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❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ Upcoming Movie Alone will start shooting 2019❤️

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I regretted leaving you alone last year to attend my birthday party. That's why I stayed today.

If I must enjoy my birthday with a boyfriend, I can be your girlfriend.

What's so hard about it? To be honest, I can do better. Don't you think so?

- Jung heejoo






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I wish we could have also like this...picnic outside all day & night with friends or family while listening to great music of local bands & singers.



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those where the happy days of 2009, when Park Shinhye grace our kdrama as Go Minam & Go Minyeo. When we learned of fictional idols ANJELL. :love:


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I hope you guys don't mind me throwing back old pics/news here & there. Thread is nearing 3K (oh wow!) and it's nice to recollect what memories we have shared for the last 13 yrs and half.


Shin Hye's Blog Updated Jan 1 2010 Part 2

cr: karrenstar


As the shooting of 'You're Beautiful' just wrapped up, I immediately had to start preparing for the year-end award shows.

From the beginning of December onwards, I hadn't stopped picking out clothes, accessories and shoes...


The very busy stylist Xu (name 徐秀景) [shin Hye refers to her as like an older sister, like what Chinese people say 'Jiejie'] and I...we...spent a lot of time on mix-and-matching the costumes. This process took us nearly 16 tries.

Xu jiejie sacrificed her Christmas to help me pick out my clothings. Really, she is the best stylist in Korea.


I will continue to work hard! And I want to say thank you in advance for the days to come ♥


Lan Jiejie, who was extremely exhausted and in deep agony from tiredness, did not give up taking care of me at the shooting place,

Qin Jiejie, who looks strong from the outside but in reality is a soft person,

And of course, despite being the youngest jiejie, took care of me extremely well and the cutest Sin Jin Jiejie[name 善静],

Thank you very very much.


Also, to the vice-manager of Jenny House who never fails to turn my (no good) face to a beautiful face,..

your excellent make-up skills are beyond words of description. >__<


To my new family at ABBA Entertainment,

Representative Lee [name 李正熙] and other staff members who all strive towards the same goal,

Thank you...


Sin Jing Jiejie[name 恩静], I think we are destined to meet again,

I was only a 14 year old kid at that time[when we met]

But in the blink of an eye I am already 21 and taller than you already..

I want to apologize for my everyday cranky tantrums,

You run chores for me everyday and work hard for me but I still complain frequently that you are as annoying as a granny[her words],

Thank you.

To avoid wasting this destiny of ours, I will word hard...^^

Let us strive together this year and make a great leap forward!!!


To my friends whom I can't live without, [am not gonna translate their names, just gonna post them all]

愉俐,敏英,世熙,民智,允智,and the other 愉俐,and賢俊,恩靜,智彬...

I love you all my classmates...

Because of you guys, I am not afraid of the evil, dangerous world

Besides thank you, I still want to say thank you...^^

Let us be the #1 in our respective lands!!



To my strongest protection, the person who never fails to support and protect me in the shadow,

The person who is not good at expressing his feelings with words and gestures, but melts whenever his little girl works her way to get his heart...

My father.


To the person who is actually really tired but stays up and waits for me til early morning everytime

Who prepares everything for me whenever I need to go out for work,

Who guards me with prayers that are filled with tears,

My mother.


And also, the one who is worst at expressing his feelings to me in words among all family members,

Who pretends not to care a bit but protects me from head to toe, from east to north and loves me,

My brother.


And my granny, grandpa, all the family members who support me in 光州[a city in Korea],

Thank you to you all. I love you all...>__<



To the ones who never sway away despite the freezing weather,

Who, wherever, whenever I go, try their best to help me,

My Star Angels[her fans?]

Thank you...I was thinking of posting on my official website...but later decided to include my thanks to you all here...


Because, to me, you guys are really important and worth thanking,

Those who waited for me for more than 3 hours outside yesterday[after the SBS Drama Awards]...

I've been worried that you will fall ill......


When the show ended, you guys stayed and helped pack,

And showed so much love during requests,

And even gave me a hand whenever I did volunteer work..


Yesterday...really...I was really really touched. Thank you.


Although I have many shortcomings, but I promise you I will work harder. I will repay you guys' love.

You guys are the real Star Angels ♡

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