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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Drama 2021 : Sisyphus the myth 시지프스

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  4. 20 May 21 | 14:50

7 The First Lead Couples Are Compact in Their KDrama Soundtrack

There are contents of five songs, you know! #Korean time

In addition to the unique story plot and the chemistry of the actors and actresses, the soundtrack , aka the accompanying music, often raises the prestige of Korean dramas among fans. The soundtrack that ear-catching often makes fans of hard to move on from a drama. You agree?

You know, the seven first lead couples in this Korean drama also sang the soundtrack for the drama they played, you know! Anyone? Keep reading , yes!


1. Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho


7 The First Lead Couples Are Compact in Their KDrama Soundtrack


Pairing two top actors as the first lead , the caste different love story between Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) in the drama The Heirs is still favored by KDrama fans to this day. 


Do fans realize that Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho both sang the accompaniment song for the popular drama? Park Shin Hye successfully captivated the audience with the song "Story" and Lee Min Ho contributed her voice to the song "Painful Love". 






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I was catching up on the posts in this thread and I see there are various views expressed for or against SH taking on the role in the new film with JJS and Do. I just want to say that all we know abou

The Fact :Park Shin Hye & Lee Jong Suk Dating Rumors - No Evidence - "근거 없어"   This news was released July 01, 2015 It seems like The Fact is giving the REAL FACT here. Hope this will be the

cr: PSH DC @stewiefg, you are so lucky to watch the c-subbed version. All the c-fans keep asking on weibo what Shin Hye can not do? She is such a multi-talented and clever girl. Media used to say she

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The story of Park Shin Hye's life journey, difficult life until she was slapped dozens of times

Friday, 21 May 2021 14:20 by Rie127 | 481 hits

DREAMERS.ID - The life of South Korean artists is not always as smooth as it seems on television or what people think. Sometimes there is an uphill battle they go through to become successful and famous.

One of them is Park Shin Hye , in the JTBC program 'Ask Us Anything', she once told about her difficult life journey until she finally became a famous actress.


The actress who was born on February 18, 1990 admitted that being an artist was not her childhood dream. He used to want to be a police officer, when his family had experienced theft. Since then he wanted to become a police officer to catch criminals when he was still in 6th grade.


However, in the end he auditioned for Lee Seung Hwan's music video. It started when church teacher Shin Hye sent a picture of herself to become a model, until she became a child actress.


She made her debut as a child actress in 2003, and played the character of childhood Han Jeong Seo, the main female character in the popular drama 'Stairway to Heaven'.





Despite the success, Park Shin Hye said she was slapped 30 times while filming 'Stairway in Heaven', where there was a scene where Lee Hwi Hyang slapped Han Jeong Seo.




“I was slapped about 30 times more, however, we had to record it from multiple angles. Even now, Lee Hwi Hyang is still discussing that scene. He said that he had to apologize to me, ”said the woman born in 1990.


However, Shin Hye admitted that she was not sad when doing this scene, and thought it was part of the fun at that time. Now she has received many awards, and is often dubbed an actress who is suitable for playing action dramas.







cr: https://hiburan.dreamers.id/article/97612/kisah-perjalanan-hidup-park-shin-hye-hidup-susah-hingga-pernah-ditampar-puluhan-kali

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The Sisyphus promotion team has prepared these lovely gifts which will be delivered to the actors, writers and director of the drama


Today (5/21) with actors Jo Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye
The director and the writer have delivered and sent support items.Símbolo de mareo
For more information, please refer to the cafe review during next week.
Please check






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Instagram post Park Shin Hye .


Seohae-ya, there's a lot of people who still remember, miss and love you.. Our Seohae are happy right..? I was happy that I met Seohae too ❣️

Thank you for sending me a wonderful and precious gift.
I'd like to give a clap to everyone who worked hard on preparing this 

I'm reading the message book last night. don't know why I'm crying while reading it. The message that you guys send me makes me cry and laugh at the same time. My eyes are swollen when woke up ㅎㅎ

Because of your love and support, I'm gaining a lot of strength. I will be so happy today. Thank you so much..!! Have a nice day everyone ❣️
trans by YYSY_


















cr: instagram.com/p/CPJ3DVjBB4c/

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Let's get good feelings and couples and get emoticons!
Good feeling linen blending emoticon has been released!
A good feeling emoticon that makes you feel better just by looking at it❤
Aren't you curious about your followers too?
From 2:00 on May 20th,
Feeling good and making Kakao Plus friends
Shin Hye Park x You can get a good feeling linen blending emoticon! 
✔How to get emoticons✔
Search'good feeling' in the KakaoTalk Add Friend window
Add KakaoTalk Good Feeling Channel
Make a good feeling and have a couple, and express your followers' pleasant day!


