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[drama 2007] As Much As Heaven And Earth 하늘만큼 땅만큼

Guest yeohweping

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Guest kategl

but no subtitle there :( do you know where ?

I found the drama with english subtitles. However, it's not in HD. The 165 episode drama is at www. koreandrama.tv. It is listed under High As The Sky, Wide As The Earth.

I hope this helps.

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Guest liligonecrazy

does anyone know what ep.'s the one when ji sook is trying on her wedding dress?

Hi! I don't know if your still looking for the ep where JiSoo is trying on her dress but it's Episode 148. I recorded it a long time ago and just wanted to watch it for old times sake. Have fun watching this episode! I loved it! :)

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Okay, the episodes are a little out of scene depending on the site you use and I'm using two of them. I'm at episode 107 and I have to say the drama is really starting to get on my nerves with some of it's stupidity. I feel like I'm watching a bunch of 2 and 3 year olds who are greedy over money. 

The characters I have disliked the entire drama, some more than others are: the greedy-money grubbing son from both families, the evil daughter in law, the selfish beyond belief daughter/wife of the oldest son (don't care too much for him either), and the Grandmother or stepmother.

Now they've introduced this stupid rife in the family because of a comment made by the money greedy stepson---I don't blame his first wife for hightailing it to America with her children and divorcing him. He just sponges off of other people.

I'm about ready to skip to the end because I don't care how ridiculous and silly the plot is becoming. 

I also didn't like the way EJ and her mother treated his family, and how the son, IMO, turned his back on his family for her. He became like her father--pathetic man married to a rich woman who rule the family.  It would be different if EJ had some redeeming qualities, but she was just a hateful, spoiled, my way or the highway person. I understand they are having a child, but what good do it do EJ's family when the mother and father caused their children to have so many mental and social issues. It would have been better if they had divorced and raised by the father. He's making all the sacrifices and not asking her to sacrifice a thing. I'm sure the writers will give it a happy ending but in reality this marriage wouldn't work two months.

I'm so disappointed at this point in the drama.

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Black and White said: QUOTE(noel_zambie @ Jul 20 2007, 10:33 AM) »whoaaaa... finally MY pop the question image
just to make sure, can somebody please translate the convo between MY and JS on the phone?
thaaaaaaaannnkkksss in advance image

[Phone rings]
JS: I'm at the hospital right now, but I'm not allowed to see you because the visiting hours are over. I guess they're afraid that I'm going to transmit some horrible disease to you.
[MuYoung looking out the window]
MY: I know, I see you right now.
JS: Really, you can see me?
MY: Yep, I can see you well.
[JiSoo gets up and starts waving]
JS: Where are you? Wave your hand.
MY: I can't open the window from here. JiSoo, is your marriage proposal still open/available? (Kind of difficult to translate this, but that's basically the meaning.)
[JiSoo finally spots him]
JS: There is no limit to my proposal. Until you marry me, it's still available.
MY: Are you sure you won't regret it?
JS: Haha, I'll find out later.
MY: JiSoo, will you marry me?

QUOTE(gerryg @ Jul 20 2007, 02:01 PM) »Yeah, all three fathers look like they drop a bomb today.

MY's father after talking to SH may have drop a bomb on MJa. What did he say to her? Was it about SH and his wife?

JS's father look like he made some type of strong condition toward MY's proposal. What did he say? Also, it looks like he will be suppected of having an affair

EJ/EH's father looks like he is some type of controvesry that obviously he wife is not happy about. What was the news article about?

