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[manga] Beauty Pop

Guest Misao

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Haha, I <3 this manga. beauty-pop1.jpg Summary: "This is a funny story of 3 boys, a hairstylist, a nail artist and someone responsible for the overall balance. They are the make-over team in school and they select a girl who they will transform into a beauty. Naturally they are popular, but does it really give them the right to pass judgment around as they do? Well there seems to be an anonymous hairstylist with rivaling talent around who doesn't share their opinions and offers help to whoever needs it... Just give it a try people. ^^" - DragonVoice Scanlations Click Here to Read . ^ It's in photobucket and some pictures can be too small to see. Sorry! :^^;: Volumes: 10 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=388
Published by: Viz
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Guest yuki-chan

I love this manga but the translating part is slow. I will soon get raw and just read it myself =___=;;

I agree ... i love reading this manga too ... but really they take their time translating ><;; i got the raw too .. but i can't read chinese .. (even thou i am chinese) ... T__T

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Guest mandee

Thanks for the link. I want some magic added to me or a S.P. makeover now. Narumi is hot and Kiri would make a pretty hot guy.

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Guest goodvibrations

Gosh Misao, all the mangas that you've recommended are really good! I'm still reading Koubou Debut, but I'm excited about Beauty Pop <3

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