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NAMOOACTORS- update on Instagram...

...and a very beautiful album posted by NAMOOACTORS


Google Translation: in Spoiler 




Lee Jun Ki "Everything that shines in white is for you"

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Tree Ect


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2019.05.08. 14:003,225 reads







Lee Jun Ki actor prepared for fans
For Us Reveal the scene of the music video shoot!


The actor Lee Jun-ki who is waiting before shooting


I was not the beauty of this world !!!!! 


This is not the beauty of the human world !!!!!!!! 
(Very excited)


is obvious that you are surprised to see that the letters written on disposable cutlery are amazing ,,, ☆

This is for you. It's all for you to 
shine white 

Like a part of the lyrics of For Us


Real 'shining white' dad ,,, ☆


It's all for me ,,,? 
Is that it ,,,?




White and shining eoppa 
I want to have more than !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sticker image

Yeah Yeah ~ Calm down ~ Your dad has acquired the terminology of the human world Insea + LV.2


Lesson Jesus less !!!!!! Here you go! 
I have 38 months. (Excited again)


Oh, no.


Statue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sticker image

It was a statue in the Louvre !!!!!!!!! 
Daddy's face is a masterpiece .
It's not a legend, it's a legend, so 
you do not have to go to a museum! !!!!!!!!!!

Sticker image

Title: Elf of Earth

No one has taught me ... 
Anyone who has ever 
felt the sincerity of someone taught me to 
shine brightly everywhere 

Eoppa never know what yodyeong statues are 
professionals and to immerse themselves in the music video shoot


I also acquired human keyboard skills 
+ LV.3


Look a few times, 
always new and always the thrill eoppa yodyeong 


I am so handsome that I am 
crying my hair . I cry. ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ


I am in the shape of my father who is monitoring it. ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ


Jeunjjeu or lug ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ 
eoppa spilled on distressed tears this stream flows into the 
River accomplished the waters flow into 
the earth as overflow  handsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I do not know what to do .


Filled with a warm heart for the fans paensong For Us


good person, a good actor Lee Jun-gi, who approaches fans more closely than anyone else :)

All I see is that 
we're together.

It was a 
shooting scene of For Us music video of actor Lee Joon-gi , 
* _ *


I'll even go crying here ㅠㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ 
Hvar eongeong ,,,,,, ☆ ★ US behind the For the music video here!  



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On 5/6/2019 at 8:02 AM, happyfanlgx said:




Hi happyfanlgx, he had silver streaked hair during this tour. He's got super trendy hair. Love it! He looks so good with that hair. It seems that he enjoys performing live. He's always so good at entertaining his fans. He has that good singing voice, too!  :P Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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On 5/10/2019 at 8:26 AM, happyfanlgx said:

Japanese always appreciated JG and his work

This drama is indeed a very good one

Thats nice:).But the actor will have to have great chemistry with the child actress for it to be a successful adaptation..These two were the soul of the drama.They have to find a very good actress like lee chae mi.






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''I learned more by training with my master and more advanced people ~

Thank you I need to practice more modestly ~~ I want to increase it, I want to increase it ~

I hope all of you have a healthy day ~~'' (Google Translate)


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Beautiful article 




  • 2019-05-14 



The article is a bit long and written in Chinese 
Google Translation in spoiler

''Human poisoning" to Lee Jun Ki, all the beauty in the world has no boundaries

  • 2019-05-14
  • u=3394359512,1333156053&fm=173&app=49&f=JPEG?w=640&h=909&s=522AF34AFCEA2E1791A000310300C0D2
Marriage "The Man of the King" theme song
04:24 from the night scholar

If you want to recommend a national treasure actor among Korean actors, my answer is Lee Jun Ki! After all, his sultry Danfeng scorpion contained six in eight. When I saw him, it was as if I saw 10,000 springs blossoming together - the strength of beauty, the bones of heroes, the NO.1 in my heart!

“National Treasure” is the treasure of a country, referring to the precious material or non-material that bears the meaning of the country. The national treasure actor should be an actor who has outstanding influence in the entertainment industry, and even at the cultural output level, can represent the image of the country to some extent. Although the Korean film and television entertainment industry is developed, there are not many actors who are truly qualified for “national treasure”. The benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom. My reasons are as follows:


First, "the brand of the times" "The man of the king" | National treasure actor, must have national treasure works

The height of the "national treasure" actor, even in the country, is difficult for future generations. The actor Lee Jun Ki, with only one piece of work, is enough to stand out from the crowd. That is - "The Man of the King" who created the peak of Korean movie viewing history!

On December 29, 2005, "Wang Nan" was the first record on the day of the premiere. The audience rushed to catch up with "Tai Chi Flag Flying", which lasted 112 days and ended the final statistical day. The total national box office was 12.3 million 2831 times, creating a movie history of Korean movies. . At present, the South Korean box office NO.1's "Ming Liang Hai Battle" was 17.61 million 4679 person-times, two pieces separated by 9 years, but the box office gap is no different.

"Wang Nan" won seven awards such as "The 42nd Korea Baixiang Art Award" and the "Best Art of the 43rd Korea Film Award". At that time, President Roh Moo-hyun, former President Kim Dae-jung, and the Grand National Party representative Park Geun-hye and others all watched the movie in the theater. Shocking the country, sweeping Asia, affecting the world, before and after, no Korean movie has such a social impact!