TaeShik (MuYoung's father):
In Ep.133, SangHyun and EunJoo are over his parents for their weekly visit. EunJoo tries to help MyungJa in the kitchen, but all she does is crack some plates. SangHyun asks his mother to try and see EunJoo and her family in a good light. This angers MyungJa even more and she tells SangHyun to leave. SangHyun, not knowing that MyungJa is already sensitive because of MuYoung's biological mother issue, gets angry and takes EunJoo and leaves. SangHyun notices that after leaving, EunJoo begins to worry about SangHyun's parents and his family. SangHyun, never seeing EunJoo like this is surprised. When he later learns of MuYoung's situation from his father, he is sorry that he left the house so abruptly. In Ep.135, when SangHyun meets with his father at the cafe, he tells TaeShik that ever since they left so suddenly over the weekend, EunJoo has been worried. SangHyun feels that if he continues to be unlike his straight-arrow self, then EunJoo will learn to care more about his family. He also feels that the more EunJoo cares, the more MyungJa will be able to see EunJoo in a new light. Therefore, SangHyun tells his father to be a little understanding if he sees SangHyun acting a little rude. As soon as TaeShik returns to the restaurant, knowing MyungJa will get upset as SangHyun had planned, he tells MyungJa that SangHyun is upset that she has been treating him unfairly these days. As expected, MyungJa gets upset and says some things along the lines of how SangHyun isn't a child and that he shouldn't get upset over petty things. Angered, she walks into the kitchen. TaeShik chuckles to himself seeing that SangHyun's little scheme is happening as planned.

JongHoon (JiSoo's father):
I am just as surprised over his reaction as the rest of you are. I thought that he was going to fully support the wedding between MuYoung and JiSoo. At the end of Ep. 135, he tells MuYoung, "Good, I'm glad you're here, I want to hear your thoughts. MuYoung, I consented to this wedding because of JiSoo, but in truth I have a lot of worries." What a terrible way to end the week. Now we have to wait until Monday to find out what his intentions are.

JaeDu (EunHa/EunJoo's father):
I don't fully understand his situation, but it seems as though he is in a position to be promoted to a high professor job. Knowing HaeKyung, she is ecstatic that he has been offered this job. However, JaeDu does not want to take this position because he feels that he has failed as a father and as a husband. Therefore, he has no business guiding the youth of today. HaeKyung is adament about him consenting to the job. However, as the previews show, it seems as if JaeDu has officially declined this high honor, and HaeKyung is very upset.

Hope this helped!

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babymarzy07 said: QUOTE(Black and White @ Jul 27 2007, 06:37 AM) »Hehehe, since JiSoo and MuYoung want to spend as little money as possible for their wedding, they have asked both brothers to get the more expensive things they need for their new life together. JiSoo asked MuYoung if he could ask SangHyun to buy them a refrigerator, and JiSoo asked her brother to buy them a washing machine.

Random comment: Has anyone noticed how huge SangHyun's arms look? (lol)
thank Black and White! Wow its good they are starting out alone together. Not pulling any of that EJ crap. Is it normal to give appliances to newlywed couples? or for them to ask for what kind of stuff to receive as gifts? hahaha they look so cute together!! the quick peck on too!! image
when u up the cuts can u post up the link here too? thanks, looks like a cute epi. image

QUOTE(gerryg @ Jul 27 2007, 07:12 AM) »I hope they give us even more positive interaction with SH & EJ I like to find forgiveness for them. But as it still stands, I still can not stand the sight of them.

Sometimes I think the writers cross the line with their characters behavior and then expect slight behavior alteration will redeem them. Well, that's just not so. I guess I am the type who must see sincerity first. At the moment I don't see any sincerity but only manipulation of the situation.

I agree, i still cant like them. honestly, watching EJ's whining with subs gives me a headache. Sometimes, i like to skip it. She has so many issues, she can be so bratty. Plus since everyone's consenting her, she feels she pull off these acts of hers. I pity the mom really at some point. I wont pity SH cause he's such a fool sometimes the stuff he did to his mom and falling for all the EJ antics. I cant see any changes in EJ, even the will to compromise and be a better person. Its all play acting sometimes it bugs me.

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Okay, finally made it to episode 155---there was way too much fluff. Also, the daughter in law made a 180 degree turn in personality was a bit too much and not possible that quickly because she's extremely selfish. The uncle is too greedy for money for him to learn lessons. He hasn't worked for anything--everything was given to him. Now we're to believe he learned a lesson--not lightly.  And big mouth grandmother/stepmother........I have no words to describe her. I skipped scenes with her, her stepson, the daughter in law and the daughter in law parents--wasted storyline about people who in reality won't never change except for in a K drama.  Other than that, I enjoyed the drama but there were times when the main leads frustrated me to no end.

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