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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Current Drama: Doctor Slump - Sat & Sun @10:30 PM [Upcoming Drama 2024: Judge From Hell]


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Park Shin-hye, "I'm thankful and happy to be able to meet my fans"
A happy ending to the 2024 Asia Tour!
2024 Asia Tour ‘Memory of Angel’ successfully completed! 'Bangkok → Tokyo'


- “Thank you for always giving me your generous support and love” Thoughts on the 2024 Asia Tour


[Photo: Salt Entertainment]






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With a relaxed and confident smile
Actress Park Shin-hye exudes beautiful charm
Actress Park Shin-hye
As an ambassador for ‘XERF’
Selected :)
With actress Park Shin-hye
Have a healthy and confident day ❣️






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Memory Of Angel in Tokyo mention of #Pretty Boy Next Door during film talk


“Next, when talking about ‘winter,’ you can’t leave out this work.
It’s the drama <Pretty Boy Next Door>.
Now that I think about it, I guess I have a bit of a connection with イケメン (handsome boy) 🤔😁
Personally, I also liked Godomi’s style.
Many people also liked it.
It also reminds me of layered clothes, patterned skirts, and Godomi's look that was very practical and warm.
Dokmi was originally confined to the house, but with the help of those around her and with her own strength, she began to come out into the outside world, right?
I think it's an OST that captures Dokmi's feelings well.
“I’ll sing ‘Pitch Black’ while remembering that time.”


google translate


Modern House Commercial Shoot
Behind the scene look

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30.05.2024 salt_en IG update: 1️⃣


#박신혜 #Parkshinhye #朴信惠
박신혜 배우와 별빛천사 모두 행복했던
<Memory of Angel> 그 마지막 여정!
2024 박신혜 아시아 투어
<Memory of Angel> in TOKYO
현장 사진을 공개합니다❣️
#2024 #박신혜아시아투어
#ParkShinHyeAsiaTour #TOKYO


Actress Park Shin-hye and Starlight Angel were both happy.
<Memory of Angel> The final journey!
2024 Park Shin-hye Asia Tour
<Memory of Angel> in TOKYO
We are releasing photos from the scene❣️









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Park Shin Hye's Asia tour a great success... "I'm happy to meet all my fans"


Actress Park Shin-hye has finished her 2024 Asia Tour "Memory of Angel" on a happy note.


The "2024 Asia Tour - Memory of Angel" which kicked off in Seoul last year was held in four locations: Bangkok, Taipei, and Tokyo. Park Shin Hye appeared on stage greeting in the language of each location and had a good time with fans while talking about her filmography, including her debut film "Stairway to Heaven", "You're Beautiful", "The Handsome Next Door", "The Heirs", "Pinocchio", "Doctors", and "Dr. Slump".

He also gave a brief introduction to SBS's "Judge from Hell," in which he has confirmed his appearance and is currently filming, raising expectations for his next work.

Next, Park Shin Hye read out a prepared story about a fan, deeply empathizing with what the fan had to say and answering honestly. She also made eye contact with the fans in the audience and exchanged witty comments, continuing her communication in a more familiar and friendly manner.


In the second half of the fan meeting, she chose singer Choi Yuri's "Forest" and EXO's DO's "Wonder" as songs she wanted to play for her fans. She explained the reason for her choice, saying, "The moment I heard this song, I remembered so many of you fans," and, "There must be times in our lives when we feel tired and miserable. I prepared this song with the feeling that, like the lyrics of this song, I want to become your forest at times like that." She added, "I think it's a miracle that you have loved me since you first became known. I prepared this song thinking that meeting you fans was not a coincidence, but a miraculous encounter like fate." She moved her fans.


Finally, Park Shin Hye shared her thoughts after finishing her 2024 Asia Tour, "It's really sad that time is passing. I will try my best to make up for this feeling of sadness as soon as possible."


Park Shin Hye continued, "I'm very grateful and happy just to be able to face you all like this," and added, "I'm truly grateful to everyone who always gives me so much support and love. I hope you all will be as happy as I am."


Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye has confirmed her appearance in SBS's new drama "Judge from Hell" and is currently filming.

Copyrights(C) Herald wowkorea.jp hwaiting.me

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Park Shin Hye's latest drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL, plays a beautiful judge

Published: Thursday, 30 May 2024 19:33 IWST

Park Shin Hye's latest drama THE JUDGE FROM (credit: Instagram.com/ssinz7/@mojo.s.phine/darealkjy/Arena)
Related Artists:

Kapanlagi.com - Park Shin Hye returns to greet fans through her latest drama entitled THE JUDGE FROM HELL . Combining the romance and crime fantasy genres, Park Shin Hye's latest drama will complete exciting viewing throughout 2024.


After the success of the drama DOCTOR SLUMP,Park Shin Hye will play a role in the latest drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL . Park Shin Hye's latest drama is scheduled to air in 2024. However, there is no official information regarding the details of its release.


Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye will compete acting with actor Kim Jae Young. If you are curious about the synopsis of Park Shin Hye's latest drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL , see the following review. This is the synopsis, cast and interesting facts about the Korean drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL.