The film is not innocent, and the performance is not perfect. Even in the era when the star is the box office guarantee, "The Man of the King" has no big stars to sit on, without hindering it to become a good movie with soul! The legendary "Wang Man", the red director and all starring. Among them, Lee Jun Ki, a newcomer who inspires the world's aesthetics, is the best gift for the world beyond the artistic value of the film!

A "Wang Nan" is enough, but he also has "One Plum", "Time for Dogs and Wolfs", "Two Weeks", "Korean Sharpshooter", "Night Scholar", "Step by Step", " Wu Lawyer! In the Korean entertainment circle, the trend is steady. It is because his selection of eyes is not only unique and never about money. The work can conquer the aesthetically demanding audience from the connotation and depth, and it is amazing time!

From 2005 to 2019, the phenomenal movie "The Man of the King" had been through the whole thirteen years, and the reputation of the movie was still TOP10, and the starring Lee Jun Ki was still a shining Korean star. Just ask this is not enough "national treasure"!


Second, "acting is faith" Oscar's covenant | national treasure actor, must have national treasure level acting

It is both a hero and a beauty, a hero's liver and gallbladder, and a beautiful skeleton. There is no woman to do anything, and the "Almighty Li actor" who does not have a man anything, does not let him be "acting"!

When it comes to acting, I can't help but mention "Kongji." "Kongji" is the soul of "Wang Nan". Cheng also Kong Ji, defeated Kong Ji, it is this neutral beauty role is too successful, so that the "Taekwondo boy" Lee Jun Ki posted the "mother" label of the flower man, so that he to tear off the label, thirteen Years of persistence in the use of life rather than the use of the value of acting, become the living legend of the Korean entertainment circle!

The water lotus-like Kong Ji is a living proof of Li Junji’s acting in fact the “Busan’s big man character”. Performance is his holy land, he has a rare aura and understanding! In the same year, he and Kong Ji had the beauty of the world without knowing it. In the midst of it, it seems that the character has chosen him. Li Xianji’s "Marriage of Marriage" reveals this fate: Don't miss me when you come back from afar.

In Lee Jun Ki’s acting, the eyes are a must. Just like "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", Rong Rong gave Hong Qigong the "Jade Flute Who Listens to the Falling Plum": The yak mix is a blind taste, the pig and the sheep fight together is a taste, every chew is a general change, a state of mind... ...

Isn’t Li actor only able to watch his eyes? Not also! "Li Junji crying all over the world is raining" crying, "burning more than other people's boat play, bloody and arrogant", "People can't help but reveal the true color of the beast", everything is a weapon . These talents added superhuman acting skills, and he was sighed by the film, but he was slain by his mother’s political straits and was not associated with Chungmuro.

Adversity is the touchstone of a hero! The man who embraced the sword in his book was not defeated by grievances, nor was he stunned. He was neither kidnapped by the aura nor forgotten by fans. Nowadays, he uses his acting skills to sing the film world, and he is known for his sincerity. The freedom is like the wind, and he has lived out the only one of "the beauty is in me, the world is nothing and the competition"! He has done his best to do his best!

This stressful pumpkin has an unparalleled density and nothing can be tolerated. I am sometimes very curious, I have challenged the "Step by Step" four masters, one eye and half face hold the audience, the limit is he? Wait and see!


Third, the "quasi-based world" outside the wall is more fragrant | national treasure actor, must have a national treasure effect

All the beauty in the world is borderless! Just as acting never divides nationality, just like music can touch human beings, just as compassion crosses the three realms... Lee Jun Ki is a good actor both inside and outside, and his value is not limited to appearance, but his ability is not limited to acting.

"Performance" is the best character of an actor, and there is gold effort and self-discipline! Lee Jun Ki’s acting is like a scent of abundance after years of baptism, becoming more mature, wise, and fascinating in time... Yes, the actor has nationality, but art has no borders. No matter what country Li is in, the artistic achievements and the spirit of studying in acting belong to the world!


As an actor with international influence, his cultural attributes far exceed national boundaries. He has the brand of the motherland culture "Wen Liang Qian Gong", and the Chinese culture "self-improvement, people are good", Southeast Asian culture "eclectic, life-abiding" characteristics are also in the bones and temperament. He has never been trapped in a narrow political ignorance, and any country's rice is his palm.

"Mu Law Master" is a hit, and his world influence can't be hidden! From Seoul to Busan, new drama posters and pre-announcement subway stations and streets, and the big handwriting support from the overseas fan club, Asia, America, Europe more than 20 countries fans true love! Yes, those who love him will love only! Is it a tiankeng? Didn't the bottom of the pit? If not, I will push it again!

In "The Analects of Confucius", Confucius said, "I don't know how to live, I don't think that I am a gentleman." What is life? It is a single-minded effort to do what you should do, without losing success. Not counting success or failure, but never giving up, you have to always! Just like Li actor, since you can't control the world, be yourself. Therefore, he received the pain in the tribulation, and finally let the gravel be polished into beads!

The pain has passed, and the 2018 "Mu Law Master" has finally lived up to high expectations, and it is expected that the drama or film resources will be much better next year. Then he is a low-key person who has a rare time to open his mouth and say that he wants "Little Golden Man", I believe he will do it! If the people are rainbow, they will meet each other. This man, born in Busan, belongs to the world - thanks to this flat "global village"!

There is more than one kind of love in the world. Love is love, love is also love. Like Yang Xian wants to accompany the scholars, wuli Li actor, ten years, no, twenty years, no, fifty years, just like that, go on together!



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