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its quite widely known that LJG is beyond nice and approachable to his fans. but i would also like to point out that his fandom is exceptional in a lot of ways, which explains why he is always so nice

Something to brighten up the mood  Got this nice Japanese magazine with Joon Gi on the cover as well as the Japanese DVD for MLSHR, both with long and interesting interviews of the MLSHR cast.

OMG! The 4th prince has his own thread! I discovered it by accident! I love him since friday, the day i started watching SHR. It started with this scene: then it intensified by infinity beca

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14 hours ago, pixelsticks said:

caliber drama that matches JG's caliber!  A happy JG fan indeed!

Well said. 

and he is getting a lot of praise for his acting and lots of new fans too- very happy for him!


@pixelsticks thanks for explaining  the meaning of that word!

@violina sweetness overload:wub:

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6 hours ago, violina said:

Talking about sweetness overload. I cant choose which one i like the most:)

1) Lover

2) Chef

I also think being a metal craftsman suits him.


I was so looking forward to the shots of him working on metal!!  Hope there are more!


8 hours ago, Tuiwgn said:


@pixelsticks thanks for explaining  the meaning of that word!


 You are welcome.  I loved Wang So when he uttered that phrase!


8 hours ago, violina said:

Agree.I mean just look:fullofhearts:                               


He's almost too perfect...except for that nagging Schizophrenic/unknown diagnosis/serial murderer accusation. :blink:



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Lee Joon Gi And Moon Chae Won Are On A Tense Search In “Flower Of Evil”




Flower of Evil” has shared intriguing new stills for the show’s next episode!


The tvN drama is a suspenseful thriller starring Lee Joon Gi as Baek Hee Sung, a man who hides his past and pretends to love his wife, Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won). When detective Cha Ji Won begins to suspect that her husband may be a serial killer, the couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face.


In the new stills, Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won are first heading together to a mysterious place that appears to show no traces of other people. With her flashlight in hand, Cha Ji Won’s expression makes it clear that she’s determined to track down even the tiniest of clues. Meanwhile, Baek Hee Sung looks uneasy.





When they get inside and look around the location, there’s a chilling atmosphere around the pair. The photos are giving fans goosebumps because of the creepy aura of the place, but they’ve also made everyone curious about what Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won are looking for together so intently.


There’s a strained tension between the couple as they pretend everything is fine while really hiding the truth, with Cha Ji Won knowing Baek Hee Sung’s identity and Baek Hee Sung hoping she’s completely unaware. Cha Ji Won had once looked at Baek Hee Sung with only love in her eyes, but she now fixes him with a penetrating stare as though she’s trying to see inside to glimpse his real self.


On top of questions about what this place is and why the couple is there, fans are also curious to find out if Baek Hee Sung will be able to keep up his act with her while they’re there and if she’ll be able continue pretending she doesn’t know the truth about her husband.






Viewers around the world will be checking out the episode to see what happens next in their relationship after Pandora’s box opened and put everything in doubt.


Episode 7 of “Flower of Evil” airs on August 19 at 10:50 p.m. KST.


Catch up with the latest episode below!



Watch Now





Source (1) / soompi news


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‘Flower of Evil’: Lee Joon Gi proves once again the “Lee Joon Gi = Blood, sweat, tears” equation [Star Watch]


Masterful actor who shines even more brightly when he sheds ‘blood, sweat, and tears.’ Lee Joon Gi, once again, proves this equation is correct.


Who else could possibly play characters with so many stories to tell, such as those in ‘Iljimae,’ ‘Two Weeks,’ and ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,’ as brilliantly as Lee Joongi does? That’s why the name ‘Lee Joon Gi’ always has this “Lee Joon Gi is blood, sweat, and tears” epithet attached to it. It literally means, the more Lee Joon Gi sheds blood, sweat, and tears in his drama, the better his acting skills and the quality of his work get.


His new role, Do Hyun Soo, in tvN’s Wed/Thurs drama ‘Flower of Evil’ fits Lee Joon Gi perfectly like a glove. He plays a suspect in a murder case from the past and is suspected of having antisocial personality disorder.


A fugitive who doesn’t end his life as it is but goes on to steal someone else’s identity. A person of tenacity who doesn’t hesitate to lock up and threaten someone to protect his peaceful present life. It is not an overstatement to say this is the character, awash with blood, sweat, and tears, created just for Lee Joon Gi. It feels like a second skin for the actor.


