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Lee Joon Gi 이준기 Upcoming Drama: The Flower of Evil in June 2020

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''Don’t I have to experience something to build something?'' :thumbsup:

That's what many actors don't understand, playing a character they can't feel it, trying to express feelings they never had...and the result is that they're faking feelings

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32 Gorgeous Korean Celebrities Who Don't Look Their Age


Korean celebrities are known not just for their incredible talent, but also for their seemingly everlasting youthful appearance, too. 


As the capital for all things skincare and beauty, South Korea places great emphasis on beauty and taking care of one's looks. Naturally, celebrities would fall in the same bracket. 


In this article, we've rounded up some of the top Korean celebrities in music, film and TV who have made jaws drop in admiration after finding out their age. These celebrities are youthful not just in terms of their looks, but also with their personalities, reiterating the fact that age is just a number. 


Scroll through below and prepare to be mind-blown: 





Lee Jun-Ki

Another OG South Korean actor who was part of the first generation Korean wave, Lee Jun-Ki is most known for his unforgettable performance in the 2005 film, The King and the Clown. His androgynous beauty has kept him pretty much ageless as the 37-year-old star looks just as fresh today as his debut days. 




(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : syntyche / Jo In Sung thread


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Hand prints of Korean Wave Hanryu starts appear on special Jeju Island street



''Do you know there is going to be a Korean Wave star hand print street on Jeju Island? Jeju Tourism and the provincial government have gotten together and opened one in the new area of Jeju City.
The street itself is pedestrianized and in the busy Jaewon shopping area. It is called Baojian gaining its name from a Chinese company that sent over 10,000 of its workers to the island for a vacation in 2011.
Baojian will be used until 2016. From that time onwards there is a plan to put Korean Wave content there.
I went to the opening event to mark this occasion on Friday, September 27.
Stars like Jang Dong-geon, Lee Jun-gi, Lee Byeong-hun, Choi Jeong-won, Ju Ji-hoon, Choi Seung-hyun, Kim Hyun-jung and TVXQ will all be coming soon.
You can tell Korea's most famous people will be here.
When I arrived there were already many people at the busy event. Jeju residents as well as a number of Chinese tourists were in attendance.
The Jeju Tourism Organization CEO, Choi Gap-yeol, gave some opening remarks.
The raucous Rapercussion gave a performance. This group also featured on Infinite Challenge.
Korean Wave stars then sent in video clips with congratulatory messages.
After the ceremonial tape cutting the hand printing appeared some 60 cm by 60 cm for the public to see.
I felt like I was in Hollywood with all this glitz and glamour.
But if you're in Jeju then put your hands in the prints of the Korean Wave stars and enjoy a number of fun cultural events on the pedestrianized Baojian street.''
2nd October 2014
P.S. I know it is an old article but I think many of JG's fans are interested to know....
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