setup so nothing comes as a surprise in these first two episodes). It wasn’t a perfect start, but this drama’s charm rests largely on its two leads — but thankfully, Hwang Jung-min and Kim Ah-joong are wonderful. Hwang in particular is marvelous at making you feel for his character — already he made me cry twice in the first episode, and not even in sad scenes.

For detailed recap + captures by javabeans, please refer the link provided. ^^


Toward the end of the second episode, Ji-soo takes a meaner turn that could have made her seem irritatingly bean pie, but I think it’s Kim Ah-joong’s warm presence that keeps Ji-soo likable — her actions are understandable, given the context, even though it’s kind of heartbreaking to see Dong-baek’s sweet response to all the verbal stings she delivers.

Also — if Choi Ji-woo is the reigning queen of anguished melodramatic tears, you’ve got to set aside a subcategory and call Kim Ah-joong the princess of suppressed, smiling tears. The shot below looks like she’s just smiling, but in fact she’s tamping down her pain while their relationship undergoes yet more tribulations. Kim is a natural crier, but, importantly, she also doesn’t overdo it. (A lot of starlets try so hard to cry that they miss that crucial aspect of crying, which is that a person who tears up in front of another person is usually trying NOT to cry.)

To be honest, I’m not sure there’s much in these first two episodes, plot-wise, to stir up excitement. This drama so far shows itself to be competent — but not outstanding — in its directing, its music, and its overall storytelling. So Accidental Couple, to me, is really brought to life by its actors.

Happily, they deliver on that score. The actors are perfectly cast, and both Kim Ah-joong and Hwang Jung-min possess that certain je ne sais quoi that makes their characters pop — it’s that elusive spark that you can’t quite describe, but which either you feel or you don’t. Hwang Jung-min in particular gives this drama heart — and it’s a large, beating, nervous, exposed heart. It’s lovely and wonderful how he makes his character real and complex, when he could have played him so simply. It’s a character that could have been brought to life in broad strokes, but Hwang gives him depth. (Film actors turning to dramas = hurrah!) Dong-baek isn’t a simple fool, and he’s not a “what you see is what you get” type of guy. He’s adorable and endearing, and he makes your heart twinge along with his.

The verdict?

Accidental Couple is sweet and pleasantly amusing, and shows promise of being solidly heartwarming, too. It’s kind of like a funny, lighter Star’s Lover — which actually makes it what I had hoped A Star’s Lover would be. But it’s not a total smash hit for me, and I’m not completely convinced yet. It’s pleasant, but if it loses the least bit of edge, it could fall into a muddle of mush — so it’s up to the writer to keep the plot moving and the energy up. It could go either way, but I want to think optimistically.

Source: dramabeans.com

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^Aww~ Such glowing praise from javabeans. Can't say I'm surprised. HJM really is one of the few actors who are so good that they elevate anything they're in.

I was reading through the thread, and somehow I missed lisante's news about his Hollywood debut (which isn't listed on Matthew Perry's IMDb page yet, I wonder if it's confirmed?) and shirley's news about his next movie with Uhm JungHwa.

he is indeed superman ^

I KNOW. :wacko: Does he ever sleep?? He's been doing 3~4 projects a year since 2005. (Not that I'm complaining...^^)

I'm pretty excited about him working with UJH again--they had great chemistry in "My Lovely Week" (whose director, Min GyuDong, is again directing them for this omnibus).

Excerpted from KPculture:

Ogamdo - An Introduction

Ogamdo is a star-packed omnibus of five interconnected segments, each directed by a [different] top Korean director. Although the film's main theme is eros, the poster states that it is "a story of more than eros".

See, graze, feel...Ogamdo, a story of more than eros

Title: Ogamdo (오감도)

Genre: Romance/Melodrama

Premiere: July 2009 - "In July, all of your senses will be opened!"

Directors (PDs): Hur/Heo Jin Ho, Byun Hyuk, Yu Young Sik, Oh Ki Hwan, Min Gyoo Dong

Cast: Kim Kang Woo, Cha Soo Yeon, Jang Hyuk, Cha Hyun Jung, Kim Su Ro, Bae Jong Ok, Kim Min Sun, Kim Dong Wook, Jung Eui Chul, Song Joong Ki, Shin Se Gyeong, Lee Si Young, Lee Sung Min, Hwang Jung Min, Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Hyo Jin

Note: They began filming in December 2008 and wrapped on April 7. The 18A film is currently in post-production. Also, the woman in the poster is a body model -- not one of the lead actresses.