Through ‘Flower of Evil,’ Lee Joongi has more than proven his worth. Above all, it is those instantaneously changing looks in his eyes that have helped the actor’s acting shine through. Although he plays a character that does not know how to feel, Lee Joongi draws on his signature micro-expressions to show different looks in his eyes when interacting with different characters, such as those who know his past and those important to him, whom he wants to protect. Conveying to viewers the feelings of a character who does not know how to feel – it is the kind of mature, interior acting that only Lee Joongi can do.


‘Flower of Evil’ is even more special because it allows us to see as much of Lee Joongi’s contemporary melodramatic performance as we want. Lee Joongi has preferred stories about heroes in historical dramas and genre dramas, so when he came back in the public eye with this unfamiliar genre ‘suspense melodrama,’ people were skeptical: How could this unique experiment of blending suspense with melodrama make viewers excited? But nothing is impossible for Lee Joongi. Viewers now cannot tell whether they get their hearts pounding because of the tension created by the extremely suspenseful situations, or they get their hearts pounding because of the desperate melodrama that only Lee Joongi can create. Finally, viewers are seeing Lee Joongi’s deep, melodramatic performance after such a long wait. This fact alone has definitely helped to get viewers emotionally invested.


Also worthy of note is Lee Joongi’s more mature performance as a father. Back in 2013, in MBC drama ‘Two Weeks,’ Lee Joongi already played a father. He was still young back then, but he brilliantly pulled off his role Jang Tae San, who devotes himself to saving his daughter diagnosed with leukemia, leaving an indelible impression on viewers. This time, in ‘Flower of Evil,’ Lee Joongi plays a more loving, more perfect father to daughter Baek Eun Ha (Jung Seoyeon). Even though he does not know what kind of feeling ‘love’ is, Lee Joongi, as a dad who loves his daughter without realizing it, has touched viewers. For each character he has played, he has grown; even in his father roles, he has continuously evolved.


However, the most special about his performance here are those scenes of ‘blood, sweat, and tears,’ which is just an epithet made for Lee Joongi. By a stroke of fate, Heeseong wants to protect his wife Jiwon, but also as a fugitive, finds himself face-to-face with his detective wife. The scenes, where Lee Joongi runs and rolls yet again to delay the confrontation as long as possible, remind us of Lee Soo-hyun in MBC drama ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf,’ which was such a sensation when it aired. ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’ instantly turned Lee Joongi, who was closer to the ‘pretty body’ image, into ‘Actor Lee Joon Gi.’ Will ‘Flower of Evil’ be another work that can help Lee Joongi further evolve in such a positive way? Viewers are now filled with anticipation.


Earlier, during the Flower of Evil press conference, Lee Joongi said working on this project had made him think a lot about his own capacity: whether or not he has the capacity to portray the pain inside his character as the head of a family, a husband, and a person obsessed with hiding the truth. But if you watch even a single episode of ‘Flower of Evil,’ you will soon realize: The genre of ‘Flower of Evil’ could not exist without Lee Joongi. Doesn’t it make you think this actor even has the virtue of humility? I can’t wait to see how much Lee Joongi can broaden the spectrum of genre dramas.




Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000315563

Translation: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/allaboutjoongi

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4 Things We Loved & 1 Thing We Hated About Episodes 5 & 6 Of “Flower Of Evil”




With the halfway mark around the corner, “Flower of Evil” is not wasting time pulling out all the stops. The deadly truth about Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) and Do Hyun Soo was revealed this week, and Cha Ji Won’s (Moon Chae Won) search for the truth has finally begun. Packed with thrilling action sequences, fluttery first kisses, and more, here are the things we loved and hated about episodes 5 and 6.


Warning: spoilers for the episodes below. 



LOVED: The mystery surrounding Do Hae Soo

So far there hasn’t been much of a reveal about Hee Sung’s estranged sister Do Hae Soo (Jang Hee Jin). Although she claims not to know anything about her father’s crimes and the whereabouts of her brother, there is definitely more to her than meets the eye. In episode 5, she has a chilling interaction with one of the reporters that have crowded around her home. While she appears timid and apologizes to them saying she has no information to offer, one reporter tries to goad her to come out by saying he can tell she is pretty. Her eyes immediately ice over, and they stare at each other for a paused moment as the reporter’s smile fades.


