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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Current Drama: Doctor Slump - Sat & Sun @10:30 PM [Upcoming Drama 2024: Judge From Hell]


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#닥터슬럼프 Episode 16 Final Ending


“I could be happy today and suddenly sad tomorrow.”



“But it’s okay if there is sadness, there will always be happiness as well. We have the strength now to endure sadness and misfortunes. 

And that’s enough”. 🥺









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Xports News

‘Doctor Slump’ Park Hyung-sik ♥ Park Shin-hye overcome slump → ‘Tightly closed happy ending’ with wedding photo [Comprehensive]

Article entered 2024.03.18. 12:10 AM Original text of article

(Xports News Reporter Lee Lee-jin)
'Dr. Slump' Park Shin-hye accepted Park Hyeong-sik's proposal.

In episode 16 (final episode) of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump', which aired on the 17th, Yeo Jung-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik) and Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) promised to get married.

On this day, Nam Ha-neul received a proposal from Yeo Jeong-woo, and she received an offer from the hospital to send her to study abroad for six months. Yeo Jeong-woo decided to support Nam Ha-neul's dream, and Nam Ha-neul also said he would go for overseas training, but the opportunity was taken away by another professor.

Nam Haneul said, 'Even if I don't find the treasure at the time and place I want on the long journey of life, my life is by no means shabby. “Now I have decided to believe that there is always luck waiting for me, maybe tomorrow, maybe in the next place,” he said.


In particular, the psychiatry specialist (Lee Seung-jun) decided that it was okay to end Nam Ha-neul's treatment and said, "I think it's all over now. I don't think you need to come anymore. The power to overcome your wounds is already within you, Nam Ha-neul." “All the hard work and effort we have put in up to this point will protect Mr. Haneul from now on,” he encouraged.

Also, Yeo Jeong-woo opened a hospital, and Nam Ha-neul reminisced about the past at Yeo Jeong-woo's new hospital. Yeo Yeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul suddenly went to see the sunrise, as they had done in the past.

Yeo Jeong-woo said, 'When we first faced despair, when life was swirling like a storm and it felt like life was over, we thought we would not be able to get out of the swamp of slump for a long time. However, the swamp was not as deep as we thought,' he thought, and Nam Ha-neul felt grateful, saying, 'I was able to endure the pain with the person who cried with me that night, manage my fears together, and heal my wounded heart.'

Yeo Yeong-woo added, 'Because I learned how to keep the pain short and the memories long, and I was finally able to shake off the slump.'

Yeo Yeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul looked at the sunrise, and Nam Ha-neul admired it, saying, “It’s so round and pretty.” Yeo Yeong-woo expressed his sincerity by saying, "I didn't see you back then, but today I finally see you. Let's continue to be close friends, Haneul." Nam Ha-neul said, "Yes."


Yeo Jeong-woo said, "Do you know that you still haven't answered properly? I proposed, but you still haven't responded," and Nam Ha-neul smiled, saying, "What? Next week is wedding photography, so what's important about the answer now?" Yeo Jeong-woo asked, “But please do it. Answer,” and Nam Haneul confessed, “Okay. Let’s get married now.”

Nam Ha-neul said, “I’m happy today, but tomorrow I may suddenly become sad,” and Yeo Jeong-woo said, “But it’s okay.” Because if there is a sad me, there will also be a happy me. “We now have the strength to endure sadness and misfortune, so this is enough,” he said.

Photo = JTBC broadcast screen
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스페셜한 하늘❤정우 웨딩 폴라로이드 공개!

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JTBC 토일드라마 <닥터슬럼프>

#JTBC #닥터슬럼프 #DoctorSlump





Special Ha neul ❤Jungwoo wedding polaroid revealed!


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JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama <Doctor Slump>





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Herald POP

'Doctor Slump' Park Hyeong-sik "Reuniting with Park Shin-hye was touching... It was a comforting and healing work for me as well" (Q&A)

Entered 2024.03.18. 8:51 AM

 Original text of article



[Herald POP = Reporter Image]


‘Doctor Slump’ Park Hyung-sik left his thoughts on the end of the show.

JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' (directed by Oh Hyun-jong, written by Baek Seon-woo, produced by SLL and Hijieum Studio) ended on the 17th with favorable reviews.

