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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Drama 2021 : Sisyphus the myth 시지프스

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PARK SHIN HYE ranked at #13 in the list of 55 Fashion Face Awards

Puede ser una imagen de 14 personas y texto que dice "PRESENTS: FASHION FACE AWARDS YEAR 2020 ASIAN FEMALE Grace Chow CHINA "Impressive storytelling skills. Brilliant, tough but gentle Enjoy portraits the funny tricks she plays. Learned from her photography." Yen Cheung, Founder -MAGAZIN "Sharply ideal proportions as Asian." Adobe INTV lanoban 3rd SOUTH KOREA 4th 5th TAIWAN Hsu 6th SOUTH KOREA Hyun 7th ฺOUTE KOREA Shin ÛAh 10 SOUT hPark Young Gina 11 12 Jir SOUTH ฺOUTEA 13 SOUT"




I-MAGAZINE moves into the fifth year of fashion face awards, we continued in partnership with Adobe behance's featured artists and invited film directors together selecting our best fashion faces in six categories with using Adobe's intelligent facial recognition software to support the analysing of facial features. With over 30 countries and 350 professional photographers, designers, makeup artists, stylists, editors and I-MAGAZINE in-house team in United Kingdom, HKSAR, China & South Korea, we have voted for the top faces from over 10,000 photos and videos published in 2019 and 2020. I-M team and our judges were considering the overall criteria including distinctive characters, unique facial expressions, the ability of story-telling, potential & versatility of carrying different styles and the facial analysis from adobe certified experts for finalising the results of this year, as what it expected to be one of the most influential references in the industry.
This is the only "face" award with the participation of professional judges.
More Results:


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보다 나은 한 해를 기대하며,
모두 새해 복 많이 받으세요

다가오는 봄을 위한 로맨틱 컬렉션,
#모조에스핀 과 함께하세요.

#21spring #설 #설날
#happynewyear #해피설날


cr: https://instagram.com/p/CLLODQbJif6/









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cr: as tagged 


I am proud! Beauty as made by mom and dad! True beauty and talent. With so many people going through p.s. to feel accepted, it’s a breeze to see natural born beauty be appreciated ! You go Shin Hye keep being the role model and building the “unic “ “Stay True to Yourself” legacy! :heart:


Episode 4 checked! Enjoying the drama so much! Loving the warrior! :thumbsup:

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Gaon Social Chart – Week 8


LINK. gaonchart.co.kr/main/section/c



#1 #BLACKPINK *8 weeks at #1 in 2021*
#7 #IU
#9 #SongGain
#13 #HyunA
#20 #JENNIE 
#21 #IZONE
#22 #GIDLE 
#23 #RedVelvet
#24 #ParkShinHye  Keywords: 서해, 미래, 시지
#33 #aespa

#38 #GirlsGeneration
#48 #SUNMI
#50 #HwaSa


via @kpopggsuperior














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#박신혜 #Parkshinhye #朴信惠
'액션서해'와는 또 다른 매력으로
시선을 사로잡았던 '드레서해'
오늘(25일, 목) 밤 9시,
JTBC <시지프스: the myth> 함께해 주세요!
#JTBC #10주년특별드라마 #시지프스 #Sisyphus #themyth #강서해 #웨딩드레스 #장면 #비하인드 #눈부신 #드레서해 # #오늘 #2월25일 #목요일 #밤9시 #4회 #함께해요 #



#Park Shinhye #Parkshinhye #朴信惠
Another attraction from'Action Seohae'
The'dresser' that caught the eye
Today (25th, Thursday) 9pm,
JTBC <SiJips: the myth> Please join me!
#JTBC #10th Anniversary Special Drama #Sisyphus #Sisyphus #themyth #Seohae Kang #Wedding dress #Scene #Behind the scenes #Dazzling #Dresser # #Today #February 25th #Thursday #9pm #4 episodes #Let's be together # 


cr. https://instagram.com/p/CLtfiVjjG07/

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'Sisyphus' beats  'Blade of demonic extinction' X'Vinsenzo' and ranked 1st on Netflix

Driver approval 2021.02.27 10:05:04



Right after 'Sisyphus: the myth' is released every week, it is proving its explosive popularity by ranking first in Netflix's'Today's Top 10'.

''Sisyphus: the myth', which is airing simultaneously on JTBC channel and entertainment streaming service Netflix Including Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, it ranked first in Netflix's'Today's Top 10'.




