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[variety] Super Junior Show 슈퍼주니어쇼

Guest happy.birthday

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Guest battleuphoria

^^you can visit our thread at sjfullhouse.net for non-clubbox links of our subbed files.

^I have a question.

When you release subs for the Super Junior show, is only the diary part subbed?

Or is the entire episode subbed?

sorry for the late reply. when we do, we release the whole episode english subbed.

Available @


060403 Super Junior Show Episode 18 Part 1 {ENGSUBBED} [DBSJProductions]


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Guest riehae

i've managed to watch almost all the episodes...

but i still need to watch the full show...

i missed some episodes...

i love this boys so much...

they are just pretty amazing in everything they do and not do...


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Guest Prince Tony

I love this show~~!! ^^

I was just wondering, does anyone where I can get first and second episodes in HQ~? Thanks~!

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Guest carmelxboo


Super Junior Show

051206 Episode 01 [Heechul's Diary]: [MF] [MU .001 .002]

051213 Episode 02 [Eunhyuk's Diary]: [MF] [MU]

051220 Episode 03 [Kangin's Diary]: [MF] [MU]

051227 Episode 04 [siwon's Diary]: [MF] [MU .001 .002 .003]

060103 Episode 05 [Donghae's Diary]: [MF] [MU]

060110 Episode 06 [sungmin's Diary]: [MF] [MU]

060117 Episode 07 [Ryeowook's Diary]: [MF] [MU .001 .002]

060124 Episode 08 [shindong's Diary]: [MF] [MU .001 .002]

060131 Episode 09 [Yesung's Diary]: [MF] [MU]

060403 Episode 18 Part 1: [MF] [MU .001 .002]

060403 Episode 18 Part 2: [MF] [MU .001 .002]

NOTES: please don't share these links elsewhere! don't forget to join the split files with HJSplit!


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Guest megalegomaniac

Hi! Does anyone know where i can get the softsubs for KM's Super Junior Show? I found a clubbox with very good HQ files of the show but they aren't subbed, so I was wondering if anyone has links to softsub files of this show  (.srt, .sub, etc)

 Any reply, help, or links would be very much appreciated!!!


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