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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Drama 2021 : Sisyphus the myth 시지프스

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Are you looking for an excellent Sisyphus: The Myth explanations? I found one written by

be sure to read: https://j.mp/2RrPfeq

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I was catching up on the posts in this thread and I see there are various views expressed for or against SH taking on the role in the new film with JJS and Do. I just want to say that all we know abou

The Fact :Park Shin Hye & Lee Jong Suk Dating Rumors - No Evidence - "근거 없어"   This news was released July 01, 2015 It seems like The Fact is giving the REAL FACT here. Hope this will be the

cr: PSH DC @stewiefg, you are so lucky to watch the c-subbed version. All the c-fans keep asking on weibo what Shin Hye can not do? She is such a multi-talented and clever girl. Media used to say she

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 — Sisyphus The Myth. Before I proceed, let me just give a briefer about Sisyphus the man the title is based on. Sisyphus is a king in Greek Mythology who cheats death a few times in an attempt to escape his mortality. This RickRoll'D off Zeus, who punishes Sisyphus. In Hades, Sisyphus has to push a boulder uphill only to have it roll back down when he reaches the top. This is a vicious cycle that goes on forever.

Sisyphus The Myth


Sisyphus The Myth stars Park Shin Hye  in her most action-packed role yet. She plays Kang Seo Hae, a twenty-something girl from the dark and dreary post-nuclear war future. Seo Hae travels in time to 2020 to prevent the war from happening. For this, she has to find the creator of the time machine, Han Tae Sul.


Han Tae Sul is a wealthy genius who Seo Hae eventually falls in love with. He joins Seo Hae in her quest to prevent the war.


But there is someone who wants the war to break out, a mysterious man known only as Sigma. It’s now a race between Sigma and Seo Hae + Tae Sul as to what will happen next.


Sisyphus The Myth


Okay so from hereon out, spoilers abound. I’ll try to explain the ending as best I can based on actual events in the series.


Sisyphus The Myth



If you’ve watched Sisyphus The Myth, the vague ending probably left you wondering what happened. After all, everyone “dies” in the finale and then all of a sudden, Tae Sul and Seo Hae are together on a plane holding hands. Before I share my interpretation of the ending, consider the following points:

  1. In the finale, Tae Sul chooses to shoot himself to put an end to the vicious cycle of war and time travel. According to Seo Hae, war breaks out because Tae Sul invents the time machine. Seo Hae can’t bring herself to kill Tae Sul so Tae Sul decides to sacrifice himself instead.
  2. If Tae Sul doesn’t invent the time machine, the nuclear war never happens. That said, this version of 20+ year old Seo Hae will cease to exist. The Seo Hae that Tae Sul knows is the product of the nuclear war and the time machine. Therefore, Tae Sul killing himself means Tae Sul also eradicating the Seo Hae he knows and loves. Both of them will cease to exist.
  3. In episode 11, Tae Sul goes into Seo Hae’s past to try and save her. To do this, both Tae Sul and Seo Hae’s bodies are left in the present while their consciousness visits various pockets of time. In one such time pocket, Tae Sul finds his brother Tae San. Tae San tells Tae Sul that this is where he has been hiding all this time so Sigma and the Control Bureau can never find him. He also tells Tae Sul that when Tae Sul goes back to the present, physical world, they will most likely not see each other again. We see Tae San’s body in a vegetative state in the present. If their physical bodies die, their consciousness can never go back, having no vessel to return to. This is why after getting shot with the serum, Seo Hae goes back and wakes up but finds that Tae Sul is dead to the world.
  4. Tae Sul tells Seo Hae to find him no matter what before shooting himself. After he dies, we see Seo Hae slowly vanishing.
  5. The Greek Mythology version of Sisyphus has the main character doing the same thing over and over again in vain. Had Tae Sul chosen to build the time machine and retain this version of Seo Hae, it would just result in a vicious cycle where post-war Seo Hae would keep coming back to try and change things.

Considering all the above points, I think what happened in the end is this:

Tae Sul, having discovered that it’s possible for one’s consciousness to exist in a particular pocket of time (episode 11), concludes that he and Seo Hae can be together while saving the world if he kills himself. In the present, real, and living world, they can never be together without the rest of humanity dying. But leaving their physical existences behind can free their consciousness so like Tae San, they can “hide” in a particular pocket of time. This is why Tae Sul awakens in the plane, where the series started. Only this time, Seo Hae is beside him. He told her to “find” him and she did. When the camera zooms out, we see that the plane isn’t real. Much like the pockets of time they visited in episode 11, the plane is one such pocket. It’s a happy ending of sorts where Tae Sul and Seo Hae can be together at that point in time — before the time machine was invented and after Seo Hae goes back to 2020. After all, according to the series, what’s important is not where, but when.

I’ve tried looking through all the Sisyhus The Myth ending explained posts and none of them make sense so I’m inclined to stick to my theory.


