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[movie 2005] Shadowless Sword 무영검 無影劍

Guest rainy75

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The text is extremely small so I coulnd't really see it but the girl is basically saying that he kisses really well and the guy is like "do you really want to divorce?"

They fight between the two girls looks awesome. I can't wait to watch it. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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Guest rainy75

Is there any official/unofficial banners available for this movie?

errrrrr.... :unsure:

what u mean by official/unofficial ??

the ones we posted so far, some of them are the official posters at the korean cinema..

the one i posted before your question are the official movie pamphlets/brochures which can be obtained at the korean cinema ... if u know what i mean ..

usually cinemas give out free brochures... ..

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Overseas distribution rights of Shadowless Sword exceeded US$10 million

Korea mega movie Mooyoungkum (Shadowless Sword ) breaking major records

Being the first movie in korea movie history with investment from Hollywood , Shadowless Sword has again created records of having sold overseas distriubtion rights of nearly over US$10 million at AFM. This is an unprecedented success in korea movie history

With investment from USA movie company .Newline Cinema, the movie has been receiving alot of attention at AFM in its intial stage of planning signing distribution rights with 23 overseas movie companies earning around US$4.5 million and there is also possibilities of signing contract with another 35 countries

The distributions fees had also greatly exceeded the previous records set by any korea movie . The companies who bought the distribution rights are major moviecompanies in their respective countries. For England, the company who bring in Lord of The Rings .are purchasing the distributions rights at US$600,000. In Germany, Warner BRo had signed the contract for distriubtion fees of US$550,000 . And the contract with Japan is reaching final stage of finalisation and has hope of creating a new record .

Specifically , the other countries that are also in negoitation include Lebanon , Peru , Portugal , Chile , Iceland, India , north america , West Europe and middle East countries . If contracts with these countries are finalised , the export value can easily exceed US$20 milllion . The luxurious setting in the movie and the riveting plot had earned great respond from overseas distributor.

Taewon Ent represtentative Jung Tae Won who is currently in USA , LA . reveal over a interview on 10th Nov that movie distribution companies from various countries are expressing their intestest in accqurinig the rights to this movie . making Shadowless Sword .able to receive the attention exceeding that Hollywood mega movie status . Shadowless Sword shall be the first korea movie to be released on mainstream market across the world

Shadowless Sword shall be released on 18 Nov in korea and will be release in China in the first week of Decemeber and for the first half of next year , it will be the first ever in Korea movie history to be release in USA in over 200 cinemas

Shadoless Sword .tell the story of 4 warriors and their adventure, friendship and love story during the period of Paihe .











《體育朝鮮/205.11.10》記者 全祥喜

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Did you guys know that Lee Suh-jin and Yoon Soo-yi came out in last Tuesday's Sang Sang Plus? I got the LQ in my CB...

PHEW!! :rolleyes:

I thought it's another scandal for LSJ and you had written "Lee Suh-jin and Yoon Soo-yi came out as a couple". :D Fortunately it's just my imagination.

Il_mare... long time no see and welcome aboard :)

Shirley.. thank for the news... all the best to SS casts, hopefully their popularity will be worldwide too.

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