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Guest mandy_quyen

Stars' performance and mission
This is the first time i start a new thread ^^

this show is interesting and their guests are also cool . This show includes perfs (live) and challenge (funny ^^) .

information :

MC : Ayumi , Yoon Jong Shin

Official site : http://www.chtvn.com/VR/?bm=05

Gues list :

EP01(061026) - DBSG . Sung Si Kyung . Uhm Jung Hwa.

EP02(061101) - Bi , DBSG , Eeteuk

EP03(061108) - Son HoYoung , Kim Tae Woo , Shin Seung Hoon

EP04(061117) - SS501 , Harisu , Park Jung Ah , Lee Seung Gi , HoYoung , Kim Tae Woo

EP05(061123) - JunJin , Bada , SS501 , SuJu K.R.Y , Lee Jung Hyun

EP06(061130) - Big Bang , MCMong , Jaurim , Hong Kyung Min





Have fun ^^

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It'd be great if someone provides a summary of the show.

I dont really know that much because usually i skim through the show. I just watch some of the perf when my fav artists perform and the skits ayumi and the guy mc makes.

basically this is what i know:


Ithe beginning, ayumi and the guy mc and sometimes others make a mini skit in the beginning which relates to the first performance. For example, in the episode where they dress up in the 80s concept, ayumi is saved from bada's wrath by the guy mc. and ayumi falls for him cause of his "sexy" wig. and then the wind blows his wig and he screams out "Wind Stop Blowing!" and the next thing you know, loveholic performs a remake song called "wind stop blowing".

And they always dress up..every episode is a new concept. there has been the 80's, gypsy, little red riding hood, snow white, bunny, etc etc.

and the artists that perform have to do a mission. and these missions are stuff likecertain number of netizens have to comment, name stuff, etc on the site. and if they surpass the number, the mission is accomplished and they get prizes, etc. if they dont pass, then too bad. lol they announce it the following week.

and i think they do other things like interviews with the artists and they may do stuff. like csjh sang acapella and steph danced. i think when big bang came, they also rapped, danced, etc.

hope this helped.

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