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[drama 2007] Crazy For You (사랑에 미치다)

Guest xosandy

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I feel like crying already. crying4fh9.gif

Thanks Luv for all the sad pictures. crying4fh9.gif


B.O.N F u n S u b s ~ Band Of Nuts F u n S u b s© :D

Please come and give us a hand everyone! :wub:

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crybabytt - Thanks for uploading the link..had seen it....

This drama is like a training for KS coz he has to restrain all his cute funny expressions. He will need to show more inner feelings to touch the hearts of the tv viewers. I'm preparing a box of tissue while watching this drama.

Below is a mms link of the preview for Crazy For You, the same clip which crybabytt posted.

For friends who couldn't retrieve the megauload or sendspace, can just copy the link & paste it to Windows Media Player to watch it.


link credit to SBS (Love Holic) & Koreanwind

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Thank you crybabytt & Dabin for the preview...this version is a little longer than the one I saw last time...

The preview is really promising...it has some "Green Rose" feels to it :)

Wow...the little sister from What's up Fox is really cute in here...and she looks really good with KS too.

I'll definitely check this out.

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After Lovers and Queen of the Game ended I don't have any drama that catch my attention apart from The Person I love . And now looks like I have another one !

Thanks for B.O.N F u n S u b s for taking up this drama to subs

I miss Kye Sang . His last drama I watch was My Sister In Law is 19 years old . I am glad he decide to retun to drama after his long absence .

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Guest angel2nyt

Some pictures from the preview...

Wow...this drama seems dark...

hmmm... i dont think its dark.. some sbs drama previews has that kind of feel in it, just like the one for alone in love

credits to sbs



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Guest chigurl

heres an interview for SBS Entertainment News

its mostly on Lee Mi Yun but they also interview Yoon Kye Sang

they show filming and some clips of the drama




Lee Mi Yun & Yoon Kye Sang SBS Ent. News Interview 01/31/07

**credit Kalena clubbox**

YOUTUBE >> Crazy For You 5 Minute Trailer

**credit crybabytt**

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thanks angel for more pics

n thanks for chigurl for the clip ^^

n also thanks to dabin for the pics behind the scenes, kyesang is so cute, really miss his funny dorky smiles like that :blush:

many many thanks for all of u :w00t:

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it's airing tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for all your love and

support ! :wub: KEEP THE LOVE COMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :w00t:

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