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❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ Upcoming Drama: Sisyphus the myth Premieres in February 2021❤️

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Greeting Message 


ce. @forparkshinhye_


#Park Shin-hye's 2021 New Year's Greetings to Japanese Fan Club (Twinkle)

[Hello, this is Park Shin-hye.
It's already been 2021.
I hope you become healthier and happier.
Thank you for always supporting me.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year.
Thank you.
I miss you ]



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cr. @shyepi   https://bit.ly/2MPQ4vc




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I was catching up on the posts in this thread and I see there are various views expressed for or against SH taking on the role in the new film with JJS and Do. I just want to say that all we know abou

The Fact :Park Shin Hye & Lee Jong Suk Dating Rumors - No Evidence - "근거 없어"   This news was released July 01, 2015 It seems like The Fact is giving the REAL FACT here. Hope this will be the

cr: PSH DC @stewiefg, you are so lucky to watch the c-subbed version. All the c-fans keep asking on weibo what Shin Hye can not do? She is such a multi-talented and clever girl. Media used to say she

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Posted by germainej   3 days ago

Park Shin Hye flies alone in R&B singer Dvwn's 'Free Flight' MV teaser

#다운 #Dvwn #자유비행

Dvwn (다운) '자유비행' Official MV Teaser

R&B singer Dvwn has dropped his music video teaser for "Free Flight" starring Park Shin Hye.

In the MV teaser, Park Shin Hye spends a night alone until she decides to fly off somewhere. "Free Flight" is set to drop on January 12 KST.

Check out Dvwn's "Free Flight" MV teaser, and let us know what you think in the comments below.













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10 Best Idol-Leading K-Dramas With Best Plots To Watch Right Away!

Kiona Rosh
Sat, 9 January, 2021, 2:15 am GMT-5·5-min read

In the Past Few Years, we can say that K-drama has grown slow and has started to make its presence in the mainstream genre all over the world. If you have not yet started with your k-drama, not to worry we have the best list for you to begin with. Also, are you idol biased? Then here are the 10 most popular K-drama shows with the best plot to watch right now! Also note: This list does not include “idol dramas”, meaning dramas with an entire group. Let’s get started





3. Heartstrings
This drama can be summed by two of its attributes which are love and music. Lee Shin played by CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa is a university student and a singer and guitarist performing in a band named “The Stupid”. He Is a typical cold person who is just focused on his music and nothing else and also has no plans for the future. Lee Kyu Won played by Park Shin Hye is an outgoing student who was born into a royal family and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments. She is brought by force to a “The Stupid” concert by her friends. There she saw Lee Shin performing live, and is immediately captive here by him. This drama has become one of the classics, and also for good reason as not many music-themed dramas are being created these days, but this is an incredible example of how to make it work.



cr: https://in.style.yahoo.com/10-best-idol-leading-k-071539047.html

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Musician Down, expectation point for new song'Free Flight' #Emotional genius #Park Shin-hye appeared in MV #Songs

Eunae Kim Input 2021.01.11.10:35




Musician Dvwn releases a new song in 7 months.

Dvwn announced the digital single'Free Flight' at 6 pm on the 12th and set out on his first move in the New Year 2021.

It is a new song released 7 months after'Dawn Defibrillation Vol.3-Concrete' in June.
In particular, Dvwn has been showing off his musical capabilities through a series of'Dawn Defibrillation' that leads to'The Last','Memory Burning' and'Concrete'.

#Emotional Genius Comeback
Dvwn is a singer-songwriter who fills all the series of'Dvwn Defibrillation' with his own songs, and as the name means'a voice that wakes up the dawn', it has established itself as a'emotional genius' with a warm tone and sensibility filled with the dawn air did.
In addition, producer and artist ZICO's'About What's Left', including Chanyeol's'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (SSFW)', Kang Daniel's'Adulthood','Movie', and girlfriend'Dreamcatcher', etc. It has proven a wide spectrum of genres.
Moreover,'Free Flight' is the first new song released by Down after the'Dawn Defibrillation' series, so a long time was devoted to creating a highly complete song.


# Park Shin Hye MV appearance
Actor Park Shin Hye will appear as the music video female protagonist of Down's new songv'Free Flight' to show delicate emotional acting.
In the music video teaser released earlier, Park Shin-hye performed various inner acting even in a short time, adding to the immersion of the song.
Park Shin-hye, who usually enjoyed the music of Down, is said to be willing to appear in this music video.


#Monglemongle lyrics
Down has conveyed sympathy and comfort to listeners with emotional lyrics along with sweet vocals.
The new song'Free Flight' also has an impressive lyrics with Down's delicate sensibility.
Particularly, some of the lyrics,'Don't be disappointed with the flight going,' and'Let's pick you up with the thin red sunlight,' are revealed, adding to the expectation by foretelling Down's unique sensibility.