Dang, Park Shin Hye is my new action hero.


cr: https://j.mp/2RrPfeq


If you haven't read my own explanation visit: https://j.mp/sisyphusthemyth

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Photos of Park Shin Hye added to 'ykgoodfeel' Instagram today:


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Weibo Powerstar ‘Most Influential Korean female celebrities in China Ranking for April 2021:


1. IU
2. Lisa Blackpink
3. Rose Blackpink
4. Jisoo Blackpink
5. Yoona
6. Jennie Blackpink
7. Song Ji Hyo
8. Krystal
9. Park Shin Hye ♥︎♥︎♥︎
10. Song Hye Kyo









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Why did you say it's a couple's feast these days? Inspector Oh Ji-hwa's heart, my heart. All ruin



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08.05.2021  Park Shin Hye  IG Stories


Shin Hye will do balance game on Vlive App on May 15th




"Let's Play a Balance Game on May 15th SALT"





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Weekly trend 
Main addition

[Genre in the heyday] Why it's difficult to plot Sisyphus-Time Travel

Input 2021.05.04. 4:57 pm
[Weekly Trends]
Ray Bradbury's short story'The Sound of Thunder' ( 1952 ) is a story of a tourist who went on a time travel in the era of dinosaurs accidentally stepped on a butterfly, then returned to his own time and faced a completely changed world. In Tanigawa Nagaru's light novel 〈The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya〉 ( 2004 ), the protagonist exists at the same time as the future self in one space and time to restore the alternate reality in which personal information and memories have changed, except for himself Cooperate together without doing anything. These examples illustrate an effort to avoid the time paradox, whatever the subject.

jtbc scene / drama "sijipeuseu ' jtbc provided

Time travel is not unfamiliar in Korean dramas these days. However, the time travel plot is more difficult than I thought, convincingly. Whatever the time traveler does, the causality shouldn't be shaken. Unless you use an anomalous tree that transfers to another era of the Parallel Earth. How about the recently ended JTBC 's drama 〈Cyprus〉? It is very unfortunate to start with the conclusion. Let's point out a few.

1 . Let's say that Han Tae-Sul (played by Seung-Woo Jo) is destined to develop a time machine. So, why do future people dare to present a time machine blueprint to Han Tae-Sul from the pre-development point or to urge rapid development? The future, Sigma, professes that it would be impossible to develop a time machine without his own financial support. However, when a time machine has not been developed, how can Sigma come to the present and invest?

2 . Let's suppose that a nuclear explosion occurs as a result of Sigma's plan from the future, destroying the political economy of the Korean Peninsula. But what if Han Tae-Sul doesn't develop a time machine? Or if you get killed or commit suicide? I will be able to prevent the world from becoming confused. Nevertheless, what is the reason why Kang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye), who lived in the ruined future Korea, leaves to the past to protect Han Tae-sul? Isn't the game over if he assassinates Han Tae-sul? As soon as that time, Seohae Kang will also disappear from the time zone, but as a child in the same time zone, she will not suffer a nuclear explosion in the future, nor will her mother die from radiation exposure. Even the future father will not be shot by a mob of lawlessness.


3 . Seohae Kang keeps her diary for that reason. The diary is evidence that he failed to intervene in the hantaesul case many times earlier. After the middle of the drama, Seohae Kang, who came to Han Tae-Sul the last time, said that he was killed by a bullet from an employee of the Bureau, but this time his fate has changed slightly. However, when a time traveler from the future died at some point in the past, how can the same person from the future come to the past again? In a single timeline universe, no matter how many times you cross different time zones, if you die somewhere, you can no longer move. How is another Gangseo Sea coming from the future where the Gangseo Sea has already left? This is essentially different from the plot that Skynet sends back to the past by continuously replicating Terminators (robots).

4 . Using a time machine In the second half of the series, time travel is possible even if a specific drug is injected into the body. In this case, the body cannot move and only consciousness goes back and forth, but is that possible only with chemicals?
5 . Would it end with Sigma dying? Like Seohae Kang, if Sigma left a clue in preparation for his failure, why not send another self to protect himself from the future? As Han Tae-Sul did that at the last minute. Then, the drama falls into a labyrinth of constant time war. Han Tae-sul and Kang Seo-hae only won this time. ''

Gowon-won SF Critic



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5 K Drama pairings we want to see reunited onscreen, feat Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye

These are pairings we have loved on-screen and would love to see them together again! Read on to find out our top 5 picks we want reuniting on-screen.
Written By Anwaya Mane 125070 reads  Mumbai  Updated: May 8, 2021 01:08 pm

Every time we watch a K-drama and a pairing on-screen, we believe they are this generation's most eternal on-screen pair and nobody can come close to the magic they can create on-screen together. But that only lasts until we watch our next drama and pretty much feel the same for the new pair. K-drama on-screen pairings are beautiful, magical and make us believe in true love and if fan-fiction and edits are to go by, these actors have the best on-screen chemistry. We pick our top 5 favourite screen pairings, we want reunited on-screen.


1. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye



Lee Min Ho is one actor who hasn't worked with the same actress again, but if he was to break this rule, we root for his and Park Shin Hye's pairing again. The two Hallyu stars worked together in The Heirs and it has been a long time. It would be nice to see Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in a nice modern love story, wouldn't it?


cr: pinkvilla.com/entertainment/

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Heartstrings all the endings of each episode


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