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❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ Upcoming Movie The Call start shooting on 2019 .

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[Taiwan] HITO Asia Music Chart / 대만 HITO 아시아 뮤직 주간 차트 Weekly(2019.01.14~01.20) NO.3 Loco, U Seungeun -별 (Little Prince)







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12 hours ago, Celi67 said:

. I think even if she’s bald she’ll still look beautiful. 

I am sorry, just picturing it, I can not stop laughing . Maybe  an E.T. movie, where Shin Hye will play a beautiful warrior Amazon  from another World? :P

Even though ShinnHye is already an establish actress, she still working very hard between doing a drama and film back to back. She is in a reel world for almost a year or more , she needs time to go back into the real world to keep the balance .  So, she can still doing other things she loves , like her charity works, fun meets, the commitments with the companies she represents, and the most important be a young woman and enjoy ordinary and simple things with her love one, family and friends. It is mentally exhausting to be an actor/ actress,  and have that Yin/Yan perspective and practice it is gold, to succeed professionally and in personal life. As longer she is happy and healthy in however her endeavors , I am happy for her and with what she puts out there. But , I understand you all. :wub:

Peace and Love to you all chingus! :heart:

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Angels, here is the updated ranking, Oh Yeonseo is 48.94% and Shinhye is 37.54%. Let us make her on top. We can do it. Keep on voting!

48.94% (3958 vote)
37.54% (3036 vote)



Kdrama: Memories of the Alhambra

Rating: 9/10

Review (finale): by cococassey


More on Hee Ju…

Ok, I’m still annoyed by the bad rap Hee Ju’s character gets from netizens. I agree the writer could have used more of her. She is so capable. But the thought that she only needs to play the game full mode to save her man? Excuse me, she saved Jin Woo so many times in this show in just a grounded real life way, not fantastical or virtual (as per the show’s theme).

When he first encountered the murderous bug, and was wondering whether he was losing his mind, at the same time hurt physically, barely unable to fend for himself, she was the one by his side nursing him back to health. Secondly, after Jin Woo reached a new normal of sorts with his life, killing Cha Hyeong Seok’s NPC ghost with a gun when he shows up, real life monsters started to crash down on him with Prof and Yura out for his throat.

Hee Ju was also the one to give him his space and at the same time roused him out of that depressing time (on the 2nd birthday he ‘ruined’ for her). If not for her, he might not have the will and the strength to continue on with the impossible quest of finishing the game until the end. I guess I’m still not over it, huh.

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Park Shin Hye @dphngilos__




Lee Si Won Talks About Acting In “Memories of the Alhambra"


The actress mentioned the drama’s ambiguous ending. She shared, “It ended with so much openness. I think the writer wanted to create a drama where the viewers can fill it up and interpret in various ways. From the viewer’s point of view, I hope Jin Woo will come back and be beautifully in love with Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye).”







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Lovely Monday Angels!

Resulta ng larawan para sa You are not only interesting but original not only good enough but exceptional not just here but here for a purpose







here is the latest update on NameSNS.com with 5% & 10% margin respectively. let's support our bae :)

The Most Beautiful KDRAMA Stars 2019

1) OhYeonSeo       46.68% (5088 vote)

2) ParkShinHye     41.32% (4504 vote)
The Best Romantic Couple 2019
1) ChoiJinHyuk❤️SongHaYoon     34.81% (4174 vote)
2) ParkShinHye❤️HyunBin             24.29% (2913 vote)
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