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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Current Drama: Doctor Slump - Sat & Sun @10:30 PM [Upcoming Drama 2024: Judge From Hell]


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‘Doctor Slump’ Cafe is opened for Blu-ray. If you want to have the actors‘commentary, bloopers and behind the scenes with high quality of all episodes, please join our cafe and do the survey. 




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'Doctor Slump', Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Yoon Park Gong-sung-ha, behind-the-scenes cut collection zip

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‘Doctor Slump’ provides pleasant laughter and warm excitement until the end.


On the 13th, with only two episodes left until the end of the show, 'Doctor Slump' released behind-the-scenes cuts of 'Hard Steal'. The scenes behind the filming set of the actors, who brought a restful healing to their busy and tiring daily lives, bring smiles.


After the death of Min Kyung-min (played by Oh Dong-min) in the last broadcast, the daily lives of Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Jeong-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik) underwent yet another change. Nam Ha-neul returned to her original position by receiving an offer to become a full-time professor from the anesthesiology department where she worked, and Yeo Jeong-woo slowly came to terms with her complicated feelings of resentment and longing for Min Kyeong-min. And Yeo Yeong-woo prepares a surprise marriage proposal to Nam Ha-neul, saying, “I have made a very big decision to be with you,” making people even more curious about the future of the ‘Wooneul couple’ who dream of new happiness again.







'Doctor Slump' brought laughter, excitement, sympathy and comfort to the small screen theaters on the weekend through the cardiopulmonary resuscitation of Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo's 'ruined life', who hit the brakes after only running on an upward curve in life. ‘Woonul Couple’ Nam Ha-neul and Yeo Jeong-woo, who have been together through the most brilliant and humble times, ‘single dad’ Dae-yeong Bin (played by Yoon Park) and ‘single mom’ Lee Hong-ran (played by Yoon Park), who make up for each other’s shortcomings and seep into each other despite their differences. (played by Gong Seong-ha), and the 'Nam Haneul Family', who completed a family that seemed more real than the real thing, literally presented a full healing package to viewers and received a lot of love. Accordingly, the popularity that has been growing since the first week of broadcasting still shows no signs of cooling down. In the first week of March, it ranked 5th in the Netflix Global TOP 10 TV (non-English) category with 2.2 million views (cumulative viewing time divided by title running time) and 24.2 million viewing hours, making it into the TOP 10 in a total of 32 countries. (Netflix, from March 4 to March 10)









In particular, the presence of the 'Doctor Slump' actors, who brought the characters to life with realistic and lively performances, shone. First, Park Shin-hye and Park Hyeong-sik, who attracted great attention and expectations by reuniting for the first time in 11 years, led the drama with romantic comedy synergy that was beyond perfection. It was the number one contributor to causing over-immersion in the story of the ‘Woonul Couple’, which was funny but exciting, exciting and touching at the same time. Attention is being paid to the direction of their romance and whether they will be able to protect the happiness that has reappeared after repeated misfortunes.









The pleasant and cheerful chemistry in the special relationship with Yoon Park brought new fun to the play. While Bin Dae-young sorted out his ambiguous feelings, not knowing whether it was a romance or a crush, and confessed his changed feelings toward Lee Hong-ran, the appearance of nurse Do Hye-ji (played by Song Ji-woo) from the same hospital raised expectations as to how their relationship, which was placed in an amazing love triangle, would develop. Collect. In addition, the teamwork and tiki-taka of Jang Hye-jin, Hyun Bong-sik, and Yoon Sang-hyun, who showed off their 'fun cheats' performances, cannot be left out. The delicious dialect and sly acting of Nam Ha-neul's mother Gong Wol-seon (played by Jang Hye-jin), her maternal uncle Gong Tae-seon (played by Hyeon Bong-sik), and younger brother Nam Bada (played by Yoon Sang-hyun) enriched the play by capturing both laughter and emotion.

Episode 15 of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' will be aired at 10:30 pm on the 16th.