In addition, immediately after the 3rd and 4th releases (as of the 26th), it is continuing

high altitude, ranking first in the'Today's Top 10' in 5 countries including Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand.


'Sisyphus' is a fantasy mystery drama depicting the journey of genius engineer Han Tae-sul (Jo Seung-woo) and the savior Kang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye) who has gone through a long and dangerous path for him to uncover the existence that is living in our world.



'Sisyphus', which opened the door to a huge worldview by unfolding its original visuals and stories, opened a successful opening with 6.8% of viewership ratings for the first time and 8.1% for the second time. The 3rd and 4th episodes broadcast this week also recorded the highest ratings per minute of over 8%, solidifying their position as the strongest in Wednesday Mok Drama. (Based on paid furniture in the metropolitan area provided by Nielsen Korea)





The secret to the success of 'Sisyphus' lies in the unique worldview of 'Sisyphus', which was built with the perfect team play of the'writer, director, actor'. The worldview created by Lee Je-in X Jeon Chan-ho was embodied in the sensational direction of director Jin-hyuk, and actors Cho Seung-woo and Park Shin-hye's striking character play, which they believe in and sees, raised the immersion to the best. Moreover, the rice cakes that have been tumbling in various places from the first week are causing viewers' reasoning radar to be heated and cold, causing the nth replay. This is why it seems that the popularity of 'Sisyphus' in Netflix will continue for a while.


On the other hand, 'Sisyphus'  , which proves that it is a topical work, is every week with the reaction of viewers saying, "This is the first time in such a unique genre," "It is a drama that I am curious about the next story," and It will be broadcast on Netflix at 9 PM on Wednesday and Thursday at JTBC and 10:30 PM.



Photo provided = Netflix daily ranking capture, JTBC Studio


Reporter Kang Bo-ra mist.diego@slist.kr



cr. m.slist.kr/news/articleVi






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Best K-dramas for Beginners to start with

The Heirs,....

 Prabha Tiwari Send an email2021-02-21
 2 minutes read
South Korea has become a dream destination for thousands out there. Thanks to the impressive Kpop and their marvelous dramas and movies. I bet that half of the people reading this article are into Kdramas, and if you are not, then you are at the right place for recommendations. Some of the best Korean dramas from thrill, action, comedy, romance, and historical categories are below. Find your soulmate! You guys don’t need to say, “Kumawao”. 

The Heirs: (2013)

This might be an evergreen drama because every time I rewatch it, I am like, ”Oomo”. Park Shin-Hye and Lee Min-Ho made the best onscreen couple in Kim Eun-sook’s drama plot. We follow a rich guy and poor girl love story in this teen romantic drama. Kang Shin-Hyo and Boo Sung-Chul directed the drama for SBS distributions.








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Cho Seung Woo And Park Shin Hye Land In Hot Water In “Sisyphus: The Myth”


Cho Seung Woo And Park Shin Hye Land In Hot Water In “Sisyphus: The Myth”

Feb 25, 2021
by L. Kim

New stills from JTBC’s “Sisyphus: The Myth” hint at building tension!

The fantasy-mystery drama stars Cho Seung Woo as Han Tae Sool, a genius engineer who embarks on a perilous journey to bring light to hidden beings that are secretly residing in our world. Park Shin Hye plays his savior Kang Seo Hae, who comes from a future that has fallen into ruin due to a war.


The previous episode showed Han Tae Sool struggling to keep alive. After opening the suitcase of his older brother Han Tae San (Heo Joon Seok), Han Tae Sool constantly faced danger. One sniper with a bizarre appearance targeted him, but fortunately, Kang Seo Hae appeared just in time to save him.


However, Han Tae Sool and Kang Seo Hae will come across another crisis in the next episode. The new stills depict them being surrounded by the Control Bureau, mysterious men who are after their lives. There is clear panic on Kang Seo Hae’s face, and Han Tae Sool’s eyes are wide due to the imminent danger. It will be thrilling to see if they will make it out of there safely without being caught by the Control Bureau.




The production crew commented, “Han Tae Sool’s intelligence and Kang Seo Hae’s fighting ability will help them come up with another unique escape method. If you want to get a hint in advance, please take a closer look at every object in the stills, just like Han Tae Sool and Kang Seo Hae who are trying to find something to use around them.”


The next episode of “Sisyphus: The Myth” will air on February 25 at 9 p.m. KST.




Source (1)







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