Just before this scene, it is revealed that she is the one who gave Jung Mi Sook’s matching keychain with Park Kyung Choon (Yoon Byung Hee) to Hee Sung. While he says someone gave it to her at the funeral in episode 6, we only have his word to go by as the flashback of this scene doesn’t indicate how she received it.


These scenes together make you wonder, could she be a killer like her father? Usually, when the psychology of a killer’s child is explored in dramas, the narrative always points to the son. While “Flower of Evil” is no exception given that Hee Sung’s character is used as a vessel for this topic, it’s awesome that they may possibly explore it with Hae Soo as well. Hopefully within the next few episodes, we will get to learn more about her character and what part she played in the past.

LOVED: Cha Ji Won and Baek Hee Sung’s flashback scene in spring

Despite the life-changing secret that lies between Hee Sung and Ji Won, every week their scenes seem to reaffirm Hee Sung’s declaration that they were made for each other. Their flashback scenes provide a lot of insight into their relationship, and the flashback from these episodes has to be the best one to date.

Ji Won is still going strong in her pursuit to win Hee Sung over as he pushes her away. While he tells her all the reasons she shouldn’t be interested, she tells him he only has one problem: that he can’t see himself the way she sees him. She tells him that she will love and support him and help him learn things that he doesn’t know. She briefly kisses him after her confession, and this causes Hee Sung’s hallucination of his father to disappear. After they break apart, Hee Sung kisses her more passionately than before.



This scene really shows how their characters have seemingly come and fit together over the years despite Hee Sung’s deception. Ji Won is the first person who has so openly embraced him and showed him the love and support that he didn’t get from the people in his hometown. While he’s used to everyone assuming he’s a monster, Ji Won doesn’t see him that way. Despite his claims of not feeling any emotion, you can tell that Hee Sung is moved deeply by Ji Won when he goes in for another kiss. It’s very endearing and makes his lies feel even more poignant. How could he deceive someone who he clearly cares so deeply for? In turn, this scene also speaks to Ji Won’s optimism and determination. As the narrative has reinforced, she believes the evidence that she sees. Instead of assuming the worst about Hee Sung when he confesses about the darker parts of him, she offers other solutions. Ji Won is helpful, intelligent, kind, optimistic, and empathetic, and it’s these intrinsic traits that she shows off at any given moment that also speak to her capabilities as a detective. This also pairs nicely with our next love: her investigation of the truth.

LOVED: Ji Won discovering the truth and investigating Hee Sung

The best part about episodes 5 and 6 is the range of emotions that Moon Chae Won displays as she acts out Ji Won’s reactions to Hee Sung’s kidnapping, near-death experience, and confession of his true identity. Moon Chae Won effortlessly delivers the exasperation, worry, agony, and anger that Ji Won feels all at once during these scenes. The most pivotal scene that connects all of her reactions together is when Ji Won discovers who her husband really is.

After regaining a periodic moment of consciousness in his hypothermic state, Hee Sung admits his true identity to Ji Won, who he is hallucinating to be Hae Soo. The scene comes right after a confrontational scene between Ji Won and Hee Sung where Ji Won admits that he can never know what she went through in the past 10 days when he was unconscious. What makes these scenes even more noteworthy is that Ji Won doesn’t hesitate to begin an investigation of her own. She takes forensics equipment from her office, heads home, and like a total badass, breaks into the cellar in her husband’s workspace and checks for blood.


It’s commendable that Ji Won is the first one to find out the truth. Usually in dramas when there is a secret detrimental to a relationship, the person it will hurt the most will be the last to find out. Earlier in the episodes, viewers discover that Yoon Sang Pil (Im Chul Hyung) has always been wary of Hee Sung. The show easily could’ve let him discover the truth and have to decide whether or not to tell Ji Won. However, “Flower of Evil” defies these expectations and lets Ji Won take charge. She’s intelligent, cunning, and determined to get to the truth. Unlike everyone else in the drama who has been quick to determine Hee Sung as an emotionless killer, Ji Won knows there has to be more than what meets the eye given the relationship he has with their daughter. Despite her close ties with the case, she seems like the perfect detective for it. Instead of jumping in impulsively to deliver the wrath of justice, she vows to scope out the most fitting punishment. She’s such a well-rounded character and it’s really gratifying to watch.

LOVED: Hee Sung’s confrontation with Park Kyung Choon

If there’s anything that “Flower of Evil” proves every week, it’s that it knows how to keeps viewers guessing. While last week the narrative cast large doubts on whether or not Hee Sung is a murderer, this week has you holding your breath once again. A thrilling and cunning scene this week is the confrontation Hee Sung shares with Park Kyung Choon.

