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[movie 2005] Shadowless Sword 무영검 無影劍

Guest rainy75

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PHEW!! :rolleyes:

I thought it's another scandal for LSJ and you had written "Lee Suh-jin and Yoon Soo-yi came out as a couple". :D Fortunately it's just my imagination.

Hahahaha... Wouldn't it be good if that were true?! ;)

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Guest rainy75

Moo Young Kum costume concept ... i think it's interview with the designer ... :)







(credit: funskyblue blog and reupload by me)

errrr.. midnight sun ... usually the pixs u post from cine21... i cant see any of them....

can anyone see them ?? :unsure: or i am the only one?

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Hi everyone, thanks for the updates, photos and stills from the movie. Sharing some news about the movie with all. :)


'Shadowless Sword' Takes Stab at Global Audience

By Kim Tae-jong

Staff Reporter

Director Kim Young-jun said he learned a hard lesson from his debut film "Out Live (Bichonmu)" in 2000 but he believed it is sure to help his upcoming epic action melodrama appeal to local and international audiences.

"I promised myself not to make an epic action film ever again since I had to deal with so many problems and went through many trials and errors making my first film," Kim said Monday during a news conference after the preview screening of his new movie "Shadowless Sword (Muyonggom)."

"But I also thought that the experiences from my first film were too precious to just put to waste," he added.


Kim Young-jun, left, director of "Shadowless Sword,"

poses during a news conference on Monday with the film’s main actors.

They are, from left, Shin Hyun-joon, Lee Ki-yong, Yoon Soy and Lee Seo-jin.

/ Newsis

The director admitted that most local epic action films, including his first film, have not been commercially successful even at the domestic box office. On the other hand, many Chinese films that combined martial arts with melodrama were internationally acclaimed.

But rather than following the formulas found in such successful films as "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Hero," Kim said he tried to come up with a different approach.

"I think 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and 'Hero' focused on showing slow, beautiful and elegant action scenes, so I tried to show more dynamic, faster and tougher action scenes in my film,’’ Kim said.

Although it took him almost five years to make his second film, this time he showed more confidence as he had a bigger production budget, together with more time, support and, most importantly, experience.

With a production cost of about 8 billion won, the film was shot in China over six months. And the martial arts team from the famous "Once Upon a Time in China" series were brought in to help train main actors and demonstrate breathtaking acrobatics.


Lee Seo-jin, left, and Yoon Soy in a wire-action scene from

the upcoming film "Shadowless Sword"

"The most difficult part of making the film was to stay in a foreign country for such a long time. The staff and actors had difficulty getting used to Chinese food, cold weather and suffered homesickness," Kim recalled.

But when he shot his first film in China, everything was challenging and they couldn’t even finish shooting some scenes due to poor preparation and a lack of experience, Kim said.

New Line Cinema, a major Hollywood distributor that was also in charge of the international distribution for "The Lord of the Rings" series, invested in "Shadowless Sword" and will also take part in distributing it worldwide. The film will be the first non-English movie for the company to distribute internationally.

The film stars Lee Seo-jin, Yoon Soy and Shin Hyun-joon. Set in Korea's ancient kingdom of Palhae (698-926), the film revolves around Jeonghyun (played by Lee), the last prince of the ancient kingdom who was abandoned when he was young.

Jeonghyun lives hiding his royal identity but is placed on the verge of being assassinated by a rebellious group who try to succeed to the throne. And swordswoman Soha (Yoon) tries to guard him to sit on the throne saving from threats by an assassination group led by Kun (Shin).

The film will be released on Friday at local theaters, and next year it will be screened in more than 60 countries including the United States and European countries.


11-15-2005 19:47

Source: The Korea Times


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NOVEMBER 17, 2005 07:58

"Let's Give Them All the Action We've Got"


While the action concepts “Bichunmoo” director Kim Young-joon utilizes in his first movie in five years, “Shadowless Sword,” are not anything new, they’re certainly surprising. Kim takes the elements of the free imagination of Hong Kong epics along with the crude spectacle of Hollywood war movies to present a hybrid where the sword is used like a gun, and the sword action used in the movie involves not just piercing, hacking or ripping, but more closely resembles the blowing up of one’s opponent.

There are many holes in the storyline of “Shadowless Sword.” The film fails to persuade us about prince Dae Jung-hyun who endlessly doubts his own ability, nor Gun Hwa-pyeong and his heart-wrenching situation involving the necessity of removing the prince. However, the overwhelming action embodying the style of Hong Kong martial arts director Ma Yuk-sing crushes any doubts one has regarding the story.

Rather than considering the audience, Kim takes the position of not giving the audience a moment to think, and the tightly arranged rhythm of the action almost forcefully becomes the main character of the movie. The scene where dozens of swordsmen shoot out like bullets from a machine gun after Dae Jung-hyun and Yun So-ha go to hide in the water, hurling spears at the pair, which leads to a complicated underwater chase scene, impresses a particularly strong aesthetic after-image on the viewer’s mind.

Theatrical makeup resembling that of amusement park dancers, overflowing tragic beauty, exaggerated characters, strange scenery reminiscent of a global village with no nationality – all of these elements combine in a movie set that is unrealistic, but also feels like a computer game, creating a complete “extra space.”

Choosing to suffocate reality rather than disguise itself in it, this movie accumulates an “aesthetic of strength.” In addition to making the audience accustomed not only to the running over the tiles under the moonlight and flying over the saddles in the bamboo forest, the reason for the destructive power of the “Shadowless Sword” is its attempt from the beginning to end to package the heavy physical mobilization as outrageous contemplative visual action.

This movie also has the intent of entering the world market as a Korean film. The major American distribution company New Line Cinema invested an estimated 30 percent of the total production cost (8 billion won) and is expected to distribute the film through its American network market as well as throughout the rest of the world.

