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❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ Upcoming Movie Alone will start shooting 2019❤️

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#Mojosphine IG(2019.09.09) #모조에스핀 #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パ














:heart: Let's vote Park Shin Hye @ssinz7 for Most Favorite Actress Award in 'The 2019 Asia Artist Awards' that will be held in Vietnam on November 26.:heart:


LINK: https://aaavietnam2019.com.vn/pre-vote/korea?type=actress

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Entertainment Weekly reveals TOP5 Korean idol stars. 

Entertainment Weekly, Korean entertainment program, has revealed the rankings. Korean beloved child star In which the child actors from the past to the present so many But all 5 of them are going to talk about successfully overcoming the hundreds of thousands of competitors to capture TOP5
No. 4 Park Shin Hye
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The female protagonist Park Shin Hye began entering the industry at an early age. She began her acting career from the Korean series Stairway to Heaven with her teenage heroine role. Just the first story has already shown the heroine. Even though it was only 13 years old. In the end, Park Shin Hye became the true heroine. As well as being a leading female protagonist in the industry Not just a Korean favorite Park Shin Hye is also the Korean heroine that is beloved by Thai people.
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#Park Shin Hye#kstylefashion #kfashion # Lace to the piece



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Busan Ilbo

Actress Park Shinhye looks like goddess in short hair with her latest selca.

Listen to the text Set
Enter article 2019.09.10. 11:04 pm

Original image

ì본 ì´ë¯¸ì§

Park Shin Hye Instagram Capture.


Actor Park Shin Hye released his recent status. 

On April 10, actress Park Shin-hye posted a short video on her Instagram, with the words, "You've become a cuttlefish restaurant." 

Park Shin-hye in the public video is touching her bangs back and forth toward the camera as if she has transformed her hairstyle. 

Park Shin-hye, even though she changed her hair style, is still catching her eyes. 

Fans who saw this video are "pretty !!" She praised her beauty with comments such as "Cute", "I'm being beaten" and "Too pretty." 

Park Shin-hye is about to release the movie 'Call'. 

Park Shin-hye is scheduled to appear in the movie '#ALONE' with Yoo Ah In. The movie '#ALONE' is scheduled to be cranked in the second half of this year.



 이정숙 Busan.com reporter js0216 @ 


cr: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/213/0001130150


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[HanCinema's News] Old Photo of Park Shin-hye With Hyun Bin Resurfaces

 By William Schwartz on 2019/09/10 at 19:20 PST

2019/09/10 | 944 views | Permalink



One of Park Shin-hye's old Instagram pictures has been making rounds on the Internet. In the pictures Park Shin-hye can be seen motioning to Hyun Bin.


The picture is somewhat awkward. It's not clear where they are, but it appears to be a residence rather than a shooting location.


Written by William Schwartz












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Marie Claire-Fashion, Beauty, Star, Travel, Food, All the fun and fun!


Perfect For Driving In Chuseok! Legend Drama Again On YouTube


Let's Enjoy The Feeling Of Relaxation By Watching The Drama Again During The Holidays. Editor's Sense Subtitles Are Added, And ...

Let's Enjoy The Feeling Of Relaxation By Watching The Drama Again During The Holidays. 
Recommend 4 More Masterpiece Dramas To Watch Again On YouTube With More Editor's Sense Subtitles.

Heirs (2013 Work)








:heart: cr: SBS NOWhttps://youtu.be/BwvDUt82Mjw



This Drama Was Born With Numerous Korean Wave Stars Including Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Crystal, Kim Ji Won. It Is A Youth Drama Centered On Park Shin-Hye, Who Entered A Prestigious Private High School Where Children Of Wealthy Children Enter. Kim Eun-Suk's Unique Sweetness And Popping Dialogues Are Poured Out. It Will Be Released On Saturday Night At 12 Pm At SBS NOW.







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6 K-Drama Tropes We’re So Done With Already

Sep 8, 2019
by Azra_A

Every good K-drama deserves a few tropes. Y’know, those familiar moments and plot twists that show up time and again in different dramas. It’s fun, rewarding, and even comforting to see certain tropes play out. We know they will push our buttons in a certain way, and it’s enjoyable seeing new actors put their own spin on old tropes. Yeah, you’ve seen Lee Jong Suk with amnesia, but have you ever seen Hyun Bin with amnesia? Whole different story!


Not all tropes are created equal, though. Some tropes may have worked in the past, but in late 2019, they’re outdated and tired, exemplifying old-fashioned cultural values people don’t believe in anymore. Other tropes have shown up so often that there’s just no way to make them seem fresh, and they just come off as lazy writing.


Which tropes do we need to kill off? Here are six of the worst offenders!


Warning: spoilers ahead!



5. The Fish Kiss




Park Shin Hye is not feeling it in “Heartstrings” 

Let’s be real, any K-drama kiss where the two participants look remotely like they’re enjoying themselves immediately goes into the Great Kiss Hall of Fame. Why has the bar been set so low? Because of the dreaded scourge they call The Fish Kiss.

During your average Fish Kiss, our leads stare at each other like stunned sloths for approximately 10 years before the male lead oh-so-slowly approaches the female lead, mouth first, while she stands statue-like, wide-eyed, looking as if she’d rather be anywhere else. Eventually their lips make contact and… that’s it. All the camera angles, swelling music, and blur filters in the world couldn’t make this look like a hot, sexy moment, let alone a romantic one.






Suzy braces herself in “Dream High

Why are Fish Kisses a thing? The only thing I can think of is that it’s seen as “unbecoming” if a woman is too enthusiastic about physical affection. Perhaps some directors think that takes away from her cuteness? Well, newsflash: real women don’t need to be cute and innocent to be dateable, and anyone who deserves to kiss them should be just fine with that.


Check out the first episode of “Heartstrings”:





6. The Wrist Grab

Let’s close this list with the mother of all groan-inducing tropes: The Wrist Grab. Wrist grabs are for those moments when words can’t convey the intensity of your emotion. Except, wait, words will do just fine when the alternative is physical restraint with the threat of injury. Imagine if you were storming off IRL and someone grabbed your wrist. There’s a good chance they’d dislocate your shoulder!

What a wrist grab says to someone is: “My arguments couldn’t convince you, so instead I will assert physical dominance over you. This will convince you of my strength and sincerity, so instead of having to make sense and be right for you, I can win you over by uninvited touch alone.”




A three-way wrist grab in “Heirs” 

Forget wrist grabs. What’s truly attractive is when two leads actually try to talk to each other. They ask each other how they’re feeling. They make themselves vulnerable. They ask for permission before they touch each other! It’s not groundbreaking, it’s just being nice. And being nice is a trope I wish would live forever.


(skipped unrelated.....)



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