Min Gyoo Dong's segment


Uhm Jung Hwa – Jung Ha

Kim Hyo Jin – Na Ru

Hwang Jung Min – Jae In


Jung Ha is shocked enough when her husband, Jae In, dies in a critical car accident -- but even more so when she finds out that he was travelling with his mistress, Jung Ha's hoobae (junior). Following the accident, Na Ru approaches Jung Ha and pledges her unconditional devotion to make up for what happened, and suggests living together...

related links:

[Dramabeans] Ogamdo features love five ways

[Screen Daily] Korea’s Showbox picks up trio ahead of Cannes

And for those who haven't yet, you guys have GOT to watch him on "Family Outing"!! I mean, I love HJM for his acting; didn't really care about his personality offscreen. But he is delightful on FO, I had no idea he had this funny, mischievous side to him. Makes me <333 him all the more. And the show itself is hella entertaining.

Brought to you by


English subbed version of Family Outing episode 40 with Hwang Jung Min

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Brought to you by


English subbed version of Family Outing episode 41 Hwang Jung Min part 2

We are trying a new streaming site cause our youtube was "discovered". Hopefully it doesn't get deleted.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Here's his S-Diary segment on MBC Section TV (Dec 5, 2008):


[Interviewees: HJM, an old teacher of his, Jang HyunSung, "Waikiki Brothers" director Im SoonRye, Im SooJung, Jo JaeHyun]

Also, I've hardsubbed and uploaded his "Twentidentity" short:


이공 (Twentidentity)

2005 Digital Short Project, 20 Short Films from 20 Directors

This was a collection of shorts commissioned by the Korean Film Academy (to alumni directors) to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. [Twitch]



異共 (Under a Big Tree) [MegaUpload]

Director: Park KyungHee

Cast: Hwang JungMin, Chu SangMi (with a cameo from director Im SoonRye)

It captures the anticipation and awkwardness and boredom and unintentional comedy and disappointment and hope of every blind date. :lol:

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WOWOW! :w00t: Truckload of precious HJM sharing all around! :wub: Thanks so much melusine-ssi, well done!

rubie zooms to download Under a Big Tree first! :P I wanted to say he looks like when he was in This Charming Girl.. but no no no.. totally different. :lol:

Definitely a never-ending amazement from this actor! All the way! I'm really glad & happy that Hwang Jung Min will be so much more appreciated with That Fool.

I really admit I was too sceptical before and can't be happier that I am so wrong. :D

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이공 (Twentidentity)

2005 Digital Short Project, 20 Short Films from 20 Directors

This was a collection of shorts commissioned by the Korean Film Academy (to alumni directors) to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. [Twitch]


異共 (Under a Big Tree) [MegaUpload]

Director: Park KyungHee

Cast: Hwang JungMin, Chu SangMi (with a cameo from director Im SoonRye)

It captures the anticipation and awkwardness and boredom and unintentional comedy and disappointment and hope of every blind date. :lol:

I've just seen Under a Big Tree (what an apt title, indeed! ^^) but please let me laugh it out first! laughing.gif

Have never actually seen a Short Film before but this 7-minute story is simply a delight.. totally packed with such awkward anxiety (but sweet moments nonetheless) of first-time-meeting-guy-and-girl on a blind date. I think it's just like what most blind-date couples go through. HJM is simply being that simple guy, all nervous inside trying to break the ice.. and CSM.. such a sweet (silent beauty? not sure how to describe her) but always an effective actress in my eyes. :D

Thanks so much melusine for this wonderful treat, really appreciate the sharing of the clip and well done on the hard-subbing effort, especially. I have no idea on how it's done but truly appreciate the fabulous gesture. rbhcool.gif I wish I could find some clips to share, too. I know HJM's fans would be so happy with this sweet indulge.

Obviously rubes here have not seen that many of HJM's work.. just a few (BSL, Charming Girl, Good Lawyer's Wife, You Are My Sunshine, Happiness.. uhh, what else..) compared to others so this is really an excellent way to know more about the actor. :blush: With him acting in 'That Fool', I'm learning each day about HJM as well. So please don't stop sharing! ^^

Btw.. I'm guessing that it was Dir. Im.. cameo-ing with that huge black dog. :P So funny how the two were terrified by it sniffing around (both still conscious of each other).. I know I would be, too.. heh! :lol:

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May 8, 2009

Domestic movies see increased audience in April: report


SEOUL, May 8 (Yonhap) -- South Korean movies were greeted by an increased number of local audiences last month, a report said Friday, signaling renewed hope for the domestic film industry hit by an ongoing economic downturn and a deluge of Hollywood blockbusters.