Those who are friends of the existing “Feeling Good” channel will be paid in bulk on May 20th at 2pm. (Limited quantity on a first-come, first-served basis)






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Sisyphus: The Myth: action, mystery and grand spectacle


Sisyphus: The Myth (Netflix)


Need a brain-spinning sci-fi action series? Available on Netflix, the Korean drama Sisyphus: The Myth is for you. Criticism.

Science fiction enthusiasts will not shy away from their fun. With its tortuous and imaginative plot on the theme of time travel, the drama Sisyphus: the Myth takes us on a thrilling adventure punctuated by dantesque action scenes, while finding the right balance between suspense and emotion. The drama owes a lot to its endearing duo of performers, Park Shin Hye and Cho Seung Woo, whose chemistry sparks. Good SF blockbuster as we like them, visible on Netflix since April 15, 2021.


New luxury production for JTBC

Coming from the future by means of the uploader, a time machine, Gang Seo Hae (Park Shin Hye) narrowly escapes the Control Office, a secret society that tracks illegal time travelers. Seo Hae goes in search of Han Tae Sul (Cho Seung Woo), genius scientist and CEO of the company Quantum & Time, to protect him from a deadly threat. It is he who will create the uploader in the near future.

Definitely, JTBC has not finished surprising us with its luxurious productions. The cable channel has been around for barely ten years and already amazes us with the variety of its programming, between the societal drama Sky Castle , the colorful melodrama The World of the Married , the historic series My Country: The New Age and now the science fiction drama Sisyphus: The Myth . These dramas are very different from each other, but they have one thing in common: an uplifting honesty with the genre they explore.


Directed by Jin Hyuk ( The Legend of the Blue Sea ), the drama Sisyphus: The Myth comes in 16 episodes and sets its mystery from the first scenes with the arrival of Seo Hae in our time. The sequel plunges us directly into the heat of the action with a plane crash thwarted in extremis by Tae Sul, who discovers on this occasion a black briefcase belonging to his brother who has been dead for 10 years.

The meeting between Seo Hae and Tae Sul takes place in Episode 2, as the scientist is targeted by an assassination attempt in the middle of a conference. The only way Tae Sul can survive now is to follow without thinking this woman from the future - the idea is somewhat reminiscent of Terminator (James Cameron), but the comparison will end there. Alongside Seo Hae and Tae Sul, Sisyphus: The Myth takes us on an eventful adventure mixing different temporalities, between a present disturbed by elusive forces and a future plunged into desolation and banditry. The challenge ? Save Korea from nuclear war.





Temporal paradoxes

The theme of time travel is nothing new to the world of series, but we quickly understand that the universe of Sisyphus: The Myth is governed by its own rules. From the functioning of the “uploader” and the “downloader” to the failed transfers seeing the travelers arrive in pieces, the technologies of today and tomorrow fit naturally into the narrative and the notions of temporal paradox and parallel worlds are of course on the program.

Park Shin Hye (Sisyphus)Park shin hye


Boasting luxurious special effects, Sisyphus: The Myth gradually unveils a futuristic world populated by lawless gangs. Through the gaze of Seo Hae, who wanders the streets and ruined buildings to find food or medicine, the landscape gradually widens to unfold, in episode 8, superb post-apocalyptic shots on the city of Seoul after the war.

Seoul under bombardment

As well as being a stimulating sci-fi drama, Sisyphus: The Myth is also a bountiful action series, which scrupulously fills all the boxes for it to compete with Hollywood on its home ground, the big show. The energetic realization of Jin Hyuk shines with some flashes, especially in the crazy action scenes that punctuate the story.

As such, in addition to the muscular fights like that of episode 2, the drama offers explosive shootings, a car chase involving deadly drones and even a zipline escape between Seoul skyscrapers! We particularly like the shooting of episode 13, where we follow, as in a video game, the trajectory of Seo Hae in the chiadé setting of a ruined street.


