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❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ Upcoming Movie Alone will start shooting 2019❤️

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PSH SHUD DO ANOTHER DRama with kim woo bin or hyun bin asap to recuperate from the loss of showing her true potential like her other dramas were hit bcoz of her screen time and romance n comedy between handsome leads

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I had to take my time, before comment anything , regarding all the malicious and harmful comments, because I do not even consider those to be constructive criticism,  that are circulating regarding the MOA drama and Shin Hye choices and performance. It is very hurtful, even more when you realized who are the active commenters. Indeed, many showing they true self, hyenas coming out of the cove in a hunting mode, to destroy and tear apart !  To whoever the hat fit! To them :thumbsdown:

 You have no force either power to decide or influence Park Shin Hye on her  professional choices or decisions. She does not have to do what you like or want, but what she and her trust advisers believe it is good for her career as an actress and her life. 

The world and God is supporting her, in challenge her acting and given herself an opportunity as an actress to be part of a ground break history,  in the Dramaland, with the introduction  of the AR, in Korea. 

Shin Hye is doing a fabulous job, portraying two characters, HJ and Emma, as written, sticking to the script and bring  those two characters to life with her excellent acting skills, immersing herself and taking the viewers with her.

The character of HJ is causing an emotional “turn-oil “, many viewers(women) are heavyle criticizing and angry at  this character, because it is causing a wake up call on them. It is a realization of their own behavior with their lovers/ or when they are in love, it is like look at themselves  in the mirror, but they do not want to accept/and choose to deny the reality! A WOW, OMG s*  moment “ that is me?!?! ... pulling hair, noooooo, can’t be! I am a strong woman! I take care of my family, I work hard, I am the provider of my family, I raise my kids, siblings , etc! You all HJ.  Nothing less nothing more! But, don’t be on defensive, stop hiding, don’t  take that out on the actress, she is just acting, and she is doing a hell of a good job!

Now,  that she has empower you, use all that energy, and challenge yourself! Make it work on your favor! Like  Michael Jackson said” ...If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make the change...”! 


I remember,  Park Shin Hye saying,  this drama MOA would address a lot social issues. Indeed, it is, and a big one, about women's and self esteem! 

I dedicate this music, one more time, and the power of it to Park Shin Hye , the Warrior! Always, feel free! Own your life! :heart: 

“When they go low you go high( Michelle Obama)! “.

Big love from this ahjumma. With you through  thick -and- thin. God bless you always! 

  Love you to death! What to do? Fighting!  :thumbsup:

Good luck on your new projects! 


( but you all can enjoy the music. Open your mind! After all , it is a drama. Entertainment,  that is the goal!) :innocent:


PS= sorry any grammar and spelling error.

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Shin Hye updated her IG. Congratulations for the 9.1 M followers. Powerful ! BTW,  I love the shoes with beautiful  green letters. Green is my favorite color! :wub: 

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'Memories Of The Alhambra' Finale Spoilers: Se Joo Is Back; Can Jin Woo & Professor Cha Survive The Game?

BY JESSICA RAPIR / JAN 15, 2019 04:43 AM EST
se-joo-is-back-in-the-upcoming-memories-of-the-alhambra-episode-15-while-jin-woo-tries-to-end-the-game-photo-by-tvn-drama-facebook.jpg?w=750 Se Joo is back in the upcoming 'Memories Of The Alhambra' Episode 15 while Jin Woo tries to end the game. Photo by tvN Drama/Facebook


Finally, Hee Joo's family receives good news about her brother, Se Joo. He is back but Hee Jo is not totally happy as her boyfriend, Jin Woo, is still missing.

In the upcoming episodes Memories Of The Alhambra, Hee Jo (Park Shin Hye) and Director Park (Lee Seung Joon) find out that Jin Woo (Hyun Bin) has completed the quest after Se Joo shows up at their doorstep. As soon as Jin Woo delivered the Key to Heaven to Emma, Se Joo shows up but Jin Woo disappeared. It is still unclear where Jin Woo go.

It is certain though that he is alive as he is seen talking to Professor Cha (Kim Eui Sung) in the upcoming episode. It looks like he took refuge at the professor's Pyeongchang rest house where they will be out of reach by their enemies in the game and at the same time, evade the police. The manhunt on Jin Woo will continue in Episode 15.

It looks like Jin Woo and Professor Cha will discuss how they will end the game without being killed by the ninjas in the game and before Jin Woo get arrested by the police. They need to work together to finally find a solution to the problem in the game or else their company will crumble. However, Jin Woo doesn't seem to be optimistic about their chances.

"You're telling me that you cannot fix this then," Professor Cha can be heard asking him.

To make things worse, it seems like their adversaries in the game will find them at the rest house before they could come up with a plan. The Episode 15 teaser shows Jin Woo dropping his support cane and a worried look in his face.

Meanwhile, Hee Joo asks her brother if he knows where Jin Woo is. Unfortunately, Se Joo (EXO member Chanyeol) doesn't know where Jin Woo or what happens to him. It looks like Hee Joo will have a hard time eliciting help from her brother as Se Joo will deal with the trauma of what happened to him.

Fans of the K-drama could also expect that the upcoming finale episodes will also tie some loose ends in the series. Viewers will find out what will happen on Yoo Ra's (Han Bo Reum) accusation against Jin Woo and whether or not Lee Soo Jin (Lee Si Won) will pull it through.

In the previous episode, Jin Woo's first ex-wife tried to kill herself. She is still in critical condition in the hospital. His second ex-wife, actress Go Yoo Ra, claimed that Jin Woo confessed to her of killing his best friend, Cha Hyung Seok (Park Hoon).

Don't miss the last two episodes of the tvN K-drama. Memories Of The Alhambra Episode 15 will air on Wednesday at 9 p.m. KST while the final episode will be on Thursday.


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