The growth story of Yeo Jeong-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik), who fell into the worst slump of his life, but found his way back to his original place and overcame repeated misfortunes to regain happiness and start a new life, touched the hearts of viewers. The happy ending with Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye), who helped her overcome her slump together and showed her how to overcome pain and sadness and feel happiness, left a lasting impression that was heartbreaking.

Above all, Park Hyung-sik's acting ability shined in every scene of 'Doctor Slump'. Yeo Yeong-woo's sharply contrasting emotional changes in each episode were portrayed with delicate and deep acting skills, eliciting empathetic support.

Park Hyung-sik confessed, "It was nice and touching to be able to meet and work with Shin-hye and Yoon Park on a deeper level after a long time."

He continued, "'Doctor Slump' is a work that gave me a lot of comfort and healing, and it is a drama that I will remember for a long time. Furthermore, I think that in overcoming hurt, it is more important than anything to know how to protect yourself and love yourself." “I really hope that ‘Dr. Slump’ will provide empathy and comfort to many people,” he added.


Meanwhile, 'Doctor Slump' is a romantic comedy drama depicting the cardiopulmonary resuscitation of Yeo Yeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul, who hit a brake after only running on an upward curve in life.

-The following is Park Hyeong-sik’s Q&A.

- I’m curious about what attracted you to ‘Dr. Slump’ and made you decide to appear in it. What were your impressions when you first read the script?
= I sympathized and was interested in the topic of slump and burnout, and as I read, I liked how these topics were explained warmly and deeply. I also found it interesting that the characters all had their own charms.

- Yeo Jeong-woo is a character who only draws the upward curve of life but falls into a mysterious trap and is suddenly driven to the edge of a cliff. How was the process of approaching the character Yeo Yeong-woo? If there is any aspect he focuses on when it comes to acting.
= I first thought about how to express the ‘perfect’ Jeongwoo, who has a natural ability to study and even has altruism. Jungwoo has always been a bright and cheerful friend, and until the medical accident, I always believed that everything had been going smoothly and that it would continue to be that way.

In such a situation, I think I thought hard about how to portray Jungwoo, who has suffered the worst crisis of his life due to a sudden medical accident, and how he overcomes this crisis. I talked a lot with the director and writer and got to know Jungwoo. Jungwoo was a much bigger and cooler person than I thought. He knew how to love and protect himself, and even when he was deeply hurt, he didn't show it for fear of Hae-neul worrying, and he knew how to smile and hide the pain. I felt that Jung-woo's 'big heart' was amazing.

- How was the chemistry between the actors and the atmosphere on set?
= It was absolutely perfect. It was a scene full of consideration and enthusiasm from all the actors and staff. Everyone huddled together and tried to match their lines, communicated with the director and discussed parts that needed to be changed, and the set was devastated by ad-libs coming out at every moment. There was always a lot of bright energy, and it was fun because I didn't know what kind of ad-libs and collaborations would come in each scene. I was surprised and learned a lot from the passion and wit of my fellow actors and seniors. It was nice and touching to be able to meet and work with Shinhye and Yoonbak on a deeper level after a long time.

- Do you have any special memories while filming?
= I remember sitting on a bench with senior Jang Hye-jin in Busan and filming the scene (episode 14) where Jung-woo pours out his painful feelings, saying that forgiveness is not easy. In the middle of filming, my senior gave me sincere support and told me what he felt, and I can't forget the gratitude and emotion I felt at that time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank senior Hyejin Jang once again and tell her that I love her.

- Was there a most impressive reaction from viewers?
= I once read an article that said the characters’ outspoken expressions were good. I also liked that the characters in ‘Dr. Slump’ were honest and without pretense, so that reaction was the most memorable.

- The so-called ‘body-based acting’, which is humorous yet alive, also became a hot topic. Another fun part of watching 'Doctor Slump' was the ad-lib movement that actor Park Hyeong-sik performed flexibly.
= Actually, I don’t prepare and think, ‘I have to do this this time.’ (Laughs) Ever since I was young, I used to enjoy watching comedy movies by Jackie Chan and Jim Carrey. I loved their work that always made me laugh, and I think that influence served as inspiration for ideas and ad-libs that came out of nowhere.

- What significance will ‘Doctor Slump’ be remembered as a work for actor Park Hyeong-sik? Also, what do you want viewers to feel through ‘Doctor Slump’?
= ‘Doctor Slump’ is a work that gave me a lot of comfort and healing, and it is a drama that I will remember for a long time. Slumps and burnouts can happen to anyone and are never something to hide, so I hope that it will become natural to go to the hospital for treatment when you are mentally hurt, just as you would go to the hospital when you are physically injured or sick. Furthermore, I think that in overcoming hurt, it is more important than anything to know how to protect yourself and love yourself. I really hope that ‘Doctor Slump’ will provide sympathy and comfort to many people.