Although the movie is rated as appropriate for those “aged 12 and up,” and thus, viewers as young as those in the upper elementary grades can watch it, the film features violent scenes where mouths are slashed and bodies are clubbed, so particular discretion of parents is advised. This film opens in theatres on November 17.

Source: The Dong-A Ilbo


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Updated Nov.18,2005 18:48 KST

'Shadowless Sword' Delivers Formulaic Fun


When director Kim Young-jun, whose "Shadowless Sword" hits movie theaters Friday, said he was going to make a breakthrough in Korean martial arts movies, his chances of failure were good. But as easily digestible commercial fare, the film delivers.

The year is 962 A.D. in the Balhae kingdom ravaged by the invasion of Khitan -- Tungusic or Mongol residents of the southern part of what is now Manchuria, Northeastern China.

In a country almost wiped off the face of the earth, the last survivor of the dynasty, Dae Jeong-hyeon (Lee Seo-jin), ekes out a meager existence in a frontier town while hiding his true identity. Then those who dream of restoring the Balhae kingdom order the greatest woman warrior Yeon So-ha (Yun Soy) to bring prince Jeong-hyeon back, but those on Khitan's side -- Gun Hwa-pyeong (Shin Hyun-joon) and his confidant Mae Yeoung-ok (Lee Ki-yong) -- are hot in pursuit, looking to take his life.

The action scenes in "Shadowless Sword" thoroughly ignore the laws of gravity, featuring 100 m dashes in the blink of an eye, walking on water and flights across roofs and through midair. The wire stunts are frankly a rehash of what the Chinese formula has been providing for decades, but that, after all, is the biggest pleasure the genre has to offer.

"Shadowless Sword" focuses on the showdown between Yun Soy and Lee Ki-yong rather than the confrontation between Lee Seo-jin and Shin Hyun-joon, staking the film’s success largely on action stunts of beautiful women. The visuals, to be fair, can be stunning.

The final confrontation is also quite stunning as the protagonists cross swords while a purple cloth billows across the screen, although the director appears to have borrowed the idea from Zhang Yimou's "Lovers."

However, one of the drawbacks of "Shadowless Sword" is its failure to breathe life into its characters. Shin Hyun-joon remains unswervingly heroic throughout and Yun Soy appears completely bereft of personal emotions, with each plainly representing the opposing values of "good" and "evil." Lee Seo-jin plays the only dynamic character but also fails to convince with his portrayal of the prince masquerading as a pauper who goes on to rebuild his country.

(englishnews@chosun.com )

Source: Digital Chosunilbo


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Guest rainy75


Although we already covered 무영검 (Shadowless Sword)'s overseas release plans in a previous article, a few more details emerged. New Line Cinema, which funded 30% of the film's budget, announced that they plan to unveil Kim Young-Joon's Wuxia at the upcoming Berlin Film Festival in February. Then, either in late Spring or early Summer, they will release the film in the US, with around 50 cities and 100 screens planned from the start, which will increase depending on the film's popularity. This is around ten times what major hit 臥虎將龍 (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) started with, starting from around 7/10 screens at the beginning and later going up to 2000, becoming a major success. 'Shadowless Sword' released in Korean theaters last November 18.

» Posted by X at November 28, 2005 04:30 AM

(source: twitch.com)

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Wow, thank you so much for the news, rubie !

You are soooooooo sweet! *HUG* :wub*

rainy , thank you for the news! *HUG* :wub:

About Moo Young Geum in Korea right now...

It's sad to say but the screeing score of this movie is not that good in korea right now.

Usually, period action movies don't do well in Korea. The other period action movies like Mu Sa (warrior) and Bi Cheon Moo couldn't have big hit, either. I don't know why but Koreans usually love romantic comedies and those films are getting much popularities in Korean theaters right now.

I asked my friends who watched Moo Young Geum and they said that it's quite fun, moving and well- made.

They said that they really enjoyed that movie. And a lot of LSJ's fans, who usually very critical toward LSJ's works even though they love him so much, praised the movie as not only fun and interesting but also very touching. Well, everybody's tastes are different and I'm wait until I get to see this movie later.

Good thing is, though, that this movie earned much more than the production cost already by being sold to more than 60 countries. It is told that New Line Cinema will distribute this movie in foreign markets and you will able to see this movie in 50 states of USA next year.

I hope this movie will be stepping stones for LSJ, YSY, Lee Ki Yong and other casts in this movie.

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Guest zingsharon

it's quite sad to know action movie didnt get great score in korea but this movie looks so so great!

i hope i can watch it in my country too...

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I was just checking out the comming soon area of YesAsia and "The Shadowless Sword" is listed!!! :w00t: It says it will be released 2/28/06 they did not list a price or what region the DVD will be in but it doesn't matter I will still buy it!!! You can sign up to get a reminder e-mail for when it will be available.

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I was just checking out the comming soon area of YesAsia and "The Shadowless Sword" is listed!!! :w00t: It says it will be released 2/28/06 they did not list a price or what region the DVD will be in but it doesn't matter I will still buy it!!! You can sign up to get a reminder e-mail for when it will be available.

Thank you sooooo much for letting us know, pooka67! *HUG*

I can't wait!!! :rolleyes:

Finally, I will get to see this movie and our last prince of Bal Hae.


<credit:보라천사 님 in seojinlee.com>

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I just watched this movie last night and I really like it.

The martial art part of it is a big improvement from previous movies of the same genre.

The story is not very special but the acting is great so it's very enjoyable to watch.


Some pictures...











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Haven't seen the other movies he mentioned except for Ghost Taxi. That was a real terrible movie (not because of LSJ's acting of course!) so not at all surprised it bombed! For Lee Seo-jin's sake, I hope this movie will do well.

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