With instructions from his faux father Baek Man Woo (Son Jong Hak), Hee Sung disguises himself to get into Kyung Choon’s room. While the doctors say Kyung Choon is unresponsive despite his successful surgery, it is quickly revealed that he faked it knowing that Hee Sung would come to kill him. Poised with a syringe at his IV drip, Hee Sung and Kyung Choon begin to continue their conversation about Mi Sook’s murder. Kyung Choon admits that he had doubts about if Hee Sung was truly the murderer, while Hee Sung asks what it felt like when Kyung Choon learned about Mi Sook’s death.


This scene keeps you guessing the whole time. The way their conversation is spliced against the scene of the detective rushing back after realizing he left Kyung Choon in the hands of a killer is genius and makes the reveal that he isn’t dying even more satisfying. Much like Mu Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) and Hee Sung last week, these two come together and form an unlikely alliance. Now that Kyung Choon knows that Hee Sung isn’t a killer, it will be interesting to see how he pursues the truth. While it may be difficult due to his imminent incarceration, this probably won’t be the last we see of him. Hee Sung’s question about Mi Sook’s death is also a very memorable part of this scene. It all pairs neatly against his scenes with Ji Won, as despite the tension that is rising in their relationship, he is trying his best to understand her. The dynamics in the show become even more tangled every week and keep viewers itching for more.

HATED: Baek Man Woo encouraging Hee Sung to kill

If there’s one thing that viewers are beaten over the head with every week, it’s how little faith most of the characters have in Hee Sung not being just like his father. Worried that his secrets may come to light due to Hee Sung’s predicament, Baek Man Woo wastes no time in suggesting to Hee Sung that they need to get rid of Park Kyung Choon. He already has everything planned out, and all Hee Sung has to do is agree and carry out the mission.


This scene is striking because Man Woo comes off to be just as despicable as the person he believes Hee Sung to be. Watching this scene brings about the same question Hee Sung asked—why doesn’t Man Woo just kill Kyung Choon himself? He already has a detailed plan and has no sense of hesitation for the plan to be put into motion, so what makes him so different from someone who will commit the crime? He just comes across as pompous, and it’s hard to watch. However, while Man Woo’s behavior is annoying to watch, it does also add to why “Flower of Evil” is entertaining. Every week, the drama asks viewers to consider morality and the roles other people have when another life is taken.


Catch the episodes below: 


Watch Now



credit : Soompi News


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Jang Hee Jin Is In Tears As She Reunites With Brother Lee Joon Gi In “Flower Of Evil”




Flower of Evil” has shared a glimpse of Jang Hee Jin and Lee Joon Gi’s touching reunion in the upcoming episode!


The tvN drama is a suspenseful thriller starring Lee Joon Gi as Baek Hee Sung, a man who hides his past as Do Hyun Soo, the son of a serial killer, and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won). When detective Cha Ji Won begins to suspect that her husband may be a serial killer, the couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face.


In the drama, Jang Hee Jin plays Do Hae Soo, the daughter of a serial killer and Do Hyun Soo’s sister.



In the previous episode, Do Hae Soo confessed she was the killer behind the murder case of the village head Kang Kyung Ri and warned the reporter Kim Moo Jin (Seo Hyun Woo), who is also her first love, to stop bothering Do Hyun Soo.

In the new stills, Do Hyun Soo and Do Hae Soo share a tight hug. Do Hyun Soo’s face is stoic and cold, but his embrace is reassuring, and Do Hae Soo is in tears as she finally reunites with her brother after 18 long years.





The two siblings sit down for a serious discussion in a private space. Do Hae Soo’s eyes are wide as she stares at her brother, and Do Hyun Soo looks ahead of him with a calm yet firm expression. Viewers are eager to find out the truth of their secretive past.




The next episode of “Flower of Evil” will air on August 20 at 10:50 p.m. KST.


Catch up with the latest episode below!



Watch Now





Source (1) / soompi news


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*** On August 20, which was the latest EP of "Flower of Evil" achieved its highest viewership ratings so far. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of the drama scored an average nationwide rating of 3.9 percent, marking a new personal record for the drama. :blush: This is a MUST-SEE drama! The drama deserves this. "Flower of Evil" is now at the half way mark and each episode just keeps getting better. I'm glad..... so good to see that this drama's ratings are rising. :grin:

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Lee Junki and Moon Chaewon Made Headlines with an Intense Bed Scene in 'Flower of Evil'




Lee Junki and Moon Chaewon have become the talk of the town for their intense bed scene in the drama. 