 Photo = SLL·Hijieum Studio


Copyright © GP Korea


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Park Hyung Sik, Space Girls Dayoung and others will participate in the OST of the drama "Doctor Slump"...Release date has been decided

Kstyle |March 13, 2024 13:00

In Japan, the original soundtrack Part 4 of the popular Korean drama ``Doctor Slump'', which is distributed on Netflix and ranks in the top 10 daily viewing rankings, has started distribution from today (13th).

The story is about Nam Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Jeong-woo (Park Hyung-sik), a man and a woman who were academic rivals in high school, but when they both become doctors, they suddenly hit the biggest slump in their lives. This is a romantic comedy about a man who reunites with his father and performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a life he nearly lost.

``Actually I Love You,'' which Jeonggigo participated in singing, is a medium-tempo song that depicts the heart-pounding love story of Jeongwoo and Ha-neul. It depicts the process of a person falling in love along the flow of emotions, and when combined with the drama's subtle, flickering love story, listening to it is sure to move your emotions.
Jung Gigo is one of the popular vocalists known for his talent, and in addition to writing his own songs, he is also active as a producer. In 2014, he released the duet song ``SOME'' with SISTER's Soyou, which became a big hit, and he has also appeared in drama OSTs such as ``Uncontrollably Sad'', ``Seven Days Queen'', and ``Wonderful Days''. I'm joining.

The OST of this work has become a hot topic due to the singing participation of Red Velvet's Seulgi and EXO's Chen, but the singers and songs for Parts 5 and 6 have also been revealed. "Love Is" sung by Space Girls' Dayoung and EDEN will be released on March 20th, and Part 6 "Lean On Me" sung by lead actor Park Hyung Sik will be distributed in Japan from March 27th. Also pay attention to the famous song that is created to coincide with the climax of the drama.

■Release information
Jeonggigo "Actually I Love You"
March 13, 2024 Distribution starts
here Distribution is available here

Space Girls Dayoung & EDEN "Love Is"
Distribution begins March 20, 2024
Distribution starts here

Park Hyung Sik "Lean On Me"
Distribution starts on March 27, 2024
Click here for distribution

Original article distribution date and time: March 13, 2024 13:00 Reporter: Kstyle Editorial Department





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Watch: Park Hyung Sik And Park Shin Hye Create A Heart-Fluttering Atmosphere On Set Of “Doctor Slump”

Watch: Park Hyung Sik And Park Shin Hye Create A Heart-Fluttering Atmosphere On Set Of “Doctor Slump”

Mar 13, 2024
by D. Lee

JTBC’s “Doctor Slump” has shared another making-of video!

“Doctor Slump” is an ongoing romantic comedy drama about two doctors who were former high school rivals. Despite initially starting out with promising medical careers, skilled plastic surgeon Yeo Jung Woo (Park Hyung Sik) and workaholic anesthesiologist Nam Ha Neul (Park Shin Hye) both fall into a slump due to different circumstances.


In the making-of video, the actors are filming the scene in which Jung Woo and Ha Neul’s family are waiting together anxiously in the hospital waiting room until Ha Neul gets out of surgery. The cast gets playful between filming, showcasing their natural chemistry on set.


Furthermore, Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik rehearse their hugging scene to maximize the heart-fluttering atmosphere. Between takes, the actors remain cheerful and in good spirits while testing their chemistry, and Park Hyung Sik even thoughtfully lowers the bed for Park Shin Hye to be more comfortable. After filming a beautiful scene, the director proudly shouts, “Cut! Great job.”


Check out the making-of video for episode 13 of “Doctor Slump” below!



The next episode of “Doctor Slump” airs on March 16 at 10:30 p.m. KST.


In the meantime, watch Park Shin Hye in “Doctors” below:












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❏ WHO : #박신혜#ParkShinHye
❏ WHERE : Asia Tour Bangkok
❏ BRAND : #charlesderohan #샤를드로앙
❏ ITEM : Curot short pants
❏ Source: Salt Entertainment Instagram, Fan Twitter mixmagazinethai






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[Making] I changed my clothes first, but my clothes ended up being kendo uniforms haha😂 <Doctor Slump> Episode 14 Behind the scenes|Behind the Scene





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Park Shin-hye ♥ Park Hyeong-sik say goodbye to ‘Doctor Slump’ “There is nothing happier than being comforted.”

