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Btw, I don't think the king's giving a farewell kiss to the clown..according to a picture I saw, the king seemed to force that kiss upon Gong gil..hehe..

well, I don't think the kiss is forced...wasn't as if he's resisting..I mean...Gong Gil was dead

Anyhow, if that kiss makes them homo, I think Shinwa would be homo too. ahahah I hear Eric kisses the guys in Shinwa group LOL Not to mention the butt patting ^^;

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its quite widely known that LJG is beyond nice and approachable to his fans. but i would also like to point out that his fandom is exceptional in a lot of ways, which explains why he is always so nice

Something to brighten up the mood  Got this nice Japanese magazine with Joon Gi on the cover as well as the Japanese DVD for MLSHR, both with long and interesting interviews of the MLSHR cast.

OMG! The 4th prince has his own thread! I discovered it by accident! I love him since friday, the day i started watching SHR. It started with this scene: then it intensified by infinity beca

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Guest StylishAzNx07

hi! xD I was watching yoonhyein gajoongae 연예가중개, celeb news xP

and lee junki came out, he was modeling I guess, and this

famous japanese makeup artist was doing his make up thing . . .

does anyone know if it's out yet? He wears fake eye-lashes,

which normally dont look good on ppl but looks hott on him xP

^-^ btw, thnks for all the pics of himm<3

he wears FAKE eyelashes??? :blink:

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Guest luckyyou

I never knew who Lee Jun Ki was. All I knew was that he had lots of fans because I saw his pictuers in the Korean celebrity section every day. He's not my style and I haven't seen him in anything, but I came here to say...

I watched his beauty special (thinking it was a general beauty special, not a Lee Jun Ki special). And when he said he uses green tea ice cubes to make his boowuh face smaller. OMG I did it today after I woke up and my face wasn't bloated/swollen. I'm going to do it all the time now.

And I know he's in My Girl (right?), I dled some My Girl episodes, so that'll be my next drama to watch after I'm done with my current drama. Maybe you'll see me here again. :P

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i remeber someone posting a clubbox link of My Girl OST but i cant find it TT__TT

can anyone be nice enough to tell me the link ^^

and what?! that shirt is freakin awesome!!! i want one!! but maybe with a different pix of him!!!

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Can someone please reupload the episode of NN4 ft. LJK that's on the first page? Please and thank youu~



recent files

060216 MTV Grace First Cut [LSY LJK].avi


060216 MTV Grace First Cut [LSY LJK].part1.rar


060216 MTV Grace First Cut [LSY LJK].part2.rar


[CM] pomegranate 15s HQ.wmv



060210 ETN entertainment Super Rooki LJK.wmv



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Guest hsinyi069

Just want to say that JK is so adorable!!!!!! :lol:

I've seen his interview about his beauty secret and I was in shock that he DOES have good skin even without make up on... hee hee hee

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Guest StylishAzNx07

Nono. LOL Not normally, anyway. It was just for the photo shoot--his own eyelashes are pretty long.

Oh okay~ I was like "wth so his eyelashes arent real?" :blink:

:lol: good to see they are!

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