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Guest lucky_moon

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Guest lucky_moon

For all T&T fans..
This thread will be for T&T fans..

Here we will share our love to T&T ..

In this topic you can post picture , medias & thier news and rumors..


Imai Tsubasa


Age: 24

Birthday: October 17, 1981

Birthplace: Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture

Blood type: A

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Family: Parents, 1 Sister

Entered Johnny's: April 1995 when he was 13

Takizawa Hideaki


Nicknames: Takky, Taki, Tackey, hide-kun

Age: 24

Birthday: 29 March 1982

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Blood Type: A

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Family: Parents, 1 Sister & 1 Brother

Entered Johnny's: April 1995 when he 13

Information :

Takizawa Hideaki was a Johnny's Jr. leader making him famous long before he even debuted as part of Tackey & Tsubasa. When he isn't busy promoting or performing as part of Tackey & Tsubasa, he acts in J-Doramas. Although he has acted in several doramas, it wasn't until 1999 when he starred in the controversial "Teacher/Student Love Affair" dorama, Majo no Jouken (Forbidden Love), that the public began to recognize his acting skills. In January 2004, he became the youngest leading-role actor onstage the Tokyo Imperial Theatre for the musical, Dreamboy.

On some occasions, he would compose songs. 894 hakushi, My Angel You're Angel and KAT-TUN's Fight All Night are some of the songs he composed. He, also, directed Arashi's 1st PV titled A.RA.SHI. Among fans, he is famous and credited for the creation of the "ero-ero" dance. ( wiki.theppn.org )..

I hope all T&T fans to help me in this thread..:)

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Guest Sujatmi

Thanks for the info and pics!!

They are good ^^!

I used to try and learn their Venus dance(normal and parapara version lol.)

Tsubasa's my friend's uncle

Seriously =o?!

Cool =D!

Wonder when they'll come with a new single..

Haven't heard something about them in a long time.

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Guest yumemusubi

Anybody planning to purchase their new X-Dame Single?

If so which edition~ there's THREEEE~~~~ I hate how AVEX likes to suck all our money!

I just heard it recently and quite like it. so catchyyyy.

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Guest XhoXho

Hhahaha this is the only Japanese duo that I got into. When I was small I liked Speed, Hamasaki Ayumi, w-inds. Later I liked BoA. I never got into anything else once I got older. Except recently News. I liked Takki because in the Red vs. White show (I usually never watch it...'cause I don't know the artists), Takki was a judge! I had heard of him somewhat, but I had never seen him. I only heard that he was hot.

After getting into him, I have got to say that he is so fun to watch in dramas!! I'm totally into Tsubasa though. At first, I had no idea why people would like Tsubasa more when there was Takki the hottie. I only saw them in pics though~~* After going through youtube and watching their stuff (like Jenga and stuff), I'm totally into Tsubasa! He's so cool, funny, the good singer! Recently, he's SOOO hot. Takki, while I like the guy <3, he's so wrinkly now! Old man. Hahahaha. I'm used to his Majou no Jouken days (I had to hunt this drama down). I miss him being young~~*

Gah I do love them though. I'll post some pics up later! I don't save too many pics though...so I don't have many...

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^ I know, i was wondering why in the world so many people like tsubasa bcos he wasn't tht handsome but after watching his new image and his character at youtube. He's such a hottie and so manly.

I was so suprised to see tackey bcos he look so different, i'm like wht happen to the cool looking guy in the drama. Besides he's not tht popular back when he's younger, before the whole korean wave thingy happened. I still remember people(including me) going crazy over tackey, takuya kimura and yutaka takenouchi. He was like teen idol for me!!

I missed seeing him in school uniform <3, i think he look really good in school uniform.

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Guest v6daisuki@hotmail.de

Hey guys~!

I really need your help >^.^< I'm writting now my bachelor-thesis about fans from Johnny's groups in (South-) Eastasia and I would be very, very happy, when you have a few minutes time to fill my poll. All data are 100% anonym !!!!

When you come from China and Hong Kong, please go here.

From Southkorea please here.

From Indonesia & Singapore please here.

From The Philippines & Malaysia please here.

and from Thailand & Vietnam please here.

To send the poll, please click on "abschicken"

Thank you so much~! You help me a lot~!!!

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