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Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses You Need To Know About

By AP Journalist  September 4, 2023 

Top 10 most beautiful Korean Actresses

1. Park Shin Hye





Park Shin Hye is considered one of Korea’s most beautiful actresses. She has acted in popular Korean dramas, including The Heirs, You’re Beautiful, and Pinocchio. With numerous successful shows and films under her wing, she has an astounding global fan base.



They are the top 10 most beautiful Korean Actress. Apart from these celebrities, which Korean actresses would you like to see on this list?




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#HallyuTime | Love knows no boundaries, and men are no exception. ❤️ 

Comment 'Yes' if you agree with us!  
Watch The Heirs हर Mon-Sun at 1 PM only on Zing 💫




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Doctor Slump Episode 9 Recap & Spoilers: Park Shin-Hye Helps Park Hyung-Sik Overcome His Fears

FEBRUARY 24, 2024




Popular K-drama Doctor Slump aired a new episode on Saturday, February 24, 2024, at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC. The episode is also available to stream on Netflix. The series follows the story of two high school rivals, Yeo Jeong-Woo (Park Hyung-Sik) and Nam Ha-Neul (Park Shin-Hye). The duo reunite 14 years later during the worst phases of their lives. Gradually they come friends and fall in love, while supporting each other through their issues.

Episode 9 of Doctor Slump documented the aftermath of Yeo Jeong-Woo and Nam Ha-Neul’s breakup. Although they resumed their daily lives, the duo still struggled to cope with their mental health. While Ha-Neul had a heated argument with her mother, Jeong-Woo struggled with PTSD even after resuming his work as a plastic surgeon. By the end of the episode, Ha-Neul discovered he had a hard time and decided to help him with his surgery and support him so that he could overcome his fears.

Doctor Slump Episode 9: Park Hyung-Sik decides to wait for Park Shin-Hye

The latest Doctor Slump episode 9 began with Nam Ha-Neul reflecting on her bond with her senior Kyung-Min. The latter pretended to help her during her work as an anesthesiologist but took credit for all her work. Moreover, he badmouthed her to the Chief and continued disrespecting her. This was one of the reasons she’d quit her job and suffered mental health struggles. However, she was able to stabilize herself only because of Jeong-Woo.

Reflecting on her breakup with Jeong-Woo, Ha-Neul felt they would only hurt each other if they continued their relationship. Given their individual life struggles, it would be difficult for her to commit. The following day, Jeong-Woo decided to join work as a plastic surgeon in Dr. Bin Dae-Young’s hospital. He temporarily moved out of Ha-Neul’s rented apartment, which saddened her family.

Considering Ha-Neul never bid Jeong-Woo farewell, her family suspected the two’s breakup. Both continued to hurt over their breakup. While Jeong-Woo accompanied Dae-Young for drinks, Ha-Neul did the same with her friend Lee Hong-Ran. A drunk Ha-Neul returned home with the help of Hong-Ran when the former’s mother, Gong Wol-Seon, grew concerned about her. Meanwhile, Jeong-Woo couldn’t stop thinking about Ha-Neul.


Jeong-Woo officially joined the hospital the following morning, when the entire staff welcomed him. Meanwhile, Ha-Neul’s aunt informed her mother, Gong Wol-Seon, of a prospective suitor whose father ran a big hospital in Busan. Apparently, he was looking for a daughter-in-law to take over the hospital as his son was useless. Ha-Neul’s aunt advised that the two singles meet so that Ha-Neul could eventually take over the hospital.

Although Wol-Seon was skeptical, she thought it would be a good opportunity for Ha-Neul. However, she lied to her daughter to send her to meet the suitor. When Ha-Neul met the suitor, she discovered having been sent on a blind date. Moreover, the man only proceeded to insult get and revealed that even Ha-Neul’s mother knew it was a blind date. Ha-Neul returned home and scolded her mother, mistaking her intentions.

Ha-Neul’s uncle, Gong Tae-Soon, expressed feeling helpless and guilty for not being able to help his niece. However, he made her understand that her mother was only looking out for her, growing cabbages for her daughter because she thought it would help Ha-Neul’s depression. That night, Tae-Soon and Ha-Neul’s brother Nam Ba-Da arranged a family meeting in the pretext of Ha-Neul and her mother making things right.

Wol-Seon gave her daughter, Ha-Neul, bank account details. She revealed that Ha-Neul’s father had saved up some money for his daughter. Ha-Neul’s mother further revealed they were proud to have her as their daughter. Moreover, Wol-Seok asked her daughter to spend the money however she wanted and be happy. The family bonded over food and drinks as the mother-daughter shared tears.

