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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Current Drama: Doctor Slump - Sat & Sun @10:30 PM [Upcoming Drama 2024: Judge From Hell]


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The nagging noise you hear every holiday, what's worse? 😤


When are you going to get married? 👰🏻‍♀️ Marriage-related nagging 💍
What are you going to do for a living from now on? 🧑🏻‍💼 Job-related nagging 💼


< Doctor Slump > Now on TVING

#TVING  #닥터슬럼프



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I'm overwhelmed with emotion as we're co-starring together for the first time in 10 years since  "The Heirs"



――It has been 10 years since you collaborated with Park Shin Hye since ``The Heirs'' and it became a hot topic of conversation. At that time, could you have imagined that 10 years from now you would be co-starring with Shin Hye in the lead role?

Park Hyungsik: I couldn't have imagined it. At that time, I had a busy schedule with ZE:A's activities, musicals, entertainment programs, and commercials, and I was also working on a drama. I did my best just to do what was in front of me, so I was overwhelmed with emotion to be able to co-star with them in this way 10 years later. It was also nice to be able to meet old acquaintances again in a more mature way. I was able to get along perfectly with Shinae from the beginning. You're already good at acting, but I wonder how much more experience you've gained over the past 10 years. There was a synergistic effect with my seniors, and I really enjoyed filming.

--The scenes where you argue, play, and drink with Park Shin Hye's character Haneul were very natural and fun to watch. Please tell us about any memorable shooting episodes.

Park Hyung Sik: The area around Haneul's house often appears in the drama. Actually, it's very hot in the summer in that area. Because we were filming in the intense heat, we were sweating all over, and both of us went blank and forgot our lines. I remember that I was taking pictures with a cooling sheet attached to my body. You can't tell from the screen how hot it was, right?



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Verse 1
No medicine works
Our broken hearts
I think about it every day
I can't smile
You feel the same way Is it
I approach carefully
I am just like you
I want to say

Lean on me
So that I don’t fall
So that I don’t get hurt alone
Slowly I I'll come closer
Lean on me
Beautiful tonight
Now don't let it go
Let's dream together

Verse 2
While thinking alone, suddenly
Our future Imagine
No matter what difficulties
Let's hold hands
Even if the world hates you
I won't break down
It's all because I'm you
It's okay, it's okay

Lean on me
So that you don't fall
So that you don't get hurt alone
I'll slowly approach you
Lean on me
This beautiful night
So that you don't miss it anymore
Let's dream together

Ringing in our ears
Unforgettable moments
Always and everywhere



Lean on me
Just like your feelings for me
Don't hide it anymore
Come closer to me little by little
Lean on me
Your beautiful eyes
Now don't let me miss you
Look at me every day



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Park Shin-hye arrives in Tokyo, still looking youthful and beautiful even after giving birth "So much love"


 Actress Park Shin Hye reported on her recent situation in Tokyo.


 On the 5th, Park Shin Hye posted a commemorative shot after arriving in Tokyo on the photo-sharing social networking service (SNS) Instagram, writing, ``It's been a while. I wish summer could come a little more slowly.'' .



 In the photo, Park Shin Hye is showing off her feminine charm by wearing wide denim pants with a punched blouse. She also added a touch of loveliness by carrying a pink mini bag and wearing Mary Janes of the same color.


 Park Shin Hye is currently on her 6th Asian tour ``Memory of Angel''. Starting in Seoul and Bangkok, the band continues its global movement, meeting with fans in a total of four regions: Taipei in April and Tokyo in May.


In addition, Park Shin-hye made a comeback in the JTBC drama ``Doctor Slump,'' which concluded its final episode in March of this year, playing the role of doctor Nam Ha-neul. He has chosen the new SBS drama ``The Judge from Hell'' for his next project.








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A preview of the SLL booth at the Busan Contents Market (BCM) held at BEXCO for 3 days starting on the 22nd.


A booth filled with various drama/entertainment works.
I'll give you more detailed news from Busan. 😉






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“Meeting at 21 → 15 years of friendship”... Jung Yong-hwa, close V with his best friend Park Shin-hye [★SHOT!]

Park Geun-hee2024. 5. 7. 19:43


Singer and actor Jung Yong-hwa boasted of a special friendship with actress Park Shin-hye.


On the afternoon of the 7th, Jung Yong-hwa released a photo with the short comment, ‘Friend of 15 years.’


The released photo shows Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye making a V towards the camera. The two people, who boast youthful looks, are proud of their extraordinary beauty. Those who saw the two people's warm appearance said, 'The drama is handsome, it's meant to be!' There were various reactions such as ‘You’re still close to me’ and ‘It’s so nice to see you’.


Meanwhile, the two met through the drama 'You're Beautiful' in 2009, and Park Shin-hye is also close friends with Lee Hong-ki, who she worked with on 'You're Beautiful'.




