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Favorite Chinese Songs?

Guest Yufen

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Guest dorisawq

definitely S.H.E's.. haas. im a BIG fan of em' and i really love their songs..

i like their ballads...

yuan fang

he bin gong yuan

their rock songs...


tong kuai

xing guang

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Guest yongwonhi

I like a lot of Jay Chou songs.

Kiss Goodbye by Leehom

Guang Mang by Jane Zhang (I love her voice)

Um.... a lot of other songs. Haha.

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Guest cpopbaby19

Yexu - Jay Chou

Qing Tian - Jay CHou

Ting mama de hua - Jay Chou

退後 - Jay Chou (lol. idk it's pinyin! =_+ dunno its meaning either. but totally a COOL song!)

Ni Bu Zai - Leehom (omfg! the MV's soo HOOOT!)

Wo men de ai - F.I.R.

Lydia - F.I.R.


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Guest rainbow*

HAHA =D go jay chou!

my favourite chinese song has to be Qing Tian. I get sick of alot of music easily, but i still find myself going back to this song! I cant think of any else!

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Guest nitabunni


Hway cha do way gi (火車叨位去) by Jay Zhou

Keai nuren (可愛女人) by Jay Zhou

Shiqi sui (十七歲) by Tao Zhe

Wang chun feng (望春風) by Tao Zhe

Wenbie (吻別) by Zhang Xueyou

Alisan (阿里山) by Deng Lijun

Most Amei songs


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Guest TrainDriver

the moon represents my heart by the various ppl who have covered it

ting ma ma de hua - jay chou

self deception - alex fong and theresa fu

abc - alex fong

i have many more but these are particular ones :D

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Guest Rainie_Days

next year today and ah ngao by Eason Chan ,

I love those song by Eason too, I'm not surprised he won best male singer or best song so many times. These songs are definitely classics from him.

I also like:

K Gor Zhi Wong [King of Karaoke?] - Eason Chan

Bicycle - Eason Chan

Triumph Of The Skies Theme Song - Eason Chan

There's many more but sadly I don't remember the names of them..so many!

Other songs:

Tornado - Jay Chou

Cannot Speak - Jay Chou

Our Love - F.I.R

Lydia - F.I.R

One Thousand Years Later - JJ Lin [Omfg, is it just me, or has no one mentioned him?! <3]

Only Said To You - JJ Lin

Down - JJ Lin

You're Not Here - Leehom Wang

Bu Yao Hai Pa - Leehom Wang

Stephy and Alex duets!

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