Backed by two local box office hits -- "My Girlfriend Isn't an Agent" and "Private Eye" -- domestic movies took up 47.4 percent of the April film market with some 3.7 million in ticket sales, according to CJ CGV, South Korea's largest film distributor and multiplex chain.

The market share of local movies increased by 24.3 percentage points from the same period last year and 9.6 percentage points from March, the report added.

"Private Eye" and "My Girlfriend Isn't an Agent" drew the largest number of moviegoers last month, seeing accumulated ticket sales of 1.8 million and 1 million, respectively.

Credits: hayney@yna.co.kr via yonhapnews.co.kr

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HJM article copied from the Accidental Couple / That Fool thread courtesy Dahee Fanel & kdramafanusa. Thanks to both lovely ladies for the sharing.

A writeup from one of my favorite blogs. I tend to agree with Dahee's choices for quite some time now, similar tastes in dramas/stars. :)

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Behind the Drama

May 1, 2009

‘The Accidental Couple’ in Matching Outfits


Hwang Jeong-min and Kim Ah-joong wearing "couple T-shirts" for "The Accidental Couple"

The new KBS2 drama “The Accidental Couple” has attracted increasing attention by releasing photos of its protagonists Hwang Jeong-min and Kim Ah-joong posing in "couple T-shirts" after it aired the first episode on April 29 amid high expectations. Playing a couple who agree to a six-month contract marriage, the two stars dressed alike in white T-shirts for a scene where they have a picture taken to deceive people into believing they are a couple. They also wore the same green flower print shirts for another scene where they experience an unexpected incident. “My wife and I didn’t wear 'couple T-shirts' even on our honeymoon because I was too ashamed to do such an embarrassing thing,” Hwang said. “It’s still embarrassing, but I enjoyed posing in them. Now I’d like to get a pair of them for my wife and myself.” :lol: The two stars acted so naturally that they looked as if there were real lovers. The shooting took place in Guam, and after the shooting, they reportedly volunteered to pose with local children who came to the location to watch. “The Accidental Couple” is a romantic comedy about an ordinary post office worker and a star actress who sign a contract to be married to each other for six months.

Source: english.kbs.co.kr

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May 6, 2009

What Attracts Viewers in ‘The Accidental Couple’


Hwang Jeong-min (left) playing Gu Dong-baek and Kim Ah-joong playing Han Ji-su


Stills from location shooting in Guam

“The Accidental Couple” finally began airing on April 29 amid high expectations, as it stars Hwang Jeong-min , who is making his TV debut in his 14-year long acting career, and Kim Ah-joong, who is returning to TV dramas after a three-year hiatus. A comedy romance about a star actress and an ordinary man who signs a six-month marriage deal, the drama has been drawing attention due to Hwang’s vivid portrayal of a naive, genuine character named Gu Dong-baek. His acting is so natural that it makes viewers smile spontaneously and warms their hearts. :wub:

Viewers are also excited to see Kim Ah-joong play high-profile star Han Ji-su because she--well-known for her nearly perfect figure--will be able to display her sharp sense of fashion. Already in the first and second episodes alone, she has appeared in some 20 different outfits. Another reason expectations have run high for the drama is that it is written by Jung Jin-yeong and Kim Eui-chan, who are known to have a great sense of humor and have significant experience in writing sitcoms, and is directed by Ki Min-su, who is famous for his affectionate yet intense direction.

The two writers said that they initially conceived the idea for the drama in the winter of 2002, but because the trend then was to feature a rich “prince” as the male protagonist, they found it hard to write a story about an ordinary man. “We are so pleased to finally get a chance to create such a character,” they added. “And the drama does not intend to focus on a top star, so it will be more entertaining if viewers try to find out how different Han Ji-soo is from other actresses in other dramas.” Another attraction is the harmony between the supporting actors and actresses including Ju Sang-wook, Baek Sung-hyun, Lee Chung-a, Jeon Mi-seon, and Kim Kwang-kyu. Singer Lee Soo-young also made her acting debut through the drama. Dealing with romance that any ordinary person could dream of, “The Accidental Couple” is aired on KBS2 TV on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Source: english.kbs.co.kr

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