- This is Yeo Jeong-woo, who endured difficult times. Is there anything you would like to say to Yeo Yeong-woo as you send him off?
= Jeongwoo, was it very difficult? Don't worry because there are many people around you who care and love you. I hope you can now do whatever you want to your heart's content. May you always be happy and may you continue to run forward with a warm heart.

- Lastly, please say a word to the viewers who have loved ‘Doctor Slump’ and Yeo Jung-woo.
= Thank you for loving ‘Doctor Slump’ and Yeo Jeong-woo. I went into the work with the hope that it would bring good meaning, laughter, comfort, and empathy to you, and I did my best in the hope that it would be conveyed well. It is with great regret that I have to say my final goodbye like this, but I am grateful that I have received interest and love from many people. We hope that our viewers’ every day will always be filled with hope and health! thank you




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sports world

'Doctor Slump' Park Shin-hye ♥Park Hyung-sik  perfect happy ending... Viewership rating: 6.5% [TV Hot Spot]

Article entered 2024.03.18. 9:53 AM Last modified 2024.03.18. 10:54 AM Original text of article
‘Doctor Slump’ provided pleasant laughter and warm excitement until the end.
JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' ended on the 17th with favorable reviews. Nam Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Yeong-woo (Park Hyeong-sik) eventually promised to get married and had a perfect happy ending, and it foreshadowed the future for everyone who passed the corner of their lives and filled each day, providing full healing. The viewership rating for the final episode was 6.5% nationwide and 7.4% in the metropolitan area (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households), achieving great results.
On this day, Nam Ha-neul was ready to answer Woo's marriage proposal on her journey. However, on the day when they promised to meet with Yeo Jeong-woo, a variable arose in which Nam Ha-neul was offered six months of overseas training, and the two fell into trouble once again. It was clear that it was a good experience and opportunity for Nam Ha-neul as a doctor, but it was not a short period of time for him to be separated from Yeo Jeong-woo. However, when Yeong-woo saw Nam Ha-neul worried, he reassured him not to worry and to come back if he wanted. Of course, that was not his honest feelings.
Bin Dae-young (Yoon Park) is in a situation where Lee Hong-ran (Gong Seong-ha) helps with a patient's complaint. He was upset that he showed the exact opposite of the promise he had promised to keep. To make matters worse, I was even more distraught when I received a resignation letter from nurse Do Hye-ji (Song Ji-woo), who had worked with me for a long time. Yeo Yeong-woo asked him to catch it, but Bin Dae-young said, “If it’s a dream, it’s right to let it go.” “It’s amazing that there is something I want to do,” he said. “I don’t want to let my greed put it off until later.” “If it’s really for you, it’s right to send it a hundred or a thousand times.”
Those words moved Yeo Jeong-woo’s heart. We pledged to send the southern sky. The two imagined the time remaining until they separated and how they would spend the next six months apart. However, Nam Ha-neul lost the opportunity to study abroad despite all the hard work and determination. Before Yoo Yeong-woo and his family could be informed of the fact, a tearful (?) goodbye party was held, and Nam Ha-neul did not know what to do. Fortunately, Yeo Yeong-woo learned that Nam Ha-neul's overseas training had failed and calmed down the situation.
Contrary to Yeo Yeong-woo's worries, Nam Ha-neul was more resolute than expected. In the past, I might have blamed myself and broken down over this situation, but now I realized that 'when you don't get the results you want despite your best efforts, you can just be disappointed for a little while and quietly prepare for tomorrow while hoping for the next good fortune.' Meanwhile, Yeo Yeong-woo prepared to open the hospital again under the consideration of Dae-young Bin. In the past, it was something that was taken for granted, but now it is considered amazing and precious. In this way, the change and growth of the two people was like the light that came at the end of a long tunnel.
South Sky’s family and friends were also finding their own happiness. Bin Dae-yeong and Lee Hong-ran, who fall even more in love with each other despite their seemingly different resemblance, Gong Wol-seon (Jang Hye-jin), who smiles again because of her children, Gong Tae-seon (Hyeon Bong-sik), who is reunited with her first love as if by fate, and Nam Bada (Yoon Sang-hyun), who has a small dream through milmyeon, etc. 's changed daily life made viewers smile. Nam Ha-neul’s calm narration, “Even though each day is overwhelming and difficult, I believe that I will survive another day with courage,” also left a deep impression.