On their way home, Wol-Seon recalled how heartbroken Jeong-Woo was when he moved in. She expressed that always has a soft spot for him. Wol-Seon was even relieved that his daughter had Jeong-Woo to lean on and vice versa. Meanwhile, Jeong-Woo saw Ba-Da’s social media pictures of the family dinner and thought Ha-Neul was doing well without him. However, a drunk Ha-Neul texted him at night.

The following morning, Ha-Neul woke to see the text she sent Jeong-Woo. Embarrassed, she walked over to the rooftop to see him. After some bickering, he intended to wait for her until she sorted out her troubles and reunited with him. After he left, Ha-Neul felt happy about his visit. When he returned to the hospital, he and Dae-Young saw a huge crowd. The patients discovered that Jeong-Woo had joined the hospital after the publicist put up a post on social media.

Although Jeong-Woo returned to work, his mental health got the better of him. He suffered a panic attack during surgery. The nurses discussed Jeong-Woo’s battle with PTSD because of the medical accident in his hospital. Hong-Ran, who overheard the nurses talking, informed Ha-Neul of the same. Meanwhile, Dae-Young tried talking Jeong-Woo out of doing any more surgeries, but the latter assured him that he’d be fine.

The following day, Jeong-Woo went into the operating room, still anxious. However, he discovered Ha-Neul’s presence in the hospital as an anesthesiologist and was relieved. She’d decided to help him overcome his mental trauma by joining him in the operating room.

To watch what happens next, don’t forget to tune in to Doctor Slump Episode 10 on Sunday, February 25, 2024, at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC and later on Netflix.


https://buff.ly/3OUTpGs https://buff.ly/3TaUBYR


👉  https://zrr.kr/EnTb

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<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 10 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes... A bed scene that never ceases to amuse = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis

2024/04/25 08:47comment
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 10 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes... A bed scene that never ceases to amuse = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis
<Korean Drama REVIEW> "Doctor Slump" Episode 10 Synopsis and Behind the Scenes... A bed scene that never ceases to amuse = Behind the Scenes and Synopsis


*Contains plot and spoilers.

Korean drama "Doctor Slump" spoilers, cast, viewership, relationship chart, impressions

*Wowkorea page has a making-of video.

From the beginning of the video to 2:26.
This time, it's from the scene where Haneul and Jungwoo eat jajang ramen together.
First, the two of them rehearse. When Jungwoo brings the bowl, Park Shin-hye makes a mistake in her lines and says "Please do it again (laughs)" for NG. After that, when she says her lines and tries to eat the ramen, the cut is made. "Then the next one is the last one, until you eat the ramen," says the director and the shooting starts. Park Hyung- sik stuffs his mouth full and is OK.
After that, they move to the bed. "I'm full and a little sleepy," Park Shin-hye says, and Jung-woo invites her to the bed, saying "Sleepy!? Let's lie down." During the rehearsal, Park Hyung-sik gives her a passionate look from behind and says, "Come on quickly~" and Park Shin-hye laughs out loud. Then, as they push Ha-neul down on the bed, the scene cuts and the two burst out laughing. Then, the scene shifts to the next morning. As the director checks their positions, Jang Hye-jin calls out from the window, "You two, move away! Ha-neul!".

●Reactions from Korean netizens●
"Their chemistry is amazing"
"Great atmosphere"
"The bed scene is too funny"
"Park Hyung-sik's gaze"
"His ad-libs are funny"

●Synopsis● Episode 10 of
" Doctor Slump " (viewership rating 8.2%) depicts Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye) entering Jung-woo's (Park Hyung-sik) operating room.

 After hearing that Jung-woo panicked during the operation, Ha-neul meets Dae-young (Yoon Park) and asks, "I was worried when Jung-woo said he was going to enter the operating room. You know that the staff who believed him also contributed to that medical accident, right? So I think it's still hard to trust the operating room, the operating process, and above all, the people in the operating room. So, can I enter Jung-woo's operation?"

 Jungwoo, who heard the exchange, asked, "Have you ever thought about working in plastic surgery? Moreover, if you're struggling and taking time off work, didn't you think it would be hard for me to suddenly start working because of me?" To which Ha-neul replied, "But I can't leave you alone when you're struggling." Jungwoo harshly warned, "I didn't want to leave you alone when you were struggling either. I said, 'Can't you suffer by my side?' But you threw away our relationship." He

 continued, "I still don't understand why we broke up. I was ready to endure, but you left me behind. But you can't leave me alone? What you're doing now just seems selfish to me," and Ha-neul was at a loss for words and could only look at his back as he turned away.


The making of "Dr. Slump"




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