Like this, Dvwn is expected to capture the hearts of listeners with an upgraded sensibility through the new song'Free Flight'.


On the other hand, Down's new single'Free Flight' will be released for the first time at 6 pm on the


12th. /misskim321@osen.co.kr

[Photo] KOZ Entertainment



cr: https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20210111103551272

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Park Shin-hye's mind is already in spring... Mojo Sphine 2021 Spring Collection Revealed
  •  Hongkyu Park
  •  Approval 11 January 2021 11:53
  •  Comments 0


MOJO.S.PHINE, a female character brand developed by Daehyun (CEO Shin Hyun-gyun), released a sensational spring collection pictorial with brand muse Park Shin-hye.

In the published pictorial, she digested the classic and elegant Mojo Sphine's sensibility with her unique style. In particular, this spring collection is developed under the theme of 'Cottagecore', which aims to capture a positive and pleasing gaze for a better future through the frustrating daily life, and the value of nature is the meaning of precious happiness.



In the pictorial, Park Shin-hye showed a variety of charms with natural poses between flower objects and showed her own positive energy without addition or subtraction. From tone-on-tone matching of bright color classic line skirt setups to natural silhouette feminine dresses that accentuate various patterns such as stripes and flowers, and matching lettering T-shirts and denim that are good for daywear, fashionistas with unrivaled concept digestibility. Boasted of the face of.



In the released pictorial, the 2021 Spring Collection can be found sequentially at Mojo Sphine's national offline store and official online store.


gooole translate
link. kdfnews.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=65575 



prasalaandpen  jb_siham_art

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<시지프스> 티저 포스터 속
수많은 이야기와 감정이 압축된 듯한
강건한 눈빛의 박신혜 배우!
 한태술을 지키고,
위기에 빠진 세상을 구하기 위해 과거로 돌아온
'강서해'역으로 변신하는 박신혜 배우는
오는 2월, 만날 수 있습니다!


In the teaser poster for Sisyphus
As if numerous stories and emotions were compressed
Park Shin-hye actor with strong eyes!
 keep HanTae Sul,
Who came back to the past to save the world in crisis
Park Shin-hye transforms into the role of' Kang Seo Hae'
We can meet you in February!




cr.  @salt_ent https://www.instagram.com/p/CJxCUgqj1fF/


@carmelita373  @parkmeymey  @trina_hyepark

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cr: https://instagram.com/p/CJ4oqA_D4t9/


?igshid=eydf1df19qag'모조에스핀'과 함께 한
박신혜 배우의 2021 스프링 컬렉션 화보 공개!
싱그러운 매력으로
추운 날씨는 녹이는 박신혜 배우⚘
#박신혜배우 #모조에스핀 #Mojosphine #2021 #스프링 #컬렉션 #화보 #공개 #봄을 #부르는 #싱그러운 #신혜배우 #매력 #

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[Park Shin-hye]
watching a movie

Salt Entertainment's profile picture

2020.11.16. 19:44  44,390 read



A barrel of fate changed the phone
'seoyeon Station to
give your greetings to the audience
to actor Park Shin Hye
, thank you support and attention ah
(_ _)




Then the salt pot keeper will
say hello here!

cr. [ http://naver.me/IIxTikeF ]

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#SisyphusTheMyth is scheduled to be released on February 10th.



#Jtbc has previously signed a 3- year contract that sells Wed-Thurs dramas to #Netflix for overseas distribution rights. So #SisyphusTheMyth will be on this OTT.









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  MOJO.S.PHINE Instagram Update 11.01.2021

Watch it on YouTube please: https://youtu.be/xWNw5770Be8





Cr. @mojo.s.phine  https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ4uN_opEi6/



<Cottagecore : 코타지코어>
‘답답했던 일상을 지나 조금 더 나은 미래를 위한
긍정적이고 기분 좋은 시선’

자연이 주는 가치가 곧 소중한 행복이라는 의미를 담은
캠페인으로 2021년 봄, 일상에 작은 행복이 되어 줄
컬렉션으로 찾아갑니다.

뮤즈 #박신혜(@ssinz7)와 함께한 21Spring 캠페인은
#모조에스핀 온라인 스토어에서 만나보실 수 있습니다.

#2021 #mojosphine #new
#2021spring #newarrivals #spring






<Cottagecore: Cottagecore>
'For a better future past the frustrating daily life
A positive and pleasant gaze’

The meaning of the value given by nature is precious happiness.
In the spring of 2021 with the campaign,
Go to the collection.

21Spring campaign with muse #Park Shin-hye (@ssinz7)
You can find it in #Mojo.S.phine online store.

#2021 #mojosphine #new
#2021spring #newarrivals #spring

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