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❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ Upcoming Movie Alone will start shooting 2019❤️

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“After cutting my bangs & back hair to one length bob it’s now a 오징어집 (ojing-eojib)”

Then she corrected....

“Not a 오징어집 but it’s actually more like 자갈치 (jagalchi) huh?”

오징어집 =  Squid shaped snack
자갈치 =  Octopus shaped snack




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CODE: 1800033



Let’s vote vote for Shin Hye in 2019 Asian Artist Award Vietnam Actress Category in Primary(2nd)Round.


Closes September 29

2 Votes/account/day



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The Best Smile KDrama Actress 2019 #1
Semi-FINAL : ~ 10/15, 2019

 TOTAL PRIZE : 150,000 Coin
Vote Here >>> *BEST-SMILE-KDrama-Actress

▶ Best Smile Actress "E""F" WINNERs >>Semi-FINAL, Pick 3

*ParkShinHye  :blush:

Refresh the page & You can vote 10 times everyday.
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(2019.09.16)Park shin Hye at Ngurah Rai International Airport heading back to Korea

There was someone met her at the Airport 
Here is the story :


I found her on queue and it was crowded so I ask if she wants my help and she said ok. Her english is very good. She said it’s her first time visit Bali and Bali is so wonderful.


After done with the passport I asked if she willing to take photo, she said sorry because no make up (but she still looks so beautiful I cannot relate:sweat_smile: I said “You’re still so pretty” and she smiles said sorry again) so I ended up just shaking hands with her.


-She’s so nice tho (did I said so pretty) Last she asked me where is the premiere lounge and said thank you then waved a goodbye.

-Even my friends said her face is glowing and beautiful even with bare face.. but I think she’s really shy about that
cr: @fyonx



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Park Shin Hye 2019: One of Korea’s highest-paid and in-demand actresses; How much is ‘The Heirs’ star worth?




Photo by: Park Shin Hye/Instagram

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 7:08 AM UTC

Park Shin Hye is certainly one of the most sought-after actresses in South Korea today. With her stature, she does not run out of projects, and she has dramas, endorsement deals, and more. With all of the works she has been doing for years, she could have earned a lot by now.

The 29-year-old actress proved that she got the skills and what it takes to be a good actress; thus, she was never out of work since starting her career. Although she started early in show business, her name started to be recognized in Asia after starring in “You’re Beautiful” and later “Heartstrings” then finally, “The Heirs” with Lee Min Ho.


Shin Hye’s works that made her famous


From her drama with Lee Min Ho that was released in 2012, her next projects have been blockbusters. She was also paired with the best and most popular actors in Korea, and her name got even bigger after working with other A-list artists. In 2017, she was listed in Forbes’ Korea Power Celebrity, and she was at no. 12 in that record.

Park Shin Hye’s other big dramas since “The Heirs” include “Pinocchio” with Lee Jong Suk and “Memories of Alhambra” with seasoned actor Hyun Bin. By this time, her name is already well-known in Asia and most countries where Kpop has already spread and gained massive followers.


Her work outside of acting

Park Shin Hye has also been releasing songs since 2016, and so far she has 18 singles under her name. Most of the tracks were used for the dramas she was starring in, and they have all turned up with good results.

The actress is also popular with companies, and they hired her as their brand ambassadors. She had deals from milk products to cosmetics to clothing, accessories, and even Visa. She is also endorsing several foreign products such as the world-renowned watch brand Movado.


Shin Hye’s net worth


Park Shin Hye is obviously hard-working, and it is not surprising if her bank account reveals a big amount. According to Channel Korea, her net worth is around $3 million. As of 2015, her rate per episode for a drama was $21,000, and this rate is probably so much higher by now.



EconoTimes https://www.econotimes.com/Park-Shin-Hye-2019-One-of-Koreas-highest-paid-and-in-demand-actresses-How-much-is-The-Heirs-star-worth-1563154  


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[TRANS] #ParkShinHye’s IG Story 2019.09.18


On my way to Tanz. It’s okay if you’re stuck in jammed.

Let’s just dance and release the stress.


Song: “Something” by George & Kang Hye In ( My ID is Gangnam Beauty OST)




 ( lyrics )

something in your eyes
tell me who I am
And something in my highs
Whenever you’re near

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