Finally, it is impossible to ignore the incredible scene of mass destruction that occurs unexpectedly halfway through the series, and during which the city of Seoul is set on fire and bloodshed by North Korean missiles. Boosted by a frantic car race under the bombardments, the scene looks straight out of an American disaster film à la Roland Emmerich ( The Day After ) and shows distressing images of Seoul landmarks swept away by missiles (the tower Namsan, the National Assembly, Gyeongbok Palace…). Only the drama Designated Survivor had dared to destroy the National Assembly so far. Sisyphus is disintegrating the whole city!






Awesome Park Shin Hye in action

One of the surprises of Sisyphus: The Myth is also seeing Park Shin Hye turn into an action heroine. Who would have thought, ten years ago, to see one day the actress of the cult romantic comedy You're Beautiful undergo such brutal fight scenes? Park Shin Hye only recently tried his hand at the thriller in the cinema, with Heart Blackened and especially The Call . In Sisyphus: The Myth , she confidently connects martial contests and shootings - the director strives to show that she carries out her fights herself.

Seo Hae's character is very much a superheroine, but that doesn't mean she's just a war machine. Park Shin Hye is above all a very good actress, which allows Sisyphus to develop a true female character, with her moods and her story.




Seo Hae's design is also thought to combine its different facets: the girly ornaments of its firearms give it a childish side which instantly humanizes it, even on a battlefield, and which allow to make the link with the Seo Hae child that we meet many times in the present. The touching complicity of the young woman with her father, played by Kim Jong Tae ( Do You Like Brahms? ), Brings her relief, in addition to playing a decisive role in the story.

Cho Seung Woo as a passionate scientist

The choice of Cho Seung Woo, actor confirmed in the cinema ( Inside Men ) as on television ( Stranger ), is also judicious in the role of Han Tae Sul. Approaching his character with humor and relaxation, he excels as well at embodying the passionate scientist, as the ordinary man dumbfounded by events or the calculator who develops ingenious plans to extricate himself from a crisis situation.




If Seo Hae's actions are influenced by his relationship with his father, those of Tae Sul are guided by his desire to uncover the truth about his brother's disappearance, a mystery that will hold surprising twists and turns. As always in Korean dramas, human issues are at the fore.

Served by the alchemy between the two actors, the love story between Seo Hae and Tae Sul alternates between emotion and lightness and makes you feel the attachment of the characters, without ever tipping the drama into melodrama. Sisyphus remains above all an action and science fiction series and does not betray the hopes raised by the first episodes.


Sung Dong Il (Sisyphus: The Myth)

Sung Dong Il

The supporting actors are all perfectly in their place, whether it is Sung Dong Il ( The Cursed ), excellent as a sarcastic mercenary who hides his HQ under his convenience store, Chae Jong Hyeop ( Hot Stove League ) as a serving knight ready to go. everything to help Seo Hae, Jung Hye Jin ( Rugal ) as an enigmatic psychic or Tae In Ho ( Soul Mechanic ) as Eddie Kim, Tae Sul's partner.

As for Kim Byung Chul ( Sky Castle ), he imprints a strange aura and scathing humor on a villain character so evil that it becomes almost abstract, like an unhealthy embodiment of human jealousy.




Park Shin Hye: action scene


But by the way, why this mysterious title, Sisyphus: The Myth  ? The answer emerges towards the end of the series. In order not to spoil the story, we will simply remind you that in mythology, Sisyphus is a man condemned by the gods to perform the same task eternally. You just have to tweak your mind a little to understand.



Elodie Leroy






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mojosphine IG ‘Summer Resort Collection 2021’


‘La Vie Paisible’ ‘ The Peaceful Life’



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#PICTURE | 21.05.2021 | And this photo of Oh Yeon Seo with Park Shin Hye when they were young? TOO MUCH






  • Love 1
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Exsports News

Lee Hong-ki "Park Shin-hye·Kim Sae-ron, promises to come to visit…Sorry to Kim Soo-hyun·Kim Hee-cheol" (Any older brother)

Input 2021.05.22. 9:32 PM
Original image
In the entertainment industry, Lee Hong-ki said, "I enlisted and my friends were coming," and revealed promises made with fellow celebrities such as Park Shin-hye and KS-r. However, he understood the situation of his friends by saying, "In fact, how can I get to that far?"
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13 Recommended Romance Dramas That Make You Feel Impressed and Cry

Updated in May 2021 * Work information and rankings are updated monthly.