The August 19th episode of the ongoing drama 'Flower of Evil' features a bed scene of its lead actors Lee Junki and Moon Chaewon. It was when the two spent the night together. Cha Jiwon (played by Moon Chaewon) and Baek Heesung (played by Lee Junki) are in love. However, Cha Jiwon started to hesitate as she suspects Baek Heesung of being a serial killer in a cold case.







Soon after the episode aired, Lee Junki and Moon Chaewon have topped search engines in South Korea and trended on social media and online communities. Several fans' comments read "Lee Junki is so good at bed scenes," "I love their chemistry," "The drama is getting more intense from episode to episode," and more.


Check out the video below to find out more!




'Flower of Evil' drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:50 P.M KST. Are you following the drama, ladies and gentlemen?




Source: [Youtube] tvN DRAMA

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'tvN DRAMA' Screenshot

article source : https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2020/08/20/lee-junki-and-moon-chaewon-made-headlines-with-an-intense-bed-scene-in-flower-of-evil-375340


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6 Actors Who have Blown our Minds with Their Roles as a Transgender in Dramas/Films




These actors have no limits in acting. 


Despite the fact that transgender is still taboo to some extent in South Korea, these actors do not hesitate to challenge themselves playing as one in front of cameras. They portray the role of a transgender and successfully capture hearts with their acting skills.


Without further ado, check out who they are in the list below! (note that actors who play as a transgender in musicals are not included)



Lee Junki - The King and the Clown






(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2020/08/20/6-actors-who-have-blown-our-minds-with-their-roles-as-a-transgender-in-dramas-films-375328

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10 interesting things to know about Korean actor Lee Joon-gi




Korean actor Lee Joon-gi is finally back on the small screen with new drama Flower of Evil. Playing a craftsman who appears to be the ideal husband, he is hiding a dark past and his true identity. His wife, a homicide detective played by actress Moon Chae-won, discovers the deception and starts to pursue the truth.

The thriller drama is a hit in South Korea and receiving praise for the incredibly tense plot and Joon-gi’s spine-chilling performance. If you can’t get enough of the talented actor, here are 10 interesting things to know about him. 


He started out as a model


The handsome actor made his debut as a model for fashion brand So Basic and shot an advertisement with top actress Kim Hee-sun and actor Kang Dong-won. In an interview with MBC’s Section TV, he described the actress as a “goddess” and shared that when the billboard was up, he would go and look at it every weekend.

He beat 3,000 actors for his role in The King and the Clown


Joon-gi’s role as a beautiful and effeminate street clown in the highly acclaimed historical film propelled him to fame and boosted his popularity throughout Asia. On an episode of variety show Knowing Bros, Joon-gi shared that the tough audition process took a month and he had to compete with 3,000 actors because the story was based on a famous play. In order to stand out, he did a handstand and split his legs at the end of his audition. The move not just made a deep impression, it even made it into a scene in the movie.

He is a martial arts expert


The actor may have a “flower boy” image but he is well-known for being talented in various martial arts. He seldom needs a stunt double for his action scenes and has been called South Korea’s ‘Top Action Star’. Besides being passionate about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, he also has black belts in Taekwondo, Hapkido and traditional Korean martial art Taekkyeon. For his previous dramas, he also learned Parkour, Thai kickboxing, and Systema, a Russian martial art.

He is the proud owner of adorable Chihuahuas


The dog lover revealed his Chihuahuas “Ggabi” and “Jjoonie” on Korean reality show My Ear’s Candy in 2017. Besides showing off how cute they were, he also got the dogs to show off their training by performing tricks such as lying down and playing dead.

He is passionate about music


While it’s not uncommon for Korean actors to show off their singing chops on drama soundtracks and songs dedicated to fans, Joon-gi enjoys singing and dancing and has been consistently releasing his own music since 2006. He has also gone on Asia-wide tours and fan meetings to perform for fans. On variety show Knowing Bros, the actor revealed that he had dreamed of being a singer when he was young. He went for many auditions and even auditioned at SM Entertainment, home to girl group Girls’ Generation, but did not make the cut.