1. Synopsis of the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL


Synopsis of the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL (credit: Instagram.com/ssinz7/@mojo.s.phine/darealkjy/@sieg.official)


Park Shin Hye is known as a famous South Korean star who has had a career since a young age. It is not surprising that Park Shin Hye has starred in many drama titles and feature films. Regarding Park Shin Hye's drama has played various types of charming characters. Starting from the characters of school children, office workers, or doctors, complete Park Shin Hye's long career list in the world of acting. In fact, she even received the nickname as the Queen of Drama.


Most recently, Park Shin Hye returned to play in the drama entitled THE JUDGE FROM HELL. Park Shin Hye's latest drama features her role as a beautiful judge. If you are curious, read the synopsis for THE JUDGE FROM HELL as follows.


The drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL focuses on the main character named Kang Bit Na. She is an elite judge who has a beautiful face. Unlike ordinary judges in general, Kang Bit Na has great energy. He is actually a devil disguised as a judge.


Not without reason, the devil deliberately wants to kill bad people. Therefore, Kang Bit Na took part in a number of cases related to human crimes. When she succeeds in punishing criminals, Kang Bit Na will send their souls to hell. That is the main mission of Kang Bit Na.


However, his life suddenly changes after meeting Han Da On. He is a detective who is known to be kind and friendly. As a detective, Han Da On is also known to be clever in investigating a number of cases. Meanwhile, deep inside him he also harbored a wound.


This meeting between Kang Bit Na and Han Da On will influence their lives in the future. Apart from that, there is a romance story intertwined between the main characters. Get ready to watch the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL and the changes in the stories of the main characters in each episode.


2. Players in the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL


Actors in the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL (credit: Instagram.com/ssinz7/@mojo.s.phine/darealkjy/Arena)


Park Shin Hye's latest drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL features a number of famous stars. Not only Park Shin Hye, several popular actors and actresses also joined the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL . For more details, below is a list of players and roles for THE JUDGE FROM HELL.


1. Park Shin Hye: The beautiful artist Park Shin Hye got the main role in the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL . He plays a character named Kang Bit Na. He works as an elite judge who turns out to be a devil. His mission is to punish bad people.


2. Kim Jae Young: Actor Kim Jae Young plays the main character in the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL . His role is Han Da On, a kind and friendly detective. This soft heart will melt the figure of Kang Bit Na who turns out to be a devil.


3. Kim In Kwon: Actor Kim In Kwon also joined the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL as a supporting actor named Koo Man Do.


4. Kim Hye Hwa: Artist Kim Hye Hwa is known to be joining a supporting role named Kim So Young.


That's a list of actors in the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL that you wouldn't want to miss. Park Shin Hye's drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL will showcase the charming acting of the main character.



3. Interesting Facts about the Drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL


Interesting facts about the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL (credit: Instagram.com/ssinz7/@mojo.s.phine/darealkjy/@sieg.official)


Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye's drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL also contains several interesting facts. The following facts about the drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL make it worth watching. Come on, see in full here KLovers.


- Drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL directed by Park Jin Pyo. Previously he worked on the BRAVE CITIZEN film project.

- The drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL is Park Shin Hye's latest drama to star opposite actor Kim Jae Young.

- The drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL shows the story of a judge and detective who work together to punish criminals.

- The drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL offers a unique story, namely romance with the spice of fantasy and thrilling crime case action.

- The drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL is scheduled to air in 2024. However, there is no detailed information regarding the release date.

That's a review of Park Shin Hye's latest drama THE JUDGE FROM HELL which is a shame to miss. Especially for fans of romance, fantasy and crime genre dramas, THE JUDGE FROM HELL is a must look forward to.



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OP: i saw ParkShinhye on my way down from Dover Street Market... My sister and I's eyes widened and we were so shocked that we couldn't do anything. (I was too scared to take a picture so I couldn't take a picture when I raised my face lol )





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Actress Park Shin-hye becomes Cynosure Lutronic's 'Serf' ambassador

  • Reporter name Reporter Kim Se-heon 
  • Entered 2024.05.29 18:32



Cynosure Lutronic, an aesthetic medical device company, announced on the 29th that it has selected actress Park Shin-hye as the official brand model for 'XERF', a new monopolar high-frequency (RF) skin care medical device.

Cerf is a new product launched by Cynosure Lutronic on the 27th by consolidating over 30 years of laser medical device know-how. It is characterized by the possibility of customized treatment according to the customer's skin type and treatment area.

Serf is a sustainable skin lifestyle brand that helps individuals freely enjoy the life they pursue, under the brand slogan ‘FIT MY SKIN, FIT MY MOMENT’. The company explains that Park Shin-hye was selected as a model because she resembles the values pursued by Cerf, including the fact that she has shown a passionate and diverse side as an actress for a long time.

In the pictorial released along with the model selection, Park Shin-hye showed off her free charm along with a modern mood with a relaxed and confident smile. In particular, her healthy glowing skin and confident appearance match well with the serf effect package that resembles her luxury jewelry box.



Copyright © Straight News. 




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