Although it includes the element of heart-pounding, 13 works are carefully selected from the romance drama with strong elements of romance, sadness of human pattern, and sometimes sad and emotional crying. The pure romance between the cool heroine and the beautiful heroine makes you feel refreshed after crying and watching, and let's do our best again! All the works that I can think of.

▲ Return to Select by genre


NO3: "Pinocchio"




Reference: Pinocchio Notice (YouTube)

Love Romance
#Pure #Crying #Impressive

Pinocchio Synopsis

An inevitable love story that won the 2015 Excellent Work Award

A pure love story that is inevitable to cry, drawn by two super popular people, Cheina (Park Shin Hye) of "Pinocchio Syndrome" and Chedalpo (Lee Jong Suk) of the same age, who get hiccups when they lie. Kihamyung decided to live as Darpo in the wake of a certain incident. Ina and Darpo, who dreamed of becoming announcers, get jobs at different TV stations. I'm fascinated by Darpo and Ina, but I'm distressed to find out that Ina's mother is an enemy of her family ...

Impressions of the editorial department who watched Pinocchio

There aren't many dramas that make me cry so much

The highlight of this drama is that the mother of the other person in love is an enemy, and the whereabouts of the love between Lee Jong Suk, who plays a complicated position, and Park Shin Hye, who shows a stable performance. In addition, among the suspense elements that follow the truth of past incidents, the serious acting of Yun-gyun-san, who plays Jae-myung, is also good, and you will be absorbed in the drama world with a story that feels real, which also depicts the social problem of the way of reporting. In the second half, the empathy was so great that the final episode was a drama that cried so much. This is a must-see for anyone who wants to watch a crying drama.




Cast / Detailed information

Broadcast year & highest rating
Korean Broadcasting
System : 2014 highest audience rating: 13.3%
Starring: Lee Jong Suk
Heroine: Park Shin Hye
Total number of episodes: 20 episodes
per episode: about 60 minutes





cr: game.boom-app.com/movie/koreandr

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Oh Yeonseo and Park Shinhye during (2011) Green Days: Dinosaurs and I animation film.

Hope to see them work together again in the near future. :happydance: 




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Waaaa .... Here are the details of the miniature doll gifts for Han Tae Sul and Kang Seo Hae
Original Really cool and detail !!!



Clay doll work record!
The doll sits 9 centimeters
tall Acrylic case width 20
Miniature accessory 1.5 cm~
This time, the clasped hands were of high difficulty. 0.5 centimeters of fingers


cr. @clayhaerin  https://www.instagram.com/p/CPPWf7bB9UD/







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Ἀποκάλυψις means revelation

Choose to Be

Han Tae Sul woke up and find himself on a plane, just like in episode 1. The old man from his ‘previous’ flight kept nagging about the soggy ramyeon. For a while he exhaled, maybe thinking so this was a dream or I save the world, I made it or maybe this is it, I’m dead. Then the familiar voice filled his ears, the voice of a person he missed the most, he wanted the most, he loved the most. And when he looked to his side, there she is, Kang Seo Hae, babbling non-stop about the plane’s dishes.


For some moments, the only thing in his mind was: She is here. Kang Seo Hae is here.


The stewardess brought him a glass of water, then reality hit him. He should be dead. Or Kang Seo Hae shouldn’t be here. She should be in Seoul, as an 8 years-old girl, riding Viking with her father. Then he thought, he’s on it again. He’s crazy. He needed his pills to come to his sense. He took out two, contemplating to eat them. But then maybe, for one last time, he would look at Seo Hae for one last time, so he did.


She asked him what’s wrong. And he saw her, that face, that attitude, that innocence, that smile he had been missing. He looked down to his pills again, and this time, he dropped them.


At that moment it became very clear, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter anymore. He doesn’t care whether he’s dead or whether he’s hallucinating, whether it’s the last memory he had before his death or whether he fell into an infinity abyss of his encounter with her. He doesn’t care anymore if he’s in the middle of a time loop scheme created over and over again by someone who hates him. Kang Seo Hae is here. She’s here, and he chose her. He will be his selfish self as he always did, he will stay here with her.


He rested his head on her shoulder, smiling, holding her hand. Kang Seo Hae is here, she is by his side. And that’s what matters.






cr: https://apokalypsiaa.tumblr.com/post/647957228711788544/choose-to-be


https://www.instagram.com/p/CPQ_kfXFrI5/ FANART

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