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Tim Hwang Young Min, The Korean-american Ballad Prince

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I was at the Fanmeet today!!! Tim oppa is really cute and much better looking in person (not that he doesn't look good in photos but photos don't do him justice)! He was really sweet and it was funny how when someone asked him whether he liked durians, he was trying very hard to give a correct answer hehe he's too cute!! And he sounds even better live!! So awesome!!! We got to shake hands with him too :) I'll upload photos later. If anyone knows how to upload videos from iPhone let me know otherwise i wont know how to share the videos!

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Hi, I share fancams taken at Tim's fanmeet in Singapore. I enjoyed it very much ^^ 

Talking about doing musicals...


Singing "Unnecessary Words"




Q & A chat...


Talking about his acting & singing career...


Singing "49 Days" OST ....


Questions from fans...


Singing "Just The 2 Of Us"...


Singing "Saranghamnida"




On 1 Dec., Tim left for Kuala Lumpur on morning flight and we went to the airport to see him off, eight of us including my friend whom he knows well. She speaks good Korean but we conversed with him in English. He was all attention when we asked him stuff and he replied sincerely. I chatted with him about his photoshooting for magazines and Singapore food. He had seafood at Long Beach and also tried durian puffs which he didn't fancy. I laughed when he described the taste or the puffs and he said the fruit is much better ^^ My friend gave him a packet of Lakerol chews and he passed around to everyone, so cute :) Then he laughed and said "I hope she does not mind me sharing"..referring to my friend who was talking to his manager. And I said.."No, I don't think she minds!". I said that My friend and I were unable to attend his KL event and he replied, "It's OK, don't worry about it". The others told him to try Malaysian local food and we recommended some to him. It was real good quality time, all of some 30 minutes at check-in counter. I asked him to come back to Singapore again someday and he said he would definitely like to :) His managers are very friendly too. All of us had his autographs, took individual & group photos with him. He was very happy that we came to send him off and shook our hands and thanked us warmly. We followed him to the departure gate as he carried his guitar over his shoulders and walked with him. Then he said goodbye and I replied "Goodbye" in Chinese, and he asked me, "What's that?". I said its goodbye in Chinese and he repeated it and also added "Wo ai ni" (I love you)..haha. He kept waving to us while at the Customs and before walking into departure hall, he turned and gave us a final wave. So down to earth, humurous and friendly Tim Hwang ! 



















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Hi, I share my fancams taken at Tim's fanmeet in Hard Rock Cafe in KL - Malaysia. Enjoy !!  8->   :x

그대여 (Guitar acoustic) - http://youtu.be/U9ZOAaAEbXQ

안되니 ( OST 49 Days ) - http://youtu.be/Li0Jr2MKkUw

We found Love - http://youtu.be/u3ptE8UT4gY

사랑합니다 ( Saranghamnida ) - http://youtu.be/AXTDNeQhh5I

A Long Day (하루가 길다) - http://youtu.be/d4FUgVzPx4M

and this one is my fancam when Tim arrived on KL airport. We waited for him for about 3 hours ;;)

121201 Tim Hwang arrived @KLIA Malaysia - http://youtu.be/XZmsMBP-DyI

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Today is Tim's Birthday!! ...               HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM !! view-happy_birthday_cake_with_candles-19happy_birthday_cake_with_candles%C3%A2%C  
wishing you nothing but the best in your work & life ...   !!

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yg_bigbang said: You know what's really cool?
My church pastor, Pastor Matt originally wrote and sang the song
Walk On Water, and he sent it to Tim Hwang and he resang it for him and put it on his album =]
It's a bit different from my pastor's version, but it's still amazing<3

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