Copyright ⓒ Sports World.





#Parkshinhye is trending on Twitter




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Xports News

‘Doctor Slump’ ends… Park Shin-hye "I was happy every day living as Haneul"

Article entered 2024.03.18. 7:39 AM Original text of article

(Xports News Reporter Kim Yu-jin)
Park Shin-hye's thoughts on the end of 'Doctor Slump' were revealed.

On the 18th, Salt Entertainment's agency revealed the thoughts of Park Shin-hye, who played the role of Nam Ha-neul in the JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump', which ended on the 17th.

Park Shin-hye said, “Right now, right after her last filming, I am filled with very diverse and complex emotions.”

He continued, "I had to fight the heat and weather in the summer, and filmed this work in various environments from spring to the end of fall, and every day was really fun. All the staff on set were so great that the 'Doctor Slump' set was even more special. “I think I feel it,” he said, expressing his affection for the work.

He continued, "It seems like great happiness and good luck are not far away. I think I get it from people around me, friends, or family. Just like Haneul received comfort and comfort, I hope that many people will find strength and be able to overcome it well. “He expressed his warm heart to the viewers.

Lastly, Park Shin-hye concluded her final thoughts by sending her affectionate greetings, saying, "I was really happy every day of my life as Haneul. Thank you."


Park Shin-hye played the role of Nam Ha-neul, who suffers from burnout syndrome, in 'Dr. Slump'. 

She delicately described the process of healing the character's pain, yet evoked real-life sympathy from viewers with her deep emotional acting, and she also gave a pleasant excitement by working well with Park Hyeong-sik.

Park Shin-hye, who fully demonstrated her true value as a romantic comedy queen, not only did this, but also touched the hearts of viewers with her calm yet resonant voice, saying famous lines that run through the drama in each episode.

Meanwhile, Park Shin-hye continues her active acting career by confirming her appearance in the new SBS drama 'The Judge from Hell'.

'The Judge from Hell' is a romantic fantasy of the coexistence of good and evil, in which Kang Bit-na meets Han Ha-on, a more humane detective than anyone else, in a reality worse than hell, punishes criminals, and becomes a true judge. Park Shin-hye plays the role of ultra-elite judge Kang Bit-na. .

Photo = Salt Entertainment
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Park Hyung Sik Gets Ready To Propose To Park Shin Hye In “Doctor Slump”

Park Hyung Sik Gets Ready To Propose To Park Shin Hye In “Doctor Slump”

Mar 14, 2024
by E. Cha

Is Park Hyung Sik about to pop the question on JTBC’s “Doctor Slump”?


“Doctor Slump” tells the love story of two former rivals who reunite and unexpectedly become each other’s light during the darkest period of their lives. Park Hyung Sik plays Yeo Jung Woo, a star plastic surgeon whose thriving career suddenly falls into danger due to a strange medical accident, while Park Shin Hye plays Nam Ha Neul, a workaholic anesthesiologist suffering from burnout syndrome.


On the previous episode of “Doctor Slump,” Nam Ha Neul decided to return to her old hospital after receiving an offer for the assistant professor position she had always wanted. Meanwhile, Yeo Jung Woo struggled with his mixed feelings after the loss of Min Kyung Min (Oh Dong Min), whom he had always trusted like family.


In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Yeo Jung Woo looks nervous as he opens a ring box and proffers it—as if he’s practicing a surprise proposal.


Later, Yeo Jung Woo takes Nam Ha Neul by the hand and looks her in the eye as they sit together on her bed, heightening anticipation as to whether he’ll succeed in proposing to her.







The drama’s production team teased, “Will Nam Ha Neul and Yeo Jung Woo, who have returned to their ordinary everyday lives and are dreaming of new happiness, be able to find their happy ending? To find out, please stay tuned, and don’t miss the final two episodes.”


To find out whether Yeo Jung Woo will be able to propose to Nam Ha Neul, catch the next episode of “Doctor Slump” on March 16 at 10:30 p.m. KST!


In the meantime, watch Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye in their previous drama “Heirs” on Viki below:





Source (1)





https://www.instagram.com/p/C4nanabywDO/I told you, right?
I like you.


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