He was in a musical with Kingdom actor Joo Ji-hoon


The two suave actors, who are of the same age, met each other in the army for the first time and co-starred in the military musical Voyage of Life. During the musical’s press conference, Ji-hoon said that although he thought Joon-gi would have a hard time because he was the last to join the cast and had the lowest rank, his outgoing personality helped him to get along well with the people around him.

He got cast in a Hollywood movie thanks to a YouTube video


The Korean star appeared in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as the villain Commander Lee. Director Paul W.S. Anderson was reportedly so taken with Joon-gi’s stunt skills and charismatic gaze after watching a fan-made YouTube video of him in various action scenes, that he reached out to his agency to offer him a role without an audition. He also won praise from leading lady Milla Jovovich who was impressed that he did all of his own stunts without using any wires and called him a “scene stealer” during an interview with KBS’s Entertainment Weekly.

He is extremely supportive of his co-stars


Joon-gi is friends with many of his co-stars and loves to show his support for them. He is known for attending singer IU’s concerts after starring with her in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryo, and was last seen at her 2019 concert. He also had a cameo appearance in her drama Hotel del Luna, and they have sent food trucks to each other’s filming sets. Joon-gi and fellow cast member Byun Baek-hyun, who is a member of EXO, also became good friends and he went to a few of the K-pop group’s concerts. Recently, he sent a food truck to the set of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay to cheer on Seo Yea-ji, whom he worked with on Lawless Lawyer.

He performed on stage despite getting 50 stitches on his forehead


During the final rehearsal for the army musical Voyage of Life, Joon-gi hit his head on a steel structure and had to be rushed to the hospital hours before the show started. Although it was a serious injury which required 50 stitches, he didn’t want to disappoint his fans who had bought tickets. He pressed on and performed during the opening night with bandages on his head. After returning to the hospital after the show,  he only rested for one day before returning to the stage.

He hopes to work with Ha Ji-won one day


The charming actor has acted in numerous films and dramas and worked with many leading ladies. During an interview on Section TV to promote drama Lawless Lawyer, Joon-gi was asked who he would like to work with next. He replied that he has always wanted to work with A-list actress Ha Ji-won, as he thinks that he would be able to learn a lot from her.



This article was first published in Her World Online



credit : https://www.herworld.com/gallery/life/entertainment/lee-joon-gi-facts/



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22 hours ago, willenette said:

Lee Junki and Moon Chae Won Made Headlines with an Intense Bed Scene in 'Flower of Evil'

Talk about bed scene:lol:

Watch this:


‘Flower of Evil’: Lee Joongi tops Most Buzzworthy Drama Actors chart … Undoubtedly reliable actor

Lee Joongi has topped the Most Buzzworthy Drama Actors chart.

Demonstrating his power as a masterful actor in tvN’s Wed/Thurs drama ‘Flower of Evil,’ actor Lee Joongi has also proven his everlasting popularity by topping the buzzworthy actors chart.


Lee Joongi ranked at #1 on the ‘Most Buzzworthy Drama Actors’ chart posted by Good Data Corporation for the 2nd week of August, 2020, four places up from last week. The increasingly more thrilling story and Lee Joongi’s top-notch performance that adds three-dimensionality to the protagonist’s narrative have created synergy perfectly.


As it nears the midpoint of the series, ‘Flower of Evil’ has made drama fans wild with excitement with the story unfolding at a breakneck pace and solid directing. Also, as Do Hyunsoo’s past gradually unveils itself, anticipation as to what will happen is reaching its peak.


The acting skills of Lee Joongi, who is leading the drama by depicting the narrative of the protagonist Do Hyunsoo with his detailed performance, is also among the reasons you must watch ‘Flower of Evil.’ Early on, he effortlessly shifted between Baek Heeseong, a loving and caring family man, and Do Hyunsoo, who’s lacking in emotion. Recently, Lee Joongi has perfectly portrayed the psychological complexity of Do Hyunsoo, immersing viewers in the story.


As they follow the story led by Lee Joongi, viewers are getting further hooked into ‘Flower of Evil.’ Just as its description ‘intense emotional chase thriller’ suggests, the viewers find themselves identifying with the wide range of emotions that our protagonist feels. Lee Joongi is delivering a harmonious blend of wide-ranging emotions: from dark and heavy emotions, as expected from this suspense genre, to heartwarming feelings like love and excitement that you’d expect to see in the melodrama genre. His performance takes viewers by surprise by reminding them of his unlimited range as an actor.