Kang Min-kyungEntered 2024. 3. 14. 09:43

[Ten Asia = Reporter Kang Min-kyung]

/Photo provided by SLL·Hijieum Studio

Photo provided by SLL·Hijieum Studio

Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik gave their final greetings ahead of the final episode.

On the 14th, JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Doctor Slump' shared Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik's thoughts on the ending. There are only two episodes left until the end of ‘Doctor Slump’. Nam Ha-neul (played by Park Shin-hye) and Yeo Jeong-woo (played by Park Hyeong-sik) shine light on each other during the dark times of their lives and are resuscitating happiness despite repeated misfortunes and crises. The slump and burnout that destroyed the ordinary daily life of two people, and this mental illness that no longer feels so special, aroused the sympathy of all of us living today. And viewers cheered for these people who were no different from me or the people around them, and sometimes were comforted by them, and they laughed, cried, and were excited together.

Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik were at the center of 'Doctor Slump', which caused overindulgence with each episode. The two actors, who reunited after 11 years, received favorable reviews day after day for their perfect acting chemistry and dazzling chemistry. Accordingly, Park Shin-hye and Park Hyung-sik expressed their regrets and gratitude ahead of the end of the show. First, Park Shin-hye said, "Time passed too quickly. It seems that many people sympathized with Ha-neul and Jung-woo and found comfort and consolation through the author's writing. On the other hand, the fact that they shared the same feelings also made the viewers feel any pain. "It's proof that I've been through this, but I feel fortunate that the work 'Doctor Slump' can be of some help," she said.

Park Hyeong-sik also expressed his thoughts, "I feel very sad that the show is already over. I remember a lot of the moments we filmed. I would like to say thank you to the 'Doctor Slump' team who worked hard together. It was a fun, cheerful, and heart-warming work." In particular, when Park Shin-hye was asked what kind of work she thought 'Doctor Slump' would be remembered for, she said, "It was an invitation to daily life. It was a work that allowed me to naturally do what I had done as an actor. There was a time when I felt like the southern sky, too. “I think it will be remembered as a work that resonated with and healed people,” he said.

As the show was so loved that it even earned the nickname 'Wooneul', named after the character in the play, enthusiastic reactions poured in on various SNS and communities immediately after each episode was broadcast. Park Shin-hye responded to fans' reactions by saying, "I sympathized a lot with her reaction to the relationship between mother and daughter. I also remember her reaction that it was good that Ha-neul and Jung-woo did not hide their feelings and spoke directly and honestly." did. Park Hyung-sik also expressed his gratitude, saying, "I remember Woo-neul saying that they are a couple who is honest in their expressions. It felt good to see Jung-woo and Haneul receiving a lot of love."

In the last broadcast, while expectations were rising as Yeo Jung-woo prepared to make a surprise marriage proposal to Nam Ha-neul, Park Shin-hye and Park Hyeong-sik unanimously responded, "Please keep an eye on them until the end to see whether Woo-neul will overcome his slump." Lastly, Park Shin-hye said, "I am grateful for liking and supporting all the characters in 'Doctor Slump' who have their own stories. If all the Yeo Jung-woo and Nam Ha-neul in the world were comforted by 'Doctor Slump', I would be happier than that." “Thank you again for sympathizing with us, laughing and crying with us,” he said with affectionate greetings. Park Hyeong-sik said, "I had a lot of fun and happiness while filming 'Doctor Slump', and there were many times when my heart was warm. I am sincerely grateful to those who cried, laughed, and watched along with me. I hope that our drama can provide some comfort and consolation. Until then, I love you. “Thank you for giving it to me,” he said.


Copyright© Ten Asia.








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