Copyright © OSEN. 





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#박신혜 #Parkshinhye #朴信惠
박신혜 배우의
부드럽고 산뜻한 매력이 돋보였던
‘모던하우스’ 광고 촬영 비하인드 공개❣️
#모던하우스 #ModernHouse #광고


Actress Park Shin-hye
Her soft and refreshing charm stood out.
‘Modern House’ advertising filming behind-the-scenes revealed❣️


🔗  https://instagram.com/reel/C7MBAuASyRs/?igsh=MWs5cHdqNmYzZHdocg==



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Park Shin-hye and Do Kyung-soo, warm friendship

Reporter Yang So-young, Star Today (skyb1842@mkinternet.com)2024. 5. 17. 17:21
View summar

Park Shin-hye and Do Kyung-soo. Photo|Park Shin-hye SNS

Park Shin-hye and Do Kyung-soo. Photo|Park Shin-hye SNS
Actors Park Shin-hye and Do Kyung-soo showed off their friendship.

On the 16th, Park Shin-hye posted on SNS, “It’s been a while since I had dinner with Mendo. Full of trivial stories. But on a human level, I really like the Mars song from this album,” and posted a photo.


The released photo shows Park Shin-hye and Do Kyung-soo looking affectionate. The two showed off their easy-going charm in comfortable clothes. From the playful V pose to the soft smile, it attracts attention.


Above all, the unwavering friendship between the two people who worked together in the 2016 movie ‘Brother’ creates warmth.


Netizens who saw this responded, “Shinhye is so pretty without makeup,” “Thank you for the photo,” “Oh my god,” and “It looks good.”


Park Shin-hye recently appeared in the JTBC drama 'Doctor Slump'. Do Kyung-soo released her new album 'Mars'.


Copyright © Star Today. 

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[Park Shin-hye]
Nam Ha-neul, Alabyu so anesthesia ♥


2024.03.18. 18:45  5,540 reads




The ice cream we shared both in the main poster and
in the drama ! I will end the epilogue photos here with the last photo of Haneul & Jungwoo eating ice cream :)



From now on, it's time to reveal
unreleased behind-the-scenes cuts of <Doctor Slump>

Let’s solve it one by one!


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Memory Of Angel in Tokyo Mentioned #YouFellIntoMe during the film talk

“The next work is <You’re in Love with Me>, a refreshing drama by Lee Gyu-won, a college student majoring in gayageum.
Oh that's right, オレのことスキデショ (You're in love with me) 😚
It was a work where I really enjoyed acting with pansori master Lee Dong-jin and teacher Shin Gu.
That's right! Now that I think about it, Jung Yong-hwa was also the main character.
Suddenly, I remember the OST that Yonghwa sang for <You're in love with me>.
You were really excited, right?
I can't remember the lyrics...🤔
Anyway, I remember being excited...
Unfortunately, I can't remember the lyrics 😂
I think it's because 10 years have passed 😅
I remember practicing the gayageum while sweating really hard in the summer, and the campus where we filmed was really pretty.
In the play, Gyu-won and... What was the male lead's name?
pelvis of the kidney? 🤔 Isn’t it? 🤨
This god! 😳 That’s right, God!
Who is CNU? 🤣
But the campus where we filmed was really pretty, right?
It was actually a university, and Yonghwa was a vocalist in the band, right?
Just like in this scene, the band team behind me actually graduated from the school on the campus (where we filmed it).
It is the number one university in applied music in Korea.
Amazing people 👏👏👏
“I’m not trying to brag because he’s my older brother 🤭
Enviar comentarios
Paneles laterales



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hot issue

Park Shin-hye, fresh beauty


Reporter Yang So-young
2024-05-18 08:46:37
Park Shin-hye. Photo|SNS


Actress Park Shin-hye showed off her refreshing beauty.

Park Shin-hye posted several photos on SNS on the 17th.

In the published photo, Park Shin-hye is looking at the camera while holding a bouquet of flowers in her arms. Park Shin-hye attracts attention with her bright smile and dazzling beauty.

senlarge photo
Park Shin-hye. Photo|SNS
senlarge photo
Park Shin-hye. Photo|SNS

Netizens who saw this responded, “You’re so pretty,” “I love you,” and “I expect this pictorial to be legendary.”


She recently returned after 3 years with the JTBC drama 'Doctor Slump'.

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May 24th Edition Popular Korean Actress No.1 Competition [22 Candidates]

2024.05.17 /2024.05.17 /Danmee investigation team

Danmee is currently investigating the “May 24 edition of the most popular Korean actress contest [22 candidates]”. Check out the details below and cast your vote!

Current number of votes: 779 votes


The voting deadline is Friday, May 24th at 11:00 am.
The voting results will be provided as article data to Danmee and about 50 Japanese and Korean media companies after May 27th (Monday).




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