Earning acclaim as a successful marriage between a well-made drama and this masterful actor, ‘Flower of Evil’ has begun its second chapter. Viewers are looking forward to seeing how Lee Joongi’s character will overcome his crisis.


tvN’s Flower of Evil, led by Lee Joongi and Moon Chaewon airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:50 p.m.




Source: 1


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1 hour ago, violina said:

Talk about bed scene:lol:

Watch this:

@violina, that was an awesome clip, thank you for sharing. Judging from the short hair, it must be shortly after he was discharged from military service? Well, well, after all these years,  he finally got to do a HOT bed scene ....:evilelmo:  and with MCW too. Didn't he said something like " It's such a waste not having romance scene with MCW" during Criminal Minds filming ,hehehe


I am over the moon that his great acting skills are being acknowledged  and praised. :happydance:


@willenette thank you for updating JG's  page:foryou:

On 8/21/2020 at 8:43 PM, willenette said:

6 Actors Who have Blown our Minds with Their Roles as a Transgender in Dramas/Films

To me, LJG's portrayal of Gong Gil is in a class of its own. He breathed life into this character through emotions and feelings without any need for heavy makeup . I don't think anyone else can play this role better than him. 

Just like all the characters he portrayed, , he made everyone his own.

And again , I have to say this - he is phenomenal in Flower of Evil...



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More news on JG's popularity:


'The Flower of Evil' Lee Joon Gi's  Hallyu star power





Excerpts from the article  ( by google translate):


"Recently, Lee Joon Gi was ranked at the top of the popular search rankings on China's leading portal sites and SNS, and attracted great attention. First, on China's largest portal site Baidu (BAIDU), Lee Joon Gi showed the potential of the original Hallyu star, ranking first in the popularity ranking of Korean actors and second in the global star rankings including China. In addition, on social media that are popular around the world, such as Weibo and TikTok, he also proved his influence that is expanding globally by rising to the second place in real-time search terms and the first place in the Korean actor ranking."


"The worldwide interest in Lee Joon Gi can be seen by the most recent advertisements conducted by overseas fans. Before the air of'Evil Flower', fans from various countries gathered to support Lee Joon Gi and conducted advertisements in various ways throughout Seoul. In particular, as the news that the fan base has been globally formed beyond Asia, such as China, Japan, and Hong Kong, to Europe and the United States, his popularity across borders was reaffirmed and attracted  much attention."



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Watch: Lee Joon Gi Showcases Unique Chemistry With Each Of His Female Co-Stars On Set Of “Flower Of Evil”





The cast of tvN’s “Flower of Evil” showed off their amazing chemistry in a new making-of video!


The clip starts off with Lee Joon Gi and child actress Jung Seo Yeon, who plays his daughter in the drama, working together to film the scene where they enjoy breakfast together. Even though she’s full, she continuously drinks orange juice for the scene, and her diligent efforts make the cast and crew break into loving smiles. The director gently lets her know she can stop drinking it, and Lee Joon Gi bursts into laughter. To help the child actress relax, he makes finger hearts with her, and she beams warmly in excitement.




Of course, Lee Joon Gi also has sky-rocketing chemistry with his lead co-star Moon Chae Won. The two arrive at the dark, creepy film set, and while waiting for filming to start, the actress mumbles her lines to herself. Lee Joon Gi, who is sitting behind her, makes playful motions behind her and even moves closer to hear what she’s saying.




Next, Lee Joon Gi films with Jang Hee Jin, who plays his older sister in the drama. Instead of going to her right away, the actor gives her some space and comments, “Jang Hee Jin is in deep concentration right now. The actresses in our drama are always so focused. They don’t play along with my jokes.”


Finally, the two actors come together to rehearse. They discuss how they should act out their tearful reunion, but Jang Hee Jin ends up cracking up because of Lee Joon Gi’s silliness. Then he helps her find the best camera angle and jokes, “They need to be able to film your beautiful tears,” making her chuckle once more.






Watch the full video below!



“Flower of Evil” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:50 p.m. KST.


Check out the latest episode here:



Watch Now



credit : soompi news


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*** Entertainment behemoth CJ ENM ― which owns multiple channels including tvN, OCN and Mnet ― will temporarily halt shooting some dramas and entertainment programs due to a flare-up in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Korea. They decided to stop filming tvN and OCN's dramas from Aug. 24-31 for the safety of the cast and crew. I think due to this there will be a change in the air date of ongoing series, 'Flower of Evil' . Wait & see........... :anguished:

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