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On 4/11/2019 at 8:06 PM, tok-soompi said:

Passing By:  Wishing Lee Jun Ki will be meeting us with a new project (comedy / realistic drama) and get to work with Ha Ji Won / Han Ji Min. :)

Hi:).He has actually expressed his wish to work with Ha Ji Won last year:



Did you know he was almost paired with Han Ji Min twice?They worked together before way back for a fashion show but after that they received drama casting offers for "angel eyes" which they both declined and  "hero" which they actually started filming and then Han Ji Min dropped out for personal reasons.But JG has said many times that he would love to work with Han Ji Min.



Its been a while and I missed you guys so here are some weekend gifs to colour the thread:)






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At this point I am not picky about who he is partnered with, I just want him on screen. If "Along with the Gods" series has a different story from the movies, he would make a good lead in it, all serious and in black :wub: . Speaking of partners, I would still like to see him in a drama with Park Min Young, the chemistry between them on